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June 17, 2010     Beverly Hills Weekly
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June 17, 2010

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CA 0f0Ol; RONALD GEORGE JENKINS 11231 Oteopo Saeet ~21O` Nom~ HO~, CA 91S01.The Ix~mu ls conducted I:~ a Ge~er= Pe~, P~ra~t connoer, c~d to t ransacl bu,V,~ess under 1he nc~eo,~ b,.=s~eas nan,e or i I~md above on ~lStl0, S~ Rona~ Geome Jer, ldr~. Parmer. The m~s) ~red that al m~on in the U ~s tree and cone~L Ttds m ~e r~ed v,~ the Cour.~y Clerk of L~ /u~ Cou~ ~ S/I~Vl0. NOTICE - Th~ ~ r, an~ ~'emer.t e~0us rNe yurs ~m w,e date ~t v, as riled o~ k~ ~e oece of the courtly der~ A ~ew r~ou~ bosmas neme m must be ~ ~ to I~et date. The "~ o~ INS r4a=me~ ~e,s no~ of ~af m ~e u~e ~n e,~ rote o~ a r,~t~us ~ ~ nan-, ~ v*~Z~,on of ule r~ of anc, ther under lseena etm. o~ m unv (sse Sec~c~ 14411. et ~eq,. B&p Code,) Punished: S/ZT.'2OlO. 6/03'2010, eVI(Y2Olo, eV17/20~0 214S FICTITIOLIS BUSINESS N/QAE STAI~E[dENT: EO1(X)64481~O'lbe ~ ~s) is/,zue d(~g I:~ i~ zu~ LOS A.MGELES (~'TECTI(~N SY~TIEMS 13~7 Sherman Way #117, Vn~l Nuys, CA 9140S,TIGRA~ M SARIDSYAN 13e~7 S~em~m Way #117. Van Nuys, CA 914OS.The ~ is coe- ~'uc~d b'r an Indhadu=. Re~ c~mmence~ ~o ~ b*=ane~s under t'w ItC~OUS bus~eas nar~e or nwnes Ilsled above o~ S/11/10, S~ q-~-a~ M Sara. Owner. The m~(=) deepened thaZ am kVorma~on ~ e,e m ~s tree and Do.reef. l"h~ statenlenl ~s 6led wl~ Z~e Co~ Clsrk o~ L~ Ange~e~ Coure/or~ 5~11/lo` NOTICE - T;Vs fJce~o.~ name s~a~em~t exp,~es fl,,e yeats horn the daze ~t 6led 0~, m U~,e o~r~oe of I~e counfy ,:~e,t. A ~w F~Jous bu#,ne~= name mtement must be reed p~or te Ittat ~ete. Tre r~ of eas m ~os~ r~ of ~sea m I~e u=e ~n ~Vs m of a flctmous ix, sk rte~ nan~ ~ vk~s~o~ of the r~ of ano#~er under tede~ ~.zle. or cemmo~ k~v (see Se~o~ 14411, et seq,. B&P Code,) published: S'27/2010, e,,(~t201o, eVlO/2olO, ev17/2010 21~ FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20100677412~ foaowing person(s) is/am dc4rlg bL.~- heSS as: SHOE ~ #11 4366 Woodman A~ue, Shell~an Oaks, CA 91423.V/~GN MKRTCHYAN 5(X)O ~Jco~e Averse. Valay V~ CA 91SOT.The Ixwoess ~s conducte~ by: an i~ Re~ com. ~ to t~msact bus~ess zalder g~e ncaUous I:*u=aless name or names I~e abo~e on ~v18/10, s~ vaag~ M~, Ttle regis) ~ed, amd thet an ~onnauon zn Ule sta~me~ ~s uue and Dot. nact. T~s statement ~s r~,ed w~.h u~e Co~ ~ of Los An~ on: S/leVl(~ NOlqCE - Th~s no. ~ous name s~ateme~t e~res Ik, e yours horn 1be de~ it ,~as rded o~. m the office of U~e ~ ~ A r~w r~:~tkx~ I:us~0=~ name stammm~ must be filsd ixtor to it1~ da~. 1~e it~op of aye =t~tement ~ no~ of ~ ~ ele use ~n UI~ rote of a tk~a~ous bue~e~s n==~e Zn v*:Zaeo~ of tl~e ~ of enothex unee federal slate, or common Law (=ee Sec~on 14411, et ~eq., e&P Code.) Fubrn~e~ .S~Tt2010, S~2Olo` 6/10/201O` ev17/2010 2147 FICTITIOUS 8LISINESS I~ STATEMENT: EOll~'le fo4owing p,e~"ao~($) is/am doing I~ heSS as: KMNINKJET,COM 19O39 NOr~ Stm~t Apt.f17, Norlt~Idge, CA 91324.KARLO NI/G.GNARAGHZ le2"J~ index Street #1. Nor~. CA 913~6,The ~ is condocted by: an IndvW.u~. P.e~ commence~ to transact m u~der me flct~oas I:,w,~ness narae or na,l~S i~t- ed above on S/leJl(~ S~: Kado Nk~. Ovmer. 1~e mg~za~s) decls~e~ t~a~ a, ~ tn the stmme~t ~s line sr~ c0ne~L Th~s statement ~ meal vath Ihe Co~ Dierk of Los ~ ~ on: S'lS'10. NOTICE - ~ r,c~eous nsme ~ exp, res It.~ yoem Imm em cza~e ~ v~s filed ~, ~n I~e otace of the courtly d, er~ A n~v 5c~k:~s business neme slatement must be meal prior te t~aZ date. 1~e r,~ of UVs m does r~t of k~se~ author~e ~e use ~n th~ s~ale o( a ~c=sous bu~n,~s name ~n ~ laeon o( tbe f.g~s of anoe~er umlsr fedmat m, or m lsw (seo SecVon 14411, et seq.. B&p Code,) Pubash~t rV27t20 f 0, ev0~,"a01o, eJlOt'~om, 6/17/2010 214a RCTmO~S ~ NAME STATEMENT: 2oloosTe~oeTbe 10~ perks) ~are doing rmas as: WC CONSULTING SERVICES 24758 GBnlom Stir, We~ H Llis, CA 91307;6520 Pt &'tt Avenue #31O` Weat I'a~. CA 91S07.WC BUtLDEDS INC. 247se Dikllore StreeL West Hms, CA 91307.The i:u~- ne~s *s conduced by: a CO~ Re~t cor~menced to transact be~*,ess unde~ t~e fi~us bus~ n'~-s r~me or name~ |=~ee ebeve on S~I~Vl (~ S~ed: WC e*eders Inc.. OM~er. The ~s) declined that am Waonna~n in the statement ZS tree and corre~. Ths stal~mnt ~s meal v#a~ ere County CZed~ of Los /~ Co~ ore siTeVl0. NOTICE - Tl~s f~a~ous nan~ =a~me~t e~q~es five years frun the date ~ ws IWd on. ~n U~e orfue b~ne=~ name ~n V~k~on of me rJ~ of ano~er under ledend =ato, ~ commo~ lsw (Ne Sec~on 14411. et ~q.. SSP Code.) ~ SrZT/201O` 6/SS'2010, eVlOF, Z010. eV17t2o10 21S0 FIC33;T1OUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2010067846TThe ~ person(s) ~ doing b~ as: TIPTOP HAIR 48~1 Lmlkm'shlm RI~ ,Std~ F103, Nor61 Holy~, CA 91601.WGH iNVEST. MENTE INC 4471 Vemura Caayo~ Avenue Sure DlC~. Shenmm O~ CA 91eO1.The m ~S C~. eucted bY: a Co~ R~ ~ to I~tnsa~ ~ urger I~e flc~,ous tx~ess r, ame or ~as rmed mbove on 5/lS'1~ s~: Naor Adhr, Owner. WGH IrNemmertts Inc. ~e ropes) dec~a~ed e, et a= ~nlo*~azon ~n me w ~s tree and o~lt~. "F~s m ZS rcee vath the CO~ CZerk ~ tJ~/U~ Cour~ 0~: S/I~VI0. NOTICE. Th~ p,~ous n~ne m m rive yeers from ele dine i~ v,~s 1seal o~, In me o~ce o~ the co~ der~ A new Ik; b~e~nea name U U ~ meal I:*her m Ibet date. The Ring o~ thi~ W doe= no~ of Itse~ aumodze the m ls U~S m of a ,c. ~ous ~ name In "a, owSo~ of e~e d~ of anome~ under federa~ stm. or m law (see ~ 14411. et seq., RSP Code.) ~ .~27/2010. 6/03t2010, 6/10~010. 6/17/'2010 21Sl FICTITIOUS ~'.USINESE NAWAE STATEMENT: 20100681(leg"the fo~owif~ pemolKs) ~ doiz,g t0~s~ ~ as: A STAR AUTO SERVICE 840 N. We~em A~e~m, Los Angele~ CA 90~9. TSAGIK SHAGINYAN 84O N. Wee~em Avenue, Les Ang#,e~, CA ~0~9.1~e ~ is co.ducked by: ~'.~,~. Remstm~ c