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October 11, 2012     Beverly Hills Weekly
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October 11, 2012

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 unde the fiofrdus buness name or mme6 ,sted here on: N/A. Signed: Josephine Andnrs, Ownec This staternt s fiisd with tbe Courtly Cissk of LOS An Comty on: 0/17/1 2` NOTICE - Th ficti6ous rme s-latemet expees five year NOra the date  was fed on, h tbe omoe of tbe ooumy cis*_ A new flcttks ness m slamem must be red prior to tbet dote. The fng of this sleet does not of 6se, authorize the use @n ths e  a flcsiks IxmJness name in vlon of the righ of anost undor fedoral state, or common lew {see SecUon 14411, et asq., B&amp;P COdo 10/4/12,10n 1/12,10/TEi12,10/2O#12 1473 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012188876: The following person(s) is'am doing bLmbms  E'S PERFORMANCE AUTO PARTS. 429 S. Catalina St. 2101 Los .,mgde. CA @6OQ0. ERNESTO SANDOVAL 420 S. CatJina st. #101 ins Angek.4 CA . Tbe bese6s isoonducted by: tmlndh4duJ besbeguntotnmsact busi-esstmdererlk)usbuness name or namas 21ted here on: N/A. Sled: Ermmto SaedovaJ, Ow. "ns statement s filed th the County CAerk of ins Angekm County on: 9/212 NOTICE - ]ls flctous name sat n exp five )ar horn tbe dote  was filed o, in tbe olfioe of e coumy cldrk. A new flctous bin name statermnt musl be fiisd prior 1o that dote. The 6g of this stmemeof does not of ,ff authorize the USe in tis late of a fic66ous benass name n vlado, of ste rhts of another under fedor state, or common law ( Secdon 14411. et seq., B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/12,1474 S BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12187064: The fo#ong person(s) is/m do-  Is as FREEMAN COFFEE SHOR 323 N. Prate Ave. 1 2OA44.,OOd. CA O1. DAVIT KARAPE3AN. st 6O Whtsett Ave. 212 North Ho6ywood, CA 21 6O6. Tbe bushe m coedocted by: Anlngisido bes begun to rmact besheundotheFtiousbusmess rmme or n listed bere on: N/A..ed: Devt Karapetya. Ow.e Th s#meme is fed wth tbe Coumy Cisrk of Los Angekm coumy on: 9/20/12. NOTICE - This rous nae stat merit expires five years from tbe date  was fiisd on. in the office of the county clerk. A new fictous bums name slatomem must be fiisd prior to star date. Tbe filing of t_s statement doe nof of fete6 authorize tbe use  st etate of a r.tous busesname n vkan of the rights of anotber undor fedor state, o( common isw (see Sectk 14411, e seq., B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12,10t25/12 1475 FIC11TIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 221 21876O 3e th#w4 bem(s) is/are dng bene as AMAZING COMMUNICATIONS. 17901 W. Daniebon St.  Caron Country, CA 91387. CARLOS HUMBESTO BARILLAS- NEIDERItEITMANN. 62O W. Glenoaks stvd. Glendale. CA 912O2, The buness s conducted by: An Indisdu hae begmm to transact burn(ms under 1he fictous b.ne name or names Ited hem On: 6/14/12` gned: Cado Nombedo Banliss- WmderheVenann, Owner. Th state,ont is filed with the County Cisrk of ins Angeles County : 9/1 st12. NOTICE - Th f-'etkxm name statemem expm 6re years horn tbe dote tt was rded on, in ste office of tbe county cled A new FOUS busess name statement nsZ be fiisd pdo to that de. Tbe fi,ng of th slateent does .or of .ed au- thorpe the use in this state of a fictous burners nae a ,)laen of the rights of aotber under fedoral state, or comn law (ase Sectk 14411. et seq., B&P Cobe 10/4/12`10/11/12, 10/18#12,10/25/12 1476 FICTI'nOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012187O2. The fotlong pemon(s) is/m do- mg be as GLOW POOLS. 5833 V,dng Way Pmdale, CA  CARLO MIGU6L R. C-NZALEZ. 56O3 V'#Jng Way , CA 52` Tbe busmes is oonducted by: An thdhadaJ bes beam to tramaot burners under tbe Scas thm name  nam Ited bern on: N/A S41ned: Iru R. Gonzale Owne 3?Ws  s filed wth te County Cterk of Los Angel Courwty o: 9/10/12` NOTICE - TI-as flctotm name steme  five years from tbe dm  was filed on. in tbe office of ste co,y ckk. Armw ficUbous burners name statement must be filed pber to that date. TEe fling of this statermmt does not of me authorize the use in this state ofa fictHious beness name n visistion of the rhts of arxther underfederstate.orcommonlaw(seeSecfion14411,eteq.,B&PCode 10/4/12,10/11/12, 10/18/12` 10/25/12 1477 F3TI<J$ BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT.' 2O121868937: The fk)wthg person(s) is/am dong W as UNrVERSAL STOR 1878 Wangton stvth Pasaben CA 911O4. SAKO MKRYAN. 1658 SinaJoa Ave. Pasadena. CA 911O4. The busess  codued b An Ingdoal has begun to trasaot bU under ste flc66ous b nme or u lmted here on: N// Signed: Sako Mkryan, Owner. This statement is filed wth the County Ckk of ins Arel Courdy on: 9/18/1 2. NOTICE - This fictous rmme statemeof expbe five yeara horn tbe d.3te  was flisd on; n ste office of ste co clerk. A new 6ctous bLne name stateem must be fid px to thet date. The filing of ms stathme does r/of sef au- thorize tbe m in ths state of a fiotes bu.ness name in v;of;on of ste rhts of aother urml thdor state, or commo law {m Secdon 14411, et seq., B&P Codo 10/4/1 10/11/1 2` 10/18/12.10/25/121478 " FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12167185: The f4:vang pem(s) s/am do- isg business as MG TRUCKING. 123OO Osboume PI. #223 Pacoima. CA 91331. MARCEUNO GONZALET- 123OO Osdoume PI. #223 Paccrna. CA 91331. The burmss is conducted b An Ingido has begun to transact burs under the flctous beine name  names listed hem on: N/A. Sgrd: Macino Gonzale Owner. Thh; stement s flied wth ff Cou CAerk of ins Angeles County on: 9/1B/1 2` NOTICE - 331s rtzwas name statement expires five yearn from tbe date # was Fed on, m tbe offx:e of tbe my clerk. A  fictous b name statemem must be fld pdor to that da. The filing of this'stateme does not   authorize tbe use  th staze of a rlJdous bu.  n volath of tbe rhts of another und feberaf state1 or common law (ee Secth 14411. et seq., B&P COdo 10/4/12.10.91/12. 10/18/12,10/25/12 1479 RCTITIOUS EJSIN ESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012186642: The f6owhsi peon(s) islam dcng IxJn  JB VENTURES; IMAENERD ENTERPRISES. 18735-3 yam SL Normddge, CA 214; PO BOX 2252  CA 211O2-2252` JOS4JA BROW. 16700  St. #B6 GranadoHiUs, CA21344. Thebunmisoonducted b An ledhkJ has begun totransact business undo the r#m U name  nms listed bern on: NtA- stg,eth Joshua Brow, Owner. This stathment is fiisd with the County Clerk of LOS Arek Com on: 0/1  NOTICE - "GIS fiotJous name statm exphes five years from iAe dote t was filed o. in the offe of the county cterk. A new flots busn  statement must be filed prior to that date The filin9 of this statement does not of itse austodze the use in this state of a f-tis besinass name in otmn of the dghts of another unde federal state, or common law (ase Secon 14411, et seq., B&P COdo 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/1 2 1480 RcTmous BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12187358: The  peon(s) a do- busr..s as ART & SERTRUCStNG. 7OOO Costelth Ave. Van Nus, CA 914(;5. ARTUR MAROOYAN. 7OOO Coste6o Ave, Van Nuys, CA 914O5. The business  conducted b An Inddu has begun to tsact buness under the fiolit buness name or name listed hem on: N/A. SlRed: Arur Mardoya, Owne This statement is fiisd wfth the County Clerk of Los Angeles County : 9/19/12. NOTICE - This fic.beus  statement expires five yeats from the date 6 was flied on, @n ste office of tbe nty clerk. A  rous bu  statement mu be fiisd prior to thsi date. The fifir of this statement do n of  au- o,ze tbe  in th sze of a flotos buses name is oladon of tbe ,ht of arther u.dor fed stal, or common law (see Seoeon 14411. et seq., B&P Codo 10t4/12` 10/11/12, 10/18/12,16/25/121481 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012187359: The fo/Iowing pemos) is/am doing bes@ness as GAME BOX; GAME BOx USA; THE GAME BOX. 14810  St Van Nuys. CA 914O5. SARKIS TALASYAN. 14610 Cohasset St. Van Nuy, CA 914O5. The bu. is c ducthd by: An lediduaJ has begun to transact bune under the flofos Ixrms name  namas listed bern on: N/A Skneth Sands Ta6='--y, Owne This statenml s filed wtth the County C#erk of LOS Angeles Coumy on: 9tl 9/12. NOTICE - This ficou e  exp.es five years from st date  vms flisd on, in the  of tbe county cled A rw rbeus bmbess name statement must be 6led pbe to that date. "n!e rng of this sZament does .or of 6seff.austodze the use in this siAte of a fioo bu  m vbe of ste ,tgh of aother under federaJ state, or common isw (see Sect. 14411, of seq., B&P Code 10/4/12, 10/11/12,10/le/12,10/25//2 1482 FICTI'nOJ S BUSINESS NAME STATEMEN 2012187435: The ledo.Hng pemon(s) is/am dcthg bmnes as AAA & DMV SM(X; CHECK 21SPECTIONS. 9021 De SOto #A Cannga Park, CA 21 304. LUDWIG AGUCHAN. 2016 Cohasset SL #16 W,xa, CA 2136. Thb business  conducted b An thdhHdoal besbemlo*nsact busess under theflctousbsbs name or nan listed be on: W& Signed: indw Aju(;ha, Owne Ths stamem s Fd with the County Cisk of ins An@eles County on: 0/10/12. NOTICE - TEis fic6thx name ste- merit expires ve y from the date  was flied on, in the of 6ce of tbe county cist A  fiotous business name statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this stateme "does rt of 6eff authorize the use in this state of a flctous  name in vkadon of the dghts of anoster under fedoral state, or comrnon law (see Sectn 14411, et seq., EP Cede 10/4/12,10/11/12.10/18/12.10/25/12 1483 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STA1T=MENT: 2O12185153: The foong persons) b/am do- ing b,mrmss as AIRTIGHT SECURITY. 1513O Vemura Blvd. -st8 Stmlan Oaks, GA 914O3. MSM SSCURITY INC. 1512O Vemura Bhd. ra18 Sherman Os. CA 9140 Tbe bums is conducted by: A Corporation has begu to transact business under the flctm name or names listed here on: N/A, $ned: Nasser AngarkhiabanL Owner.  statement Ls fed wth the Couofy Cisrk of LOS Angeles Coumy on: 9/14/12. NOTICE - This  rmne stateme expins five years from the date tt was filed on, in the office of me couofy cisrk. A  fictJbeus buseas name mem must be filed pdor to tha date. The fng o 6s sate- merit does not f off authorise the use i1 ts ste of a flofous burners name h oLn of the rights of anotber'undor feder siAte.  commo isw (see Sec 14411. et seq., B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/10/12,10/25/121484 FICTmOS 8UStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012167716: The flowng pers(s) h/ dng business as POLKA DOT SUNDAE. 4344 W. Kling St. Burbank, CA 915O5. pIPER WSTrH. 4344 W K, ng St. Bufoank, CA 915G5. The busthess s conducted b An Individual has begun to transact  unger tbe fi6tk besness nan   listed hem on: N/A- Smd: Rber Wirth, Owner. 11WS ste6 is fied with the County Cisrk of LOS Angeles Cmm o: 13,12. NOTICE - Th rtou name statement expees e ys horn tbe date 6 was fd on, n the office of the county cleric. A new fictrdous U n'e  must be filed prior to that date. The fiBng of this statemem does not of se6 austodze #he uM in this ste  a 6ctous business  k vk)ladon of tbe rhts of anoe und fed'a state,  common w(seeSecdon14411,etseq,,B&PCode 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/10/12,10/25n21485 . FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEM6NT: 20121872OS: The foaowg petal(.) b/ dng business as ACELL PHONE REPAIR HISF- 5708 I.aksram SI. North Hollywood, CA 21(1. AAA CELL PHONE REPAIR FRANCHISE INC. 57(  sivd. Non HoUywood, CA 21601. The buWms soondocted by: A Corxao heebegutotramact busimms undo the flctitus Imirmss name or rmamm lisd hem o N/A. Sgned: Jaso. Takemoto, Owner. s statm is 6led wh tbe Coumy C#e of Los Anmths Co.,lty on: W10/12. NOTICE - Ths flclous name sathmerd em five year om ste dae  was 6led on, In the office of 1he oounty.led A new fictitious burms name W must be fid itor to tbet date. Tbe fVJng olstis stetement does nof of se6 autbe,tze me use in ths state of a fiofidous business nme In vloisdon of tbe right of ther undor feder stath, or common law (see Sectk 14411, et seq,, B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12.10/TE/1 2,10/25 2 1486 FIcTrrlouS BUSINESS NAME STA: 201218736 The  perxs) b/am doing m  LUCKY KEYS. 325 S. Crescent D Beverly I'. CA (16. YOAV 7JKEN. O26 N. Orlando Ave Q3O2 West Hofl'/d, GA 2O048. The bmness s coducZed b An Indoadu ham beam lo traraof busimms ueder tbe  bs nae or u Ithd bere o: N/A- Sgned: Yv Zaben, Ow,c hls statement is filed wh te County  of Los County on: 9/19/12. NOTICE - This 6ctttus name statement exp rr years from the date   filed . n the ofllce of the cour, ty cterk. A new flcstus bn rmme stament t be r,d p,or t that de. Tbe ng of this staterne does not of .ef auer.e me m n th slate of a fidUou bu#e--s name in violado, of he rt, ts of m undor fedor ate. or common isw (see Section 4411, et seq., B&P Codo 10/4/12.10/11/12.10/18/12, 1025/12 1487 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121877783: The folkv@g person(s) is/am do- ing bu  GOSHEN ENTERPRISE. 66OO Topanga Ca.y B.d: Canga Par C 913; 7OOO Vassar Ave. Canoga Park1 CA 913O4. "tlSRAEL ESTERSON. 7OOO Vassa Ave. C. oa Park, CA212O4. The busmmsis conducted by: Anlndhadua hesbeguntotransat bJness under the fictous bu.ness name or names Ited be on: N/A_ gned: Ymrasl 1 Owner. This statement is fiisd with the County Cisrk of Los Anges County o: 9/1W12. NOTICE - Ths 6cstkxm rmme statemem  fl- year from tbe de #  fed o.  the offl(;e of ste oouofy cisd A new flctous besmess name stazement must be filed ixr to th de. The fln of this statemem does not of hee austoze e ue n th state of a 6dibous t)srs  n oli of tbe d,ts of anotber u,xr lederal ae.  m law ( Page 14 Beverly Hilts.Weekly  14411, ed seq,, B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/10/12.10/20/12 1488 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012187821:  followg pe*-Joa(s) is/am doing  as JACKSON HEWITr TAX SERVICF  GOMEZ & ASSOCIATES. 674O La. Canyon Bled, North . C., 21 6OS. BEI C. GOMEZ. S74O Lau Ca.yo. EtNd NorthHoywood, CA216o6.'lebta'lessisconducted by: M Ii/ividu hesbegun to tamaof bedn undor tbe flctous buskes name or names isted hem o* WA Sgned: Bemardo C. Cm, Owner. n statemem is ed vath the County Cterk of ins AngUs Cmty on: 0/10/12` NOTICE - "n_s fic6ous name ofateraerd ex fie yeas horn the te 6 was filed . in the office of the county i:ted A new 6cttk>tm busthess nare stement must be fld pdo to that dath. The flng of st statement doas not of eff authodze the use kl th sate of a ficUdous bthes rwme  vkaben of me dghts of aned undor feded stt o vno law (see Sectk)n 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/'12.10/18/12, 10/25/12 1489 FICTWiOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012187921: ]%e folowing person(s) is/am do- klg busklass as NUTRI ZUMBA FITNESS. 12218 V-rotor/ Bhof. Nocth Hoflywoodv CA 91606. kRBEL G. MORA- 11637  SL North Hollyv.od, CA 21606. le 10tmine  conducted by: Anlnfivud bes begtobansact busklessundothefidJdousbu.ness name or rmes Isted here on: N/A. Signed: isabel G. Mora, Owns. is stathment is fiisd wist tbe County Ckwk of ins Angeles County on: 9/1O212` NOTICE - This  name stmemefft expires five yes  th date 6 wa 6d o. in b'e office ot the nty cisdc A new lctos business name smZement rmJst be fbd prior to stat do. e rang of th stmeme does n of se austodze the u kl Ube stme of a fictous bdness name m viofatn of the dgsts of  Lmder  m. o commo law (see Section 14411. et ., B&P Code 10/4/'12.10/11/12. 10/18/12.10/'25/12 1490 FICTITIOUS BUSINES  STATEMENT: 2012187911: "rim foflowi;lg person(s) is/m do- ing bdnem as LOS FEUZ LEDGER. 4459 Avocado SL Los AJ CA 027. ALLISON FERRARO. 1156 . V'-to A. Lo Az11 CA g(X)l 9. The bune4s is nductd by: An thdi'dal has begun to ITamact buskem urber tbe ficous bune name or names Ied here o N/A. Signed: NBso Ferrao. Owne This stathment is 6led with the County Clerk of Los Angek County o 9/19/12. NOTRE - ds ficffiom name statemont exples five years horn tbe date t was fid on. n ne office of the cou,dy clerk A new fictous busess name aeme mu be flied or to sta de. The fig of v enm does .or of se6 au- thodze the use in thLs stde of a rks busk name in vkla6o of the hts of another. under federal shem. o  Law (see Sectk 14411, et seq.. B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/121491 FICTITIOUS BUNESS NAJE STA: 20121879 The 1of lowing pes) is/are doing th#es as WFG DALJE PARTNER. 425 W, Broadway #111 Gleda/e. CA 21204, WFG C4.ENDALE PARTNerS, LLC. 425 W. B #111 Gkmdale, CA 21204. ]le busine is cokctedl: An thdhdua/ bes begun to lransaof buse u.ber tbefictousbuness rkne o* r rsted he : hUA. Shed: A,dm Sexonk, Ow.e ds stermmt s filed wi tbe County Clerk of Los Angek County  9/19/I 2` NOTICE - This 6dous name stat- merit expm fle yes horn the date 6 w fiisd on. in the office of the county cted A rlew us bub.m r.e statemem must be fiisd pdor to that date. The flg of th statemem does no of 6df  the use in th state of a fictibous business name in v.abon of Ue rights of lhe und edeJ state, or Gonallon law (see Sectkl 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10/4/'12,10/11/12,10/18/12.10/25/12 1492 FICTnOU BUSINESS N STATEMENT: 221 LPI 8245: The fo6owing pe is/ae do Ixneas as CAMILAS FO(JCE WHOLESALF- 254O Johnsto St. Los Angek CA 6O031. ROBLES  JA U.C. 254O Jotsto SL ins Angek CA g0031. The berne.s s conducted by: A Cofi0orao. hes begun tobamact business uder the hct(x business name or name Ksted hem on: WA. Sied: Jorge RobUes, Owner. This siAtemem is fil wth the County Clerk of Los . Coun'y on: 9/21/12. NO'lICE - lis fictitious nee sttemerd  five years Tom the date it was filed on, in e office of the county ckk. A new 6cbous busess name statement must be filed px to that ddo. The flEng of  statement does not of bm6 authom the use in st state of a ficffik)us bdmms name n violabon of the rights of anther under fde sd m common law ( Section 14411, (d seq.. B&P Code 10/4/12, 10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/12 14g RCTITIOUS EJStNESt NAME STATEMENT: 201LPI846: The foNov pes) is/am do- ing busnes as CALIFORNIA CAPITAL INVES'ItENT GROUR 15650 Devon.m St. #102 Granada Hiisl. CA 21 344; 1640 W. 31d St. #B Los Angek)s, CA 2O0171 MY REAL ESTATE ESCROW CORR 15650 De,mlshk SL 2102 Granada HlgS, CA 21344. The busess Is con- ducted b. ACooran bes beguntotransact undor tbefictous bens ne or nau listed hem o 0/10/12` Si.ed: Joe Campos.  1;-s stamnent is flied wh tbe Couofy Ck'k of ins Angeles County  st21/12` NOTICE - s ficUous name state- rnent expires 6re 's horn the d,e t  filed on, in the of 6ce of the county clerk. A new fict0s busess narne saement mu be filed prior to that de. ]1 fing of th statemeet does not of elf authorize the use in mis state of a fic6tk)us besiness nne in  of tbe ts of anoster unck fkr siAt, o  law (see 8ecUo 14411, et seq.. &P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/12 1494 BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012189387: le fogong pem0s) is/ do- klg b4Jsims as ONSTAR SMOKE  1123 E Cokedo St. , CA 21 2O5. ONSTAR MANAGJ-:IENT GRO/JP INC. 1123 E Coforado SL CJe<hde, CA 21205. The 10siness is  docted by: A has begun toansact besthes undor tbeficUous busine name or name rmte bern o N// Smd: Aram Gdgonra Pre,don ns  s filed w6h the Cowry Cleck of Lo  County o: /21/1 2. NOTICE - Th ficsithus rme stammlt exp.es five years horn thedate t was fiisd on, il tbe office of the county ckl A ew fictous  name stazernent must be filed poor lo that date. The fng of this stathment does nof bf #self a me  in this state of a fic b  in V,o of the dgh of an(he 0nde fede4 slate, or co.talon law (see Seon 14411, et seq;, B&P Code 10/4/12, IO/11/12.10/18/110/25/I 2 1495 FIcTrn(YS BUSt NESS NAM E STATEMENT: 2012181: The following pen(s) is/am dothg besess  SAIr JOSEPH HOME CARE SERVICES. 7730 Wo0dnmn A. Apt 44  City, CA 21 44. MARILYN PALYG#,R. 772O Woodmn Ave. Apt 44 Pa<aa City, CA 21 4O2 ]11e busnem;coucted by: An Individual has begun to b'ansact business uderPlefic6- tk)es bmne   names r, sted bem on: WA. signed: Madlyn Pagar, . n statement is fged with the County Cisd of Los Angeles County on: 0/21/12` NOTICE - This f6beus name sCaternent  five ye flora e bete t was filed on, n ste office of tbe unty ck A new fiot b name ste must be filed i to mat d. The fllkg of s statemeet does not of sf autherize me use in ts sme of a fictJous business  in vk)kon of tbe dghts of anotber under fedend s4me,  comnol v (see Sec 14411, et seq.. B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/1"2,10/10/12,10/20/121496 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012189464: The foHovlg pemos) /are dng blmess as CS & M CLEANING SERV]GES; CS & M 5ERnCES. 13163 Braofod SL Adet CA 91331. SRGIO CABRERA LLALOBO MUMTAZ SHAIKH. 12163 Branford St. Ailet CA21331. The busmems by: ttusbedand e besbnguntoaasact bd.s nes undor tbe fiofitks bsmess name or nam listed bern on: WA. Signed: SeRliO Galxera  Ths smmt s Ifed wth tbe County Clerk of Los Angek County : 9/21/1 2 NO1]CE - s ficUfiou n.ne st;demem  re years from the dae a was filed , in the office of the coflty ckK. A new fi I  stterlt musft be ed pdo to that dae. The fi,ng of thi statement does no( of itself authorize the ue in  state of a fictitio business name in 0kdion of ste dghts of another'under feder state, o common law (see  14411, et sq. B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12`10/25/121497 RCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12189348: The alov.ng perish(s) /am do- @rig bune as EL PRECADOR. 10( Tna SL San Femado. CA 21 340. MONICA R. OSOR"O. 12T/7 San Femando Rd, Sldmar, CA 21342. "ne business is conducted by: An led,dua/ has begun to b'ansact business uncle the fictitiot Ix,kess name or frames isted he on: WA- Shed: Monk I Csomo. Owner. 7 stmemem Zs 6led  the Com Clerk of Los Anges County o: 0/21/12. NOTICE - Th -titious name statement  five yea from the date t was fied on, in fle office of the county clerk. A new ficbous  murle statement rmt be raed pn to mat dote. Tbe finng of this statt doas not of 6se6 au- modze the use in this sta of a fiofibmm bdnes nmle in olaben of the ghts of qnother .Jnder federal 4ae,  conmo bzw (  14411. et I., B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12. 10/18/1 2,10/'25/12 149 F1cTmous BUSINESS NAME STAIEMENT: 2012189O26: The  person(s) s/  as MRY RC/, U_C. 13365 'vItura BhKL Sherman Oaks, CA 21423. MULLBERRY ROW LLC. 132O5 'fltura Bl'*d.  Oak:s, CA 21423. "rile b.usiness is cor ducted by: A Limed Uzcl Coy hasbeguntotransactbuineunderthefictou busme name or name Ibt ed here o: 12/.. Signed: Aiicia Torldin, Owne "nds state- mere is filed vath the County Ckrk of ins Angeles County on: 9/21/1 2- NOTICE - Ths ficttous name statement exbees five years from the date 6 as filed o,  tbe office of the coumy cled A new tous btmness name stateme must be fed plthr to that date. 111e filing of th suet does not of ileff almx)rize the UN in  ste of a flous 10usiness  in vkon of th ri of another undetr dl sa, or common aw (N Seon 14411, et se., B&P Code 10/4/12,10/11/12.10/10/12,10/'25/12 14g FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME,STATEMENT: 201218: le following person(s) is/s/are doing   ADVANCED SOLAR Sou.mONS. 14431 Veto%ca st'.l. #104 sta Oaks. CA 21 423. NUNE S6.AKYAN. 63.5 E. Eknwood Ave. 21 21 Bur CA 21501. The busir4ss is con- ducthd b An thddu besbeJntobansact burundthefictousbuessname o na Ksed here : 0/t/07. S.ed: Ntme Sayn, Ovme. TW, S  s flisd wth  Coumy Qerk of Lo Angek Coumy 0: 0/21/12. NOllE - This 6ctx name statement  fi..e yars fm the ate #  fithd on, , the omc of tbe county cle A new t,ous bsbs  steent  be red po to thet daze. Tbe 6Kg of th stament does not of 6setf austorise the USe in this state of a fictitious burners nare in violation of the dghts of aothe under feder seine, o common law (see Sectthn 14411. et seq., B&P Code 10/4/12, 10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/12 1500  BUSt NES NAME STATEMENT: 201217887G:. The folkwng peJon(s) /am do- ing business as C-MS MOTORS. 45 Eltof  2107 Cu/ver City, CA 90230. M'4AEL WAStt21GTON; GNL WASHINGTON. 5877  Culver Cy, CA g026o. The bue ZS codocted W: Ht0ad ad de has begu to tramact buness und the flctus I: ne nae or naes listed hem on: WA. gned: Micha & Ga Wahingtoe. Owe ]b;-s statemem s fid wst tbe Co.my Ck.l( of Los Angekm Cou.ty on: st06n- NONCE - Th fic6dous nae satemem  6re years/tom the date 6 vms led o n me office of tbe oounty cled A new r,d:s bune name ement must be ed Prkx to that date. The r9 of ts stmemem does n of e authorize tbe ue  Uds state of a fYs brs name m vioko  me dghts of anofJ uede fedel se, or comm lew (see  14411, et seor. B&P Code IO/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/121501 FIcTmous BU.21r NAME STATEMENT: 20121 ;'126: The foaowing peo(s) b/a;e do - CA 230. MICHAEL WASHINGTON; GAlL WASIt21GTON. 577 Dove-wood Culver C, CA9O26O. Tbe busines is conducted by: Husbend ad'*te has begun to nr=act bu- r,s und the ficsius Ixdms name or  Ibded bern on: WA- Shined: Mha S C.I  Owner& "rls stab.-em  6led wire e County Cled( of Los Sageks  on: 0/31/12. NO]lCE - .' 6cstmB nanm #beet q0kes 6e year from ste date t was ed on, n the omoe of U oounty cr A new rous berne.s name sta-net mu be fied pdo to thet dat e rng of uds smment does ot of lf authorize the uu in 1Ns sa  w {m st( 14411, et q., 6,P CIS 10J4/12` 10/11/12,10/112,10/2/12 15)2 FICTITIOUS B,UINESS NAME STA1]EMENT: 2O12179O28: The foaovng betson(s) s/are do- kg bunee  D.N.S. SOLUTIONS INC. 2O03 Independeflt S Woodlamd I-BIs. CA 91364. D.N.S. SOLUTIONS INC. 2206olndebendet st. Woodla, H CA916O4. "nebtmnessis oonducted b. a hasbegontonnuct buneundor tbe6cmsbmlnes name o  isd he o hUA- S.ed: Lena ScoU. FmdoL "ns slkmlent s flied vath me Coumy Clk of ins Anges County o 912. NONCE -  fictitious name statemem ex'es fi yea h'11 th, da Jt  fikd , in the om( o the cottony fe4t A  f(ifu bemes name statement must be filed px to that de. The firing of is stmement doas ot of 6se authorize the use in this state of a flctotm busthe name in viol6on of the nght ol a trader federaJ state, or common law {see ec6o 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10.'4/12, 10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25,'12 150 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTTrlous BUSt NES NAIVlE Rle NO. 22134O Date Red: O2.2/09 Nmne of BLnes: ABRAHAM TRUCKING 7617 Kraft Ave. North , CA 2165 Registered Owne MERCEDES MARTINF.Z 6550 Kraft Ave. Nor th HoUywood, CA 91606 Current Fde : 2O1212O810 Date: 09/18/12 PublLsbed: 10/4/12,10/11/1 2,10/18/12.10/25/12 1503 NOTICE OF APPUCA'nON FOR CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE UCENSE Dte of Fng : September 12, 2O12 To Whom 6 May C.oncen The Name(s) of the Appcars) iis 'm: AGUA RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE INC Tbe applicanth Imted aboe are a)plying to the  of Ak:oholic Be,erage Control to se cohclic beverages al: 424 N BEVERLY DR BASEMENT  BEVERLY HILLS, CA 9O21O-46O2 Type of license(s) applisd fo 47-6e GeneraJ Eath,g Place S BUStNERS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12195224: The thowg person(s) is/am dog buU as DELTA RNANCING. 26O38 Badvan FL steveso Ranch, CA 21381. STVEN WATANABE. 17334 Coast Redwood in. Canyon CouW, CA 216O7;  LAMBE. 260 Baldwm Pl. son , CA 213st. The bdss is conducted b A  Parmership has begun to tnmsact bune under the 6ctous b,mess  x nm listed here on: N/A. Sned: steven Watanabe, Pannec This statement is filed wth the County Clerk of ins Anges Cout on: 9/20/12. NOTICE - This fictous nane statemem exams fNe years from the date  was faed on, in tbe office of the nty ckk. A new fiodous bu- ness name statemord must be flkd pdor to tha date. The filing of th s*temem does not of ,;elf authedze the use n this state of a  bo.nes nare in volao of the rights of aotber ueder fedor state, or common law (see  14411, et seq., B&P Codo 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/2O 2,11/1/12 1504 FICTITIOUS BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012191248:  foflowg persons)/b/am dog besmess as FLORENCE ANG6LSl LLC. 8142 Lur, ne Ave. Wnnea. CA 213O6. FLORENCE ANGELS, LLC. 8142 indke Ave, Wnnetk CA 913O6. The buness is codducted by: A Umted Uabey Combeny has begin to transact business undor tbe  bushless rune (x  sted here on: N/A. Sgned: Joan Burges. CEO. Ths saement s filed wh tbe County Cisk of Los Angeles County On: W25/12. NOICE - This ficlcs name slatret eqms fNe yes horn the date  was flied on, in the offie of the county cleric- A new ratk)u Ixness name statemem must be filed p,r to that date. The Fkg of this stmemem   of sef austodze the use n ths state of a fictitious busnes name in vkadon of ste rghts of anotbe undor fedoa stmel or common aw ( Secdon 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/12,1/1/12 1505 FICTITIOUS StJNSSS NAME STATEMENT: 2012188784:'n:e flovang person(s) is/am dog thne as FIIDE FLOW PLUMBING. 12752 Bradley Ave. Sylmar. CA 21342. FRANCISCO TORREZ.12752 BredleyAve.Sylmar, cA 21342. The benessiscorxgJcted by: An Individual has begu. to tramact buske und tbe rlcstu busess name   Ited he : WA. Sgned: FralPsco Tormz, Owe Ths statemem is filed w#h the Coumy Crk of Los Angeks County on: 0/20/12` NGTICE - This  name statement bxlms five years from the date # wa'6kd , in the office of the county ckk A new  budne name stme- mere must be filed pdor to that date. Tbe filing olthis statemem does not of  thonze the use is this state of a fictPoue bun name in olax of 1be dghts of another under febeJ state,  cornmo aw'{see Sect;on 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10/11/12.10/10/12, t2,11/1/12 1506 FICITK)US BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12196233: The  beon(s) ib/ae do- mg berne.s as ID UFE GUARO;. 229 N. Centa Ave. #210 GleedaJe. CA 21 2O. ARIHUR NATANYAN. 22O N. Centr A'e, #210 Caedae. CA 91 2O. Tbe bu is condocted b An IndhduJ has begun to transact bsiness undor tbe fictous  name o names sted bern on: W#. Sjed: Arthur Natanynl Owne This statement is flisd wth tbe Coumy Ck.-k of Los Angeles  on: 9/24/12. N0]CE - This fitous name statement expi five years 6ore the date 6 wa fied on, h the office of tbe county cled A new fiofous bu- nes name stateme*d mu be flkd plior to that date. The fl,ng of this statement does not of hsf authorize tbe use n this state of a fictous bunesa  in olatk)n of U rhhts of aotber uder  state, or commo w (  14411. et seq., SSP Codo 10/11/12. 10/18/12,10/25/12,11/1/12 1507 FICTITIOUS 8USINERS NAME STATEMENT: 201219O484: The fedong pson(s) b/am dbe benass as 155 GLOTR21G. lo203 Weybum Ave. Los Aigeles, CA 9(24. NAZANIN ARAN. 18618 C.ollb's st. #2S Tarzar. CA 21356. The buness is conducted by: Anlnghdo has bngun lo transact beness ueder te ficaous buneas name or name listed here on: N/A- Sged: Nazardn Arab, Owner. This statement is 6k)d wth the County Ck)rk of ins Agees ' County : 9t24/12. NOTICE - Ths 6c6tkus name statermmt expkes rr/e years horn the e 6 vms rded ,, in tbe office of tbe county cerk. A new 6ctous bmkess name slatemem must be flted prk to thin dote. The fing of this statemem does t of self au6rze e use in thin state of a ficttUous burners name n vk)kdon of the dghts of anotber undor fedo4 state1 or common law (see Sec6on 14411, et seq., RSP Code 10/11/12,10/18/12,10/2SI12, 11/1/12 1506 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201219O467: The fk)ng pern(s) ha dokg as H.I.S. LOANS AND REAL ESTATE CO; H.L$. LOANS.  Wshm Blvd. #301 Beverh/ Hb, CA 9O211. ANDREW STERUNG BAIL BOND INC; 9O25 Wlbedre stvd. " BedyI-Bb.CAg0211. Thelxksisconducted b A bes begun to b-ar-,-t bu.'ness ruder tbe fictous beness name or name listed bern on: N// Sgned: Andrew stealing, C.E.O. This statement is filed with the County Cerk of Los Angeles County on: 9/24/1 2` NONCE --ThLs fictous name statemenl exp Fe years from the date t  fikd o, n the office of tbe coumy cb/k. A new fictus buness name tatement must be fed pror to that date. The filing of this statement does not of its;f authorize tbe use n ths state of a fictous bunes name in vkdaUon of tbe hts of anotber ud feder state, or common isw (see Sectio. 14411, et sed., B&P Code 10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/12,11/1/1215(;9 FICTITIOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12174:  fong person(s) Ware dog business  DECKOUGHTS INC. 1O235 Glenoak.s Blvd. Unit A  CA 21331. DECKOUGHT$ INC. 10235 Gk.as Bv. Unit A Pccma. CA 91331. Tbe bnes is  ducted by: ACorporation has beg totansact buness under thefic6x bunem rBme or name listed hem on: N/A. Sned: Jose Nicolas Medina Pere. Predet. This statement is 6kd wh tbe Coumy Clerk of Los Angeles Connty on: O/24/12. NOTICE - This flc6t  stathnB  five years horn the date it was filed on, is the office of the county c/erk. A new fictk>us besles name m must be filed po to that date. The flng of ths state- mere does ot of ,eff autbedze ste use  this state of a ficadou W name n V, olo of the rlgtds of anotber undor federa state, or common law (see  1441:1, of seq., B&P Code 10/11/12`10/18/12`10/25/12,11/1/121510 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1219O226: The fkwng per(s) is/am doing buras as CJ SUILD AND REPAIR. 8473 Quartz Ave. Wnnetk CA 913O6. COREY JOHNSON. 8473 Qualz Ave. W'mne CA 913O6. The business is ongucted b An Inghku bes begun to trmsact bukes undor tbe  bumes name or names listed bern on N/A Shaed: Coy Jon. Owne TIS stateme.t  fed vath the County Ckk of b0s/geles County on: 9/24/12` NOTICE - This fiotious Pa.e statement expires five years horn the da 6 was filed o. m tbe office of tbe county cled A  ficous buses name statemem must be ed prx to star date. The 6"rig of ttds stalement does not of se authc- dze 1be use in thin state of a ficti6ous budnes name n vk)atJon of e dghts of another undor  state, o  law (see SecUcn 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10/11/12,10/18/12, 10/25/12,11/1/12 1511 FIC11TIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012190176: The fk)vang person(s) s/ doing txness as UON GROUR 6O45 Noble Ave. #an Nuys. CA 2145. MANUEL DALYAN. 6645 NobleA..Van NuyS. CA21405. Tbeburisconthctedb AnlndhduaJ has begunlo tasact business undor the fiof;lJous n rme or nanes ted hem on: N/A- .gned: Manuof Dalya., Owne This  is fi/ed with tbe County Clerk of ins Angeles County on: 0/24/12. NONCE - ls fictk)u  statercem  five years from the date  w'as filed on, in the office of the county clerk. A new ficlJdo bune rme statement must be fiisd pdor to that date. The 61big of this statement does not of ed authorize the n this state of a s bunes name in vladon of the rights of anotber und fedend state, or m law {see  14411 ,.et seq., B&P C(x 10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/12. 11/1/121512 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012191263: The follo peter,s) Ib/am doing buttress  SOUARE MOON; SOUARE MOON DESIGN. 642 Moulton Ave. eWS ins Angeles. CA 6O01. VLADUNA SYRKIN. 642 Mouton Ave. #W6 Los Angek CA 6O6Ol. ;le buness is COnducted by: An Inddul has begun to transact bdness under the cUbeus buness nme or names listed here on: N/A. gned: dna Syrisn, Owner. This statement is filed with the County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: 9/25/12. NO]ICE - This fictflk)us name statement expires fe ye-s horn tbe date 6  flisd on, in the office of the unty  A new fictraous bvadnes$ r'ne statemem mast be Bed pnor to star date. The firing of this state,-et does not of tf authorb.e tbe ue in Uds stme of a ficttkm b name in voaU,0n of the rkts of aotber undo fedor state, or commo law (m Sdon 14411, et seq., B&P Codo I0/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/12,11/1/12 1513 FICTmOUs BUSINESS NAME STA]MENT: 2O12191355: The th6ovang persors) is/ dng bumas ALL VALLEY DETAILERS. 8251 Cumbus Ave. Panorama Cy, CA 214O2. MAYRA VELASCO- SOUS. 16156 Brand sly. Misskx H, CA 21 345. ' The buness is ccducted by: An IndMdoal has bngun to ba,.sact I:umes ude the flcou busises name or name listed he on: WA. Sd: Mayra 'uco- So, Owne s statement is filed with tbe County Cterk of Los AWes Coumy on: 9/25/12. NOTICE - T,s 6ctUous  statemem ebes Fwe yeara from the date it was fiisd on. in Ihe office of ste county ced A new fictious bu..d rmme statement must be filed pdor to Ut dine. The fiisg of th satement does not of '.elf austodze ste ule in this state of a fictous Ixnes name In ,olafion of tbe rghts of another under federa state, or common isw {ee Seofion 14411, et q., B&P Codo 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/12,11/1/12 1614 FICTrlXXIS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012191721: The following per..on(s) b/are doing bus  HOME D-COR NA'nON. g4 Y Commeme A. TUlUng CA 91042` ARDEN BESIGN Ik:;.34 Ave. T#U,nga, CA91042` Thebtmneaisconduofed by: A Corporation bes begun to transact m undor tbe fictthus buness namd  u Isted bere on: N/A. Skied: An;be</ Sahtha. , Th Itament s filed web tbe County Clerk bf Loa Angeiss County o: 0/25/1 2` NOTICE - This ficaous name statemem expi five yean from the date 6 was flied on. in the office of ste coumy clk. A  ficUthx busthess name statemem must be flied prk to that dote. The filing of this staleme.t doas not of itss;f authorize the use in this state of a fictitious bdrms nae n ob:e of tbe dghts of aother under fedor stme.  m law (see SecUo. 1411, et q. B&P Code 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/12,11/1/12 1515 FICnTIOUS BUSt NESS NAME STATEMEST: 2O12121 841: The  peon(s) s/m dong bunesas LJ JONES,1444O IXchemSt 311Sherman Os. cA 21423. ELIZABEIH LOLA ALANI. 9O24 14440 Diskens RL 211 Sbemm (aks. CA 2142O. The bua.em is condocted by: An Indhdua has begu to  buskss urmr the ctous buse m  namas listed hem on: N/A. Signed: E]beth Lota Aiai Owne This dmemem is filed wist tbe County C4erk of ine Angek,s County on: St2S/12. NOIlCE - This fictous name statement exp five yea*s h,0m tbe date 6 was eaed on, in the office of tbe coumy ck'k. A ew ficbeus bu- ness name s.dement nof be fikd pn(x th b'at dofe. The fl6.g of this stofement does not of 6self autberze the ue is this state of a fictous Ix name n vkato, of tbe rgMs of anotber u.ber fedor stme. or commo aw (see Seco 14411. et seq.. B&P Codo 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/12,11/1/12 1516 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121 21 741: e following per.JOS) ib/am dog thne as MED GLOVES. 2423 Foothill sivd. #A2) in Crescent CA 21214; RO. 8OX 12434 inta. CA21214. ALLEN SAHAXIANS. 34'r W. stocher #1(xCa, endale, cA 21202; JILBERT . 2423 Foothill Bvd. #A20 La  CA 91214. The busi- sconductJ by: AnlndMdua| besbeguntolmum/ertbe6cbeu berne.s name or names rmed be o W& Smth Allen  .  sttemem s filed wth ste County Ckk of in Angeles Couofy o: 25/1 2. NOTICE - Tls 6ctous nme statement expbes five yea from tbe de  was filed o. in ste ofce of me courdy ck. A n fic6dous m name statement mt= be fded pdocto that dale. The fi[,ng of this stat mere does not of self authorize the m  ths state of a ficttk>us berne.s n,'ne in V,oa'aon of tbe Hghts of aother undor federa siAze,,r common kw/(see  14411, et eq., RSP Code t0/1 1/1 2,10/18/1 2,10/20/12,11/1/12 1517 BUSINESS NAME STATIEMEWr: 2012191544: The thlo.,ng per's) is/am do- - ISgbinNsas. R+ZJEWF.IRY. 16o18 Nodal St. SantaClaa. CA21351. RNED MAOUAS. 18818 Nadal St. Santa Ctada; CA 21 351 The bmeas is condocted b An bxh4do ha begun to ramact busass undo me flc6dous buse nan or u tel hem on: N/A- Signed: Raeid Maou. Owne This stemem is fitKI wrth the Courdy Cterk of ins Angebs Coumy on: 9/25/1 2` NO'riCE - This 6ctous name stsiemet expires five yearn horn tbe date 6 was filed on, in tbe office of ste county cerk. A new flcthk)us besL ne,- name statemem must be ed prior to mat date. Tbe flng of ths stateme.t does not of med authorize ste use n ts sate of a ficBous budnem name n V, otaon of e rights of aotber udor fedora sde, or common  (see Secdon 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/12.11/1/12 1618 F BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012194O86: The  pemon($) is/am doing bnm a E3AUTO SN_ES& LEANG. 11660dura std. Stedk)Cty. cA212o4, YEGIA KECHEJIAN. 6440 Agnes/we. #2 Nxth Holly,od, CA 21 106. The busngss is conguct ed by: An Indkdua| has begu to b-asact buskss ueder the ficdous business name or name Nsted hem o: N/& sigled: Yea , Owne. Ths statement is fibd wth tbe County sleek of ins Angeles Coumy : 8/27/1 2. NOTICE - Thin ficUous name etatement exn fie years horn tbe de  was flied o, n tbe omce of ste coumy cleric. A new flctWous budo .ess name statemem mut be fed p.o to at date. The fing of ths statement does not of se6 autbedze tbe use zn this state of a 6cUdous busaes name k vk)lon of the rights of anoster undor  scare, or mn law (see Section 14411. et seq., B&P Cobe 10/11/12, 10/10/12,10/25/12,11/I/12 1519 FIC BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12193454: The fk>wng persons) L/m doing beness a AMAG SPECUU.TY COACHING. 1124O Magneda Bd. #1O2 North Hc4ood, CA 212Ol. ARTOUR VERDYAN. 46O Vme st  CJenda/e. CA 212O4. The business s con - docted by: An hasbnguntobasacZbusnessundotheficttk=usbusW, assname or u sted hem on: N/_ signeth Aitour Veyan, Ome Thks sCatm is ed wth the County Cterk of ins Angeiss County : St27/1 2 NOTICE - Tras hcou nae statement expires 6re years from the doth  vs fied o., n the offce of ste countycisd A new fictous bune name statement must be 6led pdor to star dote. The firg of th sbement does not of itself au11cdze the use in this state of a fictous burners name in vkdon of the rights of another unber leder state, o commo law (ase Secon 14411, et seq., B&P Cede 10/11/12, 10/18/12,100/12,11/1/12 1520 RCTR'IOU BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O121 537: The folth.,,n9 pe(son(s) b/are dothg bednes as. ELR CttOICE DRF.Dr. 144O2 Hay.es RL O206 Va Nuy. CA 1401. CHOICE PROPERn NC. 144O2 Has SL  Van Nuy. CA 21401. The beness h; conducthd bc A hasbeguto businessundortbefic6ousbusinas name or names Ibted hem on: W/L Signed: Ray  Ome l"lds statemeof is filed wth tbe Coumy Clerk of ins Angek County on: 0/27/12. NOllCE - This ficsikxm name statemem eqms five years horn tbe dine 6 was filed on, in me office of the coonty cled A new flctous U name saeent U be filed prior to that date "rim Fing of  statemerd does not of seN austodze the u n th stae of a e, ctJous business name in V, oko of the rht of ar, o und fedra scare, or commo aw ( Sec 14411. e asq., B&P Cede 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10r25/12,11/1/12 1521 BUSINESS NAME STAIMENT: 20121963: The folthwthg bem:s) Ib/am doing buaneIas. ASTANAUTOSERV1CF- 84O N. WetemAve. LosAnges, CA2o02o. KARO GRGORUN; EDWIN SAF/I; NORIK AZIZIAN. 84O N. Western Ave. Los Ange CA O202O. The busnesscoKcthd b AGeneral Parmership. has begun to tnmeact buneasunder ste flc6tk)us besthess name or u lis'ted here on: N/A. signeth Karo Gdgoda, Parmer.   is filed wiS', the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on: 9t27/1 2` NG]CE - This 6tisus nme stement expires five years horn tbe dine t was Ied o is the om( of the county ckrk. A  ficUthx*s buskess.name statement must be filed pber to that date. The fleg of ths stazemeof does not  =elf aiAhodze tbe m n ths stme of a fictoas busnes nae in vk)dk)n of the nts of anost unber feder sate, or comrn r,v (see  14411, et se., B&P Cobe 10/11/12.10/18/12.10/25/12.41/1/121522 BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121 6O461: The th6owisg person(s) s/am doing beness REFLECTION BEAUWSPA BYK& M. 2431 HonokdUAve. Mmmse, CA21O20, ASI-WJ4EN DJEREDJIAN. 2431 Ho4ulu Ave. I.dme, CA 91(0. The buse s conduct ed by: A  Parstership. has begun totrar, mof bdr,(s uder tbefictixm buskss name o n 'ted hem : WA- Sed: Anlkben Oemdjian. O.mer. "ns statement is faed wth the Coumy Clerk of Los Angeiss Coonty n: 9.'27/1 2. No'nCE - This f*.'6tisu name sttemem exams fise year horn the date  was filed on, in the office of tbe county ck*t A rw fictPaoes bum name statemem must be fed por to stat din. The fi|ng of tNO statemem does not of P'.e;f autber'-e the use is ths state of a fictous bu name in vk)ln of tbe dghts of another under fede stme, or common isw (see  14411. et seq.1B&P Code 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10Z5/12,11/1/12 1523 FICTmOUs BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012193462: The foe, owg pe,o(s) h/am doing Ixnesas. TICKET CLEANERS. 52O E. WISO Ae. r220 C-;ed.,CASt26. KAStNE BASMADJIAN ESQ. 520 F_ Wlbon Ave. r220 Gkmdae. CA 9126. The hesisas is coeducted by: AnlndkduaL hasbnguntoUansact busk'msundertbebedess names listed bern o: N/A. Siged: Kade Basmadjlan Esq, Ovmer. 11.s statement is filed with the Couofy Cleck of LOS Angeiss Courdy on: 0/27/1 2` NO'RCE - This fic6thx name statement exm  years Ircm tbe date   ,ed , t. tbe office of me county ck. A new fictous business rne statement must be filed prise to thet date. The filing of this statennt does not of P.self authorize tbe use n ths state of a flcsiks bu,'dness name n vkaton of tbe dgsts of aomer unber fedom stme. or common kw (see Secdon 14411, et Nq., B&P Code 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/'25/12,11/1/12 1524 FICTmOUS BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121941 O9:  foflowkg person(s) Jam dng bushings s. THE NINETIES CLOTHING. 29321 N. Hacienda Ranch CL Vaisnc CA 91354, JOSHUA NA'rHAN CPJSS. 2g21 N. Hackda Ranch Ct. Valencia. CA 21 354. The buses is conducted b An Inddo has begun 1o transact bUS;heSS urger the us budness rne or B Usted be on: N/A- .Sged: Joua Cdss, Owe This statement is ed wth the County Oerk of Los/vgeles County on: 9/27/1 2. NOTICE * Thin ficUou nne statement expire fie yeas flora the date it was fi/ed on. in the office of the courtly ced A new flclous Ixneas .ae  mu be fikd pdo to  date. e ng of th stmt does not of tse6 ambenze tbe m kl ths tate of a fictous buamess nare n vthlatk) o the rghts of anothe uder fedeed state, or common isw (see Section 14411, et q.. B&P Code 10/11/12, 10/18/12,10/25/12` 11/1/12 1525 F1CTffKX/S BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O1219,1175: The fo6ong persons) b/m dc- g bulde as. AM POOLSSRVlCE &SUPPUES. 120gV.-owen st. 21 NO Hdhwood, CA 916O5. ARAYIK MARnROSYAN. 12009 Vanowe SL #1 Nocm Hh/ood.cA 916oS.Tbe besconductedby: An thdhduaL hasbngutobansact b*mrmundther,ous benes name or name ted hem on: WA. Sh;ed: Arayk Ma*Jrosya. Owner. Ths stats- merit is filed wth the Co.dy Cisrk of Los Angeles County on: 9/27/1 2` NOTICE o This Ictitlous name statemem  fie yeers horn ste date t was filed , n the offce of the cowry cleck. A new  burners name tatement must be filed prior to that date. Tha filing of - this statemem does not of self authorize the ue in this state of a fic6tous bu.ness name ;n olaon of the rights of nother under federa state, or common law (see Secto 14411, et seq., B&P COdo 10/11/1 2,10/10/12,10t25/12,11/1/1 2 1526 FICTITIOUS NESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012194708: e  pe,on(s) is/ dog ben;sas. GLAMOUR LASER AND BEAUW. 13761 rctoyk. VaNuys, CA 214O1. 2HAKUN AGARONYAN. 1744 Glenwood Rd.  CA 212o1. The buness is condoted by: An Indhadu. besbegu1otraract ber, ess undormerusburs name or names list ed here o: N;A- Signed: Z]aklin .%uo,nyan, Ow.er. This statemem is fiisd wP.h the County Clerk of Los Angek Coumy on: 9/27/12. NoICE - This fictous  stat met expires five yea's from the date # was ed on, in tbe of 6ce of the county cisrk. A new ficstkJs buneas name statemem must be flisd prkx lo star date. Tbe fing of this statemem does not of  auodze the use n ths state of a fictous busk. ame in vk)lafion of the rights of another unbe isdoral state, or commo law (see Secon 14411, et seq., B&P Code 10/11/12,10/18/12,10/25/12.11/1/12 1527 F;C1T1X)US BUSINES NAME STATEMENT: 2012194939: The th6owg perxs) is/am dog benese as. THE LAND OF MILK AND MOMMY. 14320nturastvd.#180Sberman Oks, CA 21423. CHRISIE ROSENTHAL 1432O Vetura si-,d. #180 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. le busnes is conducted by: An didu. has begunto b''sact buness uoder theficts buueas rkme or names ted bern on: N/A..signed:  Romth. Owner. s state- ment ; ed with the County Cle of Los Angeles County o.: 0/2fl/12. NOI"CE - This fictitious name scm,m,t expires  years from tbe doze  ras filed o. in me office of tbe county cisd A rmw fict busine name ssttennt must be filed prior to thet date. The 6ling of ths statemem does not of 6serf autherze tbe use in -,is se of a fictous besmes name. in olaon of tbe rights of aotber undor fedora state,  m aw (see Secon 14441, et seq., B&P Code 10/11/12.10/18/12,10/25/12,11/1/121528 BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012185SI: The fowng pecss) ib/am doing busness  YUKOBLOSDMC, FLORN_DESIGNBYYUKO. 166 Burbank stvd. r.-0e Fco, CA 21316. YUKO G. 16is ank sivd. O20 Enco, CA 21316. Tbeburmssiscoductedby: An thdduaL hasbegontobeact Wunder the 6cstos bess n.e  names listed bern o. N/A. gned: Yuo Am-- Sag O*er. Ths statemer, t m raed wth me County Ckrk of Los Angeles Coumy : 9.S/12- NOTICE - Ths fictitious name stdem(mt expires five yeer horn the dath it was NOd on, is e office of 6e coumy clerk A new faUous bd name statement mut be fd p.or to that date. Tbe filkg of tlds stament does .o of e;f authorize tbe ue in this ste of a fidatk)us buness .ame in "aolaben of the lhts of anoster undor feber stae, or m la.w (see Seoton 14411, et seq.. EP Codo 10/11/1 2` 10/1S/12,10/25/12,11/1/1 2 152O FICTITI(XJ; BUSt NSSS NM/ STATEMENT: 2O121.94991: ]e flo,,Wg pemon(s) b/am do- gm HARTSPAWNSHOR62O2VanI'hysBd.'Pan NUy CA 21401. EGISH KLU. 6362 Van Nuys SII. Va* Nuys, CA 21401. The business is  by: An IndduJ bes begun to transact b undo the ficWaous bemness m  R ted bee on: N/A- S'ed: Egis  Ovm. "rids statmem  flied wth the County Clerk of Los Angofes County o: 0/20/12` NOTICE - This fic'ddous nae stateme, d expires five yearn from the dine t  Red . n tbe ofrce of the coumy  A new ferrous b,m,ss name ofatemem must NO fld pdo( to that dine. Tbe fling of thin statement does not of tself austo- re e u, n 's state of a ficst;ous W name in olaon of the dgM of aother under federa stme, o comm m (see Sedo 14411, et sq., mm Code 1(11/12` 10/18/12` 10/25/12,11/1/121530 Fcnnous BUStMESS NAM;= STATEMENT: 2O 21 S23: The Oong prn(s) b/am og bosinessa AA CARGO BROKER. 14214 Roscoe Blvd #22 Paor.laCity, cA914o2, ANN MI.JRIEL 1421 4 Roscoe SII #22 Paoran1a C#y. CA 91402` "ne thmin  conducted by: An s begun to traaof business undor tbe flct<x ble rme or names lied bee or WA. Sgd: Ann Munel 8ekm. Omer. This staneof is fibd wqh the Coumy Qerk o Los Ang Coumy  9/2I  NONCE - Ts ficUdou nme sa'nnt exr fie yems from e de # ras fd 0. kl ste office of e county cdc A new Ectous be- . heSS nan at'rrd n'. be NOd pdor to Ihat dae. The rSl| of this statemem does not of =f austo0 ste u, 6, ae of a rk,s bene rm n vdafio of tbe rht of anoth under feder sate, or  aw (Ne Seclkm 144tl, e4 seq., B&P Cede 10/11/12, 10#18/12,10/25/12,11/1/12 1531 FIc'n'rlC4JS BUNES NAME STATEMENT: 20121 5199:.  foflovng persons) is/am doingl bukmmm. ZZU22713SyisanSt.HiUs. CA21367. FERIHE/DASI; KEN MORASt. 22713 Sylwn St. Woodland His, CA 21 367. Tbe buness ;; o0ducted by: Husnd and We. has begun to tranct bune under the ficli bunea name or" .ame tinted bern or N/A. Shed: Feb Paddad. Owner. s stamnt s 6led wU the ' Qek of ins Anges County ore 9t2o/12. NOIICE - This ficdous nares snent expires fi',e years horn ste dte 6 ms flied o, in the office of the couofy cerk. A new ficstk)u    satemt must be filed px to tha dote. The fing of ths stmemem does not of: itself  the use in this state of a fic6botm budnem name m viofa6on of the dghts of' aotha unde feer stae, or common aw (see Seon 14411. et sq., B&P Code 10/11/12`