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October 11, 2012     Beverly Hills Weekly
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October 11, 2012

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A new fictrdous bUleSS nane smtnent must be led prior to Slat date. The fng of ffs statemeflt does not o te au modze the use in SI state of a ficUUous buness  n vklatn of Sie ts o another une fedmal ste, or common Imv (see Set.on 14411, et seq., BP Code SI21 2, 9/27/12, 10/4/12,10/11/12 134 FICTRTOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012179C6:111e odng peon(s) /am do- ing buneas as JARRED VtES. 6044 Codwm Cyn Ave. #5 North Hclbwood, CA 91eC6. JARRED JAMES CARTER. 6944 Coldwater Cyn Ave. #5 North Ho/wood, CA 9105. TEe bu- nesssccnd by:. AnlndMduM. hasbeguntoamt bumundesiefictitkxbus hess nane  u r,ed hem on: 1/1/12. Sklne: Jarred J. Cart, Ovmec "nls statement s Ned wth the County Ckrk e Los Anges Gounty or 0g/06/17- NOTICE - Ths flcUous nan stsiem expires five years from the date  was filed on, M the offloe of the county clerk. A new fictmous burss nme stmement must be filed po to that date. Te fimlg of ts sat mere doe not of ,seH thodze Sie uN n U state of a ficU'dou busess nne n v4on of the aghts of another under leder' state, c common law (Ne SecUon 14411, et seq., EP Code 9/2O/12, 9/27/12,10/4/12, lo/11/12 135 FlCTmOUs BUSINESS NAM 8TA: 2012179: The fclkvg penn lam dng Ixnes as SARO HANDYMAN. 1416  Sixcl SC Glendale, CA 91205. SARO MATOO. 1416 sixonsi. Cendale, CAg120'nleWseonducted b Anlndidu. hasbegunt mmsact busmass und e Ilcttioul buse* name o name fed hem o: tl/A. md: sm Mtou, Ovmer. 7h W Is fld wm the Oounty Cle of Lo Angell Coumy m,: 0SISS/12. NOTICE - 111 floliou nne am*nt ex five yearn fmmUle dte #  flied on, n It oflE o the ooumy lef A new flcRIous burners narne atemem mu be ed prior to th date. The flng of Siis  do. not of relf authorize the ue n Ul m  a IUS m mrne in ,a of the dght* o ffr unde Mdml mls, or commoo Commercial & Residential Reasonable Rates & Free Estimates! Specialize in Flat Roofs and do Shingles and Tile www.Franksroofingcompany.com License#: 809918 er, M Mte, or commoo law {s. S 14411, e/Imq., B&P Cod O/2O/12, SI'2711 2,1 O/4/1 2, 10/11/1213@7 FI BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201 LPI 7g55: The following pemoo(s) is/are doing Ix,s,s as MAGICAL TOUCH DAy R 19641  St. #10 No, CA SI 324. EVA ROOP 1173"t Luanda St. I. V', C. 91342. The I:,uness Ls oonducted by: An. has begun to ar, saet I,mss undo" 1he fl b name o name Imbed hem oo: N/A. . vs Rod Omer. "rills s*,,m is filed with th County Clk ol Los/ Coumy on: 12/28/61. NO'flC - Thls Ik',iow nares sta/eet  five year horn th da R w lied on, in Ie o of tbs ooune/cleek. A m ficto,.  nes name statemee mu be d pdor to thin date. TEe IWng of this k doe not of Rseff authoze the m k this ae of a li bu name n ",qcaU, o of the dght of ao,r unde fed s or co,'aoo Iw (see Seco 14411, et .., B&P Code 9/20/12, 9,'27/12,10/4/12,1/tl/1213 FICTITIOJS i Sl.TISMr: 20121 P7: rlks f per Is/are do b,Jdem as AG PRI S-C PA'I 6818 Radhd A. 4 Norlh H, CA 91605.1;,e bu,.,.isoond by: An Ind,,. hmbgutoW bunder the fic'at businm name o me listed Ire on: N/A. Bned: E-,,a Rod Omef. Tls sdement s reed wl e County C of Los Ang County oru 9Fo/12. NO'flCE - "nl fictb Ios name w expm fle yer from the dm t ms td oo, n Sie osioe of the county dedc A new flcU'ou Ix,e name sternent must be rd pr, or to that d,e. Tim ng of  state,'nent does r,o of Rsf authoze the ue in ths st.m of a r bu,ess nae m v<dan of the dghts o aoUw unOe fedend sme, or common aw (see , 14411, et seq., B&P C.od 9/20/12, 9/27/12,1/4/1 2,10/11/12 13 FICTnlOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012180168:  fo I} k'are do busmass m SSPER FRESH M.MJ(E'r PLACE I g87 8odad Cmyo, Rd. '*ar, ta Cla'ta, CA 911. GMS GROUP INC. lg7 SO  Rd. Santa C CA 91351. The buness is by: ACo. h.ltot.-',sact ImV, eundethefictm ,,,,' the C. Ctek of Lo/ County oo: O/K/12. NOT - This r.tkqou name  ment w fl ye' bora e dm, it w fed o, m Sie omoe of the courtly c{k. A new ficUtkx, i  name  nv.t be filed pdor to thld das. Gle fmng of SI annt doas not of ssf authore the m in Siis state of a fictmous busk,ess n. in vk of the r of a under federa state, o ccmmo a (sse Secon 14411, et l.eq., 13&P Code 9/20/12, 9,'27/12. Io/4t  10/11/12 1400 FI BU NAME SrAI: 20121801 The fo p) /a, do- ing b,r, m COMffE LA UNION4JS 3S718 S S Rd. Pmde, C grZ. YERMIN GARCU DAVL 36718 SuN0hur Sp Rd. Prnde, CA g2; DAVID MARnNEZ. 11118 Dan SI. Anad, a, C.a, 9100S. "ne Ix, m -,ducted by: Ant Auocion oaw Sian a Pa. h*s begun o W bunm* m-  r.lr,us mere m NI ,h h coomy c,k o Los Ar, Ooumy on: /S/1  NONCE - 1"his r, cliUous name staima m  yls from *he da it wins ed on. in h OSIO,, of the coumy cle,tc A new  m nsm stam,md remit be filed plo to th d,,. The  of th W  not , h*lf modum Ihe m in Ihtl stall, of a  bus,m mme  co o the  o anolt  Sidsral s o conwnon law (! SecUo 14411. et .eq I Cods '20/12, O/27/12,10,'4112,10/I 1/12 1401 RG"mus BUNE NME ST'A: 2012178371 11 fo p) ia/m do m m/GELO  PEST SSRV]CES. 1390oman St. Adeta, CA 1331. M NOZAWA. 1 Otomlm SL Adeta, CA 91331; ANOJELO 8ASINO. 313 Ma ,. @qdCAgl204.1h*bus,smts,ndlu,*dby: Copadmrs. ha*begontotramact samo, Parlne 1'tin m ts *d utlh 1he Ooay Clk of I.os An  on: a/o/l 2. NOllCE - Th fictkx nne Italm ex ,e y.am h-n Sis d R v, f<l on, in the o1 of  oounty deck. A new rK.sils m nne W musl be reed ikx to dlat dl The mg ol SI i does  of it smbo SI* u. n Uds m of a lictltimm bus, m  vikm of the rights ol anoffier undue Sid*ral stste,  ommon  Sectkm 14411, at  IktP Code 'Z0/12, a/27tl 2,10/4/12,10/11/12 14 LIC. #537713 ROOFIN@ * REPAIRS "LOWEST RESIDENTIAL RATES IN 0. CALIF.  310-779-5265 310-752-6156 doing busines as ANGLES  10520 Gerasi Ave Granad Hill CA 91344. MARINE GASPARYAN. 10520 Geeald Ave, Granada Hil, CA 91344.111e btminem  conducled b An Inddu. has begun to tin.sac( bunNs und*r the fictRu burss name or nars sted hem on: N/. Se: Madne , Ownec Thin  m flted vth the County Ck of Los Angles County on: 9/6/17_ NOTICE - This fictitiou narrm statemem expm five y.r f*om the date  W fd , in Sie  of the county cterk. A new fictmous bun.s name alement must be red prr to Slat dine. Tile filing of us mmmt does not of sf authom Sie ue  th stme of a flcous burms nanle in vk)kon of the llts of another urdee fl ste, or common law {see Section 14411, et seq., B&P Co0e 9/20/12,9/27/12, 10/4/12,10/11/'12 1403 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201217897 The followg persons) i/a*e bunes as  CYCLES. 2758 Foothill Blvd. La Creseen CA S1214. ROBERT  3 Pennsytvan Ave. La Cnmcem CA 91214. The husk.ms s conducted b Anl has begun to transit busimms und the ficlious W re or name lisd hem on: 7/WOL ed: Ror Aer. Owner. This sla/mne is fi/ed wit he County Ckk o4 Los Angss County o W6/1 NOllCE - Ths fictous name m expire fie yrs from Sie date R was fled on, n the office of the county clen A nv fictom  name stternem must be filed pek tosiat dat The mg of ts atement does not of se authoze the   this state of a flcEou* bmneas name in vbo of the rights of anoth under feder stal, c common w (see Secon 14411, et sq., BSp Code 9'2O/12,O/27/12, 10/4/12,101/12 1404 RCllllOUS BUNES NAME STAIMENT: 201217 The lowng penmn{s) are doing buness as INllGParY E)RESS. 813 N. Rdgewood I. Lo* Angele CA  DAMIONO GANLEY. 813 N. mgewoo Fq. Los Angele CA 900L 11 b.leN  o0n- ducted b. AnlndivuM. has begunto  m uraer theflct,Jous m nae or names led here on: WA. Sled: D.ro Garde Ownec Th sta*m.aent m filed with  County Clerk of LO Angeles CoUrlty or g/6/12.  - TII flcxus nan statement expkas five yearn flora le dine  yeas d o, in the olce ot Ifle cunty 01 A new flct,us burners  stmenm nlusl be fed px to that da. 111e fil9 of th aternet do. not ol f m the u,e in tNs state of a flctmous bun name n vtn ol Sie dgMs of anoer under kten a, or common kw (see Sectn 14411. et m.. B&p Code 9/20/12, 9/27/1 2,10/4/12, to/11/12 1405 FtCIlllOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201217 The foovdg peraon(s) m/ardng burners as BURBANK JEWELRY OUI1.E 124 E. Nameda Ave. BUdmlk. CA 915 GIANNI OF.J.ORO LLC. 124 F-  Av Burbank, CA 91502. The Ielmm* is mlucted I A Limit ed Liabiy Compa. has beam to trensact Ixness unde tim llmm buseu name  R d hem on: N/ Smd: Zav , Owl. lh Ulml.lt  lfd wm the County Cle of Los Angles Courtly on: 9S/12. NOTIC. 11 flclm nme ilatnent expes fiw yem flora Sie de  vms fled on, m Sie offe of 11 coumy clerk. A nmvltou business nan statemem must be filed prior to that date. TEe filing o fs slammn(dou nol of sf authore the me in ts state of a fictous buness name in vlaon f Ike rhts  anothe unde federa stme. or common law ( Secon 14411, et eq B&p Code 9/20/12. 9/27/12,10/4/12,10/11/12 1406 RcTnlous BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201217880  fvg pemos} are dog nes as MOOIE COURTURE. 12836 V'-/ Blvd. Norsi , CA 9106.11EREZA YAN; ARMEN HAKOBYAN. 12836 Vtoy E,d. North Holv, ood, CA 91606. The b- rssconductd by: Huoand and We. has begun tolnsa bunemunder thefictmom busines mme or U listecl heee o: WA. Signal: Armen Hakolan, Owner. 11 sdt  rded wh the County Clerk of Los Angles County : O/O/1  NO11CE. 11s fictmous  satement xpns five yearn fln the date # was filed on, in the o/flce of me oounty ck.lc A new ficEEous busm name shmmem mmt be filed pdoe to that date. The mJng of ths state- mere does rt of f ausio,e the tree In th tate of a flotmotm bum nan n vkalon - o Sie rights of another und feral slal o oommon law (m Secon 14411, et seq., IP Code 9/20/12, 9/27/1 2, lo/4/12,1011/12 1407 F1CTrflOUS BUSINESS NAME STAIT.MEhT: 201217901: The foUov.mg persons) /am doi.g bur as FIrlTI.N4D. 8418 Deemgton Panorama City. CA 914. NERSI $. MENDELYAN. 8418 Domngton Panorama Cy, CA 914 The burners  conducted b An Inddu. has begun to tramct U trnder the ftus buness rkl O num. sed he  N/A. Sid: Iqenms  Mend*lye, Owns. 11 stlmnt is flied with Sie County C; of LOS Aekm C.,y : 9/8q 2. NOT1CE. Trim fictous name sw eo five yea,'s Inn the date it was filed on, h'1 the office f the county cku,k. A new  lneem name s mr, st be fi/ed paoe  Ulat dae. "rile if, rag of  statemen doe no of Ise/f mthodze the  in IJ., ate of a flctmous bunm mene In volaeon of m rkahts of another under feel , o m law (m Secon 14411, et s., SSP Code 9/20/12,9/27/12, lo/4/12, IO/11/12 140e FIC BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121 The  I} is/am do bu.ness as AlaN INVE AND I:. 9107 W'dshJm Blvd. #4.5O Beverly HIs, CA 90210. ALICIA iRONS. 133 N. ,g,ey Dr. #4 Los AngMes, CA 9007. The bum s con by: An Indlvk'a has begunto emmcl under Sie flcb'ou burmm name o name rled heee m: N/A. Sgned:/Mlca kon Owner. "11s U  f,d wh the Co,tory Clerk ol LOS/ Coumy on: 9I 2. NOTIClE - l"hm flc0mous m statement expires fle yen fn ,e dte it vms filed on. I the off of lhe courtly clerk. A new ficti'dous beme mmle ealeem mml be filed pekx to Sial dae. Th. fil of  slee doas no of Pelf  Sie  Wl UI m of a fic'dous lmeas rmme in olon ol the r of anosier uncle Nlderal m. or m law (see SecEon 14411, e seq.. B&p Co O/20/12, 9,'27/12, I0/4/12. I0/11/12 1409 FICTITIOUS BLINSSS NAME STA: 201217"/'271: The fo pen*) /see do- in0 b,,J,ne, as COllIER DII & GRILL 133e S St Norm Holb.woo, CA In e. SIA UNITED INC,  I0 N. Brand Sivd. GI, CA 91202. The m i conducled by: A Coq. has begun to W l:,ness under ee fictlc busmeas  oe natures red here : 9/1/12. Signed: Alk:m Imm Owner. 11ds smmem s riled wth the County Clerk of LOS Angelas County on: O/4/I 2. NO'riCE - TEs flctfl0m  statement expme, s fi-,,e years from the date t was filed ongn the offic of le coumy cerk. A new flctmc. busnem nme e rms be filed por to t da. " lng of tffm stament do. not of itself authore the Line kl ths sate oe a flclous m rmme b vkdo of the dgt of aother under fder slate, or common law (em Seaon 14411, el seq., &p Code 9/20/12,9,'27/12. t 0/4/12,10/11/12 1410 FICIRTOU BUNESS NAME STAITVlENT: 2012177761:11e f p} be/me do- ing bsines as SOCAL J. 11931 S S. Noeth Ho, CA 9160. ABRAAM KARAZYAN. 11931 Stagg SI. North Hcl;yv,od, CA 91605. The  m conducted b: An ImlMual. hu begun to I l:.usee undee the flctku Ixmme. name or names listed  on: WA..  , Owns. TE asimer, . Sled wire  Count'/ Clerk ol Los/u Coumy : W4/12. NOTICE - Th, flctitlous nan slamem expmm five ye's fioen the date it was filed on. n lhe of of Ul county c A lew fiCtOL berms nrne staenm* rns be ff, ed pkx to tha dale. The f4mg Of SI seement does nol of itself  tle ue in U,S state of a flctous buenem rmnm m vkaEn of the  ol ano-- unde fe eeate, or comn law (s. ,Section 14411, et seq., B&P Code O/2O/12, 9/27/ 2, lo/4/I 2,10/11/12 1411 RC'nT BNESS WE STATEMENT: 2O121/7599:  folk)wklg pes) Edam dong business s VAG UMO LIIF 112 E Elk Ave #126 Gelndle, CA Si2k ARIYOM RCHYAN. 1122 E k Av #126 Ge/nO. CA 9120. 11.m bL.nes is conducted by: An Ind has begu Io W bmkem* under the fice.as lmineem nane o u rmed here on: N/A. Si: A/1yom ,hy'an, Owne. Th statement is filed wi Sie Coumy Clerk of Lo An4em County on: O/4/I 2. NO11C o This flcllous nature slatemem expmes five yem from the 0ale  was red on. kn the office of I county clee A new flctous burners name sta rnut be f ix;or to tha date. the fIng of this statemlent dora not   authoee e  L  stae o a rlINoe bdaea nmme  xla  the r of  under federal stae,  m law (see Sec4en 14411. ee seq., B&p Code 9/20/12,9/27/12, I0/4/12.10/11/121412 FICTmO BU'NESS NAME RTATEMJr: 2012177570: The fllOWklg pemon(s} bl/ dmng  as S'rARS  MARS; LUMIA SCIqCE. 14701  SI. V-a Nuys. CA 914C. BRETT JAy LAZAI. 14701Am.nta SI. Van Nuys. CA 9140. "ne Ixmmess  conducted by: An Inclhddul. has begun to W busmem uder the fictmou bUSkleSS name or  I h on: N//c Signed: Bnt Jay Lazarus. Owne. Th statement is file<l wh the Courey Clerk of Los Angeles Coumy oo: O/4/12. NOTICE - Th flcl<x nemle slalemem expmes five years flora the dace R were filed on. n the office of SI coonty clerk_ A new flctous l:smes mm'le sta mus be filed pe SI th dee. 111e filg ol IJs slatemel doee not of If athodze Ibe m in i staee ol a 6ctious buemrme mine k vkalo of Ue dgeem of mothe undee f m, o common law (eme Seceon 1,141 i,  , B&P Code 9/'20/12,9/27/12, 10/4/12,10/11/121,113 FIC'nl BUSINESS WE STATIAENT: 2012177557: The flo pes} is/am dOklg U U LA VINYL GR/ 11I Vece aa. #.23 Los An CA 06. ROBERTO M. LOO. 111eI Ve,c Blvd. #23 Lo Ang CA 900SS. "I b  conduced by: An lvldml, hm begun Io W bleas under tim lous buees n-ae oe rmmes led hem on: N/A. S P, oberto M l.oo, Omr:11s U s fid w.h  County Crk of LOS An Coumy or,: 9/4/12. NOTICE - 11, fictitus rmme s'memnt expires rwe ye - from ee llm It m Ned m kl th osic oe  co clwk. A m f b name staeememt U be filed pdo to tlml te. The filklg ol Vrds W doe nol of mf su- emdze th tree in fJ-,Ls m ol a lic buslee nem In oaon of the r of ano un fl sl, or m law (sere S 14411, et mq., BaP Code 2, O/27/12, 10/4412, I0/11/'12 1414 FICTITIOUS BIJe/,ESS NAME STATEMENT: 20121/734:11 f i is/am do- kng lsimms.  GROUP SSRVICES. 511 N. Kemmom Ave. #I03 I.o*/ CA 90004. DANIEL LOPEZ. 511 N. l,enmoe A. #103 Lo* Angeles. CA m004. "n m i conductl by: An IndivkluaL hubegunlotramac Wumdwthellotiliousm name or name listed  on: WA. Signed: DaZNI Lope Ome This slat is filed wisi  Co Gk*rk of Los lv Co on: W4i12. NOTICE . TE fctom name  . expns fl'.e ye-s from Sie d # was filed on, n  osice of IJ.,e coumy cJeck. A new flctmous smees nme mmm mm be fid por to  d*e. 1"he filg oe Uls slatement does not of elelf usiore Ule L.e bl th m of a ficaous km.s namle R1 vkleeon of the gl.as ol anothe under federal stale, or conwnon law (,N SecUon 14411. et seq., B&p Code 9/20/12, 9/'27/12, I0/4/12. I0/11/12 1416 FIC'RTIOL BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O12177551:  f ps)  do- ing buma  GOLDEN FORMULA. 5SI 0 Camenter Av. Vy Vil, CA 91 (7. JOANNA HAYE. 3427  D #203 Los Ang CA 9Q6. The lpk'em Is conducted by: An l, ndidu, ls b.gun Io W m undo" tl lw n ne oe i lied hem o: O/4412. $/ned: Jo-fm I' O,mee. "ni. eelmmnl  Sled wIsi IJe County Clm'k ol Los/In Co.my oec 4/12. NO11C - "lh fus w slalmeg m flm ymr from le c # wm meal oo, kl tl o ol lhl* ooumy cl.k. A new flcous bu rmme  must be f p I t dle. The II ol tls statemnl does mt of ell au- thorize the uam in ',s stab* of a  m nem1 n vklon o the dgsis of notlw under federal site, or m law ( Sectk)n 14411,  seq., Bap Code O/20/1 2. 9,ez7/1 2, Page 12 Beverly Hills Weekly