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May 30, 2013     Beverly Hills Weekly
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May 30, 2013

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pete it was al06 on. in the office of ~e couofy dark. A new flc~ I~ name sta~ ~ be 6~ad prior to that date.The aling of th~s statement bees nof of ~seff authorize the ~ in ~ ~e of a fict~ous besJness name fn vtctaUon of the rfghts of anoUler ~de fed.end state, or common law (see SecUon 14411, et seq., B&P 5/23/2013, 5/30/2013, 6~13, 6/13/20t3 1017 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201309O146: The following person(s) is/are do- thg Ix~ness as: AM ENTERPRISE~ 238O2 Pine St #14-15 NewpeN. CA 91350. ARTHUR BAGHDASARYAN. 23802 Pine St #14-15 Newhall. CA 9135O. The business is conductbe by, An thd~ has begun to transact business under the ~ bu~ness name or names listed here on: N/A. S~gned: Artur Baghdasaryan. Owner. This statement is fiJed 'tNJ1 ~ County Dierk of Los Ang64as Couofy c1: 5~PJ13. NOTICE -"nds ~ name stateme~ expires five y~ars from the date it was aled o~, in the office of the county clerk. A new fic'dfious besthess name statement must be iliad prior to that date.Ti'.e aling of this statement doas not of itself autpellZe the u~e th this state of a fifibeus besine~4s name kl vioi20ofl of the dghts of another under foderaf state, or comrnon law (see Seclion 14411. et seq.. B&P 5/23/20t3, 5/30/2013, 6/6/2013, 6/13F2013 1018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13090213: The following person(s) is/are doing bu~rmss as: GRAVfTY AUTO. 9000 Norris Ave ~ Sun Valley, CA 91352. KARO AKHVERDYAN. 1035 Wlcheofer A~ #203 Glendale, CA 912O1. The burners is conducted by: An thdMdual has begun to Uansact bus#w, es cruder tbe rcCdous businass name or ~ Iistpe pete on: N/A. S~gned: Karo Akl~,erdyan. Owne~ This ststement LS aled v, tth the Couofy C~erk of LOS Ange~as County on: 5OJ13. NOTICE - Tlds ~r~lkxJs n~ne statement expires tWe years horn the pete tt ~as r~,be on, in the oface of the couofy clerk. A new rlct,k:4JS ~ name s~ofement must pe aiD6 pber to that date. The aling of this alatement doas not of ifsalf autberb~e the use in this state of a rcC~ous bualne~s name in violo6oe of IO6 dghts of anolher under federaJ state, or commo~ law (see BUCUOn 14411, of seq., B&P 6/20/2013, 5F30/2013, 6/6/2013" 6/1312013 1019 FiCTiTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013090373: TI~ Iofk]wthg parade, S) is/are do~g business as: QUA4JTY St LUNG. 18319 Coflins St #17 Tarzana. CA 91306. NATALYA KHAStT. 18319 ~ St #17 Tarzana. CA 91306. T~e bes~ess ~s co~ b~ An Ind~ has begun to b-~ms- act b~sk~ess under the ferrous besmes~ name oc names fistpe pere on: N/A. S~: NO~ Kbe~L Owner.Tits armament Ls Bed w~l ule County Ck~rk o~ LOS AngeMs County on: 5/?J13. NOTICE - ~s flc~Uous name ofatement e~0pbes five years Eom the dale ~ was aled on, th the office of I~e courdy dedc A new ficfifious besthess name staternem must be aled pr;or to th=t o6te, The Stng of tits state- ~ doas not of ~s~df authorize the use th th~s stale of a fict~ous berne.s name k~ vk~on of Ihe dghts of anofher under fodeml state, o~ c~nmoe law (see ~ 14411, et seq., B&p ~13, ~13, 6/6/2013, 6/13/2013 1020 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20130904O8: The Io~ pe~on(s) 16/m do~ bu=mess as: AMT-AMBULANCE; ADULT MED TRANS. 704O DaYoy AW Raspea. CA 913~5. ADULT MEDICAL TRANSPOFffATION COR R 704O Daddy Ave Reseda~, CA 91335. TPe bu~ al cor~ ductbe by: A CorpomUo~ has begun to tnmsact bu~ness unger the ficaldous U name o~ nan.s ~ed bern on: 2009. S~gned: Sergey Bru~, Ownec Ti~s =m~11~11 ~ aled w~ the County C~erk of LOS/mgeMs CoJrdy on: 5/~J13. NOTICE - Tt~s ~ name stateme~ extras five years flora Ihe date tt was filed on, in ~e office oFihe cou~y dark. A new flcfifious pestnass r=m~e statement must be aled pdor to Uad date. The I~ng of th~s ~at~ bees not of #sail ~tbedze the use th tals state of a fic~Uous bu~ne~ss name in vk~x~ of tbe dghts of another unper Mdend state, or commo~ bw (see ~ 14411, at seq., B&P 6/23/2013, 5r~13, 6/~/2013, 6/13/2013 1091 RC'TtTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201309(]551: ~ f~4o~ng person(s) Is/ate doing bual~e~s ees: YUM YUM DONUT FRANCHISE #93110. 555 S GI~ Bird BU~ CA 9106~. ALBA CHAVAR~A. 1441T S Van Nasa Ave Garbena, CA 0624O. Tbe ~ ~s coe~uctbe by: An Inglv.:duaJ has begun to transact businees unber the ftc0~ous bee~.~ess name or namee listed peru De: N/A. St gripe: Aibe Chavada, Owner. 11"~s statement Is fllpe vath the County Clerk of Los Angelas County on: 5~13. NOTICE - Th~s fict~ous name statement expires five yeem flora the dofe It ~,~S aled on. in the office of the couofy dark, A new tic.otto bue~nass name s~athmeof mu~t pe I~ed pber to thof date.Tpe althg of th~s statement beas not of Jt~alf au0mdze the u~e in th~s algae of a flc0Uous bu~ness name in V, ofa~o~ of the rights of anothe~ under feberal state, o~ common ~aw (see Sec~cn 14411. et seq., B&P 6/23F2013, 5~012013, 8/6/2013, 6/13/2013 1022 FICqTTICUS StJStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013090847: The fofio~ng peruse(s) Is/am do- ing beskle~ as: CL~AY LOGISTICS. 1130 E Colorado St #203 Glendale. CA 91205. HAYK BU~; ROBERT DEHNOUSSI. 1106 E Coforado St #303 Gkmdath, CA 01209; 2223 ~rdddge Dr Gkmdale, CA 91206. The b~nass ~s co~ by: A Gene~d Part~p pea be~Jn to be~of U under the 8c~Uous b~nass name or n Ikbed bare on: N/A S4gned: Hayk ~uk~, ~. This statement Is aled with the County Clerk of LOS Angees Co~q~ty on: 6/PJ13. NOTICE - Tids flct~k:~s name statemef~ ~ms fbe y~ars horn the date fi was flied on, M 61e of Bce of ltm coumy deW~ A new rtalous bes~ne~ name statement rnust pe f~06 pdor to that beta. The allng of 09s s~a~ement doe~ ~ot of Its~f aofhodze tbe use ~n ~hal state of a fiCU~ bu~nee~ name k~ vk~- ben of ~he dgDis of anothe~ ~mder febemJ st~de, or co~mon Mw (see Sec~on 14411, et seq., SSp 5/23/2013, 5/30/2013, 6/6/2013, 6/1s12013 1093 BUSINESS MAME STATEMENT: 2013091148: The f~k~M~g pers~l(si is/are doing bealness as: LEFt~ AD GROUR 1735 Payton Ave #10~ B~ CA 91504. SOLI LERMAN. 1735 Payton A~e |109 Budoank. CA 91064. Tt=e besthess a ~ by: An ~rd..-Id~l bes begun to transact budness undec the ficm~ busk~ee~ na, l~e oc U talte~ pere 0~: N/& S~.ed: SO Lerman, Owner. Tals smtema~ Is 8led wfih ~e County Ctpec of Los AngMes County o~: 6/6/13, NOTICE - Tits r~talous r~me W extras five years Inxn the date ~ was albe on, ~n IO6 c4fice of tbe county dedc A new fict~o~*s besthess name alatemem mu=t be aled prkx 1o tna~ date. The Itklg o~ tals ~ doas nof o~ raa authorize Ule i=m in ~Ls s~ate of a fic~Uous budnees name in alofafJon of ~be rights of anothe unper Ipeer~ stMe, 0 commo~ ~r~ (see Secioe 14411, ~ seq., B&P 5r23P2013, 5~J6/2013, 6/6/2013, 6/13/2013 1024 FICTTT3OUS BUSINESS NAME STA'~MENT: 2013091915: ~ following pecso~(s) is/are doing bu~lles~ as: .JOU_Y'S DESIGNS. 4484 ~ A~ #1 ~ O~ CA 91423. LENA JOLLY. 4484 Hazelbee AV~ #1 Spennan Oak=, CA 91423. Tbe bualne~s k~ coeducted by: An thd~ bes bngun to uansaof ~J~ undaf the ficstous busthe=s name or u ~ed be~e on: N/& S~: LerB Jo~y, Owner. ~is ~ ts aled wl~ tbe Couofy Clerk of Las AngeMe County co: 5,'N13. NOTICE - Ttds fic~ name stateme~ exp~es five yearn horn tpe beta ~ was B06 on, ~n the OthO~ of the co~,nty de;k. A new f~c~ous ~ name stak~ent must pe Red pber to U~t d~te. TPe al~g o~ tals ~ 3Des not o~ ~sefi authpeze tpe u~e in th~ slate ~ a ficUlk~us bus~ass name ~n V, oktho~ of the dghts of anotber unger fpeem state, or Dominoe ~ (ss~ Seo~e. 14411, of seq., B&P 5/23/2013, 5/30/2013, 6/6/2013, 6/13/2013 1025 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013091757: ~ I~lowthg person(s) is/are doing berne.s as: W~NW.ENSURANCELAND.COM; WWW.FINALNCIALLANDINSURANCE.COM. 125 N V~tocy Bird Burbank, CA 01062. CLAUDE ATAM. 125 N V~kFy Bh~ Burbank. CA 91509. The bu~nes~ ~s conducted by: An Ind~vMuaJ has be~Jn to tnmsaof bu~h~e~s u~er Ihe al:l~Jous tx=s~ness name or namas f~sted peru on: N/A. S~led: Claude Atam, Owner. Th~ statement Is aled w~th the County Qerk of Loe Angeles County on: 5/3/13, NOTICE - Ti~s ,clalous name statement exams five yearn flora the date ~ was aled on, th Ihe oflk~ of the county deth. A new fkalbeus bedness name statement must be flMd pthx to ~of date. The fling of ~'ds st=amain does not of r~s~f authorize the use in ,~s ofate of a fL*~ous beethess name In vk~aUo~ of tpe dgRts of another urdsr ~bers/s~ate, or commo~ law (see Bucth~ 14411, et ~q,, B&P 6/2"N2013, 5,30/2013, 6/6/2013,6/13/20131026 F~CRTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20130917O6: The followthg person(s) is/am doing "e,~ak~ee~ as: HATERQ LS. 207 W Lomlt~ AVe #117 Galnbele, CA 91204. AYKE ARUSTAMIAN. 20T W LoeVta A~ ~117 Gae, r