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November 21, 2013     Beverly Hills Weekly
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November 21, 2013

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GLOQALSOULLIVINO.C. RO. Box 4223. Vldley Village, CA 91617. PAMELA THOMAS. 4118 Peanyva #5. Los Ang=. CA S3O08. The Ixne= is conduofed b.r An tndh4du=l has pegun to nnct U under the Iktlous m nm&apos;ne ol R listed here 0: N/A. Signed W:  oas, Owr. TI' W i= f9  the County Clerk of Los Angel Coumy on: 11AI7/2013: NOTCE - ]W= ous name W m Ie yes Imm tpe te  m isd on, In the oce of the aounly cd A rl Iloflt / name stntement must be fled ior to It  "rile iwlg of thb =lalmnt do rloq of sf auBotze 9e use  tras =sic of a Itous U mane in vkal of the rjhts of anoint under fedqnd gtnte, or common klw (m Seclk 14411. e seq., B&P) 11114/2013,11/21/2013.11/28/2013,136/2013 2171 RCTm(X SIJN4ESS  STATEMENT: 3O13231366: The folong person(s) kam dng W: UNIVERS/ TECH.01 De C= Ft NOcsi HI CA 91343:IGOR OSTAPENKO, 01 De Cees R, Norlt i CA 913#5, ROMAN OSTAPENI. 13613 Gamom S Woedland HB CA 913O7. TII blldr 1 conducted I A Gene Plnemp h bngun to W Ixn= urler #=e  buslne name or nam Imd peru o N/A, S b gor O taxi Roman O, Paem ]ws U is flied wtlh Ihe Cou Qerk of Los/mgd County on: 11/07/2013: NOTICE - TI Ik901m name ntatemt m f yearn fnn tpe date  vts filed on, n la omce of le ooumy ded A new tbus buse name stntennt taunt be Bed pr to Ilm dale. TPe flg of  'mmt does nof of alf auedze Ihe u In Js state of a rctoas bune name kt Vlon of 91a r of anoint uede tldat a or comm Iv (m  14411, t q., B&P) It/IAI3O13,11/21/2013,11/22013,12/05/2013217"2 FIOTITIOL BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13231073: The folotng person(s) is/am doing m a TIKO SUSHI.2O3Ol Venture Bd.Sdta 101,Woedland HBS, CA 91364.TONS CAFE INC, 203Ol vwlmm Sivd. Su9e 101. v)edland ;4O CA 9134. The bunea is conducted : A Corpomon he pegun to 9omacl budm under the Ik=do bmeas name or names Ibl peru o A. Sigmd by: Tony Adman,   smmmt Is Bed wilh 9)e County Clk of L Aintes Co or 11AI7/2013: NONCE - Th 9ctou= name ammment m rive years E10m the pete 9 was fd on, n ele ofle of le county clerk. A new Ik190us m nan m taunt be fled pdo Io that datL TPe ling of s sdrnt does not of 9f modze ne ue in th  of a nctxls m name kl vo4all nt the r of another under fedeed ntate, or eommo w (m SecUon 14411, mq., 8&P) 11114/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/05/20132173 RCTI'GOUS BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013115.  folo pemon(8) e/am dog mac EASY SIGN & BANNER. 10S00 ctocy Bed, Norl Hoflylod, CA 9169O; EZ SIGN & B,INEP 103O0 VIntoy Sivd. NO , C 913O6. RAIN ROH, 19110 IOon St, #5. Tarna, CA 913O6. IAHROUZ B TAHER, 1 9O15 Roe. Tar, CA 913, The bune is conduced b. A Gener P has begun to trarant bunees under  flctiso Ixne nanle or nam d hem on: 11AI5/2O13: S,ed b Ran Rozahzeded, Panner. Th ntntement  rsid wh the Cou Ck of Los An County o 11/07/2013, NOTICE - 1 fious nacne W m fNe yr Irom e dat  v=ld on, In le ntce of IP, e =ounty clerk. A new r teus bushes= name U must pe f9 prior to rnm dine.The Ig of this ntm=mBt does nof of r4f authod the u n Ul stat of a Item)us U name  vatk of the dgnts nt  under lederal sta, o m aw (e Secon 14411, et q.. B&P) 11114/2013, 11/21/2013, 11/28/2013,12/06/2013 2174 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O132314O7:  fofkng pemo(s)  dc- g bsmess as: SKY TRUCNG CO. 6170 P, eeeda Blvd. #'2O7. Taana, CA 913O5. FAPJD SOHPAB<H/L 6170 Re.go Bvd #3O7. Tarma, CA 9133O. The budnes is nducted by: An I has bgun to tramact bklees under the rlofJlk)u busrs name or nam ed here on: N/A. Sigmd by: Fa.'zad Sohrabkhanl. Order. Th st=trnt is Itled wflh te County C;erk of Lc: Angeles County on: 11/07/2013: NOTICE - This ncOous name aterrnt exr five years horn the dste 9 vs fed on, In the office of Ule county clsrk. A new Ik,ous Ixness name statement inust be Be prkx o that ate.The Wng o es star.lent do not of t=f amrcdzo e use in  m of a rous m neme in  of te rigt of anoVner uder federal state, or cornmo law (see Secon 14411, nt eq., B&P) 11/14/2013` 11/21/2013,11/'28/2013,12/(T/2013 2175 RCTITIOUS BLNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13231136: The  person(s)  dng buless a DREAMLD BEAUW SALON. 400 SI GleedaJe Ave, #C, Gkcde. CA 912. MELJAN AND DAVE, NC. 1253 Hart SL Nolh Hofl'poed, CA 91605. TPe bunmm is coucted by: A C ha= bngun Io h*anact bness under the tous buskess nam or narn listed here on: W. Sed by: Uanna Manos-, P,--,==;de ' m s Ied v# e County Cle of Los  County on: 11AI7/2013, NOTICE - Th If36oB name statemsnt expires live years Imm Ine ate 9 w Bed o,  91e oce of the county ckk. A rv f-om buV rne nta- me mt pe d pr 1o Illat ate.e fEg of ths stmrlt does nnt of sf ahodze the m  nls SCal of a  bU#SS name In ",4afon of Ihe rlgs of anoer und (sdeml stnt oc com- mon I=w (see Sec9on 14411, et seq.. B&P) 11/14/2013.11/21/2013,11/28013,12/05/2013 2176 RCTmOI BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13231137: The foflong pemon(s) are dofng buns as: CHIVAS MOTORS. 7365 Van Nuys Sid. W. Van NO CA 9140. YENEIR LEYUA. 2152 E. Ave. QS. Pmde. CA g.360,1])e I:sines Is condunted by: An I has pegun to Irmsact m under le fous bLness name or u  here on: N/A. Slled by: YmV Lua, Om, Tilb s=tement is fied wflh le County Clerk of LOS/mgeles Con on: 11AI7/2013: NOTICE - Th flltou name statement exp4res fle yearn Iom ee dins  was reed 0, n itle  of me courtly clerk. A new cto Ixne name statement must be fld pdor to that dte. Tpe ising of Ibis stemet does not of nse9 ahodze the m In lls sgoe of a ,cto bune name  Von of the dgnt= of =er under lederd sm oc ,rlmon law (see Secon 14411, et seq,. B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/2W2013,12/62013 2177 FIC3TnOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201m7: The f pemon(s) am do- lg busme as: MARIANA'S BF.AUTY SALON, 1B15 SaVoy A. Suite E. Reda, CA 9133S, RNJL A. HERNANDEZ- 18142 Kesw SL R CA 01335, The b(ne is coucted by: An ]nddua has bngun tozsact U ueder the IJtkxm burm name  names listed here on: 12/01/3O0. Sned by: Rau & , Ovmer. TI stmnerd Is fd w the Cou.ty Clerk nt Los/ulgw C o 11/03Ol 8, NOTICE - TNS rdou name slatment epms five years from e dal 9 m led on. n the olce nt me county clerk. A  rdus Ixne r=me statament rnled be Bed pdo 1o wt dine.Tile ng of s ntofrnent oas not of sf au9x)dze e use in Ih state of a 9cou bness name  votaon of  r nt anc4her ueder feder ntat,   law(seeSec9on14411, etsed,. B&P)11/14/2013,11/21F,013,11/'/2013,12/05/2o132178 RCTmOUS BUNES8 NAME STATEMENT: 01323S9O: The folvdng pemo(s) are dng tsns a Mt-R I 164O 3RO S[ Ste, P Los Angle=, CA 0017; 1640 VL 3RD SL sie. B Loe/mges. CA g0017, JDnNE AUANCE COR 1S40 3RD S Ste.  LOS ., CA 0017, The buness s conducted  A Comora h begun to transact ,uss under the rous U name  nanles Ited hem : N/A. S t Jm I,   stement  fikd  e County Clerk of Los Angeles County on: 11//2013: NOTICE - rous name at&qmnt m fl ars from the date  was d on, .1 9 ofnce cf the county dedc A new .oflo m name statement munt pe Bel pdo to thnt pete.Theltltng of th(s state- ment doe no of f aueloe 91e use n ths m of a INOUS tx=dne== nmlle h v4aUo of ele dghs of anoller under fede m, or COnlmon taw (m Son 14411, 4 sed,, B&P) 11/14/2O13. 11/21/2013,11/22013,12a/2013 2179 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O139O2564:/he foaowg person(s) i'sre doing business as: HEBEL DESIGN, 1833 Ranlo Ave, S. Papena, CA 91O3O; HEBELDESIGNCOM 1833 Ramona Ave, S, Paseden CA 91O3O, THE ANT SOCIETY CORR 1833 Ramona Ave. S.  CA91. ]T)e b is   A Corpor h tg to trmt i under the IIcmx= business name oc names ed here on: 11AI1/2013: S by: Hans Ca=m,  Th ment  Id SI Ihe County Ck o Los Angeles County on: 11nt8/2013: NOTICE - Thb rdto name stntemant eNos five en from e da it we IIKI on, In ne oflice nt e oounty cler A  9c9 Isess name atent must be me pdor to It da. The tiring of thi ofatocnent does not of Itself authczo the uN n th(s stnte of a (!,,titk)us businoss name  v, dafn of Ie dgnts of =mo6er uder federal state, or commo law (see Section 14411. t eq.. B&P) 11/14/2013.11/21/'2013,11/'28/2013,12/(]6/20132180 btJSnes as: ICONIC .MJTO SALES. 7833 Sepu Sled. Ste. U. Van Nuy CA 914O5. PAUL . 21 Va BSI .  HI  91.  An i has be to ad buneas u,der  t bu,as name oc nr Ited peru on: N/A. Signed by: Pau Homaoun, Owner.This statement is fed wflh tpe County CI of L Axeaes County o 11SI2013: NOTICE - This flcUou narr statement <pre fh yearn from the be flisd pdor Io lhat peta)yThe fk19 of g stntemerd does nof of itse9 ahed lhe  k Ws ofate (see Se 14411, e( seq. B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21 r''''''''013,11/28/2013.12/05013 2181 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: I161: The ng pe(s) is/ doing as: WELL CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT;WELL CONNECTED TV. 9663 Santa Monca Blvd. Sin. 876 Be,.dy Pr CA 90210. WELL CONNECTED GEAR LLC.. 9663 Santa Monlca Bvd. Sta. 876 Be HBs, CA 9010. The b,.es s conducted by: A  Uatmy  has begun to ant busess under the ficous bun name or name linted pere o N/A. Signed by: Wel Contacted Oeer LLC, Oermredet CEO. Th slat.lnt is I=ed wh #le Oun(y Clerk of L( Ang Cotnly on: 10/16/2013: NOTICE - Tn flct name ststemer  five yea from the date 9 was flied or in le of of the county clerk. A new  basineas name stntement must be filed pdo to hat dam. The sing of 9ds statement dens not of Itself authorize Itle u=e In  state of s f, ctllks Isine name n violedo of the rignts of ather under federal sfa, or corn- law (see , 14411, nt seq., B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/'2013,11/28/2013,12/0&'2013 2182 STATEMENT OF AB/NDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME F-e No. 2o067r51 Date Fled: 05/07/200e Name of Bness: DA BtKE SHO 5522 Vineland A'e. Norl Hntly, CA 91601 ReStSIKI Oller: KIh.S SOCIAL SERVICES INC. 217 E, Alameda Ave #303, Burbank, CA 91502 Cunent FOe #: 20149O Date: 11/36/2013 : 11114/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/05/2013 218 STATEMENT OF ABANDON ME NT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME Rle No. 2OO96O2143 Date RI: 04/24/20 Name of Blness: DA B;KE SHOR 5522 Vineisld Ave. Norlh Hoflyv*o9, CA 91E01 Registered Owner: KIAS SOCIAL SERV1CES iNC. 217 E. Alameda Ave #3O3` Burbank. CA 915O3 Currerd Rle #: 3O13234O4 Date: 11/08/2O13 Published; 11/14,'2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/05/20132183 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME Fle NO, 200g(519 Date : Name of Bustne: DA BIKE SHOR 5522 Virlntad Ave. NOrl Hl"/vmod, CA 91601 RegitmlKI  K]AS SOCLI SERVICES INC. 217 E. A, Jameda A #303: . CA 91503 Cummt F' 9: EO 1338 Date: 11/36/2013 PubP-,=hed: 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,1113,12/36/20132184 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME File NO. 2010179413 Da Rled: 12/36,'0 Name of Si.l=ine: LA LA FASHIONISTA. 4509 EaSe RO( 2/ed. LOS Ailgeles 3O041 Reid Omler: NAYER1L. GREGOR. 2434 N. Mye St. Borbank. CA 91504 Cunem F #: 20136 Date: 11/01/2013 Puished: 11114/2013:11/21/'2013,11/22/2013,12/06/2013 2185 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME Rk No. 2tX0877121 Date Fd: 1/16/2ooe Nmlle of B: CORNER STAR AUTO BOOY 3O00 Nods Ave. 36. San Vary, CA 91352 Regred Owner: MARKAR TERTERIAN. 9O00 NOdS Ate. #5. San VaHy, CA 91352 C FI  20190,019 Date: 11/06,'2013 Publk#led: 11/14/2013,11/21/2O13,11/28/2013,12,05/2013 2186 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201316007: The fofkwlng person(s) Ware doing as: lUIEZ BARBER SHO 13749 Vsn Nuys  Paoolma, CA 91331. ENCAMACION tEZ GAR #573 I AI PCPe11 CA 91331. The bu b oonducml by: an ncv ha ben o  bus und the tous bune nan  nam kd rm on: N/A, sig,ed by: Encamadn Marquez Gana. Ttts stata.ent  f9ed wWn 'e County Qerk of Los Angel County o1:10/12/2O 13. NOTICE - This Ifctlt nne +atement e0q01re Ft years 9ore Page 1,1. Beverly Hills Weekly ':2 ""i :' "*  .... i the dte 9 s Bed on. n te olce nt f, courfy ck. A he* llcous bu,r neme salemer mt be I#ed pro to I11 date.Tpe ng nt Itl ttmllt Ck not of lf alahoo0= the u in irs state of a flcto Ixmllm name k v4edon of the dgtl of anolber und kntare m, o co- law ( Seclon 14411, et seq,. B&P) 11/13/2013,11/21/2013.11/2W3O13,12/65/2013 218S FICTITIOUS BUSINESS N/UE STATEMENT: 2O1323O936: The  Is) m doing  as: OUIROZ MARgLE AND GRANITE. 9 Colldn AW. t=nd=e, CA 91206, LEONARDO OUIDOZ. 62O C40v Ave, G==e, CA 9120. The bum1l  omkcted I al  hm begun to trans.1 m umkr tpe r9110ue m name c name IIBd hem on: N/A. Sigmd by: Lsonardo Qumz, OwneL Th mr=relent  Bed wah e Courtly Clk nt LO An Courtly 0: 11/07/2013: NOTICE o Thb Icou name m explr 9ve yeals fnm the dais 9 ws f4ed on.   ofce of Ipe county ckm A new rlmoul m nan statn=lt must be reed prior 1o thnt date. Tile ng of this W 01 no( of se4f aodze e use In 9 slat of a 6cttous buns name k 40tllkn of the dgnt= of m undue fed'al m, or W law (m Section 14411, et seq., BEP) 11/21/'2013,11/'28/2013.12/05013,12/12'20132187 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2olin: The following perks) is/am ddng Ixness as: FLYBOY MOTORCYCLES, 7361 North Cannga A. C=lnga Park, CA 913O3, DANNY EDWARD CRG.72Ol Norlh Cano A, Coga Park, CA 913. Tile bueds s conducted by: an Indi,,-Id,l hal pegun to nmact m unpec the tfllous U name or names listed hem on: N/A. $9 by: Denny E. Cdg. Owr. stame I= Bed wi It C0unty Clerk of Lo Angeles County on: 11/07/2013: NOgCE - Th Icllus name m9mv n  yeem from e)e ckte  was rded 0, In lie 361ce of tpe oourlty ded A n/9CBOUS buskle nee stntemt U be flk prior to at date, The Ing of 1 m do not of ke=f aulhodze lie m   m of a flcto W name n V, okon ot the dgnts nt ano unr fedena m. or commo, law (see Secn 14411, nt q,, 8&P) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/65/2013,12/12/2O13 218 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1323O The tY ps)  do m as: LA FORCACC 610 Van Nu BI STE 1007 Pammma Cay, CA 914O2_ BUOLO MARTINEZ ARMENT/ 2O10 n Nuy B TE 1007 PanOmnla C#y, CA 914. Tile m b conducted t an In4dl hm beg to nmact m ueder the fdllo ')=m name o nmnes listed here on: N/A. ,ned by: Banofo Mar'z Armenta, Owner.This atement Is ed ,#ith the County Qerk of LOQ/nges C=ty c: 11/07/2O1 NOTICE - Thb flntgioue name U e=qokes rive year Imm te dem  m Id on,  the ofce of 91e county clerk, A nv ficous m nalle stmment ruled be raed pro Io that dine, The og of tr-stmmmt does no( nt r==*df authedz= le m   m of a Into U name  vkatOCl of e dltS of anoe,er under fedeed  or ovno law (m Seoon 14411,  q., B&P) 11/21/2013. 11/28/2013. 1 2/(T2013,12/12013 2180 FICTITIOUS BUSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13231234: The foftong persons) /am doing bune as: VACATION HOME ASSlsTAN 43O S. Curl Ave. Ut 8C. L An CA ed, THE CONCIERGE NETWORK LLC, 435  C.nmn A. Ur=l 8C, Lo=/U CA g06. The bL- rs is coedunted by: A t.nltd  Compey h blun Io W W uder 1he llcl91ou bune nanle or n Ied hem o: N/& Sld br Cula Caso,  This  is filed w9h the Courtly Ckk Of LO= Angde County on: 11AI7/2013. NOgCE - TII fous name tent exre= rve yut 9ore tpe date 9  Bed on. n Ihe (e ( the oourdy clerk. A   tkus bars nan W U be ed pr to mat date.The f of th    of tdf authedz 91e uee n  mr= of e c36ou U name in v4aon of tpe dlts of anoler under federJ  or common law (m Son 14411, st sed,, B&P) 11/21/2013, 11/2S013, 12/02013,12/12/2013 2190 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O133O219: le [obong pemon(s) is/am dolg tJsness as: CAREGIVER AGENO' 421  La Fa Park Place #32. toe/mges, CA 7; 1165O9 McKee S Granada H. CA 91344. DONNABEL L, CHENL. 421 , La Faetm Park Flace #322, LOS Ang41s, CA S3O57; ZEIGHT MICHELLE M, JEVERING. 7615 Notion Ave. 3.West Hoflywoed, CA S004. The burem is condunted by: A G4meral P ha pegun Io "almuct bLness lder te 9ous bun nme  nml It re o1 N/ signed I Donned L, Che, Owns/Genial Parma. ]is rnl ts Bed  E C, oumy Clerk nt Loe An Courtly o: 11/36/2O13: NO/ICE - TI rtou= name W os fe yeats from he da  s find o, in le oflk o 91e county crk, A new ncto U name W nlt be Bed pdo to thnt date: The riling of 6"s K does not of 9se aulodze Ie use bl 91is st=le of a  blsinese name In V<on of th igt of anoe urger deed state, or onmlo law ( Set,on 14411, nt seq,, B&P) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013,122013,12/12/2013 2191 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013311: The Ioao ps) am dog budness as: REL.4470 Vlntum Cal,/on Ae. 9F114. ShemWl O CA 91423` ARIEL KROITORO, 4470 Ventura Canyo Ave. #F114. Shemlan O CA 1423: e m = cducted by: n ledkd has pegun to lmnsa W under 91e fcU=o busme name or names Ied here 0: N/A, Signed b Apel Iooltoro, Owr-, lW stntament Is Id w.h :e County Cterk of Los Angelas County 0: 11/02013, NOTICE - Th 9ck)us name stateme qr fh years m the dat  wes filed on, In tpe offce of tpe ooumy clerk, A new IItios bunass name stntemt must be flll prkx to Iat date. The rang of Itds Immmant do not of ,,W au9oL-=  use Jn 9is m of a floous buele name n tolon nt Itle dghes of anoeer ueder fedeed =tree, or common law (see 14411, nt q., BEP) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12R5/2013,12/12/2ot 3 2192 FICTITIOUS BUSLNESB NAME STATEMENT: 2O1303O4: The follo4ng pem(s) Is/am (to- lg bustne m: JUST LUST CO, 43O5 Vkand Ave, #214. Lo Ang. CA 9160. BRIAN PEREGRINA. 43 V91#,aed A. =1214, LOS An CA 91S0. AMER GASKIN. 45 Ae. 14. LO ,K CA 913o2.The m  ooeducled by: A C,4med P hm begun to tmnsa= blnl unper U Ikoul bUmll mmle o names Ibd peru on: N/_ Signal by: Brim Pemgrk Farl.Ti 14=demur  fled v#=h the County C;erk of Lo Angs Coury on: 11/12/2013, NOTICE - Tn flou= nan slmet me e j Irom Ihe dale 9 v Red on, in the oEo of e county clerk. A new rJ= U nle smmment must be fled pdoc to that date. The ing of the= st=tnent does not of tmf authorize the u  IP state of a flos business name in violkn of the rkfnt= of anoeler under fedeed stnte, or common law (see Sofk 14411, et seq., B&P111/21/=013.11/2W2013,12/62013,12/12t2013 219O FICTITtOUB BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O133718: The blowing penmn(s) kre dOlg buness as: SOUL STRONG FnNESS, 2464O W  Rd. #7. NOVI, CA 91321 ; SOUL STRONG WELLNESS. 2Ole0 MSe P. #7336. Venda, CA 91354. BRANDI WRIGHr- DOHOPOLSJ. 2180 McSean P #7308. VaJmlda. CA 91364.TPe blm is coeds-ted b An Inddu has bngn Io trannt bLss under 91e fV:ts bu rne oc namee Bted hem o: 11/O2013, Sgned by: Ek'm'l Wll,#lt. Do4opobd. Perona Tw/ / Heer. TH, s ',n,ent Ls filed v,n the County Ck ot Los A,ges County : 11/12013. NOTICE - s rcStou name stammer expr rive yeanl horn lie ,Ue 9 , I1 on.  s,e omce o tr county  A  Ik l0uS I:dne rw=a U mut pe faed pdo to tpet 9ole. The ling of this statement de= no of ksed aulhorze the m in  mt of a fk m  n V,I nt Ihe dgr   under feder state, or m w (see Sectn 14411, nt seq., B&P) 11/21/2013, 11/22/3O13, 12/05013,12/12/2013 2194 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS  STATEMENT: 2013: The following pemos)  bss as: SHINE N BRITE CARWASH. 136OO Hawllome Blvd. gkvood, CA S9O04: 785O S.  A. #3O. Lo/mged CA 044. DAVlO WALKER. 70  Nomlandle A 8. LOS Angeles, CA 9C044, The m is condunted by: An Indlvid has pegun to lnsaof btness de the flcto bVu nme or nam ed hem on: N/A, Sned by: DaV  Wa, . This statement is filed with the County Clark of Los/geiss CoJr on: 11/12/2013. NOTICE - This ncous name stntlet ep4ras fke years frown the dnte  as faed on. n the office of tpe county clerk. A new nct0u= m name U mut be fed pno to thst dam, The rang of th me- meal does not of # au=hodze e use tn lk stw of a Actllos bulle name n Vdaon of Ie lights of another md fedend m. o commo aw (m ,Y,eon 14411, et =eq., B&P) 11/21/2013, 1 t/28/2013,12/V2O13,12/12/2013 2195 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13235837: The foUovng pemos) me dong I,nass as: REI0 COURT. 3748 W 91h Snet #210. Lo Ang CA 36019, DAMEIN WAYNE JACKSON, 3748 Y 9 Sieet #210. Los Ange CA 2O09. le W s conducted by:  Inddl has pen to UllnU W und 91e lous U name or names ted he o: N/A. Signed by: [e,Tn Wayne , O.T]ts mmmmt is reel  e County Clerk of LOS/mgek County : 11/14/2013, NOTICE - TNO ecsiou name mtennt eq0ns rive y om Ihe date  was fid o, n It office of the county cled A new IIofous bueneas name m must be ted pdor to lat dat. The fllg of this m ds n of tree9 aulhodze the    state of a ficou bune name  vkatk> of ele rlts of another uder eder stare,   mort law (m Set,on 14411, nt q.. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/22013,12R5/2013,12/12/2013 2196 FITrious BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O11S021:/he flowng peon(s) me 9ng ness as: KE AND LORD INTERNATIONAL. 8560 W Ollpc Sivd. Su9e #54. Beverly HB CA 90211. OKWUDILICHUKWU I. IKE, 2S19 W Arbor Vitae simet. In, CA SO3O5,The busess is conductsd by:/m IndkJu hu begun to tnmaact bigness under the ferrous buness   names Ited ere on: WA, Skirted b: (Khukwu I. Ike, CEO/Predde s  is fged v, lth 91e CO=lty C4erk nt Lo  County on: 10/lW2013. NOTICE * Ths rouoJs  state- ment eras Ik yearn horn e date  v,s Bed o, n e o6"e nt the county clerk. A new Icous budrles name stammt mu=t be filed pdo to lat dm. The sing of It's Smtarnent do not of P, sed authorize the u=e n 91 rote of a r=;ous buness   volaon of Ibe dgnts o another onper fend stat, or common law (see  14411, st seq., B&P) 11/21/2013, 11/28/2013, 12/05/2013,12/12/2013 2197 FICTITIOUS BJBINEBE NAME STATEMENT: 2O13233561: The kvg person(s) bare dog bness u: cnlVEST FINANCIAL SERVICES. NC, 297 Son Orange Gro Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91136, CITIVEST FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. 297 South Orange Glove Bird, Pasadena. CA 911 36, The tx=ne is conducted br A Coqx)mon has begun Io b'ansact m unde the nctos txnes= heine or names sted here on: 10/01/2013. Sgned b Edv, ad M. Mezzark Pr(ipent, This slatemant s filed with the County Oerk of Los Angeles County on: 11/12/2013, NOTICE - This 9c6ous name statement explras five years [rom 91e pete  *S filed o in 91e olEce of the county ce, A rw fk:t W nanle staternt must be 4ed prk to  .  ing of It$ sntement d0es not of se4f authorize the use  s state o a fictdogs bune heine in v0ao of tha rtm of anOeler under ledeed m, o c'no v/(s4=e  14411. e sed,, B&P) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/05/2013,12/17./2013 219e FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013354S: The  pemon(s) are dog buness as: CINEMAVEN STUDIO B049 Cantaloupe Ave. Pluoama Ck, CA 914O. HAKOP JACK KOSOYAN, 8049 Cantaloupe A. Panorama Ctty, CA 914E The busiass is conducted by: An ledvdu has begun to transact b,-ss uede  rlcls m name or names Ied hem On: N/A SIgnl by: P,op J=t I. O This statement is Bed wah te County Clerk of LOS Angu C.our : 11/1J'2Ol 3: NOTICE - Th kus r,le sWmt exams five years om =e date  as fikd ntl.  91e ofce of Ule county chld<. A new rOL bigness name smtmrnt must be flied proc to  dnte, The fg of is  does nof of SS9 auEIonze tpe use in th state of  fdUous budneu nee n vo4atkn nt the dgnts o anoUler ueder ledeed slate, o common w (see Sect 14411, st q,, BEP) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/05/2013,12/12/2013 2199 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1316: e fo person(s) /ae bLness as: PRORffY PROPERTIES, 11519 Dec4ls D. Sludm City, CA 916O4; O. Box 1297. SUx Cby, CA 91614. UNDA RAPFOPORT. 11519 Decem Dr. Studio Ck'y, CA 916O4, VICTOR RAPPOPOR 11E19 Decente D Studlo Cy. C,X 913O4. e Ix,leu s coeducted by: A Mamed Couplo has begun to tmnuct buness under he Ikous budoaes name or names Inted here on: Ol/01/ISeS. Signed by: Ued Rpopo PreskmOl This statement is fed vth the Cnty erk of LOS Angee County on: 11/12/2013: NOTICE - Th -<x= nme sement exres , yearn from Ihe dat #  led on, 1 91e oce of 91e county ckk, A new fous kxless name statement must be Bed pro to that dat. The Blng nt ths statnent does not of ed authorize the use k ths state nt a sious m name n Von of the dghts of anoeler unde fed- end state, or common aw (lee Sec 14411,  sed,. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013.17J/3O13, 12/12/2013 00 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013394: The ng person(s) aro doing bu=nass as: VIKING STUDIOZ. 1O625 Pent A, sie, 20. Granada His, CA 91344. SPENCER MARKLE'L 19O25 Pedt Ave, Ste, 22. Graneda Hls, CA 91344. T, le biness is conductad b; An Indda has begun Io W m under ele ctous m name or nanle Ited he o: N/A, Signed by: Spenc Meddey. Owner. Th mt i Bed v,n Ihe County Clerk of Los Angeiss Cmty on: 11/12/2013: NOTICE - Th fWs name tntnt piras IWe years 90m Se dato  was flied , In 'm o91ce o the county crk, A  rcto bv name  must be flied pdor to that date, The lkg ol this statoment does not of tNff au91edze Ihe use in ths ofata nt a ous bdneN name  voledon nt 1 9gtgs of anoer unper knte state, o common law (see SecUon 14411. st led.. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013.12/05/2013,12/12/2013 o1 FCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O3O3O: The Ioao I)son(s) km d buns as: NATIONWIDE TICKET DEFENOERS. 301 E  Blvd. #5. , CA 912O7; TRAFFIC TICKET SOLUTIONS. 301 E. Gleno Si.#5.lmde. CA 912O7, D & Z LAW GROUR LLR 301 E. Bld. #6. , CA 91207. "i'1 blBes is conducl by: A LJmed U Pa h begun Io nnuct [0ule und Ie 9cous bualn nam or name IIed here on: N/& Si9ned by: Abraha De Pa=lne 11ts mtemece b i<l wll Ihe Courtly Oerk of Los AI County : 11/12/2O13: NOTK3E - Th  name a=met = fe yeem Imm ',e dale It Is Bed on, In the olfce of ,e county ck'k. A nv fk:ttous 0-ess ame W munt be Bed prkx Io et de. 11e |ing of  m doa not of I,ed m Ihe m m th= mnt a 9Cl9OB be,= name mn t<lOn of Ie ngnt ol inoew unde fed- U m or oommo I=w (see Section 14411. et eo. SSP) 11/21t2013,11/22/2013,1202013. 12/12/2013  R BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 3O13233004:   pemos) eate doing m a: IRTY WORLD. 321 E. ntameda #B. B CA 1205. EDIO T. 4O50 La Cescem #B. MO CA 910=0. The busineu I conduced by: n IndlW has begun to W U undec the eIxB m name or name, s kd hem 0: N/A. Sged by: Eric Tahma=m. O,,me Tits ==Wmt  lied #dh the C0unly Cedc of I.oe/mge=s COLty on: 11/12/3O13: NOTIOE - ThS f, ottkxm nae U e=ee 9re ymm fom Ihe date Jt m tged 0.  rne olfce of the courtly clerk. A nN flous m nan stalemeof mu= be Bed p9or to that dine. TPe g of trs statement doe, s not of ntf aulorze the m n tntm state nt a f, clous bL=si nee  viofaBx nt 1he rights of aolher unpe federal m. or common aw (,.=se Sention 14411, e se, SSP) 11/21/2013,1113.12/5,'2O13,12/12/'2013 BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013344E3: le  ='=on(s) is/am o- g m a: F.UMX,NO. 136r4 Topenga Cyr Roed. . CA 91311. , NST. 109O4 CyrL Roed. Ca CA E1311. FEDERICO ANTONK  10e54 Topenga Cyn. RoedL Cta-si. CA E1311. EVA UJCRESU R 1364 Topeng Cyn. Roed. , CA 91311 .The U s coeducted by: A M,ed Cou hu bngun to an ant bule unpe the ntlom bueee r, mme or name= lisl m o: N/A. Sned by: Eedeno Anloo Cabra. Ovme. Thks =.ment Is Bed wh the C<unty Clerk of IJ/mgees County on: 11/1:Y2013: NOTIOE o ThB rcmous name w e=qu re  Imm the dine 9 m led o. n Ihe office of Ihe c,Jnly clerk. A new 9cflous bu=nea name sU4omet U be Bd prior to Iat dae. "re  o  stalment de no of 9ntf aueodze Ihe m n th irate of a rlc9eous Iess nae  v, ola of Ere rll= of und ederal m. oc m Im (see Seon 14411, nt seq., B&P) 11/21/2013..11/28/2013,12/05/2013.12/12/3O13 204 FICTITIOLLS BUSINESS NAME ST.EMENT: 3O13Z34T/0: The fallowing pem=n(s) is/are d0g bUBeSS as: COMFORT & CARE HORCE. 3 I/d*ay Dde #104. Sa Siego. CA 2110. SOUD MANAGEMENT INC. 3r33 M,Iy Ddve #lO4. Sa= OkgO, CA 9211O. Tn= bUeaeS  OOn- duct by: A  h=s beg=n lo W bJ urvr g f= b.=mess ra'e or rrne Wd  o NIA. S lr l'kyr Hy Br. F'm#derC Tt W is fd wiff= 91e Coumy Clerk of Los Angete Courtly on: 11/13/3613: NO11CE - lW= fct90us name m e0re Itve j 01 the da it , fd o.  IP, e oftlo of the co ofed A new  U name Itmement U be fed prior to Ihat dine. The Eing o et= U does not of NseE au',dze Ihe um m  stare nt a f,ck.s bueas nar,e m vk:4atk of ffe dgts of anoe under federa sate.  o0mmo, law (see Secon 14411. et se, B&P) 11/21/'2013, 1113. 12/05,'2013.12/12013 22O5 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013347e1:   peos)  do- ing  as: MICHEL COSTOM CABINETS. 18808-2 B,3nt Street. N0rhddge. CA 914, EDUARDO MICHEL ROBLES. 7457 Toeka Dr. R CA 9135;  FATRIClA MICHEL, 7457 Topeka 0. Reseda. CA 9135, The busneN is conducted by: A  Couple has begun to tasact Ix, eess under the rous m name or n=rnes md here 0: N/& Signed by: Eduamo lUlO',, Roe.. Ovmer. "n slmemer is Ilel  Ihe Courtly Cterk nt L/m(le,es County o: 11/13/2013` NOTICE - Th fcmous name stateoet emres r ,s horn Ihe 9a it  flied c, k e olfce of em county clerk. A new f.clk:== m name ==d,ne must be led t0d0r to ffat dae, The I,'eg nt tofs statement des not of ,eff hodze the use In  m o a f,tiso=s buses name n ',ka9o of Ihe rights of aner urder federal stnte, or m law (see Seofto 14411, st eq., 8&P) 11/21,'2013.11/2ont013, 0SI2O13,12/12/2013 06 RCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1334737: The Ioaowg penmn(s) /a buse=s a: FJJUNE'S CUSBI CUtSlNF_ Sgo Haz=lte A 1304. sirmm Os. C 91423.  TUR. 503  A' #204. Sherman G CA 9142O. The m is conduced by: An Ind,'l ha begun to tanmct m under the  U nenl o name rBd here C N/A. Sigmd by: Susan Turk. C.r=er. 1;'lis slatemem Is fd tflh the County Clerk of Los Angele County 0: 11/13/2013: NOTICE - Th flcous name m W 9re yearn Imm e dant 9 as 9knt o, k the ofrce of  o0ury cleric. A new tk:ntkxB m name =atee.t mu be Bed p.or to thin date. The li,ng of gt m doe no of #136 auemdze the use n irds m of a fiof9ou bugneel= r, ame in d=on nt Ihe dgnts nt anoew und fedea| m. o oommon law (m Secon 14411. st seq.. B&P) 11/21/'2013,11/22/2Ol 3,125FZ013.12/12/2013 22O7 RcTrrlDOS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13234617: The foflo,=V,g peon(s) am do- g m es: EUROPARTS. 17821 Lasse St #244. Northddge, CA 91325. MIGUEL ANGEL AROSTA RAMIRET_ 171 Laue S. #244. Norlhdde, CA 91=Z5. The m is  by: An Ircrwdu ha begun to mmNcl m urder me r-=,ous buee= name or m I,d hem on: 1(Yl 2/2O13. Sgr.ed by: MIgue A. /=oa Rmkez, Thi s.siBment is I=ed  e County C;erk of Loe/mgele Counly : 11/13/2013. NOTICE - Th 9cmlous name atme.t epras ttve yeem from the te 9 m Bed on. In e olce of the county cled A new IkJtlu= budnasz name stntement munt be k ikr to ed pete. The ling of th W doas not of k'seff authorize the m in th m ol a f.9ou mr, eme io  of the rlgh nt m unde federal m, or common aw (see Sectk 14411, et sq.. B&P) 11/21/'2013, 11,'28/2013, 12/65/2013,12/12/2013 2236 BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O133407: The  pemon(s) is/am doing bune=  ALL MEDU POT. 1123 S. Rower St_ Ur 101. Bud CA 915; AMf 1123 S. Rower St. U 101. Burbank. CA 91S9O. A SANCHEZ BEFP/K:E ENTERPRtSES INC. I S. Coral Tre Ddw. Wet Covim CA 91791. The U i coeducted by: A  hm begun to amact buek=s under  f#5o= U nwne or u Iled hem on:  Sgned by: Aifooso Sanchez, Pms Th W i lied  Ihe Courtly Cle of b0e/rogers Courtly on: 11/13/2013. NOTICE - "n f,ctous nerve stntmnt m fe ye Imm Ire dine # t,s Wed on.  Ihe ont= of Ihe oounty cek_ A r/r=:=kw m m m mu be Bed pdcx to Ihat da. The fg of thJ= W des not of  m 9,e m n  m of a ,cu i0usines na'ne i vid360n of the 9ghts of anoe,,e uede federal stnte, or ommo  (see  14411, et asq.. B&P) 11/21/'2013.11,'28/2013.12/05,2013.12/12/=O13 22oe FICTITIOUS BLPNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201334S17: The fVong pes) am dog U  L STAR D/,NCE, 1 oo . Ter CA  3S. YEFIM ALEXANOOVlCH SINELNI 20 Sacoy S. #IE.  Perk. CA 913O6. The m s conduOed by:/m dW,nt ha begun to tr.act m und the fcmous ISkla m or R IBd here ': N// Sgned by: Yelkn A. Ske,=ov. Ome, Ttt sWernet s NOd th Ihe Courtly Cle nt L /mgeles Coun on: 11/13/2O13, NOTICE - This ferrous name W m rve yee from Ihe  t v.s NOd on, n the ntfce o Ihe county ckk. A rw fdus b=eN  stmemet must pe flied prK" to Ihnt date.The tllng of eis statemer<  nol of 9sf aulhorlze Itm use in 9is m of a f,cu U nae In o nt Ihe rights of aoee und fedeed state, or common aw (see  14411. st sed.. SSP) 11/21/'2013,11/22/2013,12/05r013,12/12/2013 2210 RC BUSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13Z34160: TI  IS) m dog U as: EXOTIC LIMO. 1915 C.,'r D #1, L/mgeles, CA $3OE8. EXOTIG MOTO@S, INC. 1815 Canyo D. #1. Los Ang CA g0>8, The buness is conducted b A Corpora has be- gun to trract buse== under  fious m m  ! ted hene : WA. Skirted by: IO,achik Ge.*.orkyan, Preeident.  m I$ Bed V4h Ihe County Clerk of LOS A.ees County o: 11/1 20t3. NOTICE - T;'t sieous name m e=0ras  yws from Ihe dte #  Cried o. n the ofte of the courtly C,Wk. A new rdoul bue.,=s name i'atemeqt must be fsio ple to 9t date, The lltg of Its W doe nnt of itxl aulhodze the cu In thb m of a fc=ious m name  V, ofaUon of Be .ghts of anoeer under etra m, o w law (s,e  14411, nt seq., SSP) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/05/2013,12/12/2013 2211 IOUS ESS NAME ST, K-4ENT: O13=40e0: The  person(s) .'am do- ing m as: TUETRONIX. 13538 Hart Stree Van Nuy CA 914O5. TIGRAN TOROSYAN. 1353 Hart Sln_ Van NOy CA 9140S. The m is conduo=<l /m da ha= begun t0 tramact m undw ff=e sitltous W nee or names lined hme on: N/A. Smd by: 1-'a Tom.3. Owne. This ntntemerd is B36 =d# Ipe County C=erk of Los/V=gofes  on: 11/1,Z013: NOTICE - Th Itmo,s name mteme.t m  y=r horn ihe date t wa reed o, k the off.ce nt the county ded. A new sigUous b=Bes name statemeAi must pe tried prior to that date, The fCmg of 9is W does nnt of H.eE au=hom the m n Ihs slata o a ,ctt9ow U nae n vt01aon of e rights of er<eer unde lederal m. o commo, law (m  14411. nt asq., B&P) 11/21/'2013,11/28/2013,126/2013,12/1212013 2212 FICTITIOUS BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O19O3405: The fo pemon(s) /am dog Ixness as: A AND M PROCEBENO. 1711 GW 969. Bontan CA 915O4. ANAHID AVANES. 1711 Gdsmer #SS. .d;ank. CA 91S04. The tx,=skess s conducted by:/m Ind4ua ha begun to transact buness ued the n,.o.=s rk=dnes nae or nmne= Ited hem on: N/A. Sg.ed by: Anatd A,.ne, Oer. 1Ns sta(sme.t k Bed with the Coune/Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: 11/13/2013. NOTICE - Th rctk name stmert m IWe yea Irom Ie dine t  fed on.  #e o,ce of 9e county cd A new fcmkus U name statee< mst be Bed pdo |o that dle. The rdg of th sedeent doe nnt of itsee adntxze the use in tNs m of a f, clos U oame n vao of Ihe rig= o anoee under fedeed m, o comm0 law (  14411, st seq.. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12R5/3O13,12/12/2013 2213 RCTtTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13234O12: The  peon(s) Jm dc- g bu=mess . ALL VALLEY P.ACK AND PNION. 11479 Vanve SL N Holy CA 91636. MIKE BOUCH/UIAN, 11479 Vaw*e. St. N. P.,0. CA 916: SERGE DAMIRJIAN. 114;'9 Vanc..e St N. Holy'ood. CA 9169O. The bu=mes is conducted by: A   has begn to transact bsass und the f'fB bu=cess nae ac heroes isted here a: N/A. Signed by: Mke Bouchann, Ovmer. This stament I= NOd with t=e County Clerk o Los .=z, ge=es County 0: 11/13/'2O13. NOTICE - 11., fCBkus ne'ne satemet eXlre fbe years trom the date  was filed o, in Ihe office of 6e county clerk, A n, Ectous b.=s=ess name meme.t taunt be red prk to  d=te. The Ig of ths atement dou not ol =f auorb S'te use in US sate nt a r,tcs business ne/ne in ",lation of the rights of anoCher ueder federal stnte, or m  (see  14411. st seq.. B&P) 11/21,'2013.11/2e.'2013` 17J0S/2013.12/12.'2013 24 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13234O13: The foaowtng pes) m dog busnes as: JUAN'S GARDENING. 2833 Juoer D PrTbJe. CA 9355O JUAN M ALVAR EZ. 2833 Juniper I-. Pf,dae. CA 93650. The m is coeducted by: An ledi..'idual has Igun to trans- act bu unr the I',ous busmes nane o r,=ne= md hen= on: N;A. Sned by: Jue M AMmZ. O,mer.lNs U s Bed *h the County Clerk nt LO Aigees Ccy on: 11/13,2013 NOTICE - ls flcEous nae stmmet  re yearn Imm Ie date # as Bed on, n e of:e o the o0my clerk. A new rus m  w u be reed prior to e=t dat. Tr, e fkg of IhS statement does not nt 9self au9xxtzo Ihe use n th stale of a rous busnes ha'he n vkato o Ihe rights nt another Lrnder fedeed state, or m law (  14411. nt asq,. B&P) 1 lt21013:11/2SI2Ol 3,125/2013:12/12'2013 2215 FICTIT!OUS BUSINESS N/ME STATEMENT: 2O13234O14: The Itod.g pemon(s) Jare doing b as: BOTANICA OYA. 1 A=oda St Sylmar. CA 91342; 1436 Astoria SL Symar. CA 91342. WVlST GARC JR, 149O6 Astoa SI- Symr. CA 91342. The buskee is =d,cled by: m IndWkeJ has begun to  bushes= under the flclJ m name or names ied hero o: N./A. Sied by: W',,sCano Gaza J, Otw, er. Ths st=tement s NOd wh Ihe County Clerk o Los/Wgeles County 0: 11/12013: NOTICE - Tits rcttous name mement emims f,,e yearn from me da it  meal . n  o,o* ol 9e courtly dt. A new f, ctdous bus, name m mut be fed pto to th=t dine.The r'mg nt th st=lemet doe no( of =gf m the Le n 9is state of a  bueess nae  vntat0 of Ihe dgnts of anoetec under ledera m. or com- rno. w (see Seco 14411. e sed., B&P) 11/21/2013,11/28,'2O13,12/6/2013, t2J12/2013 2216 FICTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13234O15: The  Is) are dog I=,Jlaees as: C TAKAYAMA ING, 20 44TH sireet luudtan Beaoh, CA 0:Z6S. C TAKAYAMA INC, 20 44TH Sheet, Mant==tt Beach, CA 6. The U  conducled by: A Corporao. has be* gun to tr,sect bu=dnus unde the rcs burgess name o u rmed here on: W/L Signed by:  Takayama.  17,B m  Bed  Ihe Courtly Clerk  Los Angles Coumy 0: 11/13,013, NOTICE - Th  rBme W e=u e yeas bm e dine t m fled o, n Ihe ogce of Ihe county ckxl A new  U name statement U be Id por to 9t date. The fvng of th saternent doe not of off aulhodz Ire use n Is stme nt a fd=ous b.ess name n vkta9x of Ihe ngnts nt aofhec under feder m. or commo law (see Secon 14411. et seq., B&P) 11/21/2013,11/2W2013.12/65/2013,12/12/2013 2217 RCTnlOUS BUSINESS N/ME STATEMENT: 3O13=Z34016: The  I$) m dong U =s: STONE GATE REALTY CORPORATION. lZ0Q0 slope Gate Way. Norlhddge. CA 913ZS, STONE GATE REALTY CORPOR/0"K)N. 1L00 Stone Gnte Way Nodrd,ge. CA 9t 3OS. The bmk  oeducd b A Cor r bngun ZO mmmc buek ued the  bue nar or nam kind peru on: N/_ wd b Romeo Ranmu, CEO. Tits mlmlent b Ud h the County C;eCk nt Los Ai1ges C..ounty on: 11113/2013: NOTICE - Tills tkxls neme U ezr rive  b0m lie dale 9 as fd on.  the omoz of Ine COUllly krk_ A new rok Uous U nmle sm-nt mu be fled pdor o lhaz dme.'rbe I19 o e1 ezrnt do no of NS#J atedze lhe m n Us ste of a riotous budrle nmxe =i vkllon of tpe dgnts of anolher under teden  or o0mmon aw (m Set,on 14411. st q.. B&P) 11/21/2013. 11/28/2013, 12/3O13,12/12/2013 2219 B..SINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2olin: e foowing lS) is/am dong  as: EMFROX TIIJCI(G. 2121E Sedcoy S #21. Caoga Park. CA 913O4. EMILIANO / RGUEIOA- 2121S Sadcoy  #21. Caoga Pan% CA 913O4. The blnees is conducted t  Ind4u h begun I0 Ixanst U under ele ectx m nam or nan1 Isd he on: 12r25/200. Sned by:  A. F1guem Ovme. Th stawnt Is gled w1 e County Clerk of Los Ang Co o 11/14/2013: NOTICE - TI  neme mnent eoes 9re yea f le dine 9 m d on.  gle 0 of lhe COUl d. A new gotk U nam steneAi rnm be Bed prk I0 9znt dae.Ti11 llg of llb m do not of #sf au9xdze lhe m in ths smm of a llcea budnes name n Votllon nt lhe dgntl of allollr under knte4 m. or corn- rnon hw (e Seceon 14411. nt q.. B&P) 11/21/2013` 11/28/2013,12R'3O13,12/12/2O13 2219 Rc'nouS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O133Oe4: T foloHng person(s) s/am d<ig U  ACE PARTY RENTS. 3OI Ven NesS AW. TOrmnC. CA 3601. ROBERT R. CHAPMAN VENTIJRES INC. T2 Vama Ave. N. Holywoed. CA 913OS. TIa W IS oontad by: A CTron  beJn o u W und   m nema or nms d here on: 07/01r2012. Sned by Roedrt R. PmdL This U  d win  County Cerk of L0  Coury oI 11/14/2013: NOTICE - Th EclJous name stamment e)0n INO yearn from the pele it was 61ed on. In Irle ofroz of  county ded A new llcous bustne name m U be  pdor to It din. TI SI of gl tement do n of sed a10dze lhe m  9isz m of a rdous bu'es narne n Vxao of the 9grds nt anoe1r uedr feck era  or onlm law (e Son 14411. nt s. BEP) 11/21/2013.11/28/2013.12/36/2013, 12/12F2013 ZO FqTEOU BUSINESS NAME STATE!rc.NT: 3OIW: e folowlng penlon(s) b/an do- g bu#ale a FART DEPARIMENT. INC. 728 Burch Sim Gleedk. CA 9120. FART DERMTMNT. INC. 728 Burctled StmeL Ceedale. CA 9120. The m  coeducted b A Co,oregon ha begun Io zramact  ul1r  r,cous busk neme o necnes ad hm op: N/A. Signed  NIzan Bamag. Prd_ Th tmment is filed wilh 1e County C;erk of L n|W Courtly on: 11/14/3O13`  - qis EofioB name W m  rs flora 1e dam 9 m 9 or m lhe olf nt lh county ck A new foue busk rlarne stanlem m be fd prkx to flat dat.Ti)e llng of  U do not of f aofhodze I11e use   m of a ncmk bLk)l  n V,04aSO of me ngt of anoeler under federa m. or c11on law (see Secon 14411. nt sq.. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/22/3O13,12//2013,12/IW'2O13 22I Rc'mqous BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13236O64: "I  per=on(s)  doing 9m91e as: GALAXY DSTAIUNO HAND CAR WASH. 5501 Vetde B, Lo Ange CA 2O019; H&H AUTO DETAIL SHO 501 Vhke BL t.o Angek CA 93O13: HAMLET HAKHUEROYAN. 115  Aw. 8. C-kmdnte. CA 913O. The buees s conducted by: An IndlV, dl hm ben Io W busmss under le tous busirle nee  nan lted here o: / Sned by: l't' HIdumon. Ower. Tr statement i I' wil 9 County C;mk of LOS Angles County on: 11/14/2013: NOTICE - Thls ferrous name mtsmet expr five yars fro the dine 9 ws fed o. n the omce of the county crk A new ficZau bne name nte,t must be filed pdor to glm dine. Th ling of UlkS smtemer does not o# sf auorze me  k glis sta of a rdUos m name n vioon of I dgtm of anoelm under fedeed stme.  00ninon aw (see Sec9on 1441 I. st Nq.. B&P) 11/21/'2013.11/2e,'2013,12/65/2013.12/12013 2222 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201336049: TI foowlng pmso(s)  doing blkss a M WITH BOB. 43 SpuMzda Bvd. #136. Sherman  CA 9140. IWIB LLC. 4355  k. #I05. Strman C CA 914O, The m Is o0rducled by: A  Libsiy  has begn to nmact W under S. IZntgkx m name or U Ibted here oi PU. Signed by: Sa1PY. SO Memb. Th m  Bed w me County Crk of LOS AngedB Couy on: 11/14/2013` NOTICE -  fdios name m apims eve j fmrn the dine  ,v rd o n the o9 of ale oounly ck A n IZctx bues r, anle stamm must be SI prkx Io gla dat. The flng of t U does ot of ked au9)orLze 91e uae  gs stme of a flctisus budne name k vkedon of le dghts nt another unpe feden slae, or com- mon zaw (=ee Secuon 14411, nt Nq.. B&P) 11/21/2013.11/28013,125/2013.12/12/'20132223 RCTITIO BUSINESS NAME ST.40MENT: 013"..07:  foo,.ang pemon(s)  doing bua a DEAL FILM 5 E. roedy. G CA 91205: RO. ox 3O3 Hoay C BEHNAM VARASTEH. 3O3O Bad'<zm. G213. Loe Angeles. CA 36368. The business ie conducted b An k'dh has bngun 0 W U ued le ec0us tx,Ns nam  nan ld hem 0: N/A Signed by: BOfI".W . Owner. Th stnteent m red wilh lhe  C1k of LOS Angele County on: 11114/2013` NOTICE - Thls I%-IJ nexT: m e(pirss e yNm fmn lhe   m reed o. in the ontce of the oounty ckrk. A M Ikaou bunps nae talement mu pe reed prior to lhat dnte.The Irmg of 9(S ofenr does nof of itse4f authodze lhe m In ls siam of a fk:ous m m k ao of the rgnt= of aroCw uld federe m or com- mon Izw (m srn 14411. et asq.. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/2e/2013, I V2013,12/2013 2O24 FICTITIOUS 8UNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201: The folovang person(s)  do- kng m as: HARTQUEST PUBIJSHING. 919 N,  Ave. Ap 4, Pasae CA 911O6. JONATHN I HART. 619 N.  AVe. ApL 4. PaJen CA 91136, TPe m b OOWkcted b An  r begn  W m und  r#us U rwne or n md r1or N/& Sned  .kxWXn & Fr Oww. r m is rd v#  Couny Crk of Los Ange Coumy o 11/I 4/2013: NOTICE - Thi rl#ious name m qokes 9ve yzm om ze  9  d .  le ed of the county ck A n f<tl bu=rss name W U b fled prior Io zat am. The IZng nt US stalernent does nof of sef athedze  use  th(s m of a lcos bmeas nane  vk)lon of 61e dgh of anoler under leder m. or cor mo law ( Scon 1441 I. It q.. B&P) 11/21/2013.11/28,2013.12,5/2013,12/12/2013 222S BIGNESS NAME STA=_MENT: 3OI368: The  pemon(s) /are do- 19 W E AMITY UMOUSINF_ 14147 Gau  Van NOy CA 91.14. HRACH K/OYAN. 14147 Gait SL V Nuy CA 914. The bnmm is conducled b An IndMdua has pegun to nmc  und le ftus m nan  R led hem : N/_ Sgned b Hrach Kagoyan. Owe. Thls smZeme Is gled vnth g County Clerk of LOS Ages County on: 11/14/2013. NOTICE - "rYw fkous nne menlent q0leS  yeals from the date  was kd .  ele oce o# n1 county c41 A new rous bus  stam# mus be ed prr to glm ma.  iing of gls U does not of ff auS)ortzo Ule uas  Zhis sae nt a 1cos buU, neme n vkon nt the dgtm of anoeler under k6eed m. o m taw (see Saco 1441 I.  Nq.. P) 11/21/2013.11F./2O13,12//2013.12/12/'2013 2S FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201:  k:aowg person(s)  dog m a TECHNOUTE. 15547 Cedr Rd. Van NU. CA 914O6; TECHNOMAGNE 1547 Cedrito Road. Van NOy CA 91406. EMCO0. LLC. 15547  Roed. Van Nuys. CA 914O6. The m is conducted by: A umged LiabZty Compeny has begu Io transact U udr  rc-  bneas name or nm lied peru on: N,'A. Signed by: Aikad Nk. I Member/  is stment  reed  the County Clerk of Los AngUs Coonty on: 11/14/2013. NONCE - Th fictus name staleme eq0k ew yea fn  dam # was IV o. k  omce of tr county ded A new 6coJS busnes name stntemeAi U ice filed prior I0 9AI da. The Ifng of g.s state,lent does no nt sed autrx)rhz ze  i th sate of a flcous U  in vklo of gle ngills of anoe1 u,Var federe m. or comn10 law (see Beceo 1441 i, nt sed.. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/'28/2013.12rd2013,12/12/20132227 FTITIUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O133564O: The fogowlng pmson(s)  as: WHITE CLOUD. 13O14 Rlmgn Ave. Tuun. CA 91O42. HOT BEOT HOOKAH LOUNGE. 10614 Femgn AW. Tujung3: CA 91042. AIr.Op UTUOZHZ.e. 10614 Fenle Ave. Tujung CA 91042. The m s coeducted b An ledlvk has bngun Io b'mlsaof kxness und Ule aoous m nmle or n  rre o: N/A. SId by Airy Udzyan. Owner. Thls m is filed wilh ele Coordy Crk of Los/Vofes County on: 11/14/2013: NOTICE - This action name W m Eve ym lom e da # m ed .  the oR of ale county oferk A new f<ous buWnl nacne U must be fd po Io glat ale, The fWig of ggs stme- rnent doas n of k4f m l'e use  hls stnte of a 6cElkXlS busless name   of tpe rt of anoe und fede stme.  comrnn lw (see S: 14411. st s., B&P) 11/21/2013, 11/2e2o13,12t3o13,12/12/2013 2228 FICTIT BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013.5576:  kkwg prs0n(s) Jare dog U as: FC4RCA FINANCE GROUR 363O Easmm A. #21E. Be Galden CA 3O2Ol. ISRAMEX-DEVELOFMENT GROUR NC. 652O Eastsm Ave. #215. Bel Gaxde. CA 901. m s co,ducled by: A Co  bun Io tm.=act m urm ele IZk unese rma or nemas sed l on: WA S@ed b Vkaey Pr. Treae. s senm is Bed w th County Clerk of LO kgeas County on: 11/14,3O13: NOTICE - Thb ficUtk)us nanle staterrent elqr fl yearn fmrn the date  vzs reed on. n the ole nt ee county derk. A new ,ctoJs blP., nae statern must be Bed pdor to thnt dte. The flgr9 of -ds stntemt   of ed aumortze me use  u1s slate of a rlCCdous budness   v4aon of lhe rts of anoU fer se. orm law (see Seceon 14411, et seq.. B&P) 11/21/2013. 11FM2013. 12/36r13,12/1212013 2229 FIOTIOUS BJSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2OI35513: The folow 9 person(s) is/am do 9 bness as: LOANON. INC. 585O Cano Ave. 4TH Floor. k>odla Hms. CA 91367. LOANON.. INC. 2340 N. Vemt Ave. LO Angeles, CA 93o27.The bunes  conoc by: A Cor porac1 has begun I0 b--.act bushe dr the 6cous tx:s name or narr ed here o: N/A. Sgned b' Jonalhan Ro. Prede is statement Is 61ed with .e COYy Clerk nt LOS Ang4es Coonty on: 11/14013: NOTICE - TIS rceeous name smteme e 9re yMm frn me t n  Bed ore in Ibe of Tce of lhe county cled A rww fiCIOUS bush)zss narne stmemer taunt be led prior to that dm. Tr fing of ts mtet does no nt  aAhodze the use n It=s state of a 6cous bness name  vkedo of 9 dIs of anoer under fedraJ stata, or corc law (see Sect 14411. nt seq.. B&P) 11/21/2013.11/28/2013.12/05/2013.12/12/2013 223O FICTITIOUS 8JSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20133O387: The  pers(s) are doing brss as: BROTHERS POUSHING. 14647 Thus Ave.  C CA 91402. MARTN AYALA. 1116 7TH SUlzeL San Femand CA 9134C AIJCIA AYAL 111E TrH  Sen  CA 91340. BLASIMIRO AYAL 1768 Y Juno Ave. #A./vbern. CA 923O4. The U S coeducled by: A Geer Partemho has begu to txansacl bsk-es unr the ficous burss name or narnas lhd hem o: 11/01/2013: Signed : Aia Ayak Regstared/Partner. This  s ed v1 gle Cxty Clerk nt Los Ange County o: 11/I 4/2013: NOTICE - Th lcou na statament eres I ym lm e dste  as NOd on. n I ce o Sle county de. A  - oJS bns nacne slamn1t must be 61ed prkx Io lhat date. The ng nt th=s statement does nst of sf aux>dze the u  ls sm of a ncous m name in Voon o the r;its nt anoeer uedm feder stt or cimon aw (see Seceon 14411.  seq.. B&P) 11/21#2013, 11/2W2013. 12/05/2013.12/12/2013 2231 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20135236: The folovng person(s) are do- g U a TEDI BOO BOUQUET 6213 Kurnp A. NO Nolwoed, CA-91606. SARMEN MNATEAKANYAN. 6213 ump Ave. Norm Ho#ywood, CA 91eOS: ALFRED ZAKARIAN. I05  A . CA 91201. The b,Jsi)s is conducted by: An ledlvidual has begun o nnsact bns under gle ficlYaous bues name or nm1 led hem o: h'#/ Si2/led by: Sarm and A9Ted. Omrs Ths smteme s filed v#al ele Couy Clerk of Loe/ulgees County On: 11/IM2013: NOTICE - Ts 6cous name stane ems five years from the date  vms Bed ,  me omce of the oounty cerk. A new fous buness rr statement rn be reed prior to glat dme Tile rng of  statement rk r nt seE auewdze e kse n tNO smm nt a rldoJs m name m vkedon of the nghts of another under fedeed state, or cocmon law (see Secon 14411. e sed.. B&P) 11/21/2013.11t2W3O13` 12JOSI2013:12/12/2013 2 FICTITI(XJS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201323"tS:  folov/ pemo(s)  doing as: OUTLIER ANALYTICS. 43O4 Lau  Bv. #e. Valley Wage, CA 9eO7. BRIAN POZZA. 11836 F',de Dr. #14.Vary V1gage. CA 91S0?.The buZness is cxx)ducted by:  IndMdu has beJn I0 bansact U uder the Ectous bkss name or names lted hero : N/_ Sg, ed I Br Fozza. Cwr.Th statee s k wlh the County ClerX of L Ang Coumy on: 11/I 5/3O13. NOTRE - T Ifdous name ntamment mo#es 9 ats from le dine 9  d on. in the #INO nt the coury c'k. A new  m nan atemer rnusl be filed pdo o Uat dale. The ring of tr=s statement does not nt ea aofhoze the uas  ms smm of a fkous busine nam in V,oon of gle rkds of anor under ke stele, or o0mmo  ( SecUon 1441 . st eeq,. B&P) 11/21/2013,11/'2O13,12/36/2013,12/12/2013 22 FICTrO BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201343: The  person(=) /are d0ng U a ARTS MONTUARY TRANSPONT. 13015 Sunbu S Paco CA 91I. ARTHUR CEUS. 12O15 S4mburof St. Paco;n. CA 91331. TPe W iE conducled by: An Ird-Adu hu