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May 30, 2013     Beverly Hills Weekly
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May 30, 2013

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rang of 3~e stmement daes nnt of I~ ~ the use fo tl~s sta~ of a lfctmous business flame in isstaf~0n of itm dgh~ of mlolfmt unda~ fli~end sta~, or c~*'nmon law (see Secdon 14411, st seq., 8&P 5tgQ013" 5/15/2013, 5/232O13, 5r30/2013 e22 FiCTr/~S BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2o130;'es~: ~ ~ person(s) ~ere Ing U as CONSULTING CE. 530 W Stod~" St #207 Gtand~e, CA 91202. SARMEN HAIRADETIAN. 53O W Stocker St #2O7 Gtaedata, CA 91202 The busk~e~s is conductad by: An i~ hes he~jn to Iransact budr~s unda to9 fL-C~,oue budness name or name~ listad here on: N/A. Sigmd: Samlen I-biredelk~ Owner This statement fi; flied with the County Clerk of L~ AnpeMs ~ o~: 4/1SI13. NOTIOE. Ti~s rcl~ous name elalement expires five years from the data, was flied on. in ~'le office of me county elerk. A new ,offli0us business nan:e statement rnu~ be fied prkx to that betoTi1e filing of this ~ does nof of lfself au~orize the use in ~s stote of a fic~ business ncme th ~ota~e of the rights of another uedar tadand state, or common law (see ~ 14411, et seq., B&P .5,~2013. 5/15/2013" 5Q3Q013" 5/30/2013 823 FICTiTiOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013076949: The togowlng person(s) Is/are d~ng busthe6~ as SIR.N. CO~TANT~ 1845 N Gramercy PI #207 LO6 Angele~ CA 90G23, CHRIS "K)UNGDAHL` 1845 N Gn.l-,mcy SI r2o7 Los Angles, CA 94028.The n is conducted by: An ind~ktael has begun to t~sact bushes6 ueder me ferrous I~eme~m name or m llstad here on: 4/17J13 S~md: Chhe ~ungdahl, Owner. This statement is lied wito me county cle~ of Los Angstes Coum/on: 4/1SI13. NOTICE - This flcti40us name sta~ment expiras five y~.s horn the dine ~t ~s flied on, st ihe o~e of me county ded~ A new f, ct~ous ta~ness name statement must be fied prkx ta II~st data.Tda fi~eg of th~ W does not o~ ~.e~ eu~odze the use ~n tNs st~ta of a 0ct~k)us ta~nsss name in v~a~on of the dgnts of enomer undar tadand state, or c~mmon taw (see .~ 14411. et seq., B&P 5/9/2013. 5/15/2013, 5123/2013, 5/35/O913 824 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013076932: The follo~ng person(s) Is/are do- v=g bu~ne=s as AFTERBURN FITNESS. 26OO7 AVe HaM Velende. CA 91355 AI #ON: 3325424 AFTERBURN FITNESS INC. 26OO7 Ave ~ Vstenda, CA 91355. The bus~ess Is conducted by: A Coq~ bes hegun to transaof I~ne~s ueder the lfnt~ous budnass name or names listad here on: 4/20/13. Signed: Anthony ~ PmsidarrL Th~ statement Is filed with the County Clerk of Los Angles County on: 4/16/13. NOTICE - This flcU~ous name statement exp~re~ five years from the data it vms flied on, th the of~ce of the county elerk A ne~ flct~Jous budness name stntement must be flied prkx to thnt dato.The firing of ~,s staleme~t daes nnt of I~ ~hedze the use in thL~ s~to of a f~ous b~ r,~'~e th ~ nt the rigt~s of ano~e~ undar tadand state, or commc~ taw (see .~ 14411. et sed., B&P 549/2013, 5/16/2013. 5e2"N2O13, 5/o9/20t3 825 FIoI"mOus BUSINESS NAME STA~: 2013077329: The thlowlng person(s) is/are doing bustheu as SEXY ~. 2O666 Seagul Way #Clo9 Meibu, CA 40240; RO. Box 711 Ma~bu, CA 40240. MIONK;~jE ALSXANDEFL 24040 See~ Way #olbe M~do, CA 40~6S. Ti~e dos~ass is condo~d W: An IndV, du~ I-~S b~ to transact busthess ueder It~e flct~ous busk'~ name or nanms isted he~'e on: N/A. Sigeed: Monique Ak~xander, Dvmer. "n~s statemer~ is flied with the Cour, ty Ctark of Los Angeles Coumy on: 4/1SI13` NO'riCE - Th~s flct,kx~s name mt expees Ik, e years horn ~e ~ it .~s flied on, in the ofnce of the county eled~. A new flc~tisus bustness name W U da flied prkx to tha~ da~e.ll~e fliing of this statee'~nt does not of i~df authorize ~ use in I1~ ela~ of a fic~ous buelnes~ name in vk~dfon of the r;g~ of another undar lederal state. c~ commoe law (ass SecUon 14411, e~ sed, SSP 5,g/2013, SI1SI3O13, 5r2si2013" 5~13 826 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O77278: The foP, owing person(s) is/are doing buelneas as GEORGE LAND SURVEYOR. 1776 NO,lh SI~ Ave #107 LOS Angles. CA 9002SI DJORDJE CEKANOVlC, 1776 North Syeamore Ave #107 LOS Angeles, CA 9OO28. ~ busin*~s is omductad by: An ledl~ hes hegun to transact U under the flct~ous business name or names llsted pete on: 4/15/1 ~ Stgneth Dion:lie Ce#3no,.tc, Owner Tnts sta~thment is fied wfth the County Clerk of LOS Angstes courtly on: 4/15/13 NOTICE - This flcflidous name statament expln~s lfve yesr~ fl~xn the dato If ~s fied on. th the nt~ of ~ count'/ded~ A ne~ ~ 40elnes~ name statament must he flied prior to thet data.The Stng of th~s statame~t doas ont of ~tsed auU:odze the use in this stata of a flct~ous buelness th vkYa~0n of the lfgnts of a,~otoar under ~edend state. or oommon ~t~ (see .~ t 4411, et sed. B&P ~13. 5/16/2013, ~13, 5/30/2013 407 FICTITI(~US BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013077267: The I(Y~'o~ng perscq(s) is/are do- mg business as MAGGIE FAUL; MARGARET'S GIRL FRIDAY; NORTH HOLYWOOD UFE IMPROVEMENT CENTER. 1O416 Wedcrmgtan St Norm Hrkl'f,,.oed, CA 01401. MARGARET LOUISE A PAUL. 1O415 Wed~ngton St Nor~ Holty~cod, CA 016O1, The b=~r,~s is conducted by: An IndiV, duel das hegun to ~tmsa= bus~ness ueder the flcth~ous business name or names I~ed hem on: N/A. Signed: Margeret Louse A Paut. Owner.Tl~s smtament Is flied with ~'.e County Clerk of Los Angeles couofy on:4/1si13` NOTICE - This flctlfious name statement expires five years from the date If was flied on, in the oface of .~ coonty clerk. A new flc~Uous bu~ness name ~tem~ m~ pe flied prkx to that date The fllthg of tflis statement daes not of ~seff m.;thodze the use in this state of a fint~ous busin~ nanta in viofat~n of the rights of another under federal state, or common isw (see SecUon 14411, et seq.. B&P 5,~13, 5/16/'2013, 5t2st2013" 5z40/2013 828 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013O77445: The Ioflowtog person(s) is/are doing bu,siness as K/MS FASHION CLOTHES & SHOES. 12O51 Roscoe ~ Sun Velley, CA 91352. AMADO NIEVA. 12O27 BaJ'bara Ann St #7 Noah ~, CA 91405. The bustness is coeduofed by: An Indivst ust hes hegu~ to ~mnsact buelness ueder the flc',fimus bl~SJnes~ rmn:e or namas listed here on: N/A. Signed: Amedo Nisva. C~vner. This slatament is flisd w~h the County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: 4/17/13` NOTICE - Trta flcfliious ~ statanlent expiras five yearn fl~m the ~ ~ was f~ed on, ~n Ihe ntrce of Ihe cour~y derk. A new flctr~ous b~sthess name statament must be filed prior to Illat data. The Bthg of Ih~s s~dement doas nct nt Rself ~ ~/.e use in Ul~S stato of a ~ business ii~rne in viofabon of Ihe i~ghts of anogler under tadend stato, or common taw (see Sectisn 14411, et seq., SSP SIJ2O 13" 5/15/2013" 5/23to913" 5/30t2013 829 RCTITIOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013077444: The folo~ng person(s) is/am doing business as UNIQUE AROMA THERAPY. 116O9 Victory Sivd North Hobywo3d, CA 91606. HECTOR ALFREOU G~. 11638 Victory Sivd Noflh Ho~yn~o~, CA 316O6, The business is conducted by: An thd.edust hes hegun to Imnsact business undar the ficWous he~nass name or names listed here on: N/A. Signed: Hentor ASmdo Gu~enan, Owner, Th~s statament is fied wtm the County Clerk of Lo~ Angeles county on: 4/17/13` NOTICE - This r~ous name ststement expires five years from the date ~t was flisd ~, Ln the othce of the county eledc A new flof)~ous I~elneas name statement mum be fied pdor to that daM The flithg of this ~atement daas not of isndf authorize the use th this state of a r~kx~s busthess name In vt=~a~on of the rignts of anotoer undar tadarel state, or common is,v (see Sectisn 14411. ta seq.. SEP 5/9/2013. 5/16,'2013.5,23/2013, 5/30/2013 83O RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201O97744SI ~le fstlo~ng person(s) LVare d~ng ~ednes~ as DIAMOND O PERFORMANCE RANCH. 4100 Big Tu~ung~ Canyo~ Rd Tujunga, CA 91O42. ERIK OLSON; J ENNIFER LUKASI E',VIC7- 4100 Sig Tujunga Canyen Rd TuluCge, CA $1O42 The business is conductad by: A Generst Perlne~sh das hegun to tranmct peelneas undar the fict~ous bu~ness r,a*ne or na~es I~tad here on: N/A. S~eed: FJtk O~on, Parthe~ Thfli sta~ment is flied w~h the County Clerk of Los Angetas County on: 4/17/13 NOTIOE - This r~-l~cus r,~ne s~a~ement thee year~ fmrn INs dale If was flied on, th the omos of ~e county ele~k A new ~ dosinees name statament mu~st da flied p~or to that dam Ti~e f~ng of ~s statae~nt doas not nt ~elf aulhedze ~e use th l~'~,s state of a lf~tdous ~ nanle th v~4a~on of the dgta~ nt ~ ued~r ledar~ stale, o~ o~rnmon isw (s, ae Sec~on 14411. et sed,, SSP 5/SI2013" 5/16/2013" 5/2~2013" 5/40/O9 13 831 FtCTtTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O77442: ~ th~,~ing person(s) ~are dothg" bustness as D&D DETAILING, 11262 Pl.Jn~p~ Ave Paco~ma. CA 91331, DWAYNE COLLIER. 11262 Ph~l~ Ave PAo0,~na, CA 01331. ~ bu.~r~s is coedactad by: An In~dual has begun to transact bu~.~ass under Ihe r,c#3ous Ix~Jne~; name or names listed here on: N/A Signed: Dwayne Colfisr, Owne~ ~s state,T~nt is fled with the County Ctark of LOS Angeles County on: 4/17/13. NOTICE - Tl~s ~ name s~aternent expires five years Eom toe date If was f~ed pn, in ;'~e office of lt~e county clerk A ne~ ~ bu~ness narr, e statement must he lfled pdor to that dtae, The ~ling of this statament does not of tlsstf authoris~ the use Jn 0~s elata of a flc~f~ous I~nees name in viofa- ~on nt I;:e rights of another undar tadarst stae, (x co*)',mon I~w (see Sec40n 14411, et seq,. SSP 5~J.'2O 13, 5/16:2013. 5/23/2013. 5,30,'2013 832 F1CTn]CUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O7744O: The fofk0~ng person(s) b~,/are do- ing business as VARDANYAN & SONS. 501 W ~ Stvd #538 Gta~, CA 912O2. HOVHANNES VARDANYAN. 401 W Gleedoaks Si.,d ~ GMedaM, CA 912O2 The ge~nee~s is condocted by: An k,~dh, k~al das gegun to Uensact business ueder Ihe fic~th)us bu~ness name o~ nan:es ,steal ogre on: N/A. Si, geed: ~ Va~myen. Owner, This statament is flied with toe County Ctark of Los Angetos County on: 4/17/13` NOTICE - This fic~ous name statament expires five years~0m the date ~t wes I~d ~, in the of~ of Ihe county clerk, A new flct~ous buslne~ name elatement taunt pe ~k)d prkx to ma~ dateThe Wng of this ~ doas nof nt ~.eff authedze the use th th~s sta~ of a flcf~ous business narne in "dob40n of the rights of anomer under fedar~ s~ele, or common law (see ~ 14411, et seo~, SEP 5/9/2013" 5/16/2013, 5/23,2013, 5,30/2013 833 ACTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201307743O: The following person(s) Is/are doing bu~nsas as PRODUCT I~ONNECT 12251 Foo~ll B~d Sylmar, CA 91342 ARTIN HOVSEPIAN, 10701 L~r Ave Sunland, CA 91040. The business is conducted by: An Individual has begun to ITansant I~nass under the flcf~3ou, s Ix~Vmss name or ~ I~ed here on: N/A. Signed: Artin HovSep~m, Owner, This statement is flied w~ the County Clark of LOS Angeiss County on: 4/17/I 3. NOTICE - Th~s ,%-'t~tk:us name statement ex~res r.,e yea~ from me data ~t was fl~d on, In the office nt Ihe county clerk. A new flclfdous bus~ness name stmement must be flied pdo~ to that data, The fsing of tois ~ doas not nt tts~S auax:,~ze Ihe use ~n g~s stata of a r, cuth:us bu~nass name ~ in viofaltan of the r~gnts of another undar fedend stata, o~ comrr,0n ~ (see Secf~on 14411, et sed, SSP .~13" 5/16,2013. 5,23/2013, 5/30/2013 834 RCTITIOUS 9USINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O78665: ~ I~ng person(s) is/are do- ing business as RENT A BOUNCER A DIVISION OF DeJ GROUP SECURITY SERVICES; DBJ GROUP SECURrn' SEFIVICES-LA BRANCH. 1910 W Temple St LOS Ang~pe, CA 4023` SAMMY GONAME 707 N Vendorne St LOS Angeiss, CA 400og~Tne buelness is condacted by: An IndMdast hes hegun to fransact Ix=#ness under It)e lfcti~oos I~u~ness name or names listed here on: N/A, Signed: Sammy Gonads, O~mer Tits statament is filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on: 4/17/13` NONCE - Thst ficlfUous name elatement expbes lfve years 30m the data If wa~ filed on.~ ~e o91ce of the county clerk. A new Itofflious Ix~nass name statement must be lfisd pder to 1hat data.The firing of ~ts ~ does not of liself authorize Ihe use in this ~late of a flctf'dous business name th vto~a~ta,~ of the ,tgnts of another undar ~dend state, or common law (see Section 14411, et seq., SSP 5/9/'2013, 5/16/2013, 5,'23/2013, 5/30/2013 835 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 401O9~8595: The thlth~ng person(s) is/a~e doing business as THE SMOKE FREE VAPOR STORF_ 3O5 S Orlando Ave Los An~les~ CA 40043` STANLEY SPANCER; ERIC BLUE CHAVIRA_ 131 O9 Bkxxntle~ St Sherman Oaks, CA 9423; 26OO5 ~izia Canyon #E Calabasas. DA 91402 Tda b~stness is coedunted by: A G~',nend Partnen~hlp hes begun to trar~act bu~ns~s undar the flclflious business name or natnas ,steal here on: N/A- Signed: Staeley Spe~'er, ~, This statament is fied ~lh the County Ck~k nt Los Angelas county on: 4/17/13, NOTICE - This 11ct~Uous name staterbent ~0ees r~,~ ye.,us fmrn the date it vms flied on, .1 the office of the county eled~ A ne~ flof~ous W name statement mu~t he fied Ixisr to Idat date The ling of Ibis ~t daas nnt of l~self authonze the use ~n It, s state of a flc'dtlous dos~ness name in ~ nt the dghta of anofogr uede~ ledend stata, or common isw (see Sectisn 14411, of seq.. B&P 5/9t2013, 5/16/2013, 5/23/2013, 5~13 836 RCTITIOUS E~IStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 201307823~ The th~lowing pePJon(s) is/are do- ing business as DREAM ~D, 619 East Coforedo ~ Glendale, CA 91205. ARAMAYIS MATEVO~;YAN. 72O E Santa An;to Ave #102 Burhenk. CA 91401.The bus~nass is condunted by: An ledhdo~ust hes edgun ta fmnsact h~oess under the r, oglfous buelne~; name or nemes listed here on: N/A. Signed: Aramayis Matavosyen, Owne~ Th~ statoment is flied wt~ the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on: 4/17/13 NOTICE - Th~ flc#30us nan~ statament expires five years from the date ~t was flied on. in the office of the county c~ A new fic~ bu~neas name statement must he fied pedr to Ihal dato. The flilng of this mten~of does not of ,self authorize the u~e in this stato of a fict'#~ous buelness name in vlota~ of the right; of another undar federal state, or common ~aw (see S~ 144~ 1, et seq,, SSP S49t4013" 5/15/2013. Si23t2013" ~13 837 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2Ot3078~g~: The thSowing person(s) is/am delng bu~ne~ e~s TAZA FURNITURE. 1121 E ~ St ~. CA 91205. ARSEN KESHISHIAN. 1121 E Coforedo St ~. CA 913O5 Tbe 40d~ess ~ conductad by: An Inofvid~of bes hegun ta ~nsact W ueder ~e 6c~ous bu#=leas r~mle ~ u Znted hem o~ N/A_ Signed: Avsen KesMsh~m. O~r~er. ~his s~a~e~ is flied wlfh 3~e county Ckst~ nt Los Angetos cou~y o~: 4/17/13` NOTICE - Th~s 3c~ous name star,mere eemne f~e yw~ Iron the data ~ was Bed o~. fo toe othce of the county ctadc A mw fic~ous m neme statamem mint he ~ed pdar to thet dine The ~ng nt th~ elntmnem da~ not of ~f asthedz~ the m fo ~ stata of a r~ous buskl~ name ~ v#3mk~n of toe dghts of anothe; undar fedmta stme. or commo~ taw (see ~ 14411. et seq. B&P SISI3O13" .~16t3o13" 5/23/2013..~35/2Ol 3 838 R~ BdUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013078286: ~ Istta~dng penmn(s) is/~m doing busine~ a8 MINX SALON. 12041 Wlfsh~re B'KI 37 LOS Angstes. CA 40O95. OERMAN AHRAML, I*N. 1459 BalTy AW LO~ Ange~, CA O90~5. 331e geelnNs is oondunted by: An ~ hes pegun to tnmsaof Ix~theas under Ida r~ous business n=u~e o~ namas llnted hem on: N/A. S~ned: German Anra~el~. Owner This statament is flied w,lh ~he county Ctork of Los Angetos County on: 4/17/13` NOTICE. Th~s flct~ous name ststarne~ e~.~ five yea~ from lhe date # i flied on. ~n lhe ~ of the COuofy dent A new flclflfous budneas nan:e elatemeof must pe filed prkx ta that date. The filng of ~s statoment does nnt of ~.elf authedze the m fo thls stato of a r, stlfk~us business neme In vnda~on of tbe dgnts of another undar fedend rote, or commo~ ~ (see Sectlon 14411. et sed, SSP 5/9/20~3" 5/16/2013, 5/23/2013" 5/30/'2013 839 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O7404SI The fstlowthg penmn(s) ~/an~ doing business as LANDEPOS FURNITURE OUTLET. 631 E Ronmo~ AVe Los Ang~e~ CA 40OO1. ELV]A E LANDEROSI 10122 Cozy Cto~ Ave Chatswo~h, CA 91311. The buelnes~ is coeducted by: An IndlvlduaJ bes begun to trat~==ac~ buelne~s under ~e fcF#~ous burners name or names r~sted hem on: N/A. Signed: Eh'is E Landems. Oemer. 11ds statament is lfled wlfh the County Cled~ of Los Angeles Co~Jnty On: 4/17/13` No'n CE - 331is fictitious ~ S~ expil~ fl~e ye~z~ h~om Ihe d~ it w~s flied on, in the office of tda cO,.~lty d, edc A ne,~ 3C~OL=S 40dn~== narne statoment rnust he t'~,ed prkx to thet data.Tile filing of ~lis statament does nof of i~sstf ~dhodze the use th thel s~ta of a flc~Jous bush,~es:s name in v~alton o~ tda r~ts of ano~er uede~ Mdaed m, or commo~ taw (see Sec~ 14411, st seq., SSP 5,'9/2013, 5/15/O913" 5/23/2013" 5/30/2013 840 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATI-~4ENT: 20130784O2: The ~ person(s) ~are doing busthe~ as PRIME pARTNERS REALTY; PRIME PARTNERS IN ACTION. 622 Rosemary Land Burbank, CA 915O5, AI #ON: C345O911. PRIME PARTESS, IN~ O92 Rosemary Land Burbank. CA 31SOg. The bu~ness is o0nducted by: A Corgerndon he= pegun to tomssd business under the flct~ous business name or names I~tad here on: 4/17/13. Signed: D~na Hosem, Preeldant. This statement IS flied with the County Clerk of Los Angeles Cowry o~ 4/17/13. NOTICE - This lfcU~ous name statement e:qdres five years from the data ~t was r, led on, in the office of the co~ofy clerk- A new fl0~lfous business name stotament rr,~st he flied prisr ta that dine. The fl~ng of Ints ~ dees not of ~elf authorize the use in this stata of a lfcfli~us m neme in vi~Uo~ of the rig=hts of another under fepeed state, c common law (see Seclfon 14411, st =ed, B&P 5,~13, 5/16/2013, 5/23t2013, 5/30/2013 841 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2013078386: The fo~owtog ~s) Is/am do- ing business as TCUCH OF BROW'S. 4525 ~ ~ 5/~ermml ~ CA 91403. ANITA GALOUSIAN. 1124 Indng Ave ~6 Gleedste, CA 312ol.Tne busthes~ ~ coeducted W: An Inci,~du;~ hes O9~ to Van~act doelness ueder ~e r.~ous ~ n~me or nB'~es ~sted hele on: N/A_ Signed: Anita ~, O~ner. Tnts stntement is flied .,V, th the county Cle;k of Los Angeles Coun;y on: 4/17/13` NOTICE - This Ik:~ta~s name statarne~t eXl~mS rn~e ym~s 3c*n Ida dam # was fli~ed on, ~n the of 3ce of the county (Y, erk. A new f.c~ftaus U name statemeet must he flied prkx to ~ data The ~ng of I;'~s statement does not or~tsed auOx)dze t,e u~e in ~ls stata of a fic~dous buelne~s name In "rk~atfon of Ida dghts of ano~er uede~ taderst ~ate, or m law (see Secth~n 14411, et seq,, B&P S,SI2013, 5~16/2013, 5/23~2013, 5.'3OF~013 842 FICTITIOUS P.USINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O77916: The tal~ng person(s) ~s/a~e do- ing business as ONSHORE MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES; ONSNGRE MEDICAL BILUNG; ONSHORE BiLLiNG SERVICES; ONSHORE BILLING CONSULTING; ON-SHORE MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES; ON SHORE BILLING SOLUTIONS; ONSHORE MEDICAL SERVICES; ON-SHORE BILLING SOLUTiONS: ON-SHORE ~LLING SERVICES. 22OO3 Indap~ St Woodland Hills, CA 91364. LENA SCOTt. 22OO3 Indedendonela St ~Noedtand H~ CA 91364. The business Is oseducted b'f An led~vth~al has hegun ta tnmsact W ueder 3~ r,c~peu= I~=~neos name or nernes listed here on: 4/17/13` Si~md~ Lena Scoft. O,~nec This s~atament is fied v~tth the Cowry Clerk of L~ Angelas Coumy on: 4/17/13. NOTICE - TI~ fiofllkx~s n~ne ~ e=cpiras five years from the date If was fied on. in l~e ofrlC~ of the c~unty c~n. A new 0C~OuS bu~ess r~,~e statement ~ he flied pdar to that datoThe IF, thg of this staten~nt doe= not of ilf~elf authodae toe use In this smt~ of a ~ bus~ness name ~n ~ of the dgh= of ano~e~ undw taderal stata. or ~ law (see SecUon 14411, et seq, SSP 5/9/2013, 5/16/2013` ~13" 5/40~013 843 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O77819: The thlfow~g person(s) is/am dothg bUSfo~ as THE POOL SHOR 13744 ~ St Pac~ CA 91331. URIEL C ORTEGA. 13744 Louvre St Pacrkma. CA 91331 The ogstheas is conck, ctad by: An thd~IdL.~ bes pegun ta fransaof business ueder the flnt~ous Ix~k~ess name or names r~sted bern o~: N/A. Signed: Ud~ C O~laga. Owne~ This statement is fied ~h the County Ctork of Los Angeles County o~: 4/17113 NOTICE ~ This flct~ous name statement =qdrss five years from the dato If was Ned on, In the office of the county elerk. A new flct~ous bu~nass name statement must he flied pr;or to 1~tta data. The f~ng of this ststement does no~ of liself authedze the use in ~s state of a ~ doel~ess name th v~a- ~on of the righis of another under federal state, or common taw (see Sec~on 1441 I, it asq.. SSP 5/9/2013, 5/16/2013, 5/23/2013, 5/3O/2O13844 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O13O77814: The fo~o~ng person(s) ~am doing business as SPINAL TOUCH 18437 Ss~coy St #5 Raseda, CA 91335~ SAM AMIRMOAZZAMI CHIROPRACTIC CORR 1584O Ventura Sivd #I06 Endno, CA 91436. The bus~ss is conducted by: A corgem~on has hegen ta ~nsact bL, S~'~eas under lhe flc~ouS bus~sss name or names listad here on: N/A. Signed: Sam Ar~m~azzam~, Pres~penL This ela~me~ is flied ~th the County Ctark of Los Angetos County on: 4/17/I 3` NOTICE - lWs fli:~tous name s~=ement =q0th~s five yea~s from the date it wes filed on, In the office of Ida county derk. A new fiC~OUS buelne,,s name s=tament must be flie