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Beverly Hills, California
October 31, 2001     Beverly Hills Weekly
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October 31, 2001

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~.=~., ,,~ COmACT )~ 2~ V~o Poinl p~ La~u,n~ N~r CA 9"2766 The b,J~ln~,* ,S,~ ,,4OO ,I ,,'q ~a. em~A,~ ~i~ SanGII~I. CAg~7?5 The GENERAL PARTNERSHIP FICT'r,ous BUSINESB NAME S~A~EMENT 0, ,94~:~B Th~ ro,~ow,,o p~,~o~(~) ,.s~f~ do,.~ bo~,.e~ ~ G~NA SANCHEZ L AC 1611 MO~,~A.~ S~nI~M~ CA~O~ G,NA TERESA SANCHEZ ,61~ E M~n~a,~ B~ P~n~ CA FILE NO BI.2020~47 $)CTITIOUS BUBINES$ NAME STATFMeN'r r~E FOLLOWING PERSON(S) ~S (ARE) E'O~NG BUSINESS AS RODGER'S FOOD SERWCE I0a3~ ALONDRA BLVD NOR ',~=-LK CA ~,0~ T~e ~I, ~me or ,,,~i=,,.,,(,~ i-.'=,'., CF,eOL HUl KIN AND SUK KYUNG KIN e202 ASHGR0VE ~ LA M~RA. BANO AND W~rE X,~ ~og,.t.,,~,, ~,.,m.~,o~ to ,,a-.~ b~,=,. NIA ~.~ CHEOL .ur K,M AND SUE KYUNG KIN ~,, ,.~,.m~, *~.~ ~,,~ *,~, ,~, Co~,~ C~,,,~ of LOS AN~ELEB C,~m~ ~ 2~ OCT ~00~ ~=o~ ~ f,,,~ ~,,~ ~,~,~. NOrlCE-TH,S F~C~T~OUS NA~E STATEMENT EP'RES r,VE YEARS FROM THE DAre ,T WAS F,LeD IN rile OFE,CE OF "HE COUNTY O.ERR A NEW E,CTmOUS SUS,NESS NA~E STATEMENT MUS~ BE r,LED PR,OR ~O T~T DATE ,'~ ,,I,,~ .,~.,~ ~ ..r.~o. ,.,~.,=, .I~e ~' ~.o~m,~ I~" (S.., S,,~.~,, ,4'=OO LAOO~42 BEVE'~Ly H,LLB '.~mE KEY oe o8 ,~ ~2 NOV 2OO~ F ,35, NONCE ~O CReDiTOrS O~ BUL~ SA~E NOTICE'S HEREBY OVEN ~== ,, ~ ..~,, ~o .,~,o ~ m~,,~. MU~ ~UN MOON ~OO ~AST P~CO ~LVD LOS ANGE{.ES CA 9'm,~ *~h. ~ p=,,,r.~ y~,r~, a, s,a,,,~ ~ ,h,, ~,> ,~=~, NONE "me ~.=~ ~. C.I,~,,,~ o~ U~ C~,,e( E ~eo,,~,.o O.,~, o~,~ ~,,, *, ,. SAME J,N Lee B,'* S H~RVARD SLVO ~,02 LOS A~(;e[eS CA ~O2B EIXTURES eOU,RMEN'f TOOLS OOODV~LL TRAOENA~E LEASEHO.D ~NTEREST L~SE;~OLD ~MPROVE~,E~rs ALL TRANSrERABCE PERM,TS. AND L,CeNSeS AND ,r,NE~TORY DE STOCK ,N TRADe .~ =,-. ~ ,,, 100 EAs'r P,CO ~LVD. LOB ANgeLES CA NEW STAR ESCROW, ~ W eTH ST LOS AN~e~.eS CA T~, ~ .,,~ i, ~ ~o C.~,~,~. U~o.~ C ~,.,,,=,= Co=, fil,~ ,. NeWSTAR ESCRO'.W ~ W ~H ST LOS AN~LES ~O NOV Z00t ~ ,. m,. ~,.~,,',,,=,, a~ b~o,',, ~ ~,o,~..= 0,,~,d 22 OCT ~00~ ~YUNG ~N LEE ~y~(,) PETS L.,~0~31~ eEVEr~LYWO00 '.~E K~Y 01 ~OV Za01 NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF BULK SALE (UCC ,S~ e~o~ NOnCe ,s HEREBY GIVEN ~=t ,, ~k ~, ~, ==ou~ to =. r~,,~. SPIN CYCLE LLC A UMtTE~ U~UW CO~OANy ~7 E ~LORENCE LOS ANGELES CA ~c~i 1 IO~0 w ~RO ST. NOT,C OP mUS~EE S SALE T,I~ Ord~, B~Gg.5 T B NO TS 39~ Lo~ NO ,eT,0 NONCE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED Ju.~ 23 1~ UNLESS YOU TAKE ACt,ON TO PRO~ECT YOU PROPERTY ,T MAY BE SOLO A~ A PUBMC SALE ~F YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF ~HE NATURE DE THE PROCEEDING AGAINBT YOU YOU SHOUL0 CONTACT A LAWYER On Novembe~ 7 2001 ot 1000 AM Mort,De Ac~p~an(~ Cortpan~ leo as ~u~y ~povlt~ Truslee W~LL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHE~ T BIDDER FOR BuDdy rec~r of saK/LQS Ange~el cOU~l~ APN ~04 t 2~D ~ 3 031 adva~J~ al the hme C~ ~l~,e N~tra~ p~bl~aI~on of The Nobce Of SaSe T,us~ee t11~I W OIymp~c BouW~v~d 3r~ EtOOr Los Ange~e~ CA O0~b~t }2 20'31 TH[S OFFICE IS A/TBMP'rING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND AWY iNFORMATION OBTAINED ~LL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE A~Ap450242 I0/IB I0/25 tIIOl NOTICE OF TRU ~ TEE'S SALE T,~W~ Older B~,81 $ T $ No T~ 3919 LO~ NO 1969/ NOTICE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEE{) OF TRUST DATED Aor,I ~4 20310 UNLESS YOU TAKE AC T~ON TO P RO3'ECT YOU PROpERTy IT MAY BE SOLO AT A PUBLIC SALE IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER On NO emir m4 2DO a~ ~ooo AM Ir'r~L.u,'m~nt No OO~742730 of Ofl~cml Re~dS of LC,~ Ang~leo Co~nty State of C aldO~n w= execul.cI by Ram~ro RA~ VVILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIODER FOR CASH Shek~on J Coho. pre$.~er~l O~le~ O lob.l" g 2001 THIS OFFICE IS ATTEMPTI~ TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORM& ,T~ON OBTA~NE0 ~LL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE NOTICE OF TRUSTEE B SALE T~tla Oro=f ~77.B T B No TS 3~2~ LOI~ NO 30714 NOTICE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A OEEO Or TRUST DATED N~-,~ ~3. 2001 UNLESS YO~ TAXE ~CTION TO PROTeCX YOU PROPERW ,T MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE ,r YOU '~EeO AN e;'.pLANAT,ON OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCeE01NO AOA~NST YOU YOU SHOULD CONTACT A L~WYER O'~ N~.,,,,~.t~ ,.~ ~00, ,~ ~0 CO AM UC~'O* ~=~,,~=~, C~"P~y I,~ =i, ~ ,,~,~o~ A,-~.,~, C~V S'=" ~ C='~,~,', e'~=~ ~ m'~ TOm U,,~r~ ~'m'~" A ~,LO"~,U Tall SELL AT PUBL,C AUCTION TO H~GHeST S'O0eR fOR CASH ~y~,, ,. Irma o~ ~a'~ ,~ I.~,~ m~o~ o,,ho U,,,,o~ S,~,I,..~ AII~ ~='Wo .,.,r~,"= To "~ b,,,'~,,~ ol 2 ~"B S por.~ A,~ Lot A,'.~,=, CA mO2B ~I ,~, ,,,~ =,. P='~ ~ Lot ,3B o~ ,r~ NO ,'.~B ~ ,~., C~' o( O~'~.,',a r.oo* ,I0 ~Q.~ Z0 ~. 3, of map= ,.~ m,, N,:.r=,~ "2 ~ ("~ ,h~ C,,~' Of ~.o~ A~',~,,o ~ St, of ,,~n,~, =. ~ ,~ r,,~..,~ of ~ try=,, 'e,,le" ~,y ,a,(= I).,~ of r,'.., T~,,, ,o',~ .m~ o~ =,,I f.=,or,=b,. ,,,,Im=~ CO,,,=, e,~ns~ a~'~ a(~=',~, ~I r~ 2001 T~I~ OFF,C E ~S ATTEMP~,NG TO COLLECT A DEBT AN;) ANy ~NFORMAT,ON OBTA,NED '~LL BE ~BEO FOR ~AT PURPOSE ASAP4.'0760 ~0'2~ ,'~I "m NOTICE OF TRUSTEE S SALE r~,o ore= e,~o1-~ T S No TS. ~BS~ Lo,,~ No I~9~ NOT,CE YOU.RE ,N DEFAULT UNOER A OEE0 DE mUS~ DARED .~y ~ ~CO~ UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOU pROPER~" ~T MAY BE SOLO AT A PUBL'C SALE ~F 'mU NEEO AN EXPLANAT,ON OF THe NATURE OF THE '=ROCEE0,NG AGA+NST YOU YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER O. NO.,,mr,~'14. ZOO, = ,000 AM ~,,~ ~ p~=,'. ,o ~ O~ Tm," ,,~=',~0 J,"y 27 Z000 =. :.=,'~m,n No ~ ,170a,~ ~ C,m;~ R,~,X,=,, o* Lo,, Guard,a~ ',,, O~.,' S,,a.',~r. Jr ', m,,'~' ,,"~ J..m,~,, Sa,,.,~= =' m.~ ~,~0 "'~ DO'O~= A S~.~'~' W~L~ SELL A~ PUm.,C AUCT,ON TO HICk s'r SID~'E R FOR CASH ~r,~,y~., RO~O.~,r ,~ Lo. A,'~,.,. ~I~ ,~ .r=,~ ~ T'~= ~,,t~ ~ Lot ~ Tr*~, 4O3 .. ,:.' ma~, R.~,~ ~ e~ ,6 P~o ~ ~ M~,~, ,r~ "O ~,~ o' ,r,. Co~,y R,,COr=,, O~ Eo. A,~,~. CO,~,,~ De~,':',~ .. F o~o.*-= B,,Q,~ ~'I " ~.' ~ t~ NO m.,,,,,,,,,,,.~. h,~ O( ~a~ Lot ~ ~ NO~.,,Iy =~,~ .o.~ ..~=~I~ I,~ ~, =, ~2, ~001 r~IS O~r~CE *S A'rrEMp'r~NG TO COLLECT A ~E~'r AN0 ANY IN~Om~ATIC~ OSTAI~O ~LL eE USeO ~C,~ n-'AX PURPOS~ ASA'~4SC~m~ 10,'ZB ,In ~Im Ocl0ber 25 -31,2001 " 33