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June 6, 2001     Beverly Hills Weekly
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June 6, 2001

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wou~. ~ t~= n= y~ i~n to w bu~,~m uncw ~~~~ ~ herein. Signed: R~ Ann Reid. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ County C~ ~ Los County on: ~ 11, 2001. ~T~E--~ f~ nsme m~wmmt e,~ fNe ymrs frem tho dao it wl fll~l in g'm olfioe ~ tho coun~ c~ A new fic~ I~ namo el4~tm-nm'~ mu~ be filKI IN~xe elt I~n~. l"ho filin0 of thie mJ~mTN~t dow n0t o( its~f a~t~odze I1~ um in ~ie ~,~e of e ficti(ious ~aeinou rwne in violton of O'~ rtgr,18 of a~hw und~ Mdon& state, or oemmon ~|m ~ I~,~ ~, ~ ~ ~). C~ V~ DIRT C~, ~ ~ Ave. #1. Ave ~. ~~ ~B1~. ~ ~ ~ oondu~ ~. County on: May 11, 2001. ~O~--~ fictitious ~ ~ ~ ~ ~W, m. or common ~ (m ~ I~, ~ ~, ~m ~ P~ C~). P~: 5/17/01. ~1 ~1~1, 6/7/01. B~- 190. F~FF~US BUSINESS NAME STA~ 01~1~ ~ ~s) ~ doing ~ m: F~ER ~TIC S~C~T, 1~ ~ St, S~ ~ 91~ ~ P. R~. 1 ~ ~ ~ ~, CA 91~. ~ ~as ~ con- duc~ ~. ~ ~M~. R~ has not ~ ~ to vats- act ~ under if're fctitiou= ~ name or ~tmee li=ted heroin. S~ R0xI~i P. Rubio. Th~ m~demetlt Is fited w~h ~e C~ ~ ~ ~ C~ on: M~y 11.2001. NOTICE-- name mWnent mu~ be ~11~um thet time, The Mng ~ mt~ ~ ~)` ~ ~17~, ~1, ~1~1, 6/7/01. ~- 191. F~ BU~SS ~ STA~ 0t~1~I ~ GO. ~ ~E~. 1~tl ~ B~ #204. N(xth ~ CA Ble06. ARTHUR MANABARIAN. 505 AN, m t~r./~J~ H3MIXJ~ Re~mnt t'm no( yet mgun to tnm~t bum un(W the fl~ buam nineor nlnm li~ hwe- ~ C~~~o~ ~ 11. ~I. NOTICE-- "lrt~ flc~tti~ nen~ ~ o~q~m~ ft~ ~mr~ from the date it s~t doee t~ e~ be~ su~o,~o ~e uee i~ U~e m c~ a Wc~. ~ ~ ~ ~17~, ~1, ~1~, ~1. ~- 1~. ~ m, ~ m (m ~ 1~. ~ ~., P/ ~). ~ ~7~, ~1. ~1~1, ~1. ~- 1~. F~S ~S~SS ~ STATEMENT 01-0e16505 ~ ~ ~,,) m ~~ es~ ENCINO CAPI- TAL FUNIDING G4ROU~. 1~-C~ ~.~ 91335. CHRIS WlUJAM$. 1137 E, ~ OI~L Pmrm, CA 91106. TI'~ busblm~ is coedu~ad by: AN INDIVIDUAL n~r~ ~ rmm~ E~:I ~ Sil~ C~'i8 V~rmms. This mm- m~ is mm.~h m Coun~ CJed~ d Lm A"~0~ County ore M~ 1% 2001. ~--~ ~ a ~ ~ ~ n~ ~nm~ ~~~ ~ Uml l"ho fling of gm ~0monl doo~ nol of ilN! ~'m~Z0 0~ UN at~he~ ur~I f~M~ sw~ c~ ccm,~ Isw [see ~ 1~. amq., eum and Pro~ Code). PulP~ 5/17/01, 5/24/0t. 5/31/01. W'7/01. BHW- 196. F~ BUSINESS NAME SI"A~NT ~1~ STY. 1752 B~ Ave. #6. Los P, ng~lm, CA 900~5 LI-JIA iSAAC LUg. 17~ ~Ave. #6. Los An0e~, CA 90025. The [~s~nes~ is oonduct~ ~: AN H:~OUAL RB0~rent ~ no( y~ bogun to nnu~ ~ uncle- ~ ficli~kx~ busihass r~ne or nBme~ I~dod heroin. Si0ned: L~ Imac IJn. Th~ statement is fi4ed with the ~ Cled~ of Loa,~ Courtly on: May 11, 2001. ~T~E--~ ~ name ~ ~ ~ ~ the date it wm flied in Itte ~ of Ihe ~xJn(y derk A n~ fich~kx~ busineu nm~te ~m~r~ mu=t be ~od b~ore Iha~ time. Th~ firing of ~is Itsleme~ doe= not of it,ll ~ulhot~zl Ihe uw in this ~ate af ,= ficlit~ '~ bu=nm~ name in viola(ion ~ Ihe ngl~ o~ anoth~ undi ~, m. ~x c~nen ~ (see ~ 1~. et ~., and ~ ~). Pul~: 5/17/01. 5/24/01, .5/31/01.6/7/U1. BHW - 197 F~T~S ~ ~ STA~ ~lS The ~ pm~(s) ~are doing tx~P--.~ a~ ~, 2221 E R~. ~ ~ ~91~. JUNE LEE THURMOND. ed hor~ ~ ,kme l~nd. "nts mment *, flied v~ me C~Ck.t ofLm~ ~ o~ ~ it 2001. ~-- w~ flied Irl I~le OE~O of Iho coun~ cl/lc A n~w flc~oui busine~ ~ z~om~t m~t I~ f~d ~kxe I1~ flee. "n~ f~ ~ Ihie stiton~r~ do~ not ~iz~lf mmmdae I~ ~ tn II'l ~ ~ a ~ tio~ bmit~ n~t~ i~ ~olJo~ e# Iho rigt~ el K~(lw urd~ I~d. eel, stalot ~mm~ 18w (I Section 14400. ~ mq., 1~Bm~ P~ Code). ~ 5/17/01, ~1, 5/31/01. ~1. ~- 1~. ARIES, 3771 ~ ~ CA~. ~ ~iEHI. 3771 ~ ~~.~~ ed b~..,m ~ Rq~i~ln~ h~ not ~ t~m *, wma~ Ixmtnmm undm" ~ rdtous Ixm~mm mw, e or nam~ lislod hem- in. Signed: E~ ~~~~ Clat~ or L.oe k~Im Counly or~ IIk~ 11, 2001. NOTICE--Th~ f~- ~. ~ ~ i~ County C~ ~Lo8 .~l~ Co~y on May 14, 2001. NOTICE--lrhie f,c=tiou= rmm ~~. ~~~ Jaw (me ~ 1~, ~ ~, ~ md ~ ~). I~. 5/17/01, 5#24/O4, 5/31/01, 6/7,'O1. B.IW- 202. ~ I~ NAME m~ ~13 The ~o~W~ pm~(s) m ~ bu~s ~ GRUPO E ~ 1725 S. Pmi~mn Bk,~L #6, LoL,~:0~m, CA 90025. 'Pm~ Maron, 1T25 S. I~d~e'tmn latin gs, Loo An0~ CA 900~& The bumm~ m cond.c~ by: ,,~ BOMOUAL Ite0m, mt tm not ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~n: ~ 14. 2001. ~ ~ Code). ~ ~17~, ~1, ~1~1, ~. ~ - 203. FICTITIOUS eUSliESS~ ~A~ ~14 QUEEN ACADEMY, INC.; ~ DUKE ~ ~SS; ROYAL CARE ACADEMY, 1887 E Denwall Dr. C.anmn. CA g0746 KINGS ~ ~E~~ ~. I~ E. ~ ~. ~, CA 90746. The txm~ess ~ oond~ by: A COITION. The rag- istmnt co~ to trenmd bum undm" the 5ct~ busi- n~ rm~ or rmrne~ li~ed o~ O~L 25, 2000. Signal: TraDe Kin~ P~ ~~~. ~. ~~ NOTICE---'rI'u Iklilio~ name ztalement e~ live ymm from the date il wm filed in ~te olrme ~r Itm county cJm~. A now flctilious ~ ~ Code). ~ 5/t7/01, ~1, FNTI.I ~ IqC.; KING00M3 /~ADEt/Y; ,q~IGEL OF ~T~.~~m~~~ mNm~ i aed ~h ~ Cou~ CI~ d Lm,~l~ CounW ~ MW 14. 20m. NOlricE--T~s r~ous mine ~ ~ In Ibis ~tnle of a 5~Iom I neme in v(oiJ~ of I~e rlgl~ of FICTITIOUS BIL~dNES8 NAME STA~ 01~1~ in ~ ~ of ~ ~ ~ A ngw ~ ~ name ~~a) ~~ m: R~ PE~ ~~~~d~ F~ ~ ~ S~~16 SERVICES, ~13~ Ave. Van ~ CA 014(~. ~ |~W~I~I~I~ ~~~~r~~ E~~13 ~ ~ ~, ~. ~ nmnme~I~m~ I, ~.; ~~; ~~~ ~I~~~~~ ~~, ~ ~7~, ~, ~, ~. ~.~~.~~I~A ~~ ~~~ ~ 11, I~~~~|~|~ ~ItI~~d~ ~Ano~ ~~@ ~~m: ~ Iml ~1~ I~ Courtly Clink d Los/~BOiN Courtly o~ MW 14." lil~U8 I~atr, mm rome ~a~n~ml muet N fl~d Ix#ore II~f (~me. Tho ~. ~~#~ ~, CAI. ~ ~, ~ ~nm~ ~~ m ,ar under federal, stata, or co,tureen taw (~ Section 14400, et seq, begun to trans, aof I~J~s undar the f~---tit~us business name or hlmg OF t~s statemerd does not OF itself a~/honze the use in U~s Business and Profess~tls Code) Published: 5117/01. 5/24/01. names ksted ~ S~sd Jade Cnttenden This statement s state of a flcflt~us busmess name in vJotat~n of the nghts of anoth- S/31/01, 6/7/01. BHVV- 193 filed w~h the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on May 11, er under federal, stade, or common I~w (see Sect~0n 14400 et seq, 2001 NOTICE--Th~s flctd~s name stmement exp~es five years Busm, ess and Profess,.ons Code) PulYashed, 5/17/01. 5/24/01, FICTITIOUS BUSINE SS NAME STATEME NT 01-0816583 from the data it was filecl =n the offme OF the county clerk A new f,c- .5/31/01.6/7/01 BHW- 206 The following person(s) is/are doing bus~ness as EDGAR TRUCK- titlous business name stWement must be filed before that tmle The IN(~ CO. 5250 Harmony Ave #313 North HoItywood, CA 91601 flF~'~9 Of t~s stat~ner~ does ~ of ~tse~ authorize the use in th~s FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 01-0824317 HOVHANNES SARIBEKYAN. 5250 Harmony Ave #313 North stataofafictlt~ousblJsmessname=nv~lat~onofthenghtsofanoth- The foflew~g person(s) ~s/are domg busmess as BURBANK Hollywood. CA91601 The bumness ~s conducted by; AN INDivID- erunderfederal, state, orcommonlaw(seeSect~:x114400etseq. EXTENDED STAY INN. BURBANK INN. BURBANK INN & UAL Regustrant hasnot yet begun lo transact bus=ness under the Bus,hess and Professions Code) Published 5/17/01, 5r24/01. SUITES. 2021 West Okve BNd B~. CA 91606. Warren fictitious I~.Jsrness name or names listed herein Signed 5/31/01.6/7/01 BHW - 200 Propertzes. In(;. 6134 la Granada bird Ranctm Santa Fe. CA Hovhant~s Saribe~yan This statement is filed with the County 92067 The bus~ss is conductad by AN UNINCORPORATED Clerk of Los Angeles County on May tl. 2001 NOTICE--Th~s tic- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENF 01~824301 ASSOCIATION OTHER THAN A PARTNERSHIP Re~strant has fibers name statement expires tive years tree the date it was filed The follow~'~:j person(s) =s/~e doing bus=hess as TILDEN CAR= not yet begun to tran.sacI busmess under the fichbous blJs~ess in the offuce of the county clerk A new flcht,ous busrness name DENS.19360 Renaid St #203, Porter Ranch, CA 91326 Bryan name or names hsted herein S,gnod Frank R Warren and ~talement must be filed before that t,me The hhng of th~s statement Nelson, 19360 Rena+d St #203 porter Ranch CA 91326 The JoanneC Warren as Trustees This statement ~s fded w,th the does not of itseif ~uthonze the use nn this state OF a fict~bous bus~- busCness ~s c.ooducted by AN ~NDIVIDUAL ReB:strant has not yet County Clerk of Los Angeles County on May 14 2001 NOTICE- hess name in violation of the ~pghts of another under federal, state, begun to transact business under the f~chtious ~us~ness name or ~hls hct~hous name statement expires five years from the dete *t Or Common law (see Sechon 14400 et seq, Bus~ness and names hsted Ilere~n Signed Bryen Nelson rh,s statement :s filed was filed ~n the off~.e of the county clelk A new hcl=flous business Professions Code) Pubhshed 5/17101, 5/24/01, 5/31/01, 6/7/01 wdh the County Clerk of los Angeles County on May 14 2001 name statement must be tiled before tt~'~i t~me The tiling ot this BHW 194 NOTtCE---Th~s fictitious name stalement expires five yea~s from statement does not of ~tseff authorize the use ~q this state of a fictn- the date it was tiled ~n the off~ce of the county clerk A new f~ctnhous hoes bus~,ess name ~e wolat~n of the r~g~ts of another under fed- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 01 0816584 busuness name statement musl be filed before that time The filing eral state, or common law (see. Section 14400, et seq Bus~ness The foBow~g person(s) is/are doing business as PRECISION of this statement does not of dself authorize the use ~n thus state of and Professions Code) Pubhshed5/17/01 .c.~r24/01 5131/01 PRINTING, PRECISION PAD PRINTING ETC, ZOE PRINTING a fldit~ous business name~n v~olat~n of the rghts of another under 6/7/01 BHW- 2"07 EXPERT. 4916 Hollywood B~vd Los Angeles, CA 90017 Zoda E federal state, or common law (see Secbon 14400 et seq, Esrada, 3528 8th Ave Los Angeles, CA 90018 The business m Business and Professions Code) Published 5/17/01. 5t24/01r FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 01-0824318 conducted by AN INDIVIDUAL Registrant has not yet begun to 5/31/01, 6/7/01 BHW - 201 ]he followong person(s) ~s/are dc~ng b~srness as KID'S COZY transact busmess under the fictd~ous business name or names hst- ROOM INC. KID'S COZY ROOM CHILD CARE, PAULLETTE'S ed hereto Signed Zo=~a E Estrada This statement isflledwJththe FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 010824312 KID'S COZY ROOM. 9121 1/2 S Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA County Clerk of Los Angeles County on May 11, 2001 NOTICE The following person(s) ~s/are doing bus~ness as ALL THINGS 90044 Paullette Smith, 9121 1/2 S Hoover St Los Angeles, CA This flclmOUS name statement expires five years from the date it BROADBAND 21755 Ventu~a Bird #273 Woodland Hills, CA 90044 The busmess is conducted by A CORPORAFION The reg- was filed in the off~.e of the county clerk A new fictitious business 91364, Duayne Webster, 21755 Ventura Btvd #273. Woodland ~strant commenced to transact bus~ness under the fictlt,ous bus=- name stalemer',t must be filed before thet time The Flbr~ of this HlttS, CA 91364 The busaness ~s conducted by AN INDIVIDUAL hess name or names listed on Ma~ch 12 2001 S~g~ted Paulletta statement does not of itself authorize the use ~n this slate of a fictF Registrant has not yet begun to transact bus=ness under the fictl Smffh, Pres~de~l K~d's Cozy Room Inc This statement ~s filed with bous business name in violation OF the nghts of another under fed* hous business na~e or names hsted here~n Signed Duayoe the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on May 14 2001 NOTICE--Thi= ficl~k)~ nine stalmne~ expires ~ yell l me date i wu N~I in the olr=ee o~ the county lederal ~ate, or oommon 18w (m Selion 14400, et Bu~to~ a~l Prolrel~om Code). ~ 5/t7/01, ~31/01, 6/7/01. BHW- 20e I~i o~ U~ =teem~t do~ not of it.ll =ueerizo ee u=e m er und~ federal, slale, or cerumen law Bumne~ and ProPmen= Code). ~ 5/17/01, 5#31/01.6/7/01. BHW- 211. ~lf, I, or =tte~ I1~ (Nt 8OI~W~ t4400. II I~1., ~ Code). ~ 5/17/01, 5/24/01, (brt/01. BI,~/- 212. nCTTT'IOU~ 'BU~INI~SS NAM~ ~i'ATEM~NT 01-08'243"23 The following person(s) is/are doing busrmss as Barrmgton Dr #8. Los Angeles. CA 90025. Veronica 1426 S BamngtonOr #B Los Ange~s. CA90025 The busw~eas conducted by AN INDIVIDUAL Registrant has not transact b~siness under the fictitious business ed herein SK:J~3ad Veronica TaDoada ]'his statement Is filed the County Clerk of Los Angeles County an May 14, NOTICE--Th0s fictit~us n;~me statement expires five the date it was tiled =n the office of the county clerk A new bus~ness name statement must be flied befora that time of this statement does not of itself auIhonze the use .'n th~s a fichtious business name in v~olet.3n of the ri federal state, or common law (see Sechon 14400, et Business and Professions Code) Published 5117101, 5/31101, 6/7/01 BHW- 213 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 01438059 9 ~( ..... d~ The follow,rig person(s) is/are doing bus=naBS as BIG HOd~ FILMV~)RKS 6715 Whitwodh Dr los Angeles Ca 90035 ~ %eche~ 6715 W~ltwoMh Dr LOS Angetes CA 90035 The ~ hess is conducted by AN INDIVIDUAL Registrant has not Of begun to transact bus~n~ss under the fiotd~ous business n~11~ll~ names hsled herenn Signed John Tleched Th~s statement ~ wdh the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on May 10. ~.~ NOTICE--This tictiflous name statement ep~res five yearS~ the date d was filed in the offioe of the county clerk AneW f~ business name statement must be fited before that time 11"~'~# of th~s statement does not of itself authonze Ihe use =n th~S stu~ a ticflt~us business name =n violahon of the dghts of another .~, federal state, or Common taw (see Section 14400. et NOt Bus~oess and Professions Code) Published 5/17/01, 5t'2 5/31/01.6/7/01 BHW - 214 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 0143822917 .-~' 0t;,- The following person(s) ~s/are doing business as EMBROI C~ S .KSCREEN WAREHOUSE 20617 Marposa Ave Torr~'