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November 21, 2013     Beverly Hills Weekly
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November 21, 2013

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I..ete on: Ge/27/2013. gfled: Vk:toda Arias,  Th   flied ",J Ihe  Cle o( I..oe AngQ/S Counly 1:1 (/"Z2J2013. NOTICE - This flctilk18 name stste. lflle fle ylets fofll I date It vms fAed on, hi ie o;llce o( Ihe county cterlc A rm/r11 m name W must be red p,iof to It dato.le ng of Ih W does no of eff auodzo me m in  m of a r, cuo w name In V, okon of 1he rights of anomer undor fede m, or  mort law (m Son 14411. at seq.. B&amp;P) 10/31/'2013.11/7/2013,11/1412013,11/21/2013 2O53 FI BJ.SINESS NAME STATEMNT: 20130073: The foUong pes) b/are do- In0 U as: RPKA STUDIOS, INC. 121 Lanm'k SL Canoga Park. CA 91304. PAPRIKA STUDtC6, INC. ;121 Lanark S Cano Pa C.A gl304. The m Ls o,dtctod I A Corpondion has begun I0 Uantact buCmss under the fctlxx, s Isess name ot u limd here on: N/A S qandm Golm. FrNident. This smmne ie bd wire 'tm Couy Ckk o Los Vlekm Counly on: 122r2013. NOllCE - n r,com name w 0res nve ymrs from Ihe dato It ! ed on. n fe 061e o Iho county d, erl A new flcUus U name idatmnt must be Itled pdo to at dmo. The mng of INs stanenl does not of eff auo the um in  m o a fx:tous m nan kl V.con oHhe dghts of oqhe under fede sloe. o common aw (see Secti 14411. et q., B&P) 10/31/2013.11/7/'013,11/14/2013.11/21/2013 2O54 R NSS NN ST/0EMENT: 2013219: 11.,e folov/,flg penmn(s) /am dong  a  ERICA BUFRO. 30  Ho Dr. Hdl, CA re.VICTORIA A. RUIZ 3055  HOI I'. H C m; KEVIN 1 ZEPEDA COt,erON. 3066 Se S Lo Ange CA m; JOSHUA J. GROLEMUND. 190e Ta SL Los/V CA 900". The m S condudod by: A Gener P has begun to vmct U under the fl(kxs bu#ae home o( nem tod here on: N/A. Slgmd: ',rcto A. Ruiz, Parmer.  slatnnt s Bed v#,h the County Ck.'k of LO Angeles Co : 1022/2013. NOTICE - Te Itctkx name stm' dre five  fn U'e da t ws flied on, n the office of the oo ce A  ,ctoJs budness neme stanent n't be filed prkx to Ihat da. The fiNng of hls stnmment  not o# isf aumorb me use In mis m o( a flous Ixm r,ne in vn o( fe    olw under fedend te, o common law (see  14411, et seq.. 8&P) 10/31/2013,1 lr//2013. 11/1442013,11/'21/20132055 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013I7:   IS) are doing btJns as: "vERSATIL ENTERT/0NMENT, INC. 5 F.spde Ae. SI. 10e. Redondo Beach. CA 90277; VERSATIL RECORDS. 565 Espgana A. Sis. 10e. Redondo Beach, CA 90277. le es m corducl by: A C. has begun to V.sact Ism under le r, cl,ous bu hess name or n-nes Ilstod hem on: 04r2009. S: Bruno C  Th awnent ts tied wlh Ihe County Cle of los Angeges Coumy on: 10t22/2013. NOTICE - s flclflkx nane m ims Ike ym horn 1he dato #  Bed on. in me ole o he ooun(y k. A  cous Iouu nme stMm'nent U be r,d prlo to mat dme.'n flk of Ih m (kes not of s m the me in Us m o( a us Ixm, le I Voaon of lie atghts of  or under tadnd m o common aw (soe Secn 14411. et sq.. B&P) 10t3Q013,11t7Q013, 11/14,"2013.11Q1/'2013 256 FICTITIOUS BJSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2011gegS: T f pemon(s) Is/am dog U as: FIGUEROA FAMILY CHILD CARE, INC. 6452  Ave. Norm Hoyood. CA 916O6. FIGUEROA FAMILY CHfLD CARE. INC. 6452 Radfo A. Nod, h Ho, CA 91606.m tx,sness s  b A CO has begun Io tmmact busness under te f-ous busness name or nam asted hem on: os27r2013. Sned: Qraca F, Pmder, "rs statement is Bed wi I C Cb.k o( Los Angeles County on: 10/22.'2013. NOT:E - Th fl(ious mm..e m  fNO ymus bm e de it ,S Ined on, n Ihe oce of the county cgek. A new r, cmkx, s bum nme w mm be d pdo to mat da. The fling of rn w do not ol  aumod 1he me in mis stale ol a k:fus U rmme m V,(aUon o( e    o,e und ledwld m. o rnmo law (m Secn 1,1411, t seq.. BP) 10e31/2013,11/7r2013, 11/14r13.11/21/2013 257 FCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201320533:  fo&ng pemo(s) are doing busr)e as: CAN[X). e230 Whse Aw. North Hoyx)d, CA 916O5; YOUNG MILLIONAIRE ENTERPRISES. 823O Wh;elt Ave. Norl I-Ivood, CA 916O5. ANDRANIK CHIBUKCHYAN. 30 Whr/we. Noah Hoepmod, CA 91605. The udne is conductsd by: An Inddu has begun to nsact U under e r,cBxs busk',e name or nam amed hem on: N/. ged: on: 1Ot23,2013 NOTICE - n flclmos name sment m k yeers from 1he date # wss Bed on, in e o(i of ' courtly clerk. A new fous Ixne name mU mu be filed prior to Ihat dine. The g o S staton)t does not o self JOdZO Ihe use n 1 stile of a fk:om m name  V, of the .tds of momer under feder stme, or common aw (m Seclk 14411, et q., B&P) 10.'31/2013.1t/7/'2013,11/14Q013,11/21/20132058 FrCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1322O531: The  lemOn(e) are don0 buse as: AYALA CONST. 17723 Ludlow St. Grana HHIs, CA 91344, FRANCISCO AYALA. 17723 Ludlow SL Granada It CA 91344. The I:dnes is conduced by: An I has begun  va, bunms Under  flcfo m name (x names IkKI here on: N/A. Sigmd: Fra.cb Ayala. Oner. 'is m Is Red v# e Courdy C/ork o( LOS/ugeles County on: 10t2:Y2013. NOTICE - Tr fictious name stalement 0r rwe yeara Iom the de # s 6led on, in 1 oh', of Ue ounty cd(. A .ew flokus m rne stament mu be Bed po Io Ihat dale. The ng of ,s sfak, me does not of .lf aut, ome e use m ms stste of a  busness nne In V, da0 o( the rkJhtS of mlher unde fder slate, or comnn law (see Secon 14411, et seq., B&P) 1(1'31/2013,11/7/'2013,11114t2013,11/21/20132059 FI EUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201321(5: The fo peraon(s) /are dog 10usew m: RLO . 348 Cokx . Los Angeles. C^ 90027; RO. BX 24. Hy*ood, CA 9007. ALJABSAR SltEPARD. 3248 Coky Cbde. LOS/geles, CA 907.1'he m b cduod by: An IndW, dual is beNn Io / bunms und Ie ficUous m   mmee Imld hem on: N// S/ St O.her. "IS mmmem  ed ql I Cou Qerk o LOS . Cour, ty on: 123/2013.  - Th ous narne s,oment e R*e m's tram Ihe date it ms fled on, in e off, ce oHhe county clerk. A new r<ous ix. ne namo m mt be fd pr to mat da. e f o( I,s mment do not of f aumorm Ihe um n IP m o( a Ik:to name in vaon of me dghts of another uder bde stme, o(m km (see 3ecllon 14411, et eeq., 8&P) 10/31/2013,11/7/2013,11/14/2013, 11t21/2013 21 FCTmOU BLNESS NNE ST/0=MENT: 2O132211O4: The  person(s) Is/am dng m as: AMERU, rs =ST HOT OOG. 1200 S. Flowor St. B CA 915. ARGISHTI MOUSESN. 614   S*_ #J. , C 91202. The /  conduct by: An hwdual has begun t Wsac bsi'e under 'e ct.mus b,lse rne m nars Iisd hem on: N/A. S:/V  Owns. 11 m s Id wth e County Oerk o Los /mgeles County on: I(Y23/2013. I,K)TICE - Th;S  nme U 4im fl,m yeets flora Ihe (falo t wes kd on. n Ihe olfce o te courtly de A new flcous Ixm-,ese name stmement must be Bed prkx 0 Ih dato. 11e flg of thts stament does not of elf auodz Ihe m   m of a flCOUS U nsme n atlon o( e dghts of aler under federal ,ato, or comm , ( Sec'tl 14411. st q.. 8&P) I 0/31/2013.11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013 20e2 BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013563: The tdk/.ng perish(s)  d ng W as: AMO0 TRANSPORT. 1O5OO   Chmodh, CA 91311. ARTUR KIRN<CYAN. 1O5OO Chuch Ave. Ctmmh, CA 9t311. The W is conduc by: An I hm ben to W m under me rakx, s m name or namu I1 hem on: N// S,md ArU IG'osln, PmxW Ownec This W Is flied / Ile Courtly Cled( ol Los Angok County on: 10/23013. NOTICE - This fooJs name statement m five yeem f  da It *es flied on. in Ie 01C O( IP, e courtly ckk. A new rctlous u name t must be d prkx to It de.The fling of  atntment does not of km'f auodze Ihe use In  m o s ficou busess name n vkkan of 1he rights of aother unde IoderM state, or  rn law (le .Secn 14411. t sq.. B&P) 1(Y31/'13,  1/;72013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013 2O63 R BUSINESS NAME ST/EMENT: 2013220730:  Iolowlng permn(s) is/are doing bus;ne : NOVA  GROUR 121  8kd. Se 111. I. / CA 905; COR EDUCATIONN. GROUR 120 Wh Ed. SUI 111. L/V CA 905. ROOZY J. SAVISS. 1221 WWne k. Sul 111. Los Ang CA 9(X5. The m is coc- ductod by: An IndMdu has begun to b,sact m under le flcou buness name (x names P, md hem on: N/. S Roozy J. Sa Owner, Tr statement s r,l wh ihe County Crk  LOS/ Courtly on: 10t23/2013. NOTICE - 1Ts ro name statement oxr 5.,e yearn m Ihe de it was flied on, n e office of Ihe county cerk, A new fL-'lous Ixdnee.s name sta U be meal prkx to m da. 'e ffr,g of  stmement des not of elf auodze   n s stato o( a rdx bune nan In vkan of Ihe js o m." under fede state, cr O0m- mort W (see Secon 14411, et Nq., BP) 10/31,2013,11/7/'2013,11/14/2013,11/21,'2013 2O64 FICTmO. BUSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013241: The fokvg pemon{s) are m a WESTERN WELLNESS CNE. 86 S. Wtom Avo. Lo .ek CA g0047. ARSEN ]31ACHATRIAN. 601 E. 2rid St. 1,2. Los ., CA 012.1;e   oonducted by: An Indwk s begun to  bulms under the Ik:Js b,ness name o( names Bted hem o: N/A. ,Sgned: Anm Khachaulan, Owner. Thls stmmed is Ied w(th 8e County Cled of Lo Anges Coumy on: 103F2013. NOTICE - Th4s ficous name stment oxres five years Irom the dat t was fk, d on, In me offce  1he county .k. ^ new f, ctx U name  must be r,kd lor Io mat da. The fling of Is smWent does not o ,elf authorize me use In thb   a rom U name in .,aon of Ie dY of anoer under fede sa. or common law (se Secon 14411. et sq.. B&P) 10/31/2013.11/7Fz013.11/14,'2013.11/21,'2013 2O65 FICTITIOUS 8USNESS NAME STATEMENT: 20132251: The  person(s)  doing buBe es: CGOK'N DESIGNS. 4765  e.  D.  HO, CA g 160. MCHEL CHRISTIANE COOK. 4765 Bolmower A.. E Nodh , CA 9160. The bkss  c- ductod bc/n Inddual has ben to tranuct IxVmss under the ferrous buse name x r, smes Istod hem on: 01/01/2013. Sgned: 14dlel Cook, Owner.Th  Is I11e wflh me Co Cerk of Los Angeles County on: 10/23t2013. NOT:E - This ficfs nne statement eptres five years  Ihe dete # .m fllod on. in me ofce o( m county der A new to b,noss   me rrmt be meal Wkx tolhat de.e  of Ih m does not o( gf aumod   In mis sta o( a ,oous busr.ess name n V, olo of the r of anolher under leder' slate, o  mort aw (eee Seco 14411,  uq., B&P) 10,31/'2013,11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013 2O66 FICT BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1322O674: The folong peon(s) are do,g u: CRAVENS CONSTRUCTION. 8356  Ae. U 6, , CA 91324. LOUIS CRAVENS COKER. 8356 Amigo Ave. Ut 6. NO. CA 91324. The buness is conducted by: An Indvidual has tgun to tmmect IJne uder e ficous buness nar (x names listed m on: 2007. Signed: Lou Coker , Owner. ThLs statemont Ls flied wh Ihe Cox, ty Clerk of Los Anges Co on: 10t23t2013. NOTICE - ls fict,k)us name stalement exams rNO n kom the (fa  ms rk on, n m offce of 1he cour derl A ew Ik:oos busness nar statnent must be Ifed pr to mt a. e Mng o tls U does no( of self aumodze the use in m;s m o( a flcous bue name n V,oaon of 1he rkjhts o ano under feder stae, or common law (see Secon 14411, t seq.. B&P) 10/31/2013,11/7,'2013.11/14.12013,11/21r2013 2067 FICTmOJS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13221594: The Iolong person(s) s/re (IO- ng m as: BLACK VENOM LIMO. 5924 Kstar Ave. Van Nuts, CA 91411. HOUNNES AYRANJYAN. 12835 KJg St. #114. Stud City. CA 91604. The U is cducd by: An Indka; has begun Io Vanct buslne unde the flctoJs bness name o names imd hero o,1:10Q3Q013..gned:  AymnJyan, Owner.T; statement Is fld w the County CJerk of Los Angekm County on: 1024t2013. NONCE - ls fictom name statement exams fk years from th da # m f/ed on, n e ole oHhe county de A nw rous buness name statement must be Bed pno to real de.'r fling of s stoment does no o segf auodze le use In  m  a  U name In vogaon of r,e rts o anomer under/eder stole, o co- mort law (se Secon 14411. et seq., B&P) 10/31/'2013,11/7/2013,11/14#2013,11t21Q013 2O68 FlCTITK)US BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201:21601: The klong person(s) am dong busm as: NUSFACE. 1303 S.  St. B CA 915O2. SERGIO QUINTANAR. 1303 S. Flower St. Bud CA 91502. The business Is conducted by: An Fndlvidual ha begun to b'ssact m unde me flcous U   n Itod her on: N/A. Si: Sero Ountanm, C,,w. Th stammt b Meal w;m me County Clerk of LOS Angeles Cou c: 10/24/2013. NOTICE * TNS fct,ks nsme statement ,qxs re years horn me dine it was flied cn, in me ollT, ce  ,'e cour, ty ckk. A rw fious nmm summt U be rood pkx to at (faro. The ruing  s staSement does not o lsf m rile use in ths m o a ficCaous Ixsk' name in  on of e dgts of anoer unr bdend state, o oommo sw (m Seclk 14411, e seq., B&P) 10/31,'2013,11/7/'2013.1114/2013,11/21/2013 29 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS N*tE STATEMENT: 20132212a0: The blow person(s) r doing U as: GI.N PEST SOLUTIONS. 26893 Bouquet Cyn. Rd. C-221. Sanla Clama, CA 91350. KURT JON RENNELS. 2S05 Sm'tau Way. Santa Clahta. CA 91390. le Isness is con,ct by: /m Indu has begn to tranuct busness under  gL-'tous tx,r,s   s Ikmd here Page 12 Beverly Hills Weekly on: W/ ,Smd: Kurt R Owns. Th stammnt Is fd wh Ine CO Ckk of L  County on: 10t24/2013, NOTICE - 1 fius name stmon mq0 ft ys from le de It was fld on, n me omce o the oou m.t A new rl,k)us Ixwnl name stalmnt must be  pr;or to ma da. The rng o n U ds not of  auP, od I.e use is m o s ticklers U name in ",ao o( me dghts of ano und fra m,  common w (we SeOJon 14411. et seq., B&P) 10/31/'2013,11/7,'2013,11/14t2013,11/21,20132070 FCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13221281: The fJowtng ps)  dog Ixns u: ALPHA Pf AC4DEM 40 Rm k. , CA 91324; ALFHA PI AGENCY. RO. BO0( 40A V V CA 1el 7./UJH e GRCOR INC. 240 Ru Bd. No. CA 913A. The bum Is m I A Co hm ben Io nst m under me r, ctous m nm or nemeo Ilstod here on: N/A. Signed: Polna Yudm, CEO. This stsment is Bed  e CouW Qek of L .1 Cou on 10/24t2013. NOTICE - Tts flock.s namo  busw, ss n slal'w muir be r,e prio* to ma dine. 1"he r.k o ,;s sasmont does not of f auhodzee ue n  m o( a Ik:ous buaJnem name In V,o;on of Iho    oer under federal sle. o conno law (see  14411, et eq., B&P) 131Q013.11/7/2013, 11114t2013,11/21/23 2071 FI BUSNSS NAME STATEMENT: 201321568: The folo, d person(s)  dog U u: PtCO BZ CENTER. 9549 -A- Tek d. P, co R CA 90660. VAN NUYS PC "riME. INC. 1976 La:.ienega Bld. #4. Los Angekm, CA . The Ix, s' s conducted by: A Coqon Is ben to W IJ,ness und  fkx m nm, e o R Itd hem on: N/A. Signed: Ak Oroech,  This stament is fld wil Ie Couy Ck.k o( Los Angles County on: 124/23. NOTICE. "rt rdlkx nno slament m nve years fnn Ihe dB # was fired on, In rne oce o( ,s co ckk. A new flcto m nne statement mut be meal prior to at :te, TI fling o( thls statoment does not o( nself sulhod Ihe use n thin m  a fictkx busir, ess neme In ".401s o e rights o anoP,e( unde bderM stmo. or common law (see Sectk 14411, et seq.. .P) 16/31/'2013,11/'//'2013.11/14/2013.11/21/20132072 FICTITIOUS 8US;NESS NAME STXrFJENT: 2O13221666: The  ps) am dog bUStleS s: SUNLAND JEWlELRY STORE. 8733 Sonla B'/d. Sun Vy. CA 91352. Vctoda Budag.n. 1344 V,t 5th S es. G-W,e. CA 01201. The bulmeu IS conduced bc An Inodual  begun to ba-act  und I, fkus business name o nam lied he on: N/A. Signed: Victoria gudagm, Ownec 1;. W  Bed "vh Ihe Courtly Ckk o( Los/ Cour4y on: 10t24/2013. NOTICE - Th IL-IOUl name W iqme Ik years f;m  (fate)t ,ms fled on, In r, le omce of me o delk. A rw flcous bu'ne name m U be fd prior Io that date. The fllkg of  sement do not of self authorize ftm u n I'   a  bus;ne name In vt,on of the r;ghls of another under foder stato, o common aw (ue Set,on 14411, et seq., B&P) 1('31/2013,11/7/2013,11114/2013,111/2013 2073 RCTmOUS BUSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201321732: The fo perks)  dolng bun,e as: SYCAMORE TERRACE. 1750 N. Slcarne e. #110. HOI, CA 9OO28; 2 S. Clark Dr. Be HI, CA 211. H,O, NNA ARFA. 47  St. LO/ CA nO5. "r 1xne Is coucd I A Limed Rutn has begun  nmacl me undor me n'lk. buMne name or nam Mted here on: 0g/2007. Slgne HanrB Aria.  Fadner. "ns ale- ment  meal wi  County Crk o Los/VleS C o: 1,'24/2013. NOTICE - TNe flcous name statement expk' fl ym from tin, dsto t was rtd on. in Ihe om o Ihe coure/ A new ftkx Ixroe name ststement must be IIled pd(x to a dim. le fng of W W does not of self auhoze Ihe ue in Ih ma) o( a rdtkB Ix, lkos name In V,olon o( the dghts o anoer under feden m, o commo w (see  14411, et seq.r BP) 10/31,'013, 11/7F013,11/14,'2013,11/21/2013 2O74 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20131875: "n folong pes) kn/am dog I:ins M: GARCIA STONE & TILE. 14657  Sl. #2. Sire'man O CA 9140. HUGO GARCIA. 14857 Hartook SL r2. Shemn OS. C 91403. The business s conduced by: An Ind.oaJ has begun Io lransact I:ne und Ihe r,cous busko name o names d r, em 0: N/A. Signed: Hugo Gana, C.*ner. 1; stame is filed w#h e County Clerk o( Lo Angeles County on: 10/24/2013. NOTICE. Th fllkx na*ne mment emreS fl',e yrs horn the date )t wu f,e on, n the oo0 o e county ck. A ne f,coul m neme s'nt mt be flle prior to It dam. The f of   does not o ksef authorize Ihe use in  stat o( a tous .s ne In ',40a#x o f,o rights O aoit" under fodwal sta, or comm W (see SecSon 14411, m seq.. B&P) 10t31/2013,11/7r2013,11/14,'2013.11/21/2013 2O75 FICTITIOUS BUS;NESS NAME STAIEMENT: 2013221B18: The folong person(s)  do- ng  as: BLACK ICE IqBILE. 1448 St Aw. #t05. Glend CA 912. SEROZH AI=rYUNYAN. 1448 Stanley Ave. #15. Glendale, CA 912. The m  conducted by An ndvktu has begun to tm:.a U under the Ikitous U name o R listed hem on: N/A. Signed: Serozh Aru, Owner. Th smmrnont k r, ged "#,lh Itm County Clerk of L An County on: 10F24/2013. NOTICE - ls flctJ'oJS nme statement expes fi.e years from the dste it was meal on, n Ihe ogtce of Ihe count/dork. A new  m name m must be flxt pdo to Ihat dale. The nlng o r, it do not of tllf aulhodze the use In s m  a flClIous Ixness nne in  o Ie r;ghts of ano6x unde feder slmo, or common law (m 14411, et soq., B&P) 10/31/2013, 11/'//2013.11114/20t3,11/21/20132076 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201321; The folo person(s) m dog burss as: PROMEZA M.G. 27613  d La0o. Ca CA 91384. RNJL METJ 27613  del Lago. C.m, CA 913e4; EJZABETH MEZA. 27613   Lago. C CA 91384. Th busness  condu by: A Memed Cou hm begun to Irmsact busne urW me IIcous bune name or m  he on: 10/24/'2013. Sned: Paul Meza. CEO Owner. 1his statoment Is file0 ,th Ie County Clerk o Lo .geges County 0: 1(Y24t2013. NOT;CE - "b fl.tilious name steme qme Ik.e years horn Itm date ;t "AW flied on, in Ihe o(f,c of   e A  r, cCao buem nmle m mut be nle pdo* Io Ih dmL The Wr.g O  m- merit does not o f m me u n th state o s Ik,ous m na*ne In vkatk   r;gh of anoer under fedemJ ststo, o commo law (see Secon 14411. ot soq., B&P) 1t31.'2013, 11/7/2013,11/14,'2013.11/21/'20132077 FICTmOUS BJSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 20t32378: The I0 pes)  do- kg buness as: ADVANCE PLUMING. 17 Kaek St. #'8. Bu CA 915O4. GILBERT MARDIROSI. 1700 F.em S: #B. Erbnk, CA 91504. 7tin busess s conducted by: An Inddual hu begun to  I:OmON und Ihe nlJs U name x nam P.sled hero ; 2007. S:  Marro, O*.n.'rh m le Bed ",,#h me County Clerk o Los  County on: I 0.'203. NOI"ICE - "n ftmous name mmmnt  fe r flora the dato # m Irked on. n the oe of e coury dek. A new retakes  rmme m rnt be me pdo o -t e.ltm I o Ih m do n of IWf m Ihe me m  m o a rcmJ nv n V#aon ol I1 dghm o moqlw urdw bridal ste. o mmmon law (m Ssdlon 14411. el seq.. P) 10/31/2013.11/7r2013,11/14/2013.11/21/'2013 2O78 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013222542 The klowg IS) m ne as: SHERMAN ON(S REQkrRAT SERVICES. 142OO Vxum B',d. #1 O7. Shemn Osks, CA 91423, KAFCEN PETROYAN. 1625 RO 81d. G CA 91207. The IxBIne s onductod by: An Inddual hm begun to 'anact m und e r.clous U name or narn sted here o: N/& SIgnld: Katlen P. O,nec Thls m is Bed with Ile County C.k of Lo An Coumy on: 10/2r.V2013. NOTICE - This Ik:Jlous mine ment e r ststne must be m pdot I0 Ilm . The fg ol INS staWnent doee no( of ItNIf m te use in s state o( * k:lllle m name In V, dalm o( I  o mo61 under fl- eral m. or common law (m  4411. It Nq., B&P) 1 ot31r2013.11/7t2013.11/14/2013. 11/21/20132079 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS N/ME STATEMENT: 2O1322261O: The  person(s)  dog buskss as: 8ANI.L PROPS. 628 E. Han.d FI. undt 8. Bud0ank. CA 91501: 92e N. San Fe Blvd. Sto. 637. Bu CA 91504. DANI MN DESIGk INC. 628 E. Hasrd Rd. Unit B. Bod CA 91501.The W s conductKI by: A  has begun to tnmsact bus,ss under We P, cUo U rmT, I o nTa  hem on: N/A. Skm Der Ma. CE Tns m is Bed  Ihe C Clerk of LOS/mgkm Courtly on: 125t2013. NOTICE - 11s flc- us nne slmeme  flw years Irom the de It ,,w Be on, in Ihe or.e o( o.,e courtly  A  I'ous bule nme m mt be rled palm Io  dale. 11e r*n9 o th W does not of itsf aulhodze e use in hls m o a f,cous busess neme n ,,an o  ulghts of aother under fede m, or comm lew (see SKon 14411,  seq., B&P) 10/31/2013. 11/7/2013,11/14/'2013,11/21/2013 20 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20132704: e flowg perss) am dog m m: SFV BASEB/L ASSO. 146 S St. Norl, C. 91343. KEN ASHFORD. 16846 Su SL Nohrke, C.A 91343, The Ixrms  conduced by: An mdW, has be- gun o ,act busne unde the trJoos W name o names ed he on: N// Signed: Kenem C/ford, own.'rr stdnnt s ffd  e Courtly Clerk ot LOS Angss County  10/25Q013. NOTICE - Th r,co nme Imont <ps fe years fm the do # ,ms td o, in ftm ohe of  coumy ck.l A rw f, ctkx W neme stammt must be    friar date. Tho fiflng o t,s m does not of W aumodze e use n I;s slae o( a ficous buness name ;n va of Itm dghts of anolr under feerm ss, or comm law (see Secon 14411, et seq., B&P) 10/31/2013,11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013 20el FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013,222829: The  ps) m do buse as: N REALTY SERV'.CES. 811 L Turn Cmy Rd. Sun V CA 91352; FIDELITY CAPrTAL FUNDING. (1 8OX 65. Tujunga. CA 91O43. ROSA BAGHDASARIAN. 8511 La Tuna  Rd. Sun Valey. CA 9132. The U is c,onduct b An ]nd, v, du has t)e- gun to 'ansact bune ur,w I flcou bu,nem na*  na d hem on: N/& Sned: Rosa B, C,wr. Thin slatm is Ied "t1 It Cou  o( LOS/ County on: 10/252013. NOTICE - Th r,,ctus rne amment ,qres fi,,e yoars Imm me da t ,s  on, n the office of the counly ed A new r.lous bu,ness name  must be Bed pno Io that date. The ruing of th statement does not o( tself auorze 8e use In s stste  a  busness name in V, o4aon of the d'ds of another under feer state, Or common  (see  14411, et seq., B&P) 10431/'2013,11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21t2013 20 FCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13222843:  cao,dng ps) am dog busness as: MUNCHYAN SJSTERS DANCE STUDIO. 6646 Syr Ae.  6. Van Nu, CA 914O5; MS DANCE STUDIO BY MUNCHYAN SISTERS. 6646 S'/,m Ae. Apt. 6. Va Nuys. CA 914O5. MARIANA MUNCHYAN. S646 Syar Ave. Apt $. Van Nuys, CA 914.TATERFK MUkHYAN. 6646 S,mar Ave. Apt. 6. Van Nuys, CA 91405. The U is conduo by: A  Pa has begun to transact buness unde the ferrous buneu name c( nam Itod hem on: N/A. Sed: Mar;aria Munch.jan, Partnec lis statomt Is filed w;lh the County Cerk of Los An County on: 10/25t2013. NOTICE - TNS r,com rne statement oxp(rs five years rom the da t was fired on. In the off, ce of ths county clerk. A new fict;cs bune nan stmament must  fl p  mat dato. The mklg or m statement 0 not of mlf aumoze me use Jn  smto o a ficous Uusiness name n v;okon of Ihe dghts of another under fde.a slate, or m law (see  14411, et seq., B&P) 10/31/2013,11/7/2013,11/14,'2013,11/21/20132083 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13222878: e  persons) re dog bunes as: CLOUT ENTERPRISES. 17O2O Burbank Bd. 1306. , CA 91316. E FDERER, 17O20 Burbank Bd. #3O6. Endno, CA 91316. Te business Is conducted by: An Frdual hS begun to W Ixr,e under me ous u name or names ,sted here on: N/A. Sgn: RoeaHe Rodemr, C,mec This statement is filed wth the County Clerk of Los Anges on: 10/25/2013, NOTICE - ThS IL-OUS name elatent exWes It ars from the date rl was r, led on, in mo o;ce of Ihe co clerk. A new flcou b,se name stmement mt be  pr;o to , dale. The ffng o It,s statoment does r o( self auoize e use Jn ths sla  a Ik:tous busne name In vk)laon o Ihe nghts of enome und fedn stale, X commo law (see Secon 14411, et seq., B&P) 1031t2013,11/7,'2013.11/14/2013.11,'21/20132064 . F1CTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013S06:  Io IS) are dc- r,g buness as: HEP TRANS. 52O N. Isab St #( C4endale. CA 912O6. KRISTINA ASLANYAN. 520 N. isabe St. #[ C.-nda, C 91206. The txaess is  by: An I has be- gun to transact buness under the fdous bJr, ess r,ne  ! ,mod hem : N/- S Krislina AManyan, Ownen This statement Is flied wh ',e County Clerk of LOS Angeks County on: 10t25t2013. NOTICE - Th flous nam stare'mint expos  yes from te date it ,s fl on, n the office of 'm cou cle A now r, ctous busmss name stalnet mu be Bed pno to tat dle. "ne ruing oHNs W does not of adf auor;z Ihe uN in Ih ste o a  b,.,sess nan in V, ok of W.e r o enotl' unde flera; sine. o common law (  14411, et uq., B&P) 10/31/2013,11/7F13,11/14/2013.11/21t2013 20a5 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013224: The f perks) bam do busness S: E NTICC. -- "mEASURES.COM. 6916 Enono Ave. n Nu, CA 914O6. 7.ACHN JAYSON. S916 EnCO Ae. Van NU. CA 01406.17,e busess  conducted by: An Inolv has or   omoe o  oourdy drk A w flrk4 m rme m mu be fld prk lo 441, et q., B&P) 10/31/2013,11/7013,11/14,'2013.11,'21/2013 2oes RS BUSINESS NAME : 11&   m)  m s: DEDtCXrEC 18717 F_ Awow . .  CA 91 18701 Mr S Tarzo, CA 9135S. KAREN ARMRONG. 18717 E. AOW  #2.  C 91722. Tho b<  onducted  A In.duel r  o Imm m under 1he fu IxJn rmme or the  Clork c I.   on: 10/2513. HOTICE - Th IzmJZ rmrr m  five ye Imm he dine  s Id on, n tho oco of Ihe  d. A new Icius bud- ne name W must be fld  Io elat d.Tr  o  U do n o sf audze the m in t m o a Ik,kxls m name tn Vn o( Ilo  of anol  bder sl, or clmon law (see Soco 1441, et ., B& 10P31/2013,11/7/2013,11114/2013. 11/21/2013 287 STATEMENT OF ABDONMENT OF USE OF ACTITK) BINESS NAME F'N 20110443 D Fled: 0e/29/2011 CA913  Oym M IG SERVICES I. 201  RO Sere 2074. Cud FUe #: 201m De: 125/13 10/31/2013.11/7/201 11/14,2013,11/21/2013 28 STATEMBT F ABANOONMT OF LE OF FICTITIOUS BINSS N/ME Fde N 2O11O445O3  FI 0ee/2o11 Name of Bmkl CLOUO NCE HOOKAH LOUNGE. (1 Shem   Prk. C 913O3. C.un F #: 20113127 De: 1'11/13 Puhd: 10/31F01 11/7t2013.11114013,11t21f2013 20 STATEMENT OF/ANNT OF USE OF FZCTmOUS BUtNESS NAME Fde N 2013114 Name  Bua: /ERIC./S BEST HOT DOG. 1200  Fk S  CA 91502_  Ovc MIP.AN DERDERI. 416  W Elk  Gnde, C 91O4 Curr R I: 201321100 [le: 103/13 FUbished: 10,'31,'2013.11/7/201 11114t2013,11/212013 20 FCTmOAJS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013588: le  s) m brs as: SECRET SPECIALTIES 265OO W  Rd.,  102-3,  CA 913O2. DONALD . MORGAN: 2eO W.  Rd., Sle 1-33, C.bas, CA 9130. le busn  conduc / Indd has  Io mmct U urr the  bun name or nam Ied here or 0e/2013.  Doted  , Owr. Thb m s flied v n na W must be flied  ao Ilat z Th  o mb m do r  IV m t,e m n Vl m o a ficool m name  vk/  I  # anlr undlr fede m, or common law (see Se<on 1441, e ac,  t 0t31/13.11/7/201 11/14t201& 11/21/20132081 RCTrrlOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 20158S: The  s)  m as: MLANO C(METICS 2S500 W  Rd.. Su 10  C 9130_ BARRY R. MII.D: 265 L  RcL, SO 10-353.  CA 913 The U LS COUC   Indk1 ha  1o Ixam m under Ih tlus U m  nam ted here 0r 00013. :  R, k Ovr.Th m  reed  r ne stment rr be Bod  Io I dedo.The  o  m d no o  aunlortz0 I use   m or a flct bune name  Vn o Ihe  of anol under fedma state, or common law (see Sec 14411, et seq.,  10/31113,11/7F2013,11/14.'2013, 11t212013 22 F]CTrrKJS BUSFNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O132O5766: The  s) ae buskl a KAFI. PRO SERVlCES 2500   Rd.. Sok 10-353,  CA 913 nam uld h on: 015t201  Kev "E  Omit. "r m s Bed wll 1o pns r ye horn  d  v, reed or n le omce o IM  ct. A now fdo bu-   W must be rood  1o el d The  o th U do not o kf mlhe u q tl m o# a  m nar q  o# lie  o aret undm (ede state, or common law (see SeCUO 14411, et S, B&P) I0/31/13,1 I/7/2013.11/14#2013, 1121/013 20e3 RCTITIS BUSINES NAME STATEMENT: 201305761: The  s) e W m: COLWELL UTUAL 18375 lura BL, SIL 31 Tar CA 91356. DAN G. COLDEt.L: 175 ra 81., SlO. 1 Tarza CA 913B. "rile m k oondld / dine # Y fld o.  Zhe omce o Iho  ck_ A  ficlak U ne smemt rrt be Red  I0 thet da.Tho  of I stale.d doe not of kf augdze the u  I m  a Ikous br rne n vk o   o aer under kra m, or comm zaw (see Sec 14411, et seq., B&P) 1031/13,11/7/2013,11/14t2013.11/21/20132084 S NE  : 1   s)  m a CSN-PRO SYSTEMS le375 Verdura EqL. S 31 Tm CA 913S. RN_PH 8. THOMPSON: 1875 lura k. S. 3I Tarza CA 9135. The m  conded / k hm  Iol:sact W under the rdus m n0r or nan Zd / on: da  v Bed o, k e onk of   crk. A new flcKz brakes rwrne shn U be Bed  1o  date. Te  o glb szmmlt does no( ol  autor Ihe use  tr   a flclx m neme n  of   o( anol un feaa s. or commo law (s Socn s., B&P) 1 /31t13.11/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013 20e5 n a BRICtroNE CATERING & EVENTS 18S  BI_, S. 31 Tarr C 91356. ROeERT E SMITH: 18375 Nr8 B. SI 1 Tl C 91S. Tho U the Con Clerk o LOS   o: 10V01/2013. NOTICE - "1 f, clHk namo mt m five ye from g te   fd o, in the olce of tl   A rw flco bu  name aBer mu be fid  Zo glat dm The  o  W do nol o( f m tho ue  Is m  a ctak m name  vzon of   o( aol  bde m. or common Jaw (m Socn 14411, et soq.,  10/31113.11/7/2o13.11t14t2013, t 1/21/2013 20e6 FICTITDUS BIStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 0135: The  s)  m m: LEEPER HOJNGS 56 Van  Bld. Su 238 n  C 91401. SP.AWN S LEEPER: 16418  S   CA 91344. "r   ondud / IndlVJ hm  Io baneact bun und  rdlou bL0 namo or nam Ibd here 0: 001/2013.  Sha S. , (er.s statement b reed 1 zne  Clwk of Loe   y fl on, Jn IP, e o1 o Ulo  ck. ^ rv IZcUlk bue re m rnust bo rded  m ha dte.The  o tr.s aern ds not o( kf auglortze Ule ue m elb m o a ous m namo  Vn of e  of a61er under feda ate, or m law (see .Son 14411, et se<r.  I0V31/1 11/7/'2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013 207 F1CTITKS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201587: The  s) m U as: FRANKY TOO(_ SERWCES 5632 Van  k.  238 Van  CA 914O1. FRANK J. CARRAS: 1713 VO S Van  C 9140e. 1o m s co.duc  An InkJ has  to Immact bur uxz e ficJs U name or nam Ymd here   on: 10/01/2013. NOTICE - Thb flcus re K m rNe yea fr Ihe e  ys rded o, n glo omce of gle  cJmk_ A rw Plglou busks name mlernent U be rd  1o thud cde. The  o th U do not 0 e aumor  use m  m o( a fkous txzsme nae n vkon of I  o ar under fede m, or commo law ( Seceon 14411, ot ,  10t31/1  11/7/2013,11/14013,11t21r2013 2oee F1CTri"ZOUS BJSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013055: The  S) re dO- kg bness : "L. C4RECT SERIVCES 5632 Va  Blvd. Sb 238 Vn.Nrts. CA 91401, TONY A. LARSON: 14833  S. Va  C 9140. The buness s coucted   rrxd has  o Ima U uer tho o m name or nas ted hem c: 09/2013. : Toy  Lars, Owr.s K s Bed vHth the  Clerk of Lo o: 111  - namo dine  ws rded on, n   of   ck A rw flclJ bur, ess rle statet must be fd pr 1o g dst The  O Zhs staSern does n o( ea amhod the u n thb m ( a flctus bue rm m vkxon o Ihe  o arw under fede stole, or cmo law (eee Seclk t4411, et uq.,  10/3t/1 11/7/2013,11/14t203.11/2/2013 20 FICTrTICS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201075 The  S) ae busness as: CREATIVE MARKETtNG SC4_U'ONS 15021 mum Blvd. Se 9, Sherman CA 914O3, JODI G. GARL'D: 1501 Veotura Blvd.  339, orn  CA 9140. e bue s conducted  An InW,aJ hs  o vt bus under  flcto bu- hess re or name Id hem on: 101/2013. : Jod G. . Oymer. Tts mrnt  rded Y   Clerk o( LO   oq: 101/201& NO'riCE - Th flcta name smt  fi ye flora I dam # m finod , wl mo oc of the  cork. A new flcous busness name W must be reed  to at dine. The  of 6s U does n o sef au-e e uee n b m o a flcous m w  on o# 1he  of ager under fede m, or corm bv (see Sec 14411, et seq., B& 10V31/13,11/7/2013, 11114t2013,1 lt212013 20SO F1CTrTIOUS BJJS]NESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1321855O: The  P-S) /am buJne as: JOACU IN DE LA PM.143 N. FeMax Ae, lq 4 West Hohvood, CA gOO46, CAMIL O ALFARO RIOS. 1432 N. Frbx Ave.  4 West . C 90046. e bus  conduc : n IndMdu has  o Sact busss under  fiCUS buss name 0r names Emd he on: W.  Cam Nlwo  Owner. start s fd wd the  Ck o( LOS   o: 1(21/2013. NOTICE -  fcto rmmo  m  am from e d   rded , n I o41 or z  ck A r rds U name eom rrt be rde  Io aZ date.The  or .s W do no( o rf aLdhOd file m in gl  Of a fous U re k on o I  o wlolr und fede m, or m law (m  14411,  sq., BP) 11/72013,11/1,U201 11/21/2013,11F203 201 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 01399: "e  ) m bue s IN TCH LIVING 3Z  Road Los  CA 9001e. IN TOUCH LrVING 3662  Road I.o  CA 90016. The buee  co.ducmd  An ndlvku has  1o nruct W undor  rous n namo  names Usted here o: N//  10/'201 OnCE - Th P<S name sSmom m fl ymrs from the da  yms filed  narr, e k V,olon o( Ile  o anor ur<r fqr state, or m w (m Sect 14411, ut ileq.. B&P) 11t7/2013.11/14/2013.11t21/2013.11/'28/2013 20 FICTITIOUS BUSa4ESS NAME STATEMENT: 20132253: The fdlo pemon(s) is/m doing bu as H VIS MANAC I023 Math Ave.  CA 91040. MEHRAI ETES 103 kbw  SunW CA 91040.  brm  conduced b A Co hlB begun to b'emact  ur, d" Ihe IJJs buses nrne or .mos UKI he Courtly on: 10/31/2013. NOTIC - This lct nne slalle plms INe .s fl111he da 1 m kl ar  the ole of 1he ourtly clmt A new f, ce0 Izuz neme sz'eere mu be flied x Io m dmo.The nlng o s stmnd dos r o s#f tze s  m ts se o s Mc buldlm ralle in vkaYon of 5e rihs Of anomer under f sd. o commo lew (m Seclon 144t 1. e( seq., B&P) 11/7/'2013.11/14/2013,11/21/'2013,11/2ef2013 2093 F1CTI'TKU BIJINES NAME STATEMENT: 201218421: le following peraon(s)  dong Jls as: FlAT LUX 1454 E, ( Gm Bvd INS P CA 91104. MAF4.ENE STANG 1454 1454 E. Ocalge Grow Bird Im Pamdella. CA 91104. The i is c by: An Imldu begun to mt bureau unde Ihe lllcitt bueness na. or ne lid Iwe o: WA. Sed: Meee Sla, 0'. Th stoment  Bed h Ihe County Ck o LO  County on: 1'21/2013. NOTICE - This rlifw name  m five yem horn Ihe d it u f/d on. in Ihe omce o( ,le courdy deal(. A ne flcxs I.ness neme staoment must be fed prior to Ih da le fng o( W slnWment do no of Itsf aulhom e use in th ata of  flcUous bu#ne name in on of Ibe dglds of aoer under bde state, or cr, mon law (le 14411, et seq. B&P) 11/7/2013.11/14/2013,11r21/2013.11F8/013 2O94 BUSINESS NE STATIC: 2013Q22413: The  pemon($) ill/am dokg b  D'S TACO t4311 .a, ddion St. #110  OVJ CA 91423. PHlUJ P SANCHEZ CENI1JFIION O(N(2UEZ 14311 .td( SL #110 Stlem 0, CA 91423. The  Is condxx:d by: An Ow has begun Io nnsact buno under 1he f,cous bule name o n' rmed re on: W/ S Ph Dominquez. Ovmec Ths ,ent s led wh the Courtly Clerk of LCS Angles Courdy on: 10/2rr13. NOTICE - 11S flC flle staorrnt mplrm fle yoars fmrn gm dte t wM  1, n elo o(6ce  Ihe oouy derk. A new f,coz    must be Bed pkx to h dine. The 61g o th stmermmt does not o( #f aulhoze I use k s stste o a fus bte nam  vkYmon of tt dgh c anoer ul d- eral m, o cotlw aw (see Secon 14411. m seq. B&P) 11/7/2013.11/144'2013.11/21/2013, 1 t/28t2013 2096 FICTITIOUS B.k'4ES NAME STATEMENT: 20132S94: T I perso.s)  dong bu#me as SIOPIO 56* Bubm Avenuo, CA 91316. ANTHONY M. COPOULLO 5665 BaiItl Av En, CA 91316. The bul ;s condu by:/m OwnM has beJn to b' bunmm under Ie r, cmous buboes name o( nan.s  hem on WA. Sned:/ M. Cop C,m. 'ds 14amnet is filed v the Colrdy Cled( f LO Angeles County on: 1013. NOTICE - Th Iu ne stedemem r fl yoars fio g d # yms liked o,  the ot1 o U  ck*. A ne cous bmu nanm stmmm must be reed prkx Io that dam.'m fllng o( s state- mm ds not o olf aulhodze Ihe se in ms se o a fltious busns name n vk:,   dgh o( a ur bd Matll.  commo law (soe Sect 14411. et seq.. B&P) 11/7/'2013, 11/14r2013.1 lf21,2013.11/'Z&*J013 2097 BINESS NAME STO: 2o139e: The  pemon(s) was dcg I as RYAN CO(.LINS 11556 B Blvd. #208 Lo Ang, CA 91601. RYAN MCALEB 11556 Eul BNd. #208 LO  CA 91601. The b Is cond by: An Owner has begun Io Iransact buse under me llcous busm nm o rnes sd horn on: W. Sgned: Rn Mc ( Th ststeme is flied wtlh 1he County C;er of LO Angeges Coun on: 10/2813. NOTICE - "ns flc name sta/ ixp I yearn from le dato ;1  Iged on, n  ole of tho coumy ded A nmv rcmlous bummm nmm smm0n* rnu be reed pdo   dsm. The IEng o( INs stamlw do not o self aumom Ie use in  stme of a faous b,k nam b tln o Ihe rtds f anoth unde federa slmo, o( common law (see Secon 14411. 4 seq.. B&P) 11/t/2013.  1114t2013.11/21,013,11/28/2013 20 FICTIOU BUSINESS NA STA]T: 2013223047: The foJomng petaon(s) is/am do- ing  s BAN,CHEF 110 k*agno  North Holy, CA 91601. BANGCHEF PR(S INC 110Q2 Mag Ed. Norm HONy. CA 91601.3"e busm is co b A  ha begun Io nct buMnez under 1he fiou bustrez r'ne or name ted hem on: WA. Siged: Bengchef Pmdudts Inc, CEO. TNs stamment  filed  he Courtly Clerk of LOS Ange Courtly on: 1G8/2013. NOTICE - Thls flct nerne slaelent olrlm I1 ymts flora Ihe dmo # wm fJd on. b 1he oh'e o 1he county ckk. A new r.ftus Ixr, ess name ta mu be Bed pdo Io -al dmo. 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We Ave. #507 LOS Angek The bumms i conduced by: An Owner has begn to RO Oer, Thin stMement is fld wi le Courdy CJed( of Lc Age(es County on: I0/28/2013, NONCE - ls us name stmmem  ve yrs bm tm da #  d on,  le omce in ' of Ihe dghls d alloller un fedmal m. (x omllon blW (line Secl 14411. ot soq., B&P) 11/7Q013,11/14J201k 11r21Q013,11QsrJ013 2101 FtCTITKUS BI;INESS NAME STATEMENT: 20tQ23o4: llto f petrol(s) m d bulle as FIRST LADY NNLS & SPA 740 Roecoe Bird We 1 CA 91304, HOA THI LE ben I ma bns u me ous bum nsme m nam md hem on: W/ Sne Hoa 1 Lo Ous O*. as ssmt b d h e Couy Qerk  Lo Angekm Count/o o b me 0  mo oumy cbr A new lclm bumms ham sm rm be d pno  I1 dal e rang o le  dram nm o  aumod  te bl Ws m o( a fus  name In Oion O ie dghls O a!1 und bdeml sm, or ommml m (m SecUre 14411, et , B&P) I t/7/2013,11/14/2013,11/21/2013,11/28/2013 21Q FI:nTIOUS S NAME STATEMENT: 2013223366: The fdong penms)  busine as GENDERPLANNER 1804   Sto 411. ALPHADEL TECHNOLOGIES INC 18034 dum Bd SP 411 Endr CA 91316. The bule k; conduced b A G(meral Prmer Signed: ptnd Ted Inc,  Thl zemet is flied wh Ihe County Crk of L be Ihd I,1o It dalo. "11e f/g o 1his stalmlm dow nt o its( aulhodzo lie me tn INs m 4 a om budne mine m'oon o e  o4 arh und Iwd m, common w {see Sen 14411, et uq., B&P) 11/7/'J91, 11/14/2013,11Q1/2013,11/28/2013 21 .RCTmOUs BUSINESS NN ST/0"EMENT: 291322g02: "n  lS) is/am doing bxlBb aS LA MDICAL "JNING I 11078  A Polm CA 91331. MARIO MAllJTE 28E0 N, SIIv Saddle Cke #16-101. The btmlnea Is conduced b An Individu has ben I0 bamact but undw Ihe flus bums name  namee Ilst Iere on: WA. Sied: Medo MmUlL Omit. lt stmnt b Rod h ,,e Courtly Cle  Los /ugetes Coumt o: 10t28/2013. NOTHCE - 11s ficous  sam e00res fi !reefs horn le dine # m Bed or in lae oom o  oounty de. A nv Iow buak nne smnent mu b fd pno to I dm 1 lang  s ser does n  se auon me use   m  a flcBmus bus nm  vn  e ngh  a.oCw und ke m, o* comm bw {see Seon 14411, e uq. B&P) 11/7/2013,11114Q013.11F21r2013,11/28/2913 2104 RCTITIOS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201410: The followg pemon($) Is/are dOblg buless as CHABELrTA TACO 2001 S. Westorn Ave, Lo Angek CA 90018. EDMON D HAKNC- 5140 ' O A. Endno. CA 91318. The b is cond by: An ]nd has begun  nsa bulms und e cx bm name  rnes Ite hem on: W Sned: Edmond  .Ths slateet  fd  the County Cle of LOS .,geges Coumy o: 1OQgQ013. NOTICE - 13ds ficous name stsmme eKpm five !rs born le da it was flk)d o m e oe  le couNy ded A new mus busss name mmmrd mu be ed pr  mhal e. Tne rang o( ns statement do not o #self auqhodzo Ihe UM In Ir sfa o( a f,co buskin name  V#aon of  dgs  anom unde bdo m,  common w (see Sek 14411, M lq., B&P) 11/7/'2013,11/14Q013,11 21/'2013,11/'B42013 2105 FS BUSINESS; NAME STATEMENT: 20122418: The foltow(ng person(s) is/am doing bum as ENCORE NAIL LOONGE Lro29 Deonshdne St. Cha0ll, CA 91311. DANNY NGUYEN 14429  SL ShOmlml O CA 91401. le bumm b; cnducd b/m Owner has I 0 nmct Ixsoss undo" e flcous business name * ham,is d I've on: N/A. Ske Dery Ngu Omr. Th enK, t i hd "h le Coury Oek  t. .gu  or l(Y2gt201L NOTICE - 111s flloB rmmo stlmnt exre fNe years from Ihe da it s rded % ,n le omc of e ceumy derk. A new flclous bz'less Mmo mwlle rrau be filed por to buskin nae  Vxon c e ts  anomer undsr de.d sm, m  w (see Secon 14411, et seq., B&P) 11/7/2013.11/14/2013,11/'21/2013,11/28/2013 2106 CTrTUS BUSINESS NAktE STATEMENT: 20f3Q24457: The fo person(s) LVe dong as MILLENNIUM ART AND CRAFT 24454 VaJer, cm  #93O9 VMenda, CA 91352,  MF-LIK-S=FHANIANS 24454 Valena #09 Ved CA 91352, le buse ; conduc b n Om has begun 0 a bons und e flclks buses name  mme Zmd here on: A..  Mel -. Owns. Thls stmnet is filod v, tal the County Clerk o4 Los Angles Courdy : 10/29Q013. NOTICE - This flcf(xs name statomet expos  ys kn me dine  ws Bed on,  e oce  me courdy erk. 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