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November 21, 2013     Beverly Hills Weekly
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November 21, 2013

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St&lt;L  160 B IdolIL C. 01731. "I tamm hs on by:. A r0,omlon hem [0oglJ ta Imnm Bildoeu undm Ine 9cLqul thmias nme ot mmnas lllmd P, Oll one N/A. 8mlCL Medo. U Prm Th uumt b d th I C Cth of Lo*  C on: 1V2W201 NOT - Th mous rmm* m   yl Imm me  # m is on.   o of 9 0 owd A nw Bi:lfmus m  m U be IBid pdor ta II dML  ling   m do nof of seN m    lib Iduta of a fkd  narna  mJon of taa dghls of mol un led  cf m kM (m Sa 14411, a , B&P) 11/7/201 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/2W2013 2110 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NqM STATEMENT: 20124720:. le Iolovdg p8)  dog m u FX IT APPU/UE 144 Has  Vm Nuy CA 91401. Lt$ LEMUS 44  SL Van Nuyl CA 91409 .The m  coud b  hdd hen bun ta W m ued the fclm m rmme or nm d hem  N//  L tu Ov,Th W M fd v# the County Clmt of LO  C o lm1 NOTICE .11 fcuoul m* w m e yeis M  d # m d c  b 0 of  oour c A m scream bulm m W muir he d pdar to I , Thl ig of d m do nof of  m  mm  U Itata of a Iclm m m  a- don of m dgMa of m und tad ImP,  m is (m k 14411,  q., 8&P) 11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/2813 2111 FICTITK4S BJSlNESS N/W : 2or 3225: The Idthvdng pem(I) m dog W m SB,IO COR 13  Stau v. Lcm  C 8005a. SSRGO  begun ta W m undw Im  bJas name or u llKI heu on: N/A_ 5nl: Srglo Itama, Ova. Ts m b files uth Ihe C Cd of Loe  Courtly o m " on  e oo   courtly 01 A us budr rmme m U b nd p to at da.T f/lg of I m do nof of 1 m the m M I m of a  U rmme  o of I r of m un bd  or m  (m S*t 1441 I,  , B&P) 11/7/2013,11/14Q01 11/1/201 11/28/2013 9112 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013225004: The fdlowiog IS) /ate dog m  CHKEN ON RRE 6000 L O Bd B L/ CA 600, VARU/AT WNYAWUTH 2301 Humb  e428 Lo  C g031.  W s condud b n hk h bn to damac m un the cJ W rmme  n led h o: N/A. SIgKl: Vluunw W, Over. This m b Bed vdth Ihe County Clk o( Lo  CO o: lm1 NOTE -Th  numeU m  ywm from U da h m IId 0n, k tae on of 1 county de. A new fm m name W U be filed pdor to   Tm fg of INb m doe not ollsoff m tae uae th IS  of a fua m mu  von of um ng of anor und  m, or co--on  (m Sec 14411, el s, B&P) 11/7/2013.11/14/2013 11/21/2013,11/28/2013 2113 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20125154: e  peo(s) are dog U MO00S OF LEATHER 160 Commerce A. TU. CA 91602, VARDN KARAMYAN 914 E. Gated A. Gk, C 91260. e pes  condocd b An hkd he da- gun ta  U unper the flcous bn name o namee d h o: PUA, Sd:  Klram, Ovm. Th W  Bed v the County CI of Los/ Co on: 10/20/2013. kTICE - Th ous nmm sta e0qs re yam f e   s ed on, k e    county ck A v flous  rm sm rnuof pe fid p to at da.The Bg of .s stat does r  ed aLdae tpe use   m of a  busks name  vaUo of  dghts of ar und tad sta o m w (  14411, ta q., B&P) 11/7/2013,11/14/201 11/21/2013,11/28/20132114 FICTITJS BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 20125494: The  peo(s) am bne MAS TRUCNG 11925 Sern St No Ho, CA 916O5. ROL[X3 FLORES 115 Stm'n SL NO HO CA 916.The  s ccUd b  Ird he begun ta W U und e flc0 hesms   re.has d he o: U/ S ROndo RO Oer,  W  d v the CO Ck of LOS An Coury On: 10/60/2013, NOT - Th fm rme  m fi qs h e   v led on1   of of the COU cd A w thUous U  W U he k lor to a d.T Bg of  m da no of  m Ihe me  Is m of a thous m rmm  vkk of  dghts of anoe und d m,  m v (me Son 14411, ., SSP) 11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013 2111 F]TI(3 BUNESS WE STATEMENT: 2016049 The  peon(s) is/am doing W ?ORPC 7 240 Cmmav Bvd.Tm, C m.TOPNCE FLL  1133 Skma Lane Po Rash, CA 913. The he s conduc b ^ Co hes pegun Io  m und e thk U na or nem ed here o N/ Sned Tm NOC. T fm nam tem mqs  a  ge   ws fd o  me ofce  e COUOfy derk, A ru rcum  neme m U da d pdor ta hd da. The fling of  W d r of kl az U use  Is stme o( a fcUus m mma  v of Im dgtm of ano und  tme, o common per ( Secon 14411. e sed., BAP) 11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/2892013 2116 RCTffio BUrNErS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13251: The  pes) Jam dog m AL-L POO & SPA SERVES 23916 Ch Dd. JOHN GOLDCK 2319 C D We H CA 91304, e m  condoc b/  hes begun o tmnsa bu urr me fo buness name  nas sd hem on: N/ S Joi GokJhed Ovmec TNe K is fild v# Ihe County Ctad of Lo Angles Courtly o: 10960/2013, NOTIOE. Ts rus ne statam exp five ysam f  dat  s fd on,   ofle  Ue county cd A new flcus bume na staemem must he fled pr to at data, The flung of  taMen doas r of f authedze tpe use  s stata of a fiCUU  na  va of  dghta of atAher und  sta, o cmo kw {see  14411, et sed., B&P)  1/7/2013.11/14/2013,11/21/2013.11/282013 2117 RCTITIOUB BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201278: The kng pers(s) is/are dog A&A MHINE STOP & TOOLS; AAMST 11174 Penmse St, ts #1 Sun valey, CA 91352. ANITA KHATOU RIAN 7842 Hlllr St, Su Land, CA 91040,The busess is codued b An inddu hes pegun to act hesks undor e flcUs burros name c rnas Ied h o: WA. Sned Anna Khechatou, Owe CEO, TI statr  filda w  Co Crk of LOS Angles County o: 10rJ2o13. NOTICE - TS fous name statement exams e years f tha de 9 was 0 o. io the oce   county crk. A r retakes e name smt n be ed 9rk to U date. The g   stmet do n of  authze the     of a rous bthess name  Vo  e r  am unde e s, o m v (see Sec 14411, et asq., SSP) 11/7/2013.11/14/2013,11/21/2013,1192a/2o13 2118 FICTKJS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201325176: The fo perss) m dog burros HA SERVICES 225 W. 219TH aeet Carson. CA 60745. H2ARIO PAPILLA 225 W 219 st C, mso, CA 9O745; ANGELO PAPILLA 225 W 219TH St Carson, CA 9O745. The  codocted b A Ge Parp has pegu o Usact business ued the ous - ess name  w Usted h o: UA, S HO P Par. Th smet is  v  C Ck of LOS/ Cou o 10r32013, 3"CE - Th 5ctous m smet e fe yea fn  date  ws Bed on,   office of e cour<y der A  rous - s re sla must pe rada p ta that dine. The fang   sB does X  f alze e use  Us stare  a fus es   VO of Ue r of aer ur fede m, O m v (see SC0n 14411, st seq,, SSP) 11/7/201 11/142013,11/21/2013, 11/28/2013 2119 FIOT]TIOUS eUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13225177: The fofkr pemon(s) Jm do busPss V&L ENTERPRISES 15419 Nordoff St, NO H C 91343, V;TOR ALVARADO 15555 NCOff SL Noah  CA 91343;/uqMAN00 LARA 15748 Tuba S Noah P, CA 91343. The bus s condoc b A Gen Par has bngun to Vama bss und me fic- ous bues rmme o u d h o: W S V1 Aado, Paer.s smt is fled v# 9m CO Cle of LOS Antas County 0: 113. NOTICE - TIS tous name statem ex e ym horn e e h v fid ,   ofce   county ck. A new os hesss  statement mu pe d p o  . The fling of this scmet doas n of e m 960 use  S mM of a ks busss ne  v of e rights of a- oer und  stme,  o0  ( SecUon 14411, et q,, B&P) 11m2013,1114/2013, 11/21/2013,1121/2013 212O FICTrJS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O139: The L peo(s) m dog THE PHAM ENTERTNNENT 76e0 Quaervm A ea, CA 913O6, ERIC BOWEN I, 768O  Ave  CA 913O6; JUSTIN COINS 768O  VPa, CA 91306.The busss  oodoct by: A C-e ParUr hes begun to Vact mss unde the rus bus.s na c m tpe he o: N/A. Sgrmd by E Bo*e 01, Ovm'/perler, Ts ate  Bed vh  CO Crk of LC Ar County o: 1032013.NOTIOE - s ficUdous name U e0cr five yea f the data h was k o,  the of of Um  cr A new fiCUUOUS mes e statet mu pe fd p ta U data.e Mng of t-s  mt oes r of f adzs U ue  us m  a fou bue nm  va   rights o anofhe uncr fedemJ sta, or ccmmon law (me Seco 14411, ta asCl., SSP) 11/7/2013, 11/14013 11/21/2013,11/28/2013 2121 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201:325409: The  pes) is/me doing hesss KffCHEN DESIGN CENTER 2O146 Hat St Woped His, CA 91367, ASHOT GEGAMIAN 20141 Haus SL Wooded H CA 91607. m m  condoc by a thdlvdd heB bngun ta Isact U unper 0 fu U name or naas isd here c: Nt/ Sned by A< Gegen, Ow, Th taUu is  udU the Co C of  Angeles Courdy o: 10F0/2013, NOTICE - Th Is ham* U   YN flora Ie data  vs Bed o  me ok of  county 1 A n BioJU bu nae stammeof must of a fkous m na  Von of e rhta  moor un bd m, c conon taw (see Saon 14411. et q., B&P) 11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013.11/28/2013 2122 FICTITIOUS BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1325410: The  ps) m dog U J3W qLLE MR--r B Cru Av LO ANGELES. CA g0060. JSON AVERY BRO 3 Cochran  L/ C m. Ttm hes m coduc bY an Indrd hes pegun to Uamaof D ued m rtk m W 0r m Id  OK N/ nad by Jn . 0, Baldn W Mm'knt Th W is N*cl vh Irm Cou Clk of Los Angel County o 10FJ0/2013. NOTIOE -  19tiou nan W fill w Ym horn I d # m Bed on, M e ooa of I ounly c A new ncB U na B- mmmt bedpl ofmdorof mu  stata of a fm W nema  vJon of 1 gl of mol und I I or 00 w kw (s Seon 14411, e q., Bad 11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013.11/28013 212O FICTITIG*J BUSINESS NAM STA?EMNT: 2O13254 The Iisg IS) m dog m  PROOUCTI 6060 uu AW U 2el W CA 91360. G  oRT /O EORT INC 9112 Rw Aw Uda 3 Canogl Puth. CA 212oe.  U cod by a CO hes dagun to W U undar 9 9CqOUS W name " mm lisll pe  N/ ned by GS Im md FJo,t I Sa Th W is B*cl vlh 1he Co Cta of LOS/q)q C o 10rd0013. NOTKE - Th Icillou m Inmeme -  five ye Irom U c  m d o  I oR of  oour4y ck A ne fU b n mine W Upe Bed pr o  d. T ng of  W do r of  m  UN  th Mma of a qkm pen name  vkc of a dg of m  tada stma, c oommon w (m S*c 14411, et q., SSP) 11/7/2013 11/14r2013,1 lr21/2013. 11/28/20132124 R BUNESS  STATEMENT: 2017  thao ps) WJam do U CASH NET RCT; FINK 4 CASH 14416 Hahn St m 201 Van Nuy CA 914O1. ADAM H/ 14419  St S 2Ol V Nu. CA 91401. "e bua  oomed bY a Ge Pa hes hegun So trant bum und  fm W name o R Ited he 0:  Signed by Adam Ham, Pad. Th peme fl vdm 9 COUrtlY Cd of Los  Cou o, 10/31/2013, NOTICE -  flclt name W e  peam flora the da it as flMd on, th the of Bi of Ihe oounty cMd A new tdlk U name Mmmeof mt pe Bed pdo So U .m r of   do r of  m Ihe ua   m  a rcuuo u name  v of  r of anou ur d m, or cc m v (m Sc 14411, et q., BAP) 11/7/20t3,11114/2013,11/21/2013.11/22013 2125 FICTUS BNF NAME STATEMENT: 20136601: The  ps) /are dng U ALOHA FRIOAS 14800 Rcoe B Apt #36 Panou CJ CA 3140. ROSA ALI OTA C-ONLEZ 1400 Roscoe Bd Apt #36 Pm'm C/. C 9140, T bu  c-  by an JnBividual has begun I0 Immaof bunees und the IIk:4ilkus U ame o am ed hece o: NA. S by Rosa/ Morn Gonzez. O. s stalest is d wa Ue County C of Los Angles CouNy on: 131/2O13. NOT -  flcus nme  - p 9va y from 9 ta I m mi o n  c of I ofy . A rm 1u  n mmm Imtan mu da Ehor so th dm T &Q of mm mmu ,0 nof of 9mq m  ume  I m of a um buxom nm ta v of mhe rMu of m urr f-  or m hey (m c 1AI 1, . B&P) 11'01& 11/1a/2013,11/21/2013, 11rr2013 21 FICrmo BImst3 NAME STATEMENT: 2O13605: The u p=)  m SAM TqNOTATION 310 .  St #11  CA 912O6. ,qEL MAZ]YAN 910 &  S #11 a  91; A4N MAZINYAN 010 S Ada S 911 de,, CA 912.11m m M I by an MkJ h pegun tam m urW 'm 9mou m rmma or u lil i* on WA. ned by amu s/mm, -mm.T W  m  1e Coumy c1 of L  C on: irI/2013. NOTIOE ooun *. A v EcNxm W m U mut da Ikcl ior ta th dul. TI fig of um m do not of  ac.9 mhe mth lh m o a ldoua m mmmm th vkda.  of  Mm of anor un- ta' m or m W (m ion 111,  Nq., B&I 11/7/201& 11/14/2013,11QI/201, 11,0t321 g m SERENITY WLI  1013  k  CA 91; 1556 Ewmdc CO.n Bqtaa m'y i CA 2O210. CJNT HLL I  Canyen 0v.  rr  19I vd ia CJly Oi,k of Lore Ar Oouniy on: 10rI013. NqE - 11r 9COU name m    om 9 d it wm lil o M II o o# N mty de'k. A  n  US m the uee  m m of a r,Uous bu m U on of Ue glda of m u  awe. or oommon W (m acon 14411, at q.1B&P) 11fTrr13, 11/14/2013.11/21;201 . 11/28/2013 2128 STATBV' OF ABANCX3qI O LJ OF F-'TmO st SS NAME FNo. 01IEB0 FUc 10/21/13 Nama of Bu': MT. 7 CUO Wuy   A 91807. I : R0qN, TA81BL 7  Wuy Wast i. 0A 91307 Cmt F 4:2O12217Q Dam: 10/21/13 PUU: 11/201 11/14013,11I/2013.11'013 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF U OF (JTTIOUS BU,NE NAME F  0124187 De Fth I0/21/13  of Bu   Lo o9  SL , CA 91311 Ow: DANNy NGUYEN 14429 CoSta St. Stem O CA 914O; JOHN NINTH CHI UYEN 12oe S. 5th St AJhrdora. CA F 01147 {)ate: I0r13 PuisJ: 11/7/2013.11/14/2013.11/21/2013.11,'013 STATEMENT OF ABAOOaEmr OF USE OF RCTITIOUS StNESS NAME Fae o. 01S978 U F'J: I0I/13 31:350.  On: Ur NNEl  SU Way qna  CA 9130 FUe I: 2O13214736 De: 10r1n3 Puq.: 11r/2013,11/101. 11/21/2013.11/'B013 RCTmTIO3 BUI. NAME STATFJ: 01I: The o s) m  m:  WIVIITS.   A. m.mvo, OA 90712. WARR ORFBY. 567 I A. Lahev0, DA 60712. The heu  ooeduo by: a thdJ gn*d by: Wam O. O. TI m  ised  ',e Corny Oar of LC Angas CO on: I04/2013. TIC. T  m W m five yearn from   t I I on, n N  of Um oour c A n kous U nrr W nt he  po mo m . "4 fg of m ataunr doe no* of = m U'm m  I mume  a Fi m  in  of  dglV of t, Oth" u, tadaml m, or m taw (e Seoedn 14411. q,. B&P) 11/14/2013.11/21/2013,11,/2013, I.J60/2013 21:28 RCTIOU5 BUSINESS NNdE STATEMENT: 20160 e  peon(s) iam doing U a OION_ CO..Tq N3EIY 60 alboa B. . A. Tthr A 91741. IU RI.A NAVAflCI. 417 W Foog  G CA 91741, The.m is oou : an vu h pegun o tmne ,sk,e ur ae  bu'm na o Ud here nl  rped pda  mat . T 9Nng of   as nof of  auUo.e the use io s tate of a rd0us e nan n vofath   rlgs of ano ur ,eraJ s.e,  - rn isw (see  14411. it seq.. SSP) 11/I2O13,11I/2013,11/28/2013.10.013 2129 FIOTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O118716: The taIng pemo(s) s/am dong bne as: CJM AUTO REPAJR CALIFOqIA (3O, 16339 Tr.J SL Granada Hgm. CA 91344. CURTIS C CUTCHEON. 16339 Tmrm St, Gm HIIIS, CA 91344, The  is conducted by: en mquaJ r tan to n-t  r Um om bursas re or nmn I the data  was  o. io I ofe of Ue oo ck. A rv   nan  rr-1 pe h pr  tt e. T 9Nng of 0 smt do no of a aoe     m of a om he nm' n ofadon of  r of anoer undor dars/m.   n law (see  1441 I, et seq., SSP) 11114/2013,1 iIr2013.11r2013.12/05,'2013 2130 FIOTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2011B717: The  (s) m dor : SVY ANO CONNIE HFLI CARE, 1 Vano  Oao Pa. CA SIO. rmmee Fsted rm :    Conospoe m. O.rsc "n'w m  red wn m COu Oeth  Los An CO o: I0/21/2013. NOTIOE - "nw Fo nau sla',t eqr r yea from    wa fl o.   ofe of the ooun r- A new   na saet m he d pdo o uat da T g of U m'rm es not of , auoe the use n  state of a om n na  "qaon of m r o a,or und eraa , or oomon  (see  14411, st Nq,. SSP) 11/1'2013, 11/'21/2013, 1 I,"<'8/2013, Ir2o13 2131 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2OI:14B:  moov persors) iae as: StZSTAUR 14425 Syn Street. V NU CA 914O1; BIZSTNJFCO. 14425 Byva L Va r CA 901, BSTARTUOM 14425 Sylvan 3Uest. Van Nuts. CA 91401, The ms s oou by: A 0flomdon hes pegun 0 u hns unr t fkU  nan or U ed hem o; O I/'V20, .gn by: Sat ES. da- T state- nt   v  Coty Oerk of LO An Couy : 10;1S013. OTICE - Trs floo rmme a  rn,e year  Ue ta h was  on, n em offe of u nty rk. A new fiom  nae eat  he fl p o Uat da, T ng of ts mem es no of  aumon Ue u In  m of a  be nan n qaUo of Um rght of ar ur dara m. o oorruon v (sae Sac 14411, ta q,, B&P) 11114;2013, 11/21/2013,11r8/2013,12.'05/2013 21 FITU BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2OIIS607:  n0 damon(s) are do- 91601; TACO S BURGER HOUSE,   ,  Hdlyvvoo, CA 91601. AS3T SGSYAN. 1244 Omg street. . CA 912O4. The U  oodoqed by: An Inva hes heg to  tao udar U Uous n rmnm or n led hers : A.. Snda : Anhet gsym, Owr. TTr aisn.,  d vd e CO Cisrk of Los Ange1 ty : I0/1013. NOTIOE - Ts 9otmo rm staUnent ex  ye horn the data h pdor ta m date.e I of U.S stanet  nof of as9 m 9m    mM  a 9oUo ness name n vthon of  r of m'oe unper fe m, o oono taw (see SaoU 14411, ta eq,. B&P) 11/1413.11QI/2013,11/'013,12013 2133 FICTITIOUS BUSII, N.dE BTATE.NT: 0110719: The fo po(s) m doan0 m as: UFE S4-E BtoE CO, 7411  A. Cadge Perk. CA 913O3, HITAnO COLAO. 11 Fan.otto A.  Park. A 910, The U   by: An Irioedt i hy 'qo Sotlo. Over. Tr J   v,i 0m COuofy (rk of 10 A COUn'Y on. in 9m offce of  o0unty Ok. A n   mmm W Upe 9J P o  c. The g of t,m st do n of imf acdiIza N u kl  m of a    n  of 0m   anor  rs/m,  oo my (uae SacUon 14411. ta., SSI 11/14013111/'21,'2013.11,/2013.13013 21 BLNE. NAME STATF-q: 20118719: The I ps)  doth9  as: .JMF HEALTH 0AE C.AnlFON I VrAn . COnO PmIL  9160, .F Fq.AJ QI VO, St Gaope PU. OA 91606 The U is oouot i A thBiv rm i ta  U urr me  U na or n id IJo A  o 10/21/201& NOTIC - I o nar U m Bva pe amn m   v  on,  tm of 1e of  oour  A r,v kfilu W mm K mint he fi pdar UO Yn d.T  of m W dora n of 'f m e m   m of a dlous  na n vUon of mhe r of  uda f m, or oo m hey ( Ek 14411, of s.. E 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/28013, I013 21 ig  8s: UfTL L.mB .. ;$8 Goedtaml A,. NO' Hoy09, CA 91660, y: A tacd he pegun SO dam  ur m 1ma l,s/mm nml or nan   on: A. ned by: MuIn o, Ow. TrVa m fil Ged v e COUrtlY DMk of I dta n m Ikl o M lhe oe of   k. A w IkUk W mm  Upe ised pr o U .T g of t mmt  n of 9 m  u   m of a . D name n vuo of U dg of a unc isr m. o oo mort v (m co 144111  Nq., &P) 11114/2013,11/21/2013,11r2013,12c013 216 BUES NAME STATEMENT: 2O175: The  ps) ma ng as:  BAKFY.   Arm, Coir C11y, CA 9O232. 0LESTINO DRAGO FTERPRSES i:. 14600 Va vm B.  Oks. CA 91 T W  oou. he o: WA. 'ecl W: Oasno 0go, Pm T m is 9iscl vdth  Cour 0Bith  Lo Ange Cocrdy o 1101& NOTRE - T dou* mmm nt ma 11 Ym horn  data i was fl on. th m 0 of  oourdy dark- A w Fos im nasa W mu pe  i mo  ca.The r of  W  n of f m Ua u th   of e fioWdous m nar  vmn of 0m gl of  urr  m, or c- n v (ase .con iI 1, e q.. SSP) 11/I2013,111/2013,11/2/201& 12013 2137 RTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATBdENT: 2OI:I:   is) iae U a P. FLOONO COEPTS, 8337  Aw.  I. CA 913O4, REBECCA COUCHRUN. 87 Sedan Ave. W PU OA 21604 , nd  Anl C on: 10/24/2013. filOl'E *   m W m ve Y earn fnn the data  w J o. n ue o of e oouy ck A new 40um m nam m mum pe fl 16611. t mq., B& 11/14/2013.11121/2013,11.013,12013 213 FICT BLNES  STATEMENT: 2OI5603: Th loaov pS) Jam bue as: ORE OAY  1117 S. La St. k. CA 9150.T AND A MATI- 1117 S. Leke SL Butoank, CA 9190.TISHA KEENE. 1117 S. Lahe St. Bullth. CA 9160. DANIEL ANDRE WO4_OSZYN. 1117 S.  St. Bud3ak. CA 915G2. The  18 nduclmd by: A Genoris urlnert has tun to *iuct busthe unper  k4taue  nlme or nrne listed taml on: WA. Sid by: Ti/l daen and Dental Wofolz, Gene FBIn This Ilalm is 9isd  the Coun(y CBid( of Lore Angekm County on: 10F30/2013. NOTICE - This IIIofiotl nille Mtaemet 0Vas Ike yNrs from the data It wu filed on, in the ofce of the cunly delt. A nw  ous bunl.m name  mut he flk.I pdor ta th da.  ling of Ih itallmnt doe nof of le odze the uN   m of a rtou bunus nlme th Vln of m* dghta of alew ulcer   or  taw (see S41olon 14411. ta seq., B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013, 11/29/2013,12.6,2013 213B FICTiTIOIJ BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013231879: The  pel01t(8)  dOg tamtaes a: GOL[O STC. 21010 mot3m S, Stim a Cqmltt, CA 91311; GOU SILVER & BEYOND. 21010  St.. ,Suite 8.  CA 91311. F_xcrr METALS ENTfflES. INC. 21010 Deotls/lta) SL. SuB B. . CA 91311. "ste helba is conduoisd hess 0fl: N/A. SIBiled b FJlaofl , PlimidenL "ndl stallhld is Ithta "MIh 9tll  Ck of Los/g#4m Coumy on: 11/2W2013. NOTIOE. Thta  name stMmlent  Ik arl meet mu be isda pr to emt data.Th* t of t amer, t does no of Itas/f augdae the use  s m of i fk:om bulmem name is vkon of the dgt of ano und Mde m, or corn- mort Mw {sas Seco 14411. taq. B&P) 11/14/2013.11/21Q013.11,'28/'2013.12/60/20132140 FCTITIOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013231878: The  perilous)  dok as: BUBBLES CLEANERS. 20516 Deonim St.. Suite A-2. Ctlatmm. CA 91311; ES DRY CLEANERS, 2(;519 Devonshire $1.. Suite A-2. Chatstml. CA 91311. BUBBLES D RY CLEANE SS & LAUNDRY. INC, 1363 WESTWOOD B.d. Los Angeta. CA g0004. The bmdnem is co<Juctad by: A Coqxxation he hegun to tramact heethe undar ffm fgt[ou bueeas rmme o namas ed here on: N/A. Bied by: Aram , President. Tr stahelle ts filed with tpe Cour, ty Cisth of Lo Angel Couofy 1:11to2/2013. NOTICE - Th fl99ous name stmement exr 9ve yearn from the date h was fltad o, io the offl of the oonty ctath. A r, ew fld btndness name Matamenl rnt pe filed prio ta at dda, The fil of ths staM   of itae9 8ugK)dze the Line in this tas of a flcUtku bustheas name in vtotagon of the dghte of nother under feders/state, or common  (see Sec)n 14411, el seq., B&P) 11/14/2013. 11/21/2013, 11/28Y13,113 2141 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13226237: The fofkv;ng person(s)  do- mg bulnm as: DELTA APPLIANCE RBPAIR. 6O8O Fryans Way. Woodlld  CA 91367. TONI LEPOEV, 600 Ftagrysns Way. Woodiond Hills, CA 91367.  burners is coructed by: An thdlvkbal hes pegun ta  bullthe uder the flcPus blBJnes name or namas lisled here on: WA. Sm)d by: Tol Lepeev, Owner. This sdmnet is 9led wh the CoW Cisrk of Lo Angofes Coun on: 10/31Q013. NOTICE - This 9ctmo( name statement es five years frown the date R was filed on, in the office of 0e conly ctath. A new tros hesthess nne stament must be  pdor to that data. e filing of 9 statament does no( of f authetize me use n It  of a flcous huskies name  vkao of the rta of another unde feder sims, o commo taw (see Section 14411, etseq,, B&P) 11/14./2013.11/21/'2013.11,/29/'2013,12/2/2O13 2142 FICTITIOUS BU31NES3 NAME STATEMENT: 2013607: ]e foPowtag person(s) is/are dog bunes as: AQUARIUS BUILDING MAFNTENANCE. 6728 Tyrone'Ave. Van  CA 91405; ,XJAPJUS BMC. FO. 80x 3760. Van Nuys. CA 91405. JOSE RAMON M ENDOZA. 6728 Tyrone AVe. Van Nuye, CA 91460. ]]le ules is conducted by: An fndrAdual hes begtm to mmsa business under e ficous bueJnass name  namas ted hem o: 1606. Sned by: Jose Ramm Mendoz Owner. This mMmm is ed wl le Coonty Cerk o( Los Angpe)s County o: 1 lto1/2013. NOTI - Th flu rmee statm,nt expras fle years horn the date it  fid on, bl the of 9ce of  ounty rk. A rw fus Ixne neme  mu pe ed p o Ihat ce. The Stng of th statament do no of iself aofhod I u M 9,,  of a 9ctYus heskls name k va- 9on of F.e rights of anothe under taderis sta, o commo taw (see  14411, et seq., SSP) 11/14/2O13.11Q1/2013 11/282013,12/05/2013 2143 FICTITIOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13557: The foSowh persons) is/Me do- lg heNnees n: QUALITY EUROPEAN PNNTING. 21520 Birch Canyon Road. Santa ( CA 91390. ISTVAN CSUTAL 21520 Birch  Road. Santa Ctanta, CA 91390. KRISZTIAN MOLNAR, 3749 CrowkJge Dr. Stlermlm Ous, CA 91403. I]Ie buskless is conducted by: A General Parl hes begu to b-enuct buneas under the flcSgous i0ude neme Or names rted here on: N/A. Siged by: KpezHan Mofnar, Parther. "nlfil mlmllent b filed wh F, le County Cisrk of Los Angetas Cunty on: 11to1f2o13. NOTICE - This IIcous name nt explras fi'e yearn  the dae h was Bed on. k the office of the courtly derk. A  flcous busJt name stement must be filed pdor to that data. The flng of Is slatmllent doas not of Itse9 aofhodze the use in tBis  of a ficous burless name io '/iotaon of me hghte of anofher under fedemJ stat  commo law (see Sec9on 14411. st asq., B&P) 11/14/2013.11/21/2013.11/28/2013.12/60/20132144 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013226556: The following person(s) is/are do- ing business as: SPECIAL KARE SSRVICBS. 3749 Ctownrke Dr. Sherman Oaks. CA 91460. KRISZ'I'IAN MOLNAR. 3749 Crownrtdge Dr. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. The business is colJcted by: An Indlvioul has begun to tmneaof busness under the flcuUcus burners name or rmes listed here o: N/A. SIgm)d by: Krlsz9an Mofnar, Owner, This statement is filed with the County Clerk of L Anpeis County on: 11/01/2013, NOTICE - This flctPJ0s name statement explres fl'/e yea 9om date h was filed on, In the office of ge  clerk, A new flcthios busJnes name statement must be flied pdor to that date. The filing of this statement does not of Itaed aulhorlzs the use k-i this state of e fic99ous Ineas name in vloedion of the rights of another L'IOO r federal state, or common law (see Section 14411, et seq,, B&P) 11/14,/2013,11/21/2013,11/212013,12/05/2013 2145 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013226610: The fofk:tng person(s) /am doing IJness as; NAKED CATERING 297 S. Orange Groe B'KI, Pasadena, CA 91160. REPS LE BRETON. 297 S. Orange Grove B'KI+ Pasadena, CA 911O5. The business is conducted by: An ledlvlduJ hes pegun th trans't bldne undor the 9cflous bunass narne or names listed e on: 09to8/2608+ Sed by: Plops LO Br ta('l, Owner. This stateme(it is filed  the County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: 11901/2013. NOTICE - This flc9thx name statement exre   hem the dta8 It was filed o, th the ofce of the county ckk. A new  b,JSine nan, s statement musl be flied pdor to the1 date. ];le filing of this statament does not of itself authorize the Ias Jn this stme of a tic.otto heslness name in viotatk of the rlte of anomer under taderal state, o( co;- rno law (see  14411, th seq,. B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013.11/28/2013,12to5/2013 2146 FICTITIOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013Q26675: The foflong persofl(s) ism <:ang busess : P*JS OF T&X & IOCOUNTING ADVrSORS, 14663 Hwatha St. Mssk Hs, CA 91345. HENRY ASATRYAN. 14663  SL Misllk His, CA 9134S.'ffle buskles is conducted : n ledMuJ has hegu to vansact busass upe tae f,cous bu   rmes 1ted here o: N/A ,0ned by: Hn AS//en, Owns, Ts Jet is ded w1 UB County Cisrk of Lc< Aletas County on: 1 lto1/2013, NOTICE - TId$ flclu name stalemnt expires live years from the date h w fik)d , in the oft'ice of the courdy ctak. A  fictisous budnes name statent must be fid prior to at date. The ing of this statement does not of Itself ezo the ue in this state of a 5ctloUs bushess ame in 'doledon of U dghts of aoSher Idor federaJ state,    (see 14411, et seq., B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013, 11/28/2013,12/05/20132147 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013226856: The reflexing person(s) Is/are dng ss as: ALLPRO REHAB SERVICES, 10315 ',%dioy A. #111. Glanada Hilis, CA 91344, ALAN G, I.ALI 15252 German St, Mlasion Hills, CA 91345, The busnass is conducted by: An ledtdos/has begun to transact business under the 9cUUous bunass name or names listed here : N/A. Siged by: Nan G, La, Owner, This statement is filed w4h the County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: 11/01/2013. NOTICE - This ficlous name statement expires  yms r the date it was filed c in the office of the county clerk. A new 9c0Uous business name statement must be flied prior to  date 10 flFIng of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this sate of e s busnass name in vtotaUo of the rights of another under federal state, or common law (see Section 1441 I, et seq,, B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013,12/05/2013 2148 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013229955: The following person(s) is/am do- ing busi as: LISSIA GROUR 144 N, Am Dr, #3, Bevedy Hills, CA 90211; LISSIA CAPITAL GROUR 144 N, Arnz Dr, #3, Bevehy Hllis, CA 90211. PAOLO S. LISSIA. 144 N, Arnaz Dr. #3. Bevedy Hills, CA 90211, The business is conducted by: An Individus/has begun to transact i0umlSS under the flcthlous bue name or namas }ist ed here on: N/A. Sined by: Pao;o S, LIssia, Owner, This statement is filed with the County Clerk of Los AngeleS County on: 11/01/'2013. NOTICE - This 0ctious name statement exrss INs years from the date h was filed on, in the office of the county clerk. A new f *tios lsioe name statement must be filed pdor to mat date.The fling of this state- ment does not of itaed aulhcze the use is fil stata of a 9cthous buns name in V,oatiol of me righls el aother under fedehe slate, or commofl law (see  14411, et st<]., SSP) 11/14/2013, 11/21/'2013,11/28/2013,12/2013 2149 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13227130: The foeowklg pencil(e) /ate doing busthes= as: DM TRANSPORTATION. 722 S. Bl SL ApL 4A712. Lo Angeles, CA 60017. CAYNN M. MACHADO. 722 S. Bill St. Apt. #A712. Los/v/2ofe, CA pe017.111e bthess is conducted by: / r,Mda hes hegun 1o varmact buses undar the rus buseu name   sted here On: 11901/2013. Sgeed by: Dayrm M. Machado, Ovmer.TnLs stalement is flied with the Courdy Ctad( of Lee AngeMs County : 11901/2013, N(3TICE * lids ferrous name  me  Years thn the de 9 as raed on, iotae ogce of the cxnty cedo A new 9cdo tamam narne ata- met must pe filed pdo( ta thta peta. ]e ng of lls statamer daee not of df dlodze me use  this t of a flcus budnes nme th "doldta of the dgllta of  unpe tadefal stalth o c(r law (see Sec'o 14411, et asq. B&P) 11114/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013,124[To/2013 2150 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20132715:   person(s) kam dolg buldoeas as: ALL CARE ONE COMMUNITY HEN.TH CENTER, 6460 Lauhe Call, on BNd, #610. N. , CA 91606. ALL CARE ONE COMMUNITY HEAnTH CENTER. 6400 Laurel  BNd, #610. N. . CA 91605. The  is coducted by: A CoporaUo ha begull to tratmect blnel undar the lictol blneas rlams or mmlas kltel hem on: 11/2O/2013, Bignpe bY: Geod( Ter-, SecrofaP Tras etatemml is flisd with the County Cisrk of LO Anises County : 11901/2013. NOTIOE - This flcth)us  tatement expire fl) yearn f/ore the de h was filed o, In Ihe off, ce of the county clerk, A new 9ofldou busthe mmle 8tamlt rnu pe filed prkx to thud dda. The flng of 9"Is Mdoment doe nof of Itas9 dJlodze the Line in  utate of a flC99OUS hesimm; name In  of e dghts of a.other ud Mderal Mtae, or oro taw (sas Section 14411, et Nq., B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11Q8/2013,12/05/20132151 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13227167: The re,owing person(s) /am doing business as: PETER JACKSON & ASSOCIATES. 4539 Ben Ae, Studio City, CA 91607, PETER JACKSON, 4539 Ben Ave. StudM City, CA 91607. The heeioou Is conduoflKI by: An ledlvldu begun ta transact bustheas unde Ihe Ilofllloue  mme or namas litaed hem on: 11/01/2O13. Signed by: Fetar , Ov,'r, This statsment is flisd with tae Coumy Ctark of LoS Angpe County o: 11901/2013. NOTICE - This 0coue name $tatament e0(Pta fN years 9ore 91e data it was reed on, in Ihe office of the couf;y tied<. A new fiefS, sue bpeJnelm name Idmement mul;t he filed pd(x to I11t dat, The lng of Ibis latament does not of 9a19 luthodze 91e use M Ih Iat of a 9cos Ixneas narre k ao of the dghta o r) undar Bidena m, or comm. iw (sm Section 14411, of uq., B&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013.12905/2013 2152 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013227380: The  pelO(8) is/aro doing I:skes as: HOWE N, SON MUStC. 1211 Sunmt Plaza Df.#409. Lo.'qpeis CA 960L LOLLY (LOUISE) HOWE. 1211 Sutt Pisz f. #409. L n CA 2OSt, Th i11 is condo by: An thdh,;du hes hegun to dalact bneu und me fltou btheas neme or names Itaed here on: 10431/2013. Sed by: L(dty Louise Howe, CE, h ststamet is ed  o County Clerk of Los Alek)s County c: 11/04/2013. NOTICE -  Bi:f9ou name bupeas neme st rnuM be ed prkx So d data. The fl of tr smet doas r of soff auffcre the uee kl thin slata of a fk;tous be nare th oon of e dghth of anomer under Mderld stat, or  law (see  14411, et ileq,. SSP) 11/14/2013. 11/21/2013. 11/22/2013,12to5r2013 2153 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201327381: Trle  person(e) is/m do Biadnel as: THE OENTAL CIRCLE. 207 N, Central Ave. , CA 91203. SOOFERI AND SOOFERI, A PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CORPORATION. 207 N.  Ave, , CA 9120, The ie L ooJed I A  hes pegun Io  eu unper e h4dous pesine nie o rms lis/ed here on: W/ Signed by: edmm Soofed, Presida Th statameof s fitad wtlh the Cotuty Clerk of Los Angeles County o: 11904/2013. NOTICE - TIPS  name statamerd expires 9re yearn from me data it was fltad on, in the of 0ce of 9",e couofY stark. A new 9cU- {ous busioeas name statament mut pe filed prior to mat date, ',e filkKI of this stafement does riot of Rasff authedze the  In thls stata of a flc69ot=s buslne  In vkatio of the dghts of enhe under Mde60 state, or ommc law (see  14411, st asq,, B&P) 11/1492013, 11/21/2013, 11/28/2013,12/05/20132154 FICTnl(x B..tSlNESS NAME ST/EEMENT: 2013rn: The  'n(e) m Bitlul as: BUDE SOLN SSSEARCH INSTrPJ]. t 1423 Vallowln SL 1113. N. HOlI CA 91160; PLORENCIAN SOCSTY. Re. B 58 Sun  CA 91-a8. PLO4ENCE MIT. 114 9g m t.  )IoflyaOOd. CA 01603-608. The m is oonduled ly: An InBivui lu pegun I0 danuof m unper 91e llcViou W m or  llid luma on: 04/27/260e. @'ucl by: Flom Amqta Sr Oq*mw. Thin m is led wi0 le Coaly Oed of Loe Ar' County on: 11401. NOC:E - Th rume m m Ii yu,11 from the peru It m led on. i l'e oMO,I of line Courtly clerk. A haw 9c19oui W rulml Itall- met Upe fill pdor ta 91rig of 19 m dou not ot  m the uas th 91is m of l floUouu U nmlle 1 von of tae rhW of m urldar Mdada m or cc. rnm isw (Ne  14411. a Nq., SSP) 11/14,'2013.11/21/013,11/20/201 I02013 21. BUSINESS NAME rATIBENT: 2olin: 'm  penl1(s) ill/am doklg mas: SvERy IIIU. VAFOR.  W. Std  L Ang CA 90048. PI'-ARO U_OYD S)P. Irr  l Bi. Loe qni, CA 60048. AUIALH .q4ABi. 1 Rldam Avl. Wl 7. Lol AngmL CA gD0S. The m is m by: A Comnd ParthenIp he dagun ta W m unper ne 9s/dtleu pelua ne or R lied hem on: N/ Stgned by: Rrcl Uol 'opth . "R. m is filed e the Courdy Om'k ol Lo Angea County on: 11/60/201& NOTICE - Th Iklldoul name m m e. ywn m th* pete 9 m 91ed on. in 5",e oflbe of 9e oounty cmdr. A new flc, m name W Upe  pdor to ta dota, The ,ig of ta m doas nof of 9f auodae tae ue In this m of a Itdou m name In vl,on of Itm i of mlomer und bdera m,  m law (m Secon 14411, ta aeq.. S&P) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11f'8/2013.12/O5/20132160 FIOTITIOU BUSINESS NAME STATEMNT: 01o: The Io pergon(s)  do- klg m : RB IOOL SERYICES. 4.538 Fan'edaM Ae. iolo CBy, CA 91ed2. RB I:COL SERVICES LLC. 48 FannpeJe Ave. Sio City. CA 91Bi.The nes i c*d by: A  LlaioINy Cmpe,y lure pegun ta transacl U under the flc0tkx U name or u tatad hem on: N/A. St gned by: Peter Bawdan, .Th statement is lUed vfth the Coutly Dtad( of Lo Ange4 OouW o: 11/&Vto13. NOTICE - Thls flctakxm name W erm fl1 y. from the data i m filed 0, th the of Bi:e of the cJrdy erk. A new flcUous m nme W rnu pe filed prk to that data, The mthg of this *.men doe not of soff m the mth td tata of a flcmlous hUrleu nane th kan of le ri1Im of anotaer undor daral sme, or m isw (see SecUon 14411, ta asq,, SSP) 11114/2013,11/21/2013,11/22013,12/05/20132157 FICrmouS BUSINESS NAME STATBdNT: 018:  f pes)  do- ng m as: A-PLUS UMO. 8 Woodman Ave. #2O8, Van Nuy. CA 3140,  MU.KHANYAN. 600 Wodanlln Aw. r05. Van Nuys. CA 31460. The m is oonducid 17/: An l.Ivdu4d hes beim ta tamaof lmkmm undo- lhe Ik:lous husitmss nanle ot rmmas lmd hem o: N/A..gned  rtyom MU. Owe This m is reed wi the County Qerk of Loa . County on; 1 lto3013. NOTICE - "n1 fldous name W eNres e ye. horn e da It ws rl<J On, n tae oflk of the couofy ded, A nv 9CUUOUS U rlame  rnuta pe filed prkx ta tha d60.The filf, lg of  U doas not of Le0 mmlorlz the ue th 5"ds m of a 9c4Uo m nne  v4o of the rghl of anoe uedar lede,of rata. o oom- rro taw (m Secdon 1441 I. et seq.. BAP) 11/14,'2013.11/21/'2013.11/2/2013.122013 2158 FICTIT4JS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201I: The th pes) am dog tamWles as: IJF & ASSOCIATES. 20'3 Devonm St. Sude 7. QasWOrlh, CA 91311. RO(N JOSEPH FERBER. 2944  St. C.1aorth. CA 91311. The t..miness is condocted by An I ha egun to Uansact m undar e flc1ous 9ueas n'ne o n lted hem on: 10to 1/2013. agned by: Robin Joed Feto. Ovmer, "iTis s,11ent is reed v,f.h tae Courdy O,'k of LOS . Courlty on: 11toV2013. NOTRE - TII flous nmr sUenlent 4ras 9w yea [mm me data h v, fltad on.  9m ofce of Um county dek. A  ficUous r name U rrlust e reed prior ta at .The flung of  W does nee o( .off m the  th 9 m of a 9c91o. W name In vkuUon of Ule rlgh of m)oeler un60r fedand ofa. c com- mon law (m Sec:on 14411. ta seq.. SSP) 11/14/2013.11/21/'2013.11/28/'2013,128/2013 2159 FICTmou BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2oI2ouk.'5: The fo pemon(s) tame do- ra as: SPIELJ_TY EQUIPMENT. 36O E. IST  #184. Tusln, CA g870. MISE ENTERPRISES, INO, 36O E. IST SL 1184, Tt, CA 370. The U is oorlducUl by: A CO hes hegu ta  luneas undo   lJrleas name o u d hem on: hVA. Bigned by: Mm thrum. Vk:e .Th ml s filed wl1 me COuofy Ctark of Lo Angeles County on: 11/2.'2O13, NOTIOE - lda fldiltaus name mtlm.,ent ms five ye, m.s om the dam h vm filed on1 In the or<e of the couofy clerk. A new flous lJneas imme m U he reed pdor o U'mt data, m fllig of this mtement doe nof of s/f ehedae the use n lh m of a flUlJol nea name In vadon of ule 9ghte of another under tadarhe, o co,non taw (see  14411, et seq,, EP) 11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013, IJ0/2013 2160 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13229578: The f person(s) m dog as: INVIVO NATURAL HEALTH CBNTER. 172OS Veura BJ. e. I. Ero, CA 91316, NERY RIVA, 9601 Peth Ave, Lake SeB)oa, CA 91406, The blisle  condocted by: An thdi..duJ hes hegu to  busmas undar e flcdous 9uneas name o name I here : 01/2013. gcl I: Ne, Owner. This staemeof is filed v,1 'm County G'erk of L Angetas Coury on: 11to5/2013. NOTICE - Th flco.m rmme utement expre fl,e yea [tom the dma t v. laed oe, in the office of the county cerk. A new flctredu nes nanm ste,ent mus' pe isda pdar to at da. 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B&P) 11/14013.11/21/'2013.11'2013.12/05/2013 2163 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 01g82: The iovng person(s) isre do- thg he.hess as: YUA'S MARKE'K 11:300 Vunown St, North 11,oda, CA 916O5, YUCA'3 MEAT INO, 113OO Vanowen St, North Hcbyvo, CA 916O5. The business is conducted by: A OomoraSon pes pegun to mnsact u.'.rles under the riotous talsness name  namas led hem on: 01/17/2OO9. 3gned by: Idanu Baca. Prasent.This statemenl Is filed with the CO Clerk of LOS Angeles County : 11/06/2013. NOTICE - This flc9dous name statement exppe five years from the dofe h was flied o, io the offCe of Um ounty clerk, A new I tanass flame statement mus pe filed prior to thet date.The fillng of thls steemerlt does not of haslf authorzo the use m ls state of a foJs buness name h vdak of the rIs of another under federal state, or con- men uv ( Sen 14411, et seq., B&P) 11/14/2013.11/21/2013,11/2e/2013,122013 214 FICTEIOUB BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2OI:30119: The klow person(s) is;are do- g kxthess as: KISS CORNER AND TOYS. 601 B, Ooheny Dr, Beverly HRs. CA 9021 I. GUY CARMON. 601 S. Dohery Dr. Be',erly HIb. CA I I. The Ixness I$  by: An thof'rkJu has pegun o transad xminass under the flcUedus burlass nane o names IIsed here on: NA. 3iged : Guy Carmc, Owner.Thls statement Is rped wi the County Clerk of LOS Angofes Oou on: 1 lto6/2013. NOTICE - This fcUUous flame statement exP"as re year from the date 9 wes flisd , in the ofle of the uty clerk. 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A  flc<m i0usJnus tmme sle.mnt must pe filed pdar ta W, data, ]le flqng of  Mtaen!ent doe nof of e0 m   in us sata of a l1dou U name th viotadon of the ,Ig'It of anoer unda fedahe ta. or common law (m  14411, et sed., SSP) 11/14,2013, 11/21/20131 11/2/2OI 3.12702013 2197 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201: The fofkIng penlOn(S) am peklg m as: I:IILLY GRIR 7141 /ugo Av. Re CA 91.5, MATTHEW EU.UM. 7141 Ave, Resec, CA 91.The ,SkleU is coduhed by: An I  hegun ta mutant m unper 31e flcmm busioess neme or m Isd here on: '6. igmd by: Mtathew Bthm, Ovec TMs m is filed v,11h e Cocuty Ctark of LO AngeVin Counly on: 11toV2013. NOTK.E - TN 9cUdocm name anmnt ecpras fie yIm from IPle date h was qtad on1 In e otae of Ue o0unty cedc A new Bi.-ffiku m name m must pe filed prkw 06"ed dam.The fllng of tl aNl" mant  not of hNlf m Um ue th US m of 8 lW.ou m rmme In vthiU1 of 91e dgh of anom undar leder a, or m Uv (see e114411. ta eq., BSP) 11/14/2013, 11/21/2013,1113.12/05/20132168 FICTITE3US BUSINESS NAME STATdENT: 2013230467: Tda qowing IS)  doing mas: OVERNIGHT PC & MAG. 2/-941Vanlum J- 'e- G. Woedland i CA S 13I- E KUUNSKAS. 941 "vnua d. Sta. G. Woodlild Hfilth CA 91:4. Thl m is coductad  .' Ir.Wldufil pes pegun I0 Irec3 m undm' lhe r,IBioul m nlme o  ld hem : N/A. ned by: Eduams Kupetalaa. .This m is m*d wml s.m Counly Oerk of Los Anes County on: 11to6/2013.  - This Mo*.m m W m five yqu horn the dale 9 m md 0. th the oe of the oouny cwk. A m fliqioul U name etamnlent must be  lor to th dla. The mn of I W dou n of sisf au0dze Itm mth thls Muta of a cU9om m  th vioaUc,) of l)e dglda of m undar isdape m. or m law (m Stdon 14411.  asq., SSP) 11/14013, 11I/2013, 11/'V901. 122013 21 FIOTITIOUS eUSNESS NAME STATEMr: 2013605: The folov damon(e) m do- g  as: ENCORE Idq'RESSIE. 114O4 Dyisn R. Porlar Ranch, CA 9136; ENCORE MATrREGS. 11404 Dylan Fq. Portar Randl. CA 916.  KARAJ<I. 11404 DMeI I. Potw Rao, CA 91, The m is conduded by: An Irldhldoa hm begun ta b'ama m undar the flcti0us eu rmme c nmnas lismcl pen on: & .geecl : Ranu Kard, Owns, Th mit is reed el the [xrdy Oerk of LO An County on: 11to6/2013, NOTIOE - Th r.cUous rlanle ma.1nt as five yeers flora Itm data t was ised on, n Ue omce of the cour ctark. A new flc.peus n name s/atemant Upe fd ppet ta  data.The fllng of  e- mtlt doas not of elf m the use th th  of a ficlthou l,hes name in vktadon of the hts of arlothet under tadom sta, or m law (ee Se0o 14411,  .eq,, SSP) 11/14/2013, 11r21/2013.11/28/2013, I.60013 2170 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2OI600: The foowtag pemon(e) Is/ m'e dog lJ as: GLOBAL SOUL LIVING. 4118 II #5, LO Ang CA 9060B, November 21- November 27, 2013 Page 13