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October 11, 2012     Beverly Hills Weekly
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October 11, 2012

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10/4/12.10/11/12 1415 FICTITIOUS BU81HESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012177298: The  pemon(a) Jare doing bnesl as HORACIO B. BELARIX COPY SERVICE. 2OO W. Cheut SL r GdoJe, CA 91204. HORACIO B. BELARDO. 200 W. Chesnut 81. #208 . CA 81204. The buwne is conduofed by: Anlndivldtm/. hasbeguntobueeuundeclhefictlocmbuaktess name o names stnd here on: WA. Sned: Noraclo B. ISedwdo, Ow. This stofement is 9isd wd the Cmty Cted  Loe 0ek   9/&apos;S 2. NGq'CE - lds fious  sto- merit expin five yeats from the dofe 9 was 91nd on, in the Of#e of the coccdy cled A rmw 9cgflous busine name datement must be reed ior to Ihof dofe. 11 Ring of 9  does not of #self authorize the u In this state of a fictitio   in v of the dghts of another under federal state, Or common taw (lee Section 14411, et seq. B&P Code 9/20/12, 9/27/12.10/4/12,10/11/12 1418 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012177177: The foaowing penmn(s) i'am doing bJmem as BOOTZEEZ. 1606" W. V'mtow Blvd. Budmk, CA 91506. SONIA WIKF_ 161 W. VioeyBInd. Bmbank, CA91506.11ebuneisb An ual. hamhegunto trltnsact business under the flc#9ous I nam or nam listed hem on: 9/4/1 2. Slled: SOflla Wike, Owns. This statement s flied with the C<xlnty Cerk of LOS Ang Courrf o: 9/4/12. NOTICIE - This fict#1ou$ nan tatement expln fi yeers 911 the dofe # ws Ied on, in the office of the county clerk. A new fiofgioml busMes mle statement rnuof be filed pdor to that date. The firing of thlI statement doe not of #sed mghodze the use in tide state of a r, ctou bu. name n (m of the r ot another der'ledend ml or omnn kv (e Secon 14411, et asq,, B&P Code 9/20/t 2, 9/27/12,19/4/12,10/11/12 1419 FIC'rfflOUS BU81NESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012177079: The fomg pemon(s) beJae doing bukss  FACTOECTSHIRTS.COM; FACTORY ORECT SHIRP. 9743 Ludine Ave. Chatswotth, CA 91311 A BOLD COMPANY. 9743 Ludine Ave. , CA 91311.111e bmd- nes is conducted by: AUmited UabilityCompany. has begun to  busiMetmder t he  buneas name or nmlles fist nd here q: 0/0/12. Signed': George Teop,o, Ow, ne This statement is fld w#h the County Clerk ol Los Angeles County on: 9/4/12. NOT1CE - ls  nan statement expires five yearn hem the dine # was filed , in the office of the county clerk. A new t-ldous bJne name sltemeof must be fied prior to that da. 11e #1n0 of ins dement does rt of ke authogze the ue m ths state of a fieddous beenass  in ,do,on of tl rht of arlother undo" f ae. or common Mw (.ee Sector1 14411, (It seq.; B&P Code 9/20/12. g27/1 2,19/4/'12.10/11/12 1420 FICTITIOUB BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121770e  fo pemon(s) ;s/e doing business as PROVAL 3317 Glendale I-1. #151 I.o6 Ar CA 90039. BUILDING ELEMENTS SERV;CES TEAM. INC, 3317 Gbmcbde Blvd. #151 LOS Ang CA m. bunesss conductnd by: ACorpomdon. has hegun3otransact bneuntheficto bdmm  or names Ikded he on: N/A Signed: Dx:ia Lope Owne. TWIn statement is flied v.lh the County Cle of Lo Angeles County on: EV4/12. NOTICE - 11 ficto name tofemem exphe five yean h'om the dofe it vas rded o, in the offioe of ffm county ded A new  bdne name slatmenl mut he ed pdor to th de. 1e flng o#1h sta- merit does not of 9se9 Jhoize 1he role in 91 stile o a  bendmms name i# vio;abon of e rights of aJlofher unde federal stofe, o commoe isw (see 'e9on 14411, et leq., B&P Code 9/20/12, 9/27/12.1 0/4/12,10/11/12 1421 FI BUBINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012177915: The re#owing M.son(s) b/am doing buness as LOAN DEPOT. 11680  L Sun P CA 91352. DF-SIGNING CONSITIUCTION, INC. 11680 Sheldon SL Sun ey. CA 91352.;111e bltsimm is conducted by: A Coq)oradon. he bngun to  buImm,J, nde*'thefl.gdouIxmnes name or nam listed hem on: WA. Signed: Am Kay, Om 11 stme*nent [ filnd 9h the Courtly Clerk of Lo; Angek County oe: 0/4/12. ROTICE - t1 rffiious nae stactement ex nve years hem the dte # was #ted on, in the office of the couofy ckk. A ne #ofiou busklel mtme ltat ement must be #1ed wtor to that dido. The lillg of thl idaemetlt does t of #emlf auUx)rize rne use In U#s state of a flc99o bus#less name in violation of the rights of anofh under federal stofe, or comrnon few (see Sectk 1441!, et seq., B&P Code 9/20/12, 9/27/12.10/4/12,10/11/12 1422 FICTmC4JS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012177932: The fo PS) is/am dng busimm as CALCON[XJIT; CALBON GN.BPJTE; CALRPE SECURITY Bet.LARDS. 1201 Woodlff A/e. Downey, CA 90241. CALPIPE INDU'IRIL=S, INC. 12021 Woodruff Ave. Downey. CAg0Q41. The buslness hl conductmJ by: A* llabeguntotmrmact bl;llel under the #c#tiotm budmm rmme or  Itnd hem on: 10/1/11. Signed: Dasde J. Madras. Owne This slatement is flied wi51 the Colty C/erk of Lo / Couety otl: e/St12. NONCE - This 9ctllious name Mofenleof expinm five years flora the dat # ws filed on, in the office of the county crk. A new ioue bu name statement must he filnd pdor t thof date. "rile filing of thh stateme doe not of #serf authod me ue in lis idate of a   name in violagon of e rights of anofher unde" fedmal state, o o'nozorl Iw (see  14411, et asq., .P Code 9/20/12, 0/27/12,10/4/12,10/1'J/12 1423 FIC'fII1OUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012178402: The fedowing penl(N 'a do- ing bus#1e as ZOLFY HANDY & CLEANING SpeCIALISTS.  Lude Ave. W CA 913O6. FERNANOA ZOLOZABAI TOLANOA ZOLOZABAL-VARGAS. m Lndtne Ave. WInneCA91306.The businesisconductedb. ;imd'IMfe. hea hegunto'om-t budnem under t he flct9iou= bueless name or  limed hem or1: 2006. Siged: Femado Zofzabed, Owner. Thl statement is Nnd wh the Gount Ckk of Los Angles CarAY o: 9/5/12. NOTICE - This fmtdous name stofemem expim five yearn from 91e date 9 was #kid o, k the ofnco of the county clerk. A r ficffious bum narne statemem must be elnd Win'to thof date. The fl,ng of thls statement doi not of itse/ authedze the use m Is state of a ficUeios b,cess name n vklabon of the rht o# aooer ued fed ste9e,  common law (see Secon 14411, et seq.. B&P Co( 9/20/12, g/27/12; 19/4/12,10/11/12 1424 FICTrTIOUS BUSINES. NAME STATEMENT: 201217916: The fv, owlg peaon(s) is/are do- in business a +LVISH DETAILS; MY BIRF PROTFJN. 1 1  W.wr St. Gralis  CA -91344. ALYClA YESCAS. 17117 Kingedty 81. Granda Hi#e. CA g344.  budne is cofP duofedby: Anlndividu. haslguntotnmeact bunderBlefi9bobsineemmle o r-nes Ited here o: W. Sed: Aiyda Yesc. Owner. Thts stmmt m red wBh the County Cle'k of Los Angeles Couofy on: 9P5/12. t4OTICE - 111tl fictllx narrm statement exphes rive yem from the dote 9 was fed or k the of o181e cmty ded A new rUous businm nam atement must be fiisd pdor to 9t dote, The 81k' o th it e, meof delta nof of me4f authorize the use n ls ste of a fi'Fous Ixdnass name bl olan of he dght of another under federal state, or onlmon taw (lee ecgon 14411, et seq.. B&P Code 9/20/12. 9/27/12.11/4/12,10/11/12 1425 STATEMENT OF ABANIONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BU81NES$ NAME File No. 20eg57#27 Oat Fd: 04/01Re Name of Ek,aMea: GRANITE TOWN DE81GN 12300 Braofold SL Sun Vaey. CA 91352 Registered Owm)l ROIERT KESHISHYAN 526 N. Howell SL G, CA 9120 Cure)of FI #: 2012179206 Date: 0e/6/12 Pul)llshed: 9/20/12, 9/27/1 2,10/4/12,19/11/12 1426 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICT1TKX BU81NESS NAME File No. 2012O65381 Date FInd: 04/1 2/12 Name of Bdneem: GRIZZLY HAIR 1494# Vanowen L #15, CA 914g RgistenKI Oemet: AMIR G. GUIRGUIS 1494# Vanowen t. #15. CA 91405 Culllt Fde  2012173002 Date: 09/28/12 Published: 9/211tl 2, 9/27/12,10/4/12.10/11/12 1428 FICTmOUS BU81NESS NAM E STATEMENT: 201Z182752: The re#owing penlon(s) is/m doing bm, ee a D(E81GN INPU 714 Aita Dr. Bm, edy prdl. CA g02'l 9. UNCA O:'IIROW811]. 7"I 4 Nta Beverly PBs, CAgO219. The bummconductnd b An kdo, heshegunto tmact brm under the ficUtkx bnm nane o rm Kstnd hem one WA. S;ed: Linda Osowd. Own This statneof i rd 9 the Couofy Cle of Los Ancelee COuofy o: 9/12/12. NOTICE - Ths flctiBous name statement  five year horn the date #  F;ted on, k th e ot We mty ct. A  fo bstness nam stdemem me, be #led prior to the, t date. "rile filing of this Matemelt deem not of #seB authorize the USe in this state of a flct#ious buness name In ..,olan of me rights of anofher under federaJ M o common law {see Se9otl 14411, et seq.. B&P Code W20/12, 9/27/12,1 9/4/12, 10/11/12 1427 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2912185246:  folow peesos) is/are d(fmg busl as FRED'S K]TCHIEN. 91]0 N. Cetltral Ave. Qkmdale. CA 9120. FRED AGOOPI. 9O N. Ceff0rJ Ave. GkmdaJe. CA91209. The btmhleasisconduofed by: /bl IndividuaJ. hesbegum 1o transaof business under the fiof#1ous buness nle o names isted hem on: WA- Signed: Fred Agoop, Owner. This statement k #led w#h the County Ckk c4 Lo A;ees County oe: 9/14/12, NOTICE - Th .r',Wo'4s nlwne stt'ne  11e mar Imm ",e  t ws  or% in the office of the county clerk. A  fictgJo b.Janmm  statement nltmt be ed pno to of date, The filing of this Matment does nof of kf authorize the Use in this Stldo of a fictou bnem name kl o of e dght of another under fndend state or lmon w (e Sec 14411, et seq., B&P Cock 9/20/12. 0/27/12J 9/4/12,1on 1/12 1428 F1CTrtlOUB BU81NESS NAME STATEMENT: 201218501 The fo#owg pemon(e) iae do- ing busineas a GREENERY STUDIOS, 7764 Sin1 Femagdo Rd. #2 SLm Va9ey, CA 91352; PRODUCTION SROT, 10707 Burbenk Blvd. No , CA 91601JCE LEE. 10707 " IJrbank Blvd. North Holwood. CA 91601. The b  conducted by: An Individual has begun to  bune under the I bdnesa    lited hem : /A. iged: ice t., Owner. "is tatemect  filed wlth the Coun C1elk o   County on; 9/'14/12. NOICE - "nl flcb's nanle statemlent exphes five years flora le dae # wa=lled on, n ue office of e couofy clerk. A w flctous busk1 nam  mul be #led ixio to that dat. 111e filing of thi statmlletlt doe nof of itself 8u81odze the Use M B m of a findt bur,e name n ,:4a#on of the dght of anoth m,do fndera stat, or common law (see Sectk)n 14411, et eq., B&P Code 9..'20/12, 9/27/12,19/4/12. 10/11/12 1429 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012185153: The following person(s) blam do- ing bmdnem as AIR 11GNT SECURITY. 15130 'lltur EPNd. lemlan Qek-s, CA 91403-MSN 8ECUflnnf INC. 1#130 Venture Blvd. 81wnm Oa<s. CA 9140. 11 brininess m Cx) nduofed by: A. has begun to mr, saoflxsln,nr81etxmmm name r mm ghdod hem : N/. Sed: Ner AngagdlbAm Ow. 11 mmet 1 reed w the County  of Los Angekm Couofy o: 9/14/12. NOllCE - 11 #cBiotm name tatm expinm five yea f/ore the dlt 9 wlm fiisd on, in the of# of the unty ded A   b,JJness neme stedl'nt must he flied prio to that date. The ##qg of th Matemet do not of #as# mhodze he use in thil state of a fiofi#ous bu1 name M violatlon of the dght another under fedetaJ state.  common law (see Sec9o 14411, et seq., B&P Code g20/12, 9/27/12,19/4/12,10/11/12 1430 FICTITIOU BUNESS NAME STA'iTcMENT: 2012t 08: The folowlng Plon(l) kz/ doing bulklem Ii DK E CO. lge25 Sent RIt SL Woodland FJI, CA 91364; I0 BOX I 0 Nood' HJ CA 91365.DA'VI KANOVSk. 125 mta Rita St. Woodtmd H, CA 13e4. T; busiis conductl by: An IndWual. hiblguntotrasact bu#eundor the  buness name or heroes fitnd heee un: 12. 81gnnd: Ded Kmovd Ow"er. 11de tat ement is fllnd w#h the County Clerk of Lea Angetel Couofy o: 9/14/1 ?- NOTICE - Thi f-tmoue name Itofemem expel nve ywrl tram 81e dm 9 w ed o,  the of of the ce-dy clerk. A new 9c1o bene name mem rnu be Wed Pdor to 811L tilde. The  of thhl Itabmlent dol no of mlf lutherbe I l.ml 91 thl it of l tJoul buiew name In .K, oison of 81e dghtl of Inofher under federal #:ate, or ormlon Imv (le Sec'm 14411, of esq,. B&P Code 9/20/12,9/27/12,10/4/12.10/11/121431 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012185268: The following Ixs) 19/m do- mg bumm  nEE SAVERS. 12026 Weshim Bird e304. Los Angeles, CA g005; po BOX 2Sl Van Buys. CA 9140e.CYNTHIA DOMINGO. 12O26 W11st.m Bl,,d r304. Los Angee CA 900#.The businessis conducted by: An Indivlduel. has begun totransact bumm under the flctifus business aeme o nan listnd hem on: 1999. Slmd: Gynthis Domingos, Owneln This statemem ;s filed with the Coumy Cisk of Lo Angelu County on: 9/14/12. NOTIC E. This fictous came statexnem expk five y's from the de # was flkd oe, n the omce of the COuofy ckk. A new ficieus buus rmme mmemeet rnu be filed prior to that date. 1%e fleng of  staeemet doas not of be9 authorize the W in U'ds stofe of a fictitious  name in vkaUon of the rhts of anoth undo fedend m, x m law (see  14411. et eq.. B&P Code 9/20tl 2. 9/27/12,19/4/12.10/11/12 1432 F''1 nlous BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12178364; The follow 9 peraon(s) e/are do- ing bunmm as THE BRUNE'r GOURMETTE. 1763O Hernlin St Lake BJbe CA 914O6. ELIZABE'rH MEHDITAEH. 17630 Hann St. Lake BaJbo. CA 91406. The buelness is con- ducted by: AnlndivkfuaL has begun to tramaof bukzeuederefict;tk)usbdnesname or namas ['stnd hem on: 2e. 81gned: E9z;deh Mehd#aeh, Owner. TI= stmemem is filed wth the Coumy Clerk of LO Angd, es Gou.ty : 9/G5/12. NONCE. TS flctflk) name sat meof expire five yearn from the dofe it was 9d on, k the  01 the county bisrk. A new fictus business name statement must be filed pr to that date. The filing of this  does nof of elf authorize the Line in thLs state of a s bunees name In daton of the rights of another under feder state, or  Iw (Ne Sect 14411, et seq., B&p Code 9/20/12.9/27/12,10/4/12,10/11/121433 BUSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012181198:  following person(s) is/are dng ms FRASER INTERPRENG SERVICES. 18e5 Stagg St. Reeda. CA 91335; 7324 Reseda 8ind. #243 Rasnda, CA 91335.SANFEROS LLC. 155 81agg 81, Reasda. CA 91335. The busineemis conduofed by: An Individual. hmbegun tobansa bumem under,he fic tus bune name or nan Ited here on: WA. Sgned: Carmen Rndz. Owne Ths statemeet m flied w9h the County Clerk of Lo Angetee County o: 9/10.q 2. NOTICE. Thie flctous name statemeet  five years from me dote 9 was filnd on. n the office of the county cisdc A new fic't#tous business name etofement retest be filed prlor to that date. The filag of this stofemeof doe nor of e9 autherize Ule uee n thLs state of a fictitious buinass name n voeUon of the rtrt of anomer unde fndemJ atate.  torero, an tv (ea SecUon 14411, ee seq.. B&P Code 9/20/12, 9f27/1 2,10/4/1 2,10vl 1/12 14O4 FICTm(X BUSINESS KIAME STAI--=MENI 20121750.37: "ne fo#o. person{s) iedare dong business as RING REALTY; RING REALTY SERVICES. 8706 Asherofl Ave, Weet HoUywoed, CA 9OO48; PC) BOX 17O37 Beverly H, CA re.JOEL RING. 870 Ashcroft Ave. West Ho#ywood, CA90048 .The busineasis conducted by: An Individual. hes hegun totcane. act bune unde me flctRk bueness nemle or nan Ind hem on: N/A. Stgnnd: Joel FUng, Owller. This stmemeof s reed wRh the Coumy Qerk of Lc Angdas County on: 8/29/12, NOTICE - lNs flcto rmme stofent e five years from the dae H was fited on, in the office of the county c4mk. A new  txmJeee  mudemem must he flied pdor o thet dote. The elng of t stofemant doas no of RN9 authndze the mm n this stae of a flctdoue m nne in ',obon of e rights of anofher under lederaJ stofe, or conmo, law (see .Sect 14411, et seq., 88P Code 9t20.q 2, 9/27/12,10/,Vl 2,10/11/12 1435 FICTmOU BUS!NEe NAME STATEM ENI 20121#1006: The fo penmn{e) /are dng b,mm s PEOPLE'S 8ECRITY SERVICES. 10141 .Samoa Ave. #7 Tu CA 91 O42 .RAFFI H. MALATIAN. lm41  Ave. #7 Tujung CA #1042 . The bUeJnems is conducted.by: .An Indd. hes hegun to transa burmes under the tic.urns buaklees name or namee Ibtnd hem oe: W/ Sned: Ram H. MaJaePam, Owee. This statement is flied w9h the County Qek of Los Angeles Coumy on: 8/01/1 2. NOllCE - Thin fict9ious mme steemeof e.phes five years from the dote # wa filnd on, n the office of 9e coumy clc A new flcoc m name statemmt mu he flied prior to  dote. The fleag of ths mndmemt does not of 9se9 authorize the m m Ul etate of a fictitious buleas rme 1 vkdon of me dghts of another under feder state,'or common v (see Sect;on 14411, et snd.. B&P COde 9/27/12,10/4/12, 10/11/12,10/18/121436 FICTmOU BU81NESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012180947:  flowlng person(s) is/are dog buess a DONUT AND MORF_ 12501Vlctoff Bird. North Ho41mod, CA 91606 .CHHORMINH CHANG. 6632 Be Ave. North I'1o. CA 91606 . The busine is conducted by: An blfvdo, hesheguntob-amnct bumeur, dme ftouslWm m or nan Ved h'e on: WA_ Send: Chhenn Cang, Owee Th statement s rhed with ae Coumy Cle of Lee Angeles County on: 9/19/12. NOTIC - This Bc61kx name stere- meof expires five yeers from the dae 9 wm Ned on. ie the ofre of the r.ount cterk. A ne r, ctdou bumeas name statemem mtm he fnd pdor to that date. The filing o#1hm statement does nof of Rseff authodz bm use n thie rote of a flc#9ous bueness name in vclaUon of the dghts of emofhe( unde federaJ state, o common law (see SecUon 14411, et seq., B&P Cede 9/27/12,19/4/12,10/11/12.10/18/12 1437 FICTIIZOU IBU81NESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121810e: "ne following perks) is/ae doing buskm s NATAUE'S PARTY RENTALS. 18638 S SL Resnd CA 91335 .LEONORILDA OIAZ; wg.BER GIRON. 18938 Sacoy St. Reeda, CA Sl335. The bmir, ess is coeduofed by: Husband and W'e. has hegun to tmmact buskm under 1he fiBm buneas mme o rmmas stnd hem on: N/A. Skirted: ldo [3a. Paetner. This stmment ie fllnd vofh the Co,xtt Cle ot Lo Angeles  on: 9/1,q2. NOTtCE - "ns flofous nee s'er expiras fi yem from 81e dote 9 was flied on, in the office of the county erk. A new flof#i0us m name atatment must be rded prior to thet dine. The filing of this etatement doee not of #elf autherize  use in thee stae 0f a fictioue dokles name/n vletofk of the rights qf anent under fedond m. or cormnon v (m Seceon 14411, et Nq.. B&P Cnde 9/27/12. 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/10/12 1438 BLmlNF. NAME STA'n-tENT: 201219122S: The fo periSh(S) b/am do- g btmne em MOMMYS PPSCHOOL. 11548 Vlcto*y BlvcL North Hwood, CA 91e06, OGANES ZAY, Am'AN. 11548 Viceroy B4vd. North Ho#ywoed. CA 91606. The busmms is cn- doofed b AniedtvkJueJ. hesbegunto mmsact buness under thefictlcusbuslne rmme o u red twe on: N/A. Sned: Ogemee Zkan, Or, net. "e mnet s ed vth the Coumy Clerk of Lo Angeles County on: 9tl 9/12. NOI]OE - "C'de flcUgous name statement expires rwe yem .fm ffm date # was filed on, in be of 9ce of the cndy cled A new flnddotm m name eeneet nm be filed Orior to th dofe. The fl#ng of this stemeof does nof of Vmelf aofhodze the m n this m of a flndtk)ue bL, sWeSS name  VmlaUon of the dghts of ano6 und federal Ie. o cerumen my (see Secn 14411, et q., B&P Code 9/27/12, 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12 14 FIC'mlOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMEh'n. 2O12181345: le renewing penmna) edema dg buskess S DEUBERATE CREAllONS. 181 2 W. Burbemk Bht, 81e, 685 Burbank, CA 91506; CSAS SUPPORT B BCUNG SERVICES. 5451 Septdvedo 81d #19 Sherman Oaks. CA 91411. 11548. CA81S,=ST. INC. 1812 W. Ekbknk Btl. 81e. 685 8urbeek. CA 1506. The bueneu is conduofed by: An bdiduaL hem begun to vansact bu.nmmundor theflof9iousm name or nan Ind heee oe: N/A. Snnd: Teeana Cra-,en, Owns, ls enof s flied wth the County C of Lo Angeles County on: 9/1 9/12. NOYICE - This flco name teewmt expams rein yea hom the daee # wes filed on. )n the offioa of the county cisk- A  flctJom m name stemant emJ be filed Orior to thof dofe. The ling of this statemem does nof of #seB amboee IJe use in this st of allctiUoue bumees rme in vlolat;on of the  of aeofherueder fedestm, orcnmonw(mSect14411,et uq., B&PCode 9/27/12 10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12 1440 BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012180:   penme(s) iam clng busme m START W'(1H THE HF.ART. 6028 Shidoy .. TL'zaea. CA 91356. SF.AN tORK KLECKNER. 8CQ8 Shidoy Aa. Tm CA 91356. The buskins s oondt'tnd 9Y:, b-dvkJu hes begun to W Ixmines under the  bumne name or nan listed here on: N/A. S: Sean Jrk , Owns. This eeatemeof  flied vth the County Clerk of Los Angeles Couofy oe: 0/11/1 2, NOT1CE * Thi ficUt]ous name sdement exphs five yes Worn e date # were flied on, in the offl of the county clerk. A new flcto busine name statement rnust be fllnd prkx to thet date. The fllkg of this steeemeof does nof of #sed eu- thodze the use Jn  stae of a fic81kxs busmeu rmme in vlolofn of the #ghte of emother uedfedoJm, c*comnnlaw(eSecen14411,etseq.,S&PCede 9/27.12,10/4/12, 10/11/12,10/18/12 1441  U81NESS HAME ST#.II-/J4T: .'O Z161 gg.. lt olvdo9 pemon(s) is/ema  mm GLOW POOLS. 5a33 V#d.g Way Pakndale, CA g0552. F ANTONIO CAMACHO GONZALEZ. 5833 V#dng Way Pekndde, CA 9552. The bunkum is coeductnd by: An IndduaL Ires begun to W bumm under the flBous bunkum nae or names Itnd here o: N/A. 81gned: Fransisco A.  Gonzalez, Own Thie  is fl4ed Mg the Goumy Clerk of Los Angeles Couofy on: 9/11/12. NOTICE - Thie ficB#ousname stofe- merit expires fl yNrs from ele de 9 m flied oe,  the offloe of the cuety ck A  flnddous bue name m must he flied wior to thee date. The fieg of thb stmment does not of #se9 aulhoe the tree in 81is state of a fictrd.m m rmme k vkaon of the dghtef anoffw under fndend rote, or common law (eee Section 14411. et seq., B&P Code 9/27/12,10/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12 1442 F'TnlO4J EAJSANES NAME STATEMEN'E 201218195O: "me folk person(s) s/ema dng busmu as VMS ELECTRIC CATEB. 15523 Rayen 81. #3 North Hlls, CA 91343. DIANA J, SANCHEZ; VICTOR SANCHET_ 1.23 Rayen 81. #3 North HPs, CA 91343. The bueMeu s condocted by: Husbamdand We. hem begun to tranuct W under theflct91ous busl* rms rweae or name F,eed hem on: N/A. Sgned: Dana Sanchez, Owner. This stmmeof is flkJ with the Comty Clerk of Los Angeles COLmly O: 11/12. NOTICE - This flctIUous nm stazemeof  five years from the date # was Jlnd on, n the offe of the county cled A new flndtious m neme statemeof must be 9led Orlor to thof dae, The ling of this state- ment does not of #snd authndze Ue tm n is state of a flclom busineem nane in vkofion of the g#ts of another undo fndend state, or common lew (eee Sectk)n 14411, et uq., BP Code 9/2T/12,10/4/12,10/1 li12,1419/121443 FIc'm'K) 81J81NESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012101792: The fo,owblg person(s) is/ere doing buweas as JAE BELLA ACCESSORIES. 17171 Roscoe Bird. r202A Nolddge, CA 91325, LAIEtSHA SMITH. 17171 Rowooe Bl-,d, r20A Northddge, CA 91325. The burmm  con- docted by: Anledlvidual. has begun totragemct busieea undmeflcbous businem name or namas eaAnd hem on: W. Slnd: Lelshe Sm9h, Owner. Th  s filnd wh the Coumy Glek of Los Angeles Co*tory on: 9/11/1 2. NOIICE - TNS flcUBoue rmme statemem expin five yearn from 81e date # was fid on, in 81e offloe of the o0unlY clerk, A new flct#1ous bLmineas rmme stemeof must be flied wior to thof date. The filing of this statement does not of 9seB authore the m m th rote of a flc'toue bunem  in vkatk)n of the dghts of amhe ndor  ee, e,  comn  (eee Sec'on 1 e,41 ,,  seq.,  Ced 9/27/12, 10/4/12,10/11/12.10/18/12 1444 FIC'mlous BUNESS  STATEMENT: 2012181781:1tin loowtng Person(s) 19/am dolng buskzeem m ALPHA ONE ReAD.DE SEFMC 2e2g Fool Blvd. r246 La Creeet CA 91214. SARA KATRDZHYAN, 2e29 Foofhill IBIvd. #246 La  CA 91214. "ne 10tininess isconducZedby: AnlnddoaL hesheguetotranuct burmunder81eflctgiousbuslne nm o R Hated here on: N/A. ed: Sam , Ovmer. T etmment ie rded with the Couofy Clerk df Los/ County on: 9/11/12 NOTICE - This fledtlous neme state- ment exp4m five yeasts from the dote H was filnd o. In the office of the county cleric A new flctous U rmme statement mu be filed pdor to tha dote. The fllng of this mteme.t does nof o 9en Mdze the ue n th tate of a ficls aem nasa k w=on M 81e dgbts of another under fedora stme. o comnon law (m Sendoe 14411. et eq., B&P Code 9/27/12,19/4/12.10,11/12,10n0/12 1445 FICTmouS BUNESS NN STATEMENT: 2O121O1782:  re#owing penms) /aee do- ing bueinmm as PHANTOM REALTY. 206 Aetna 81. Wood,and Itllle, CA 913/7. KARO G, KARAPETYAN. 232OS Aea 81. Woodlaed Hills. CA 91367. The bueneM is coeducted bY: An Indh,;d. has begun to tranlact buness under the flc9dous bule neme or frames llsled here o,e: N/A, Signed: Kate G. KleqtYam, Owner. "lhh Matemeof is flisd w181 the County Cled( of I.os Angelas County on: 9/I 1/12. NO'riCE - "ne 9cUtk)us rwne statement expos five yer Imm the dm 9 vms Id on. n me omce of 1he coumy,ck'- A  flctAJOL" m rmme lemem must  fiisd pdo o llt date. The f f/m9  i statement do nof el Itsed m the use k th m of a flctmous m rmme n vkon of 1he Hght of mo' und fedend mmb  common w (ram Sect 14411, et mq.. B&P Code 9/27/12.10/4/12, 19/11/12,10/19/121446 FIC11T1OU BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012181783:  flowing perks) bdare do- ing btmm m MIS81ON TOWING. 15640 Rosooe lYNd, 9B Ven Nuys, CA 91409, MISSION TOWING. LLC.. I Se40 Reeeoe 81yd. #B Vae N,,m. CA 91 #06. The buJeeu  ooeJofed bY: A Lim9ed U C.ngy. h begun to W bumm under 81e flcus bueem name or  llfecl hem on: WA. Signed: So Gaomya Ownm-. Th lCbzbm1it il fld vJ1 the Coun Clrk of Lo Angekm Cm/on: 9/11/12.  - This flcoul, nas tler explnl4 five yems from the date 9 was #1ed oil. in the office of the o0iofy clink. A new fi9tkm buneas name statt must he flisd pdor to thud dote. The fng of Ud statement doas not of #ae9 autheze the ule in this late of a flctk%us bUlMS name n  of te rts of another under feder dste, or o0mmon law (m 8ek)n 14411, et eq.. B&P Code 9/27/12. 19/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12 1447 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012181784: The followg person(s) is/are do- ing bumms as SWEET TREATS COTTON CAND' 15O36  St. Van Nu, CA 9140. NARU4E KHACHYAN. 1503  St. Van Nuy CA 9t 40. The b*ess  condoctnd by: An IndivkluaL hes begu to tranmct W undo" the flndgous busia nan or names llst ed here on: N/A. Sgned: BIne , Ovmer, 11ds stmemer is Ned w9h the C,mty Clerk of Lo Angeles County on: 9/I 1/1 2. NOTICE - Thll flndt;ous name statenmt expes five yearn from the date # was filed on, in the office of the cordy eled A rw flctk)us bunm name Idatement must be fiind prk)r to thet dote. The filing of th statement oces not of se authorize the use in this tate of a flctYdous buneu name in vkedon of the dgtd of anofh under fedmJ stme, o  law {see .SecUon 14411, et q., B&P Code 9/27/12,10/4/12. I0/11/12, I0/18/12 1448 FICTITEIS BUSINESS NAME STATEM T: 2012182773: The folowing perls) i/are doing b=iness as TABA FOODS. 7432 Fu#on Ae. North Hollywood, CA 91 . MOrAFA H/SSAN. 744 B. Catal St. Apt. 4O3 Los Angeles. CA 9(05; AHMED AHMED. 1640 N. Harvard Bd. #11 Los Angeles, CA )027; ASSET SULEGAIJYEV. 8646 Cos St. . 13 Tarzm CA 91356, The business is conducted by: A Genem Partnership, has begun to transact business under the fictous bus name or names  here on: N/A. Sknd:  SukJPw, Patn. "rl   flnd wth ue County Qen of Los Angek Coumy on: 9/I 2/I 2. NO'riCE - Ths 9ctitios name stofemeof exphes five yean flora the dofe # wm flkd on, n me offlce of 81e couofy cled A new flc9ms bdmm name  rnt be filed pdo to b'-mt date. The fllklg of this statemem doas not of lf autrmze the m n th  of a ficto0a bueinass m.ne in vk>la9on of the  of aoer under fedond state, or ommon law (m Seedon 14411, et snd., B&P Code 9/27/12.1 0/4/12,10/I NT 2.10/I 9/I 2 1449 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012182797: le fvng non(s) k/are do- ing bks as LA MtSO ESA'E P.,LEB, 18313 O Ct.  C.ow, CA 1387. ISABELLA CHRISTINE SLA 18313 Ov 81. Canyon Country, CA 91387. The  s con- dted by: Anlndivldua, has begun to tmmmct buslmmsundorebusJnessname o u bded here om N/A. S(mnd: Isdo Say. Owne, Ths tmemem  filed vth the Courdy Clerk of Los Angek Coofy on: 9/I 9/I 2. NOTICE - Thi fit'ou name m expks ffl/e yes hem 81e dole # m filed on, n me omce of the couofy ckl A w ficto buslneas name stemeof re,of be filed pdor to thin dote. The flng of 9ds statemeof doas no of # authegze the uu n thls sta of a  budne name In voltk of Ue rghts of another under federal Idate, or common isw (m Sectkn 14411,  leq., BP Co4e 9/27/12, 19/4/12,10/11/1 2, I0/18/12 1450 F[CITOUS BUSINESS NAME STA 1219"t: The owln 9 Oron() kda do9 bdne as HOU.Y AucnoNs. 20 E. Beo4we D Pwaden CA 81 1. ART AND RNAL INC. 5530 Irondae Ave. Woodkmd hIs. CA 91367, The burners is codoofed b A hes hegun to tranuct bune und Ule flctoul bultm name or names &lied #e on: N/A. Signnd: Harold Nag91eh, Owne Tlds W is ted v#th lhe Coofy Clek of Los Angel County o.: 9/12/I 2. NOTICE - Th flndtkm name stmmmmt exam five yea from the date # was fllnd on, in the office of the county klk. A new fictffious bulne name stmemem mut be fllnd pdor to that dine, The flng of th U delta nm of x9 au- thndze the use in this state of a flctoue budneas name n vlolaUon of the dght of aothsr und fndend state, o common law (m Sendon 14411, et lq., B&P Code 9/27/12,10/4/12, 10/11/1 2,10/18/12 1461 FICTITIOUB BIJNES. NAME STATEMENT: 2012183091 : The flovdog pemon(s) lare (Join 0 bune as DAZZUNG BEAUTY SALON. 27125 Sena Hiw.ay rl0 Cayo Counly, CA 91351-5431. JUANITA V, ROCHA. 1 0 Bngby Dr. CanyOn Coumy, CA 81 31; MDA BORHAM. 29066 Lutas GanJen Dr, Cnyon Country, CA 91387. The l:dnea is  by: A P--q Partnership. has begun to trsact bun under the ficmmus buBm name  R listed hem on: N/A. Signed: Juan#a  Roche, Padner. Tls statement is ed with the County Ckk of L Angeles County on: 9/12/I 2. NOTICE - Thia us name statmnent expge five yea from the date # w fllnd on, n the of#ce of the o0umy cled A new flctous busk name statement mu he fV, nd pdor to thet dote. The ng of th Itmmnent does not of #f  e use in  lofe of a FImUS buIne name in .is9on of the dght of anofher under feder Idat. or o'flmon k m Sectkn 14411, t eq., g&P Code 9/27/12.10/4t12. 10/I 1/12,10.q 8/I 2 1452 , FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201218217: The folowg denton(s) Is/a do- Ing business as EAST COAST FOOD PLAN; CHEZ ROBERT CATERING. 197O1 Mayll 81. Chetswoh, CA 9131 I. ROBERT BASSlRI, 197O1 Maya" 81. , CA 91311. "n bu- nm is conducted by: An IndlvlduaL hesbeguntotnmbWundor theflctou m name o< u listed hem on: WA. Sed: Robert Bamld. Owne Thls datement is filed w9h the Coumy Ckk of Los Angeles Coumy on: 9/I:PJ12. NOTICE - Th riotous name atement expnl five yea flora the da 9 was flkd on, n lhe of'8< of the county crk. A new 9cious buisnns nat staheeof must be filed prior to th do, The ng of Bs stme- merit does nof of 9ed auhorz the   h t oI a flcteds t:mnl  k vkxaon of the dghts of anofher under fedend stofe, or cocnrnon law ( 8eoflon 14411, et nd.. B&P Code 9/27/12,19/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/121453 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMEN'P, 2012183448:  flovHog pemon(s) Vme dng buldrs as EUTE pAyROU. 729 E  Ave. Los Ange CA 00001. ELITE HF.RBAL CENTER. 729 F- Florence Ave. Los Angekk CA g0001. he bulismn is condocted by: A Coqx'a#on. h begun to W bunass under le flcou bj name or R lsted hen on: N/A. Slgrd: Guras Fofym. Owner. Th s4  flId wlth me Coumy Ck.'k of Los Ardlele County on: 9/I 9/12. NOTIC - Thi flctous nan m expn five year from the date 9 wm fllnd on. M the o9e of 81e coumy deck. A nv flclo bl* n sttent m,  fd por to thet din. "ne wa of -.  doe n e4 e9 au81odze the uN in ths state of a flctPdous bunass name hl vk)kon of the dght of ao81e under federel state, or common Mw (m SeCUO 14411, of seq., B&P COde 9/27/12.10/4/12, I0/11/12,10/18/12 1454 o FICTITIOUS BtJNES NAME STATEMENt. 2012183492: The folong l=n(s) Is/ae dog buness as BOSS LYFE RIDAZ. 818 MC. 1607 Los Ailmo 8L Granada Hill CA 91344. CAVID MASLEY. 843 F.. 47th St. #2 Lol Ar, ge CA 9Oll; JARYIS BROWN; 11FFANY ROWN. 1BO7 LOS Amos 81. GnmMa HU CA 91344. The m  comJuctnd  A Genend Partnerlhlp, he helm to tmmmct budms und  116tk)us W rm1 o name llnd hem on N/A. 81gned: Jar= Bvn, Pare "rids  ie fgd v/m the County Cterk of Los Ang Coun on: 9it 2/12. NOTICE - Tts (tlo n- stert exn five years 9ore the date # was filed on, in the ofllce of the county ckl A nw ctow bunm nm statemeof mst be faed pdo to the dote. ,-,e g of th W doel nof of m9 mm'odze th m kl th state of a flndBous bkm name k vkkon of the dghtl of ao'r umkw fndeed Ite, or common Lmv (m  14411, of mq., B&P C.ede 9/'27/1 2, 19/4,'12, I0/11/12, I0/18/12 1455 FfC'rlTIGS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012183437: The following donme} i#m doklg bdnm as WOJONS. 645 Blucher Ave. Vlm Nuy, CA 914O6. ALEXIS NKEM ONYEAGOCHA-OKUWA; NIKKIEAMA ONYEAGOCHA-OKUWA. 4 Bucher Ave. V Nuys, CA91406.11mbuneisconduofnd by: A Genend Padmmip. hmbeguntotranmct bu- ne ueder the flcti9ous bR mm m" name listed h'e on: WA. Signed: AlexJl Nkem Coumy on: 9/1 J12. NOTICE - Thb flcUous nanle ldont expm fl yeers from the  # was #kd on, in the o0e of the county denY. A new flofltmus bulkless nae W must be flnd pdor to ffa dae. The flng of Udl stament do nof of rmef aUUlOdZe the m in th tofe of s flcUgous m rwne In vkxadon of the r'ds o aoUw und fndend state, or 0ommon law ( Secn 14411, et mq., &P Code 9/27/12 10/4/12, I0/11/12 I0/18/121453 S BUSINESS NAME STATEMENI 201218332.  flovHng paon(e) /m do- ingbusmeuas THIS KID DREW. 18O4 CoudmeyAve. LosAngelee, CAg0o46. DREW SUH, 1834 C.oudw Ave. Los Angeles. CA 9O48. The blne  conducted b  An kdhdul. hm helm o trmsact buse und   n nlm  R tnd hel or N/A. Smci: Draw Sub, Parmer, 11d met is filed v/Rh 81e Coumy Qerk of Los Angek County on: 9/1J12. NOTICE - TNs flctkus nne sten,ent expires fle ymm flora 81e dine # was flkd on, in the ofllco f the umy ckk. A r,ew flctous bukl name Itstlment must be fed prior to that din. The flRng of Ulis itatnem doe nof of 9N9 authore   n thls stofe of a flcUgous budneu name n vktn of ffe dglts o amther under fndend state, or common law ( SecUon 14411, et uq., B&P Code 9/27/12,19/4/12, I0/11/12, 10/18/121454 FICTmous BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012182871: "n fOlkrng pemon(s) Is/am oog basmm as AMERICAN LOCKAND KEY.18147 Ventra mvd.Tm CAm3. AMERICAN LOCK AND KE OF SO. CAL. C. 1 81 #7 V' Nd. Tl CA Sl 36. The bulr,l  conductnd by: A. hesb0un to tranut IxIn under tflefioous  name or naml llted here o: N/A. S4gned: r Ge4ttt, Vke- President. 1s statemem is ld w#h the County Ckk of Lee Angekm Courtly on: 0/I 9/12. NOTICE - Thl  name II- ment exphs five yeen from the date # we #1ed on, in the office of the co,.mty olen'. A new fictous buneas name stofement mut he flkd Ork" to thet dote, The fl#n9 of th stmement does not of #sed aofherlze 9m uN in this at 0f a ficlious bullneu name m von of the rights of another under fndera stme. or common Mw (m Secdon 14411, et q., B&P Code 9/27/12,19/4/I 2,19/11/12,10/19/I 2 145 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STAlI/NT: 20121876:  fofkwk peraoe) tm do- ing :me  7 0ESC4. ?322 Coe AW. Van Nuy CA 40, TAC.R 814AKHMATO, 7322 colbath Ave. Van Nuy,CA 91405. TheWscoeduofed b. An Inddo. hal gun to transact bunass under the flcmous bur,s name or name ltnd here on: N/A. Sgned: Taglr Shakmatov, Ownen This tatemeof is filed w9h the Couy Cle of Los Angek County on: 9/12/I - NOlICE - Th fk.'Uous name statement expires five yearl from the dote 9 wB flkd on. n the office of  coumy clerk. A new flctPJous bunem nan stmement must he filed prior to 81at date, The flng of tNe Itatsment doe nof of #self au81odze the Use n thle state of a flctUous busbeas name n vadon of the ,'19ts of am>th und  state, or common law (see Section 14411,  seq.. B&P Code 9/;:7/12,10/4/12,10/11/12, 10/18/121456 FICT%TJS BUS.ESS NAME ST.TF.MENT: 012152753: The fetters9 person(s) dm do- ing bur, es as CHERRY CREEK RNANCIA CHERRY CREEK WORLDWIDE, 212O1 Bhd. #154 Canoga Pad CA 9130. CHERRY CREEK CONSULTING. INC. 212O1 Vlctoy Blvd. #154 Canoga Park. CA 91303; NETWORKER CORPORATE SERVICES, INC. 4036 W, ValdoramaCedorIUT84062,Themsconductnd by: AGener Parmenlh. hee begun to tranct bukl under the fiofous doseas name o narn lstnd h On: N/& Signed: Coby Hans., . Th statqnt is lIKl vth 81e County Ckk of I-O Ages County on: 9/12/12. NOTICE - Th #crakes  nnt exPes  Ye from Ue da # was fllnd on, in the office of the coumy ckd A new fictous bm nm m must be filed pdor to 1at dine. The Ing of thls statemeof does nof of Pf authorize the m in thls m of a flndfios bunea  in vldatn of the dght of another ueder fndend ate, ot m taw We Secon I411,  seq., 9P Code 9/27/1 I0/4/12, I0/11/12, 10/18/12 1467 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012102755:1he feowlng pemon(s} is/am do- Ing bulneu u TLC MARK]EnNG DM81ON. 231e Oondre SL Che/mdfl, CA m 311. JOHNNY FELDMAN. 2018 DevenlNe 81. Chetsworm, CA 91311. The bukle I  by: An IndivlduaL ha beguntoW Wundor ffeW rme or names li hem : N/A. Sk'd: Johnny Feldma Owns. Th Itmement I me vh the Coumy Clerk of Los Angeiss County on: 9/I 2/I 2, NO11CE - 1s flctltkxm name Itltn expires flw yeen flora the dofe # was nd on.'in the offloe of the cotY clerk. A new flcti6oul buldne nane Itmement U he rand pdo to thet dle. The fng of th Itmemem does not Of et mthoriz the   811 m o a 'u bu nl M ktkm of the flght o( another und fedond mte. o cnmo llw (me Secdon 14411.  mq B&P Code 9/27/12. 10/4I 2,10/11/12.10/18/12 14 RCIIIIOJS BU81NESS NAME STA'IEMENT: 201211734: The f##ml do.'n() il/m domg bU. u l"RAN810RI--r BAB81. 5534 EnolnoA.#112 Endmo. CA81319. GLADY A. GUERRA. 58O4 Erldno AW. #112 Endno, CA 91318.11 m I mmduced bY: An IndduaL has bqun to trann m und the foi81 W nlme or R 81d h.e : WA, Slgned: Gledy Oma, Owr,, "rl tstr4of Is Red wlth  COUntY Cl'k of Loe Angek County on: 0/I 2/I 2. NOlIGE - "ilV 9Btkxm name idatemem explm fle  hxwn 81e dofe 9 wa 4d oel, kl the e of the county clerk. A new 99t;tm buisnmm  aterneof U do #1ed Wlo to th de. The flin Of th Ibement doe not of #mf u- thedze the tree n th m of a 9c9tkxm Ix,,r, ee neme h 1ok of the right= of another under fedel m. o common law (me Sec9o 14411, e eq., B&P Codo 9rE//1 2,19/4/1 2, I0/11/12,10/18/12 145e FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201218381 O: The fokwng hereon(s) /are doing e AUGUST SUN PR(X3UCTIONS. 13351 Rivemlde On #5031 Sherman OakS, CA 91423. CREATNE THINK TANK U.C. 13351  D #501 Shen'na Ok, CA e1423. The Wicondocted by: A Limtnd Lilb1#1y Company. hesheguntowbunea unde the flof#kxm buneu name or namas &dod hem on: N/A. Signed: Robe J. Locke,  1m'/zle. Thls m  #kd w#h the Courtly Clerk of Los/mgelel Cunly on: 9/12/I 2. NOTICE - "n r-tou name a;emem m fie yearn hm the dote 9 wM fikd on, In the office of the couofy cle% A new flnddol begeu name ltitement must be filnd p,- to mat dofe. 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The W4ng of lhi statement doee nof of #Nlf au. 9rlze the m n thls m of s 9ct9Jous Ix.dmml n, llme in .dola#n of the dght of anOthe k, nd fede'al m. o common law (ee  14411, et imp., 8&P COdo 9n7/1 2, I0/4/I 2, I0/11/12,10/18/I# 1462 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT.' 2012183635: The foilowlng pemon(s) iare dog Ixnm a MEOK CARE SUFeUES. 29.10 Honolu Ave. #101 La Cmscenta, CA 91214. GAZAR GU$ ZOKU. ln 1"k.ne . Porter Rlmch, CA el 32.The buneu  condo-ted by:. Anl halbegun totnmact l,nea unde. theflixibunem name or rmmee td hem on: N// Sgned: Ghezar Gu Zoldm. Ow,.e-. Th itmemeof i.flled with m Coen;y Cerk of Le Angise Cmly on: 9/I 9/I 2. NOTICE - Thle feUeloui nlme =tement expel five yearn from the do 9 1 flisd on. n the fe of the coumy d4rk. A new 9ctous Ix,nen name m U do meal pdor to lhet doe. 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The fl,ng of this iofemeof doe nof of #se9 aed-,odze the ule In th state of a flof#Mus bulineu name In vlofl of the ri of unom undo fndend stofe, or common w (line Seofn 14411, et Nq.. B&P Codo 9/'ZH12,10/4/1 2,10/I 1/1 2, i0.8n 21464 STATEMEI, ff OF MENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS gesS  FUe NO. g1110420 Date Risd: IV29/11 Nare of Bunee: EAslrIERN GE 17846 Laasen 81. North#dge, CA 91325 Re.sternal Owne: YAN UN CUI 320e AmoCo 81. Torranco, CA 90503  Fe k 201218407 9,27/12,19/4/12,10/11/12,10/18/12 1465 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTn'IOUS BUSINESS NAME F,e NO. 20e146248 D Fed: m Name of  S PIME 11135 Weddinglon 81. #114 Norm HIn,ond, CA 916O1 f Rngrnd Owne. ICE LEE 5416 Fr Ave #4413 Noah HI-, CA 918O1; AXEL PRICHARD- ScHMnR I0O4 ' M'F Ave. Los Angele CA 90029 Cennt I=11,, #: 20121 Da: 9/14/I 2 enT/1 2,10/4/12. I0/11/12, I 0,18/I 2 14 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUglNESS NAME Ftte NO. 201520 Ote Rled: 6/2e/10 Name of Bunee: ROEERT FOO CRAWLER BACKHOE SERVICE I043 Seabuy Lane Lo Anm,lu, C.a r7 Rest.-ed Owne ROeENT FOO6 lo43e Se*'y Lane Los Angek,, CA 077  Fik  2012181237 Pubhhed: 9/27/12,19/4/I 2,10/I 1/1 2,19/19/12 1467 STA OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FIC'nIIoUB MINE NAME FEe NO. 2912127495 Dste Fikd: 6,'25,'I 2 Nm of BeelnN BLF.881NG HAND. HOMECARE 724# Cinoga Ave. Conage ld(, CA 913( ne Owne  MONTENEGRO 5848 Muo Ave. Wondland H#. QA 9137 Cummt R  201218123 Oe:.9/I 9/I 2 : 9/27/12,19/4/'12,10/11/12,10/10/121,188 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FIc'mIou8 BU81NESS NAME Rie NO. 201113 Date Fded: 1/3/11 of  VALLEY NEWS SERVICE 8751 Quk1own Ave. N, CA 91324 ReasCend. Owner: NIO E. GUERRA 87#1 Q,mhetown Ave. Nethddge, CA 91324  Rle 20121e319 Date: 8/21/12 PLe#-,ed: 9/Z//12, I/2.'111/12, I6/12 I RcImous BUNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201218151 The following penms) il/m do- ing busineu U CAMBRIOGE HILL COLLECTIBLES. e20 Wllshlm Eh. #207 Be H, CA 12. GUROLIA INC. e9 'Mlshlm mvd. 1207 Beverly Hi,e, CA OO212. The bune is conducted b A Cordorn hal belwn to  buJneu under the  bulMm nmne o ndmelted here o: WA. Slgmd: Den h. CEO. Thls statemeof is filed with the County Ce of Los Aie,e County : I;Vl 0n. NOtiCE - Yhe nctidoul name Iment m fl,e yer om the dalm 9 wm f4nd on, n the office of the coontY cerk- A new 9Itkx m name fragment mu be ed lor to 81 dire. The flng o( this ldmnent doee nof of  aumod* me m n th m of a flctkxm U  in vk)ladon of We deht of m dor leer stts.  cnnn law tee Sectn 14I 1,  eq,, B&P C(e SrZ7/ 2, 19/4/12,10/11/12.10/18/12 1470 RClIlIOU$ BUNESS NAME STATEMENI 2012188931: The foilowlng pemon(s) ill/am doing bunem  BRA'.JEART CONSUI_'nNG  7414 Apoenn 81. "ruk, nga. CA 91O42. BRtA WINGATF- 7414 Appenm St. It4unga. CA m O42. The buldnee. conductnd blr An Indlv;dual hu begun to tmmlact bul/ms under the flcbllous bum name o u listed hem : N/A. SqWid: Bln A. IMegt. Ow.er. Tr W l= r.k,d .,th 9e COUntY Cle of L An County a: e/2g/12. NO'NC - This 9ndous name Ittme ex five en frill ee dofe 9 1 filed on, In 81e  of e c d, ed(. A new ficflotm buisnmm name  rnult he filed prior to thet date. The f, eng of 1s aten',ent doee n' of Jtas9  urdw fedeed ste, or m law (lee Secon 14411, et uq., B&P Codo 19/4/12,10/11/12, I0/18/12,10/25/12 1471 W NAME STATEMENt. 20121m: The foaowng penmn(] ishn do- g bmdmm m m8 CUL'nJE. 860e Glodo Ave. Nlh H# CA 91343. DANIEL ANTI"ONY MAGARL. 8eoe G/or;a Ave. North Hil=. CA 91O43- The W is conductld bY: An he begun to W Ix, ekee udor lhe  nlme ot name d hem on: N/A. 81gned: De.el Amhony I Owr. This itennt i ed w9h 9e CouofY Cl,'k of LO Angeise County on: 9/20/12. NOTICE - TNe fledti's r'me U e=Plnm five en h-o.-n the dote # was rand on, In e onloe of the (=unty cterk. A new r,Bdou U neme itemer mut I   to  di. "11 flng M tt, s*.smer d(x nt  #. aofhodze the m ; thls m of s flcefloue m rill'he i vioatlon of We dght of enofher under fdd mm, -enmo law [ee Seion 14411, et m., B&P Codo 1(#I 2. I0/11/12, 10/18/12,10/'25/121472 RICIIIKX W ItME 81'ATEMENT:. 20121 M: 1"ne f Pen 19/am do- ing bul/mm ii LOU DE81GN. 11393 81m Fetmmdo Rd. #2 Slm Femando. CA elo4, PO BOX 521 Loe  CA m. JOer=PHe'4E AIOR8.1133 San  R9. le le- Femlndo, CA1tlo40.11e NIS conducted blr. Anlndlddual hlbegun 81Uimaof October 11- October 17, 2012 Page 13