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October 31, 2001     Beverly Hills Weekly
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October 31, 2001

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Clerk 0 LO, A~ge~s County on T;NC~TIVE DESSERTS & CATERING ~262g Ha~r~ Bird The fo~k:,wm.g p.l~son(s) i~/,~, d~ng bulm~s as R J & CLEAN- OctOber I~ 2001 NOTICE--TIs~S flc1~t~t, us name stalem~ Ha~,~,orr~ CA 90~50 CORY FI~LDB 3~24 W t68 BI To,Ter~ tNG SERVFCE t036 Myt~ AV= #I LOI ~g~es, CA 9O029 explie~ Bve years (r o,~, tha ~a~e, wa~ flied in the off~ d {~ CA 90504 TPR bUSrne~ s rs con~ed t~y AN INONICUAb ~ne RONALD EUGENE JONES ~O~ M~ra Ave #~ Lo, An~k~s CA oueXy cl~r~ A new f~l,~i~= b~$mP~ss nmme statemenl must be ,eg,str a~t commenCed io ~r~l ~es ~ ihe f~nous gO02B The b~,e~s ,S con~uc~ by AN INDIVIDUAL Reg~ ~lr Brd hlect b~fure II~ ~r,w~ Th,~ f ,t w,g of ~,, st~em~,. ~ ~I of tES,R b~s,a~$s ~11, O* names hs~ed ct~ I0/15~01 $1grcd Coy F ~,d(~ ha~ not y~ b,~n tO h'anSaCt bu f,r~es, unoe the f,c~it,ous bu~- la~onof~herlght, of~othe~unde'feOeral gate orcc~nmon~ County on OOobe, 10 200~ NOTICE--This (~,~i~s m~ne SlammenhSfde~w~htheCOUntyCle~oftosAng~esCcuntyon (see Se~c~ 14400 e{ ~ Bus~ss and profeSSlOPS COd#.} =~=deme~q~expreshveyeatsf~Pm~he(lateit~.:as,ledlntheoff,Ce October 11 2001 NOTICe--This hl~u$ ~me =.~atement Pubh~h~d 10/18/01 10/25@01 11/01/01 11/08A3~ BHW-~164 ~ the ~nt~ el~tk A new fic~,t ~, b,J~,r ~es, h~me sNBement mu~t ep~,s by, year~ froch ~, ~ede ,~ w. f~*~ m the off~e of 01~ 'FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEME P~T 01 -~ 921907 ~r,~ff ~tJb~or~ze IPm use ~n this state of a flctit ~ou~ buslrm~s r, ame m filed herO's th>q pine Til~ f~{P,g of this r, tat~rn*~d 0oe~ r~l of ,self Tf~ fcli,~g petrol, ) is/~e ck~,ng b~:e,~s as E BONY ROSE vlol~twen of the, r~hts c a~othe~ ,~ede, f~=l ,tale o, ~mon autFof,ze the use m th:s slme of a f~ct ~m,~ bu,~,= na,'r~e m v~ ENTERPRISE~: EBONY ROBE PROMOTION EBONY ROBE law{s~eSl~o.114400, e~N El~J=~$$aMprc~s~$COde) ~l~Ono~tPenghlsof~Pot~u~f~eCal ~me o~co~m~la~ RECORD5 94 B M,B~ S~ #3 LOng Ba,K.h CA 9O5O5 puetr, t,md 10/1~O1 10,'25/0~ ~lDtt01 1~105~1 BHW-117~ {r,~e Section 1440O e~ =eq, Eusmss ~d professm,~ Code} RONA~.D .~EROME BANKS 94 E M*~k~ St #3 Long BeaCh CA pu~l,s~e~ 10~1~g01 10~25,01 ~1101~0t 11108/01 BHW -117B 90805 The bu,ine=s IS conducted by AN INDIVIDUAL FICTITIOUS BUSINEBBNAME STATEMENT01.1923B~ Reg~s~rent hal r~ye~t)egu~ totr~ls~w1 h~s,eessu-,def thef~Ch- 1ha fOllOWrag ~cetson(s) i&tare dC~ng bus~ss~ ~s CAITLYN FICT~TtOUSBUSINES$ NAME BTATEME~IT0~ 1932O43 bous business r, am~ c=r names Ii~Jed here~ S~gr~d Ror, ak~ GRACECATER~NG 2142Ce,~turyPk Ln 1206 tosAngeles CA The IollOW~r,i~ p,sosc~(s}~ssare 0o+,~ business as HUGE W~RLD Bar,ks Tl~=tmler,lenh=f,le(~Wllh~COOOlyCk~fkofLceA~lg~les 90O68 ARAM L SCORZA 2142 Ceolury pX Lt~ #2C6 Los EURNITURE 6217 pa=f B~vd Huntw',gton pal~k Cam 90255 st~de~,m'~texprteshvey~arsh0~thedatellwa~fiie~,nB~goffce UAL T~e feg,sttm~l commer~ IO t-a~sact D~S~..eSS ur,.~r ihe ~ss ~ corseted by AN INDIVIDUAL Tn~ feg~t,~.ql c~. 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