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May 30, 2013     Beverly Hills Weekly
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May 30, 2013

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Name of Burners: SBASEP; IMSOA. 2~5 E Bro~ #304 ~ CA 012O5. Registered Owner: MAIS AEARIAM; ROKAN TSAROVSKE. 150 E San Ferrmndo Sled 11205 Bud)ank, CA 91502; 1245 O~ Grove #2O3 Glendale, CA 91205. Dofe: 7/15/12 . Put.shed: 6/6/2013, 5/16/2013, 5/23/2013, 5/30/2013 902 STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME Rte NO. 2O13078268 Name of ~lee~: LANDEROS FURNITURE C~J]]~T. 631 E Florence Ave LOS Angu~ CA 20~01. Rngistered Owner: SERGIO GiOVANNi LANDEROS. 10122 Cozy Croft A~e Ct~4swor th CA, 91311. Date: I/4/2013 Puti~ed: 5/9/'2013, 5/18/2013, 5/23~013, 5/30/2013 903 STATEMENT OF WITHDRAWAL FROM PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS NAME F'~e No, 2012079203 OPERATING UNDER FICTITIOUS Dale Rled: 4/18/13 Ne~e Of Bu~inass: NAILS BY DEStGN & SPA. 8961 Sunset Bird "Weof Ho~, CA 20069. The full name end re~ddence of the person(s) withdra~ng as a partner(s):TRUDY TRAN. Address: 1144 S Del Mar AVe San Gabedl, CA 91776. Pubashed: 5/9/2013, 5/16/2013, 5/23/2013, 5/30/2013 904 Flof)o~i AnOio+ly Ohacon L~)~ 13813 Oxnard St #216 April 17, 2013 Valley Glen, CA 01401 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, NORTHWEST DISTRICTS 62"30 Syqmar Ave Van Nuys, CA 91401. PET~ OF: Rof~rt Anthony Chacon ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO ALL INTERESTED'PEP, SONS: Petitioner: ROBERT ANTHONY CHACON for a decree changing nernel as follows: Present name: ROBERT ANTHONY CHACON Proposed heine: SIMON ELIJAH ELAM 2. THE COURT ORDERS that ~dl persons interested in this ma0er shall appear before this court a~ tbe beadng inrkcofed pelow to show cause, If any, wby the person tot dlange of nan~ shourd not be granted. NONCE OF HEARING Dofe: May 2O, 2013 Time: th30Qm Dapi: T 3,A copy of ))i80of er to 9:t~/i ~ shl bu guUlebud of ~ orce (ktdv,,~e~ tor tour succasd'/~ we#,cs prior to the date set fur bearing on tbe pelion in the lc~lo,,q~g newspaper of gens~-al dm~la- ~on, pdofed th this co~ty, Davedy HHIS Wee ldy Date:/kod117, 2013 Signed, Rlebeof H ofrschner, Judge of the Superior Court STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME ~e No." 2012084218 Name of Buleness: OEM PARTS. 6623 Babock Ave. N. Hc4b/wood, CA 01606. Registered Owner: NARINEH AGHQPIAN. 6623 ~bocks Ave. N. Hntty~oed, CA'91606; FARUN AVANOSSIAN. 329 N. ~ SL #1 Glend~e, CA 013O6, Cunent Rle #: 201013~9904 Dete: ~21110 Published: 5/SI2Ol 3, 5/16/2013. 5/23/2013, 5/30/2013905 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012234510: The ~ ~(s) I~gam do~g bus~ne~ as IT CURA; ITCURA~ 22733 Tico*~lerogu Rd. Cofabasas, CA 9120p_ IT Ct)RA. 2._~733 Ticoroferoga Rd, Calaba~m, CA 91202 The m Is coeducted by: A ~ bes begun te b'ansant 20dne=s under the 0ct~ous bustoe~= neme or names listed bern o~: 5/24/12. S~tt Cura, Pras~ent "ny~ softement is flied with the Coumy Clerk of Los Angutes Couofy oe: 11/27/12. NOTICE - This fictions name statement ~xpires five yeem Eom the cede, *a,s fited on, k~ ~ ~ of the eouofy clerk. A new IIcUaous bu~neas name statement mpst be flted prior to ~ ~. ~ flgng of this ste~emeof doas nof of ~elf euthodze the use th thle state of a r~of~ous berne.s name ~n ~.oedlen of the d~ts of e~other ander federal ofate, o~ Common b~, (see S~ 144t 1, et seq., B&P 5,'9,'2013, 5/16/2013, 5/'23/2013, 5/30/2013 9O6 DON'T SEND A PROOF FOR 33-1ESE 3 TO 334E COUNTY I ALREADY DID IT -SABA R~ BU~NSSS NAME STATEM~JNT: 2013o50703: The toao~leg persons) ~tem d~ng W as GLO6AL PRINTING SUPPUES; GLO6AL GREAnVE STUDIOS, 10624 Vemum Sivd. St~ 113 Tar'.~ CA 01356. At~ON 3~4617. GLOBAL MARKETION ANO CONSULTE~IG GROUP INO. 13O34 Vemuta Sivd. St~ 110 Tarzan CA 01356. Tbe Ix~ness is o0educted by: A ~ be= begun to tmnsaof business ueder the th:20ou~ m n~me or u ~s~d bern on: 1/1/2013. Sk~e~ Pedlam Daus20~m, ~ ~'ts stmemwd is rded ~ith ~ Cou.ty Dierk of LO~ Angute~ CouP/o~ 3rz5/13. NONCE * ~ I~c~t~us nam~ mteme~t eqdre~ ~ years 1ram ~e dat~ 0 ~=s filed on, L~ IP, e ofltoe o~ ~e couofy derk. A new Itotrteu~ bulenus name statmem must be Bed prior to thof da~. The f.lleg of ~s statemem does nof of )tself mt~hedze the use th 0"~,s stofe of a rsikx~ bu~Jness name in vfo~ of the rights of anotber under ledeed m, or common law (~ Sec~ 14411, st asq.. B&P 5/9f2013, 5/15/2013, 5/23~013, 5/20/2013 907 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013061996: The tolto~ng pecson(s) Is/are doing bustoes~ as RELENTLESS PURSUIT FOR WELLNE3S CO. 31769 Paseo F~iz Ca~ CA 213~4. CATALINO YAGUE JR; FE ESMERALDA YAGUE, 31769 Paseo Fet~z Casta~ CA 91384, ~ bu~- n~m is conducted by: A Maofed Couple bes bugun to ~ bustheas under ~le flc2Eous b~ad- ne~s name or names isted here on: WA. ~grmd: ~no ~ue Jr, Owner~. Thte stetemeof is fited wflh the Couofy Cled( of LO~ Angelas County oe: 5/25/13. NOTICE. TH..s flc~ous n~ne stetemeof e~xpims five years from the date It "R.ts flied on, in ~'te olfice of the county derk. A new fto~ous budr~s name stetemeof must ed ll~d pdor ~o that dofe.The ~ng ~ this stat~meof do~ not of itse0 aulhedze ~e use le th~s =ate of a flct~ous bus~neas name in V, ofatton of the rigiss of al~other u~dar federal ofofe, or common tew (see ~ 14411. et sed., B&p 5/9/2013, 5/15/2013, ~13, 5/30/2013 20~ RCTITtOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013061555: The fu~ ~(s) te~am doing business as SUNSHINE ~RT. 8866 Te, te fak Ave. Sun ~dtey. CA 01352. MANUEL GONZALEZ. 8920Tetefa}r AVe. Sun VOfley, CA 0t352. The besthe~sle conducted by:An InoTwibu~ besbegun Io transact b~rmas ~er the flffious bu~re~ name m" narn~ lls~d t~e o~: 1 ~4. s~ned: lu~,u~ Gonzalez, Owner. This stof~r~mt LS flied with the County Qerk of Los Angetes Dauofy on: 3~Z7/13, NOTICE - This EntiEous nmne stofemeof expires fl.,e yearn from the d~e it was flied on, In the office of the county clerk. A new flli~ous bu~nees name stateme~ must be f, led pdor to tha~ eld~. The ing of 3~s stetement does not of ~seff authodze the use in this state of a ficfittous busthass name le vk>~don of the dghts of anofber under fedend etete, or common lew see Sec~on 14411, of seq., B&P 549/2013, 5/16/2013, ,5,'23,~) 13, 5/20/2013 20~ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 3O1~2: The toltowthg perso~syistere doing 20sines= as SHOE FASHIONIQU E. 3~3O S Bumlede Ave #10S Los Angetes, CA 200~6. MARISOL VARGAS; NANCY CASTRO. 360 S 8ume~de AVe #108 L0S Angules, CA 20036. The burners is coeduofed by: A General Partoer~ ha~ begun to eamact business unde~ the ,C~OU~ bu~ ne=s name or n isted hem o~t: N/A. SIgued: Mads~ Va~as, ~ Par the. Th~ =tetement is feed ruth the Daunty Clerk of Loe "Anguk~ County on: 4/25/10. NOTICE - This flc~docm neme statemem e.R~res fi~e yearn horn the date It was filed on. le 1be of~ce of the county d~.k. A ~ flcEbu~s 20dness name sistement must be flied pdor te 0wt dofe.The f~g of ~ s~meof does not of nself authorize Ihe use ~n this stere of a flc~,ous I:usmes~ ruene in "aois~on of the r~lts ol ano~er undar fedeed stofe, or common lew (see Dac0on 14411. et seq., SSP 5/5/2O13, 5/15/2O13, 5,23,2013,6/20/2013910 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS.NAME ~TATEMENT: 2013086900: The ~o~to~Vmg person(s) ~/are doing busthess as CYG STUDIO. 922 S Hntt A~S #3 Los Angutes, CA 20035. CHRISTI RA GRANADOS. 922 S Ho0 Ave #3 Los Angele.s, CA 200~5. The buisnass is ~ by: An th~t:klal h~=~ t~egun te fzansaof be~ne=s ueder ~e f~t~ous bustness name or namas ~sted here on: N/A. Signed: Chds~na ~, Owner. ~s slatemem is itk~ w~th the Daunty Dierk of Los Angeles County on: 4/2O/10. NO'~ICE - Th~ f~ou~ name stetement e~p~tes live yea~ Eom the dofe it "*es ~ed on, to ~ ~ of 6~e coumy c~erk. A new fictitious buler=ess name s~a;'~rneof must pe flk~ pdo~ te thof crate. The I't~ng of ~lts statement does net of Itsed aulbedze Ihe use in ~ state of a &=~ou= bu=~e=~ name ~n ",~o~on of tbe dgofs of another undar ~ederal stete, or m law (see Sec~on 14411, st sed., 8&P 5~/2013, 5/16,'2013, 5/'23/2013, 5/30/'2013 911 R~ BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201:3089508: ~ ~ p~SOn(S) 15/~'e d~ng beleness as FNE STAR FENCE. 13477 Lou'~re St Pac~ CA 91331. ARTY TOM, INC. 13477 Louwe St PAcoima. CA 01331, Tbe bus;neas is coedocted by: A Co~pon~oe bes begun 10 mmeact bu~nass under e~e 6ct1~ous bu~dn~ na~e or ~ listed be~e on: 7/772007. Signed: Rornuakl Haofy. PresofenL This stofement is Meal wig1 the Couofy Cterk of LOS .~geles Couofy on: 5/1/13. NONCE - 1]~is flc6tious name softemeet exp#e~,lk, e years from the dine it wes reed on, th Sie office of the oounty dm~ A new flct~cus burr, ass name ~ must be Seal pber ~o r,~of ~ ~ fling of thLs statemant does not of liself authorize tbe use in t)~s.'~tofe of a flceSou~ m n,~me In "Aote~on of the rights of anofher under tode~ stste, or common ~w (eee Sec~on 14411, st seq., B&P 5ist2013, 5/16/2013, 5t25/20t3, 6/~13 912 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O75O22: ~e folk~eng person(s) is/m doing as EK BRANDING. 7311 Hazelene AVe #'~ Van Nuys, CA 914O5, EVAN NICHOLAS NAP.a, DIMOV. 7311 ~ Ave #209 Van Nu~ CA 01405. Tbe bustheas is c~ofucted by: An thd~,t~l has begun to ~ansect burners ueder the flct~ous tx~ness name or rtames Ibted bern on: 3t20/13. Signe~: Even Kerad~mov, Owne~ IT,s ~ is filed with the County C~erk of Los Angetes County on: 4/12/13. NOTICE - This flc~,~us name stetemeet e~q~ms 6re years from a.,e date 0 .ms fled on, in tbe of 6ce of the c~xedy clerk. A new ~ bus~es~ halle W must be Vl~ed prior to Uzat ~ate.The Isng of th~s s~atemem does not of itself autbed~ ele use in ~ sta~ of a fid0k~us bu~nass name to vk~a~n of the ngiss of anofher under ~ state, or W br~ (see Section 14411, of sed,, B&p 5/5/2O13, 5/16~2013, 5/23,'2O13, 5Pu0,'2013 913 Jenntter Fedos 59O9 Cedros AVe Apdt 3O, 2013 Sherman Oaks, CA 01411' SUPERIOR COURT OF CAuFoR~.'tA. COUNTY OF LG~ ANGel FS, VAN NUYS 0~3 Sy~ar A~e Van Nu~. CA 01401 PETITIOR OF: ,te~lV~er Fithos ORDER 70 SPK3W CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: 1. Pe~oner: J ENNIFER ~ tot a becee cben~ name~ ~s Ioaows: Presaet name: JENNIFER AWN PABOS Predoeed nan.: JENNIFER ANN FABO~ PATRON 2. THE ODUFIT ORDERS tha~ lel perseus thtl~t~sl~d le ~ matter sbell appear betom rids court at the be~ ledlcated below to show ~us~. ~ an~ why If~ person for o'~mge of name should be grafted. NOTICE OF HEARING Date: June 10, 2O13 T~e: 8:30 an1 Depl: T ROOnl~ 3O0 3~ copy of ~ Om~ ~ S~ow Cau~ shd be pu~s~d az ~a= once eech week kx to~ succeesbe weeks 20or Io the date set tot headng on ~e button le the f~ ne~*~0ap~ of gene~ drcut~ 20n, pried th ~ couofy. Be..edy Hi Wee,~y. O~te: Apd130, 2013 S~gned, Rk;tZald H. I~rachrmr, dadgu ~f tbe Sop~k~ Co~ RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20120~041th ~ tollowthg person(s) is/m doing b~ness as 3A'S BOOKKEEPING /U::CX)UNT]NG & TAX SERVICES. 24120 MeedO*blOOk Ln. vee~a, CA 91354. ALDRIN CAStLLAN; MARIA IMELCA CASlU..~. 2413~ Meadowbrook In. Vatenda, CA 013S4. ~re bustne~ le coeduced b~ A Maofed Coupe bes edgun to thansact ~xmi- nass ueder the f, ct~us b~n~s name or rlam~ Ibted bere on N/A. Sig~d: Aldrle Ca~li~, Owne~ This stele~eof is fited v~th Ibe County Diefk of Lo~/ulgeles County on: 4/1SI13. NOTICE - This fictitious nel~e stetement e,~tms Eve ye~s f~om ~ dise it was fled 0~, in the olf, ce of the couofy derk. A new ~ txmthees name stall~e~t nll~ be f~ed pdor to that date. The f~lg of this does not of its~f aoftoize the use to IhJs s~.e of a flc~ous m reme to vk~atton of ~lt~ o~ ano0~r under fedeed s~te, Or common lew (m ~ec~on 14411, et seq., B&p 5is/2oli3, 5/16/2013, 5/23/2013, ~13 914 RCTITIOUS ~NESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O001689: Tile to&owlng pemon($) is/me doing buslne~ as ~ TERMflE AND PEST CONTROL 7018 Louise ^re #8 Van Nuys. CA 01406,- ALC*NZO CONTRERAS. 7450 Janlk~on Ave Re~ofa. CA 013~5. Tbe bUSkleSS is con- ducted by: An tod~ bes pegun to I U uede~ the ficeaous business name or r,e~nes listed be,e on: 201~ Signed: Alonzo ~, Owner. Th~ etatemerd is filed with the Connty Cterk of Los Angu~s County on: 4/16/1 & NOTICE - ~'~ ~csito~; neme ~taterner, t eo~eas 6re years from the dat~ tt was rV, ed ~, ~'1 the ofrtce of the county clerk. A new flc~ous bush~ess name statmem must be filed p~or to 61at date:]T~e fllthg of th~ s~aterr~et buee nof of i~elf authorize the ~ in ~ stele of a ~ budness r~m~e in ~datk~ of the ri~ of ano~r ueder federal s~ate, or m law (see Secaon 14411. st seq.. B&P 5/leV2013, 5/2SI2013, 5/30t2013, 6/(~2O13 910 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013081862: The tono~ng pefs~{s) is/am do- leg ~ as M~ LIMOUSINE SERVICE. 815 S ~ Ave Glend~e. CA 91204. ARMEN NAREGAMIAN. 745O .J~.~eson Ave Raseda, CA 91355. The busk~ss is conducted by: An bes bugun to waasact business unde~ the fic~aous bu~,ness name or n~nss ~nted hem on: 2012. S~ed:Alenzo~Owner.Tltsstalementisf~ed~thecountyDierkof LosAngetes County on: 4/22/13. Nonce - Ttm flc01to(s na*'ne steteme~t e~q0~re~ five years horn ,~e date ~t was fik~ oe, In the oll~Ce of Itw couety cleric A new ~ m name stofen~nt faust be I~ed prier ~o tbet bete.The fllthg of Ibis s~temeof doas not of ~sed author~e the use le this s~ate of a flct~ous U name Jn vlete~on o( the dghts ~ an~ udber feder~ stofe, or common law (see Sec200 I edl 1, et ~eq., B&P 5/1612013, 5/25/2013, 5/30.2013, 6/e,,2013 911 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAblE STATEMENT: 2013081754: The ~ pers~(s) is/am d~ng busine~m as GRACES TRAVEL & TOUSS. 16459 Patlhed,~t St North is~ls, CA 91343. GRACE A CONZALEZ. 16459 ~ St North Hills, CA 91343, The Ix=~ness is coeducted by: An Individual has pegun to transact ~ ueder tbe &.-nttkx,s buCnee~ nan'~ or ~ listed bere o~: 0PJ20. Sigued: Grace A C-,onzofez, Owner. Tids stetement is filed wah the County Dierk of LoS Angeiss County o~: 4/22/13NOTICE - Ti~s flc~0ous name stetemeof expires five yems horn the date It was f~d on, le the oflle~of the county clerk, A new Ik:U~,ous Ixadneas name statement must be flisd prior to Ibet date. The fllthg of this stat~nem 200s not ~ k'se0 aulbedze the use le this state of a ~us Ix~ness r, th vtotetJon of the rights of another ueder (edeed state, o~ common law (see Sectkm 14411,Ofseq.,B&PS/16J3O13,6/2312O13,6/3O/3O13, ~'2013 912 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME S~rATEMENT: 2o12001206:Tbe to20~ng persoa(s) istere doing busleess ~ EASY TEFtMFFE. 7534 ~ A~e #3 Reseda, CA 91335. MARCELO SANCHEZ. 7534 Codato A~ #3 Reseda. CA 91335. Tbe bus~e~ ~ coedunted b~ An Indvofual bes begun to ~ 20dneas unck~ the r=:~oas m name o~ m listed bere on: N//L .sigued: Marce~ Sencbez, Owner. TI~ stofeemnt is lited ~ the Couofy Cle~ of Los Angetes County on: 4/22/13. NOTICE - Tits I~'~oue name ~ e~0,es five yea~ from tbe da~e 0 *as flied on. in the offe of the county ck~k_ A new fic~eus bu#,nee~ rla~ne stetee~mt rnust be filed Fitor to that date. Tbe filing of thb st~ement doas not of itself au~odze the use le th,~ st~e of a flc~Jou~ bu~ness name le V, oledon of tbe dg~s of ano~er under fudaed softe, Or common kay (=~e Sedkm 14411. of e.eq., SEP 5/1612013, 5/'2'3/'2013, 5raoF2013, 6/8,2013 913 FICTITIOUS BU.~NESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13201207: The f~ person(s) LVare do~ng buslnass as GRANDE POLENTONI ME01TERRANF.AI~ RESTAURANT; CALIFORNIA KABOB RESTAURANT. 2O65O ~ St #B Canogu Pad~ CA 913O6. TERRAN INVESTMENTS & MANAGEMENT GROUR. INC. 2O650 ',leno*en St #B Canogu Park. CA 91206. The bu~nes~ is coeducted by: A Co~ bes begun to I budne=s uede tbe fic~ous busthe~ name o r,~ne~ ~ted here on: WA. Signed: Shambud Nood, CEO. "l~,to s~e,'d is Eled wlth tbe Couofy Clerk of Le~ Angutes County on: 4/27J13. NOTICE - This ~ name steteme~t e~q~ms five yean= horn the din== it *as fited on. to fae ntflce ol the ouofy ck~k. A new ficl~aous 20=~nass name softe- meof muof bu faed prior te Utof date.The I~g of It~ =ofement does r=x of ~le~f m f,~e m le ~ st=e of a f.cll~ous U name to ~ of the r~gl'ds of ano~ ueder todeml stere, or m m (see. SActoa 14411, st sed., B&P 5/15/2013, ~13, ~13, 6/~2O13 014 FI~ BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 3O120B1205: The ~ I~S) is/are 20thg m as SALAD COURMET. 245 N Moorperk Rus bus~bass name or u lind here on: 2/20~7. Signed: Gloda L Cofedes, Owner, Thls statement ;~s fikof ",t~h Ibe Couofy Cl~k of L~ Angetes County on: 4/24/13. NONCE - Th~ flct~ot~ name statement mq~r.s five yems from 0~ date 0 *as reed on, in the ~ of the county clerk. A ne',u flc2t;ous I~m=lese nanle statement U ed f~d prior to gmt dateThe ~ng of th~ statement does hoe of i=e~ aulhorize U~e use m Ilia= m of a ft120us Ixn,'k~ass name in vk~edon of tbe dgiss of anedler under toderal state, or commoe isw (see ~ 14411, of seq., SSP 6/16/2013, 5/23/2013, 5./30/2013, 6,'6/2013 205 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 3O13(IS3976: The Iollowtog ~(s) ~ do~lg bu~n~s as ZOEYS MAGIC SHIR 7114 Geyser Ave Raseda. CA 91335. MORRIS & YOUNG, LLC. 89~2 Amigo AVe Nor'ihndge,,CA 01324. Tbe bu&ines~ is coeduofed by: A Umited ~ Cor~ has begun to ~ ~ under the flc~ttous budnoss name or names fisted be~e on: M~. Sig~ed: D~vof A Youwj; Olflcer. This stofemerd is Red wflh the County Cte~k of LOS ~ County orl: 4P24/13. NOTICE - Tilt~ fltitlo~.~ name st~;m(~.nt e=q0iltm th~ ye~qcs from the date It wacs llisd on, in ted office ~ the couofy cte~ A new r~:~ous besiness n~ne stmment must be filed wler to that date. 1;le Stng of th~ statome~t doas not of Itself ~ Ibe use le trt= mat~ cf a fldsio~.,s business nmne in ~ ~ the rl~ of a~ob'~r ueder federa4 stofe, or c~nnl~t lew (see Se~on 14411, 04 seq., B&P 5/16/2013, 5/25/2010. ~13, 6/6/2013 208 FICTIT~ BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013=063915: The ~ pe~s) is/an~ d~ing as FISCO SOUR & FCOD IMPORTS. 1 O424 ~ Sled Whiffie, CA 9O606. NESTOR E MANRIOUE; PEGOI S C&RBONEL 14928 w'~mdo(te St Van Nuys. CA 01405. ~ busthes~ is coeduofed by: A Marded Couple bes begun to tra*'tsact bush~ess u~der 1be fi=~.~ bustoe~ name or nam~,s Rsted bere on: N/A. Signed: I~ S Cadx~el. Owner. Th~ ~ is Ned wah Ibe Co,Jofy Oerk of Loe Angules CouOty on: 4/24/13, NOTICE - TtWs fictitious name stetement e~0in~ Ib..e years from file date It was flied o~. in Ihe office of Ihe courdy cterk. A ne'=v f.offfiou~ bu~ name ofofonlent must bu filed prior to thof dofe. ~10 flllilg of fries sb~leme~ ~es not of rmelt authedze 1~e use in thto stata of a flctlttous be~r,ess name le ~ate~c~ of the dghts of another uedm lederat stat~, or contlx)n law (see Sectten 14411, et seq. B&P 5/16/2013, 5/23,'2013, 5/30/2013, 6/6,'2013 937 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13083867: The fe/Iowtog persons) bd~.e do- thg busthe=~ as REVITAL FLISHER PERM~'TS. 5643 Nofde Ave Van Nuy~, CA 01411. RE~/]TAL FUSHER. 5643 Nedte Ave Ven Nuys, CA 01411. The businass Is omducted by: An b'KE.idu~ bes pegun to transaof buslee~ under tbe IIk~lt~s ~ name or u listed here o~ N/A. Si~: Revitol RIsher, Owner. This m is 0led with the Couofy C~eck of Loe Angeles Couofy on: 4/24/13. NOTICE - Ti'ts flcf~ou= neme s/ofemeof ~q~res "re yeers fram the date ~t v~es reed on, ~n tbe oface of tbe courtly de~k. A new Ik~,OUS budeess name stamment U be t~led Iofo~ to that dine. The fllk~g of th~ matement doas not of itsed authorize tbe use to Itts state of a f, ctleous beleneas name le ~ of the dghls of another under ledera~ stere, or common lew (see Sec~on 1441 (. et seq., B&P 5/16,2013, 5/23,'2O13, 5/30/2013, 6R~Z013 208 RCTITIOUS.EUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20120~3783: ~ f~low~g pemon(s) is/are do- ing buslees~ as ARISA'S TOW. 7745 Laurie Canyon ~ #10 North Hogyw0od, CA 91605. ALEJANORO NILO; CARLOS G AGU!LAR. 7745 Laurel Canyon B'Of #18 North H~ly~oed. CA 916O5. The business i8 conducted by: A General Parlners~p has begun to transact budness under the r, c0~ous Ixmleest name or nemes listed here on: N/A. S~gued: A~eedm Nlto, PArmer. statement is fled with the County Clerk of Los Ang~as County on: 4/24113, NOTICE - This r~J~ous name statement expires five ~en~ from u~e date it was fl~d on. in Ihe olflce of U~e county c~erk. A new flct;~ous busthees name statement must be filed pdo~ to thet date. The fling of Ilts ~ does not of itoelf euthodze the use le this stete of a fic~ous buslnass neme in isotet~on of Ihe dgh~ of anofher ueder fedeed sle~e, or common law (see SecUre 14411, et sed, SSp 5/15/2013, 5/2SI2013, 5/20,2013, 6,'6,'2013 g~ RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2012003720: The toaowing pecson(s) ~are doing as ESTRADA'S CABINETS. 7416 Vama Ave #D North HO~. CA 31205, RICARDO ESTRAD~ 2015 Cas Cadla Of C~le~date, CA 91206. The bu~ine, is conducted by: An lediisdue] has begun to tramact bt~ess unde~ the ffc~ous bustnass .ame or n~mes li~dad here on: 1/13/1 & S~gned: Sk=udo Estrada. Orator. Ttts s=~emerd is 0led w.lh It, e COuofy Dierk of LOS Angek~ Dairy on: 4/24/13. NOTICE - Th~ ficrd~ous name st~t ~res f~/e years from the date 0 was tt~d On. le tpe 00fue of ft=e o0unty deck. A r~w 0cl~ous txm~ees name stmmeof must be f~ed prkx to that date. ~n~e reng of th~s sfateme~ d=~s nof of itNa a=t~*,edze ~e use th m~s stofe of a f~.nt'=kx=l U name th vtote~o~ of the dghts of another ueder tode,a~ state, or common law (se~ Sectkx~ 14411, et sed., B&P 5/15/2013, 512o12013, 5/2012013, 6/6/2O13 9ed RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME ST/t~'F~V.~ENT: 2013065553: The f~gow~g performs) isPare 20- ing 20sleoss as AUTO DISCOUNT CENI~R. 110~4 Bofbo~ SI2O #114 ~ R#~s. CA 91344. MHA, INC 11024 B=boe Sled #114 Granabe Rles, CA 0 f 344. The budness is coeducted by: A C