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April 25, 2002     Beverly Hills Weekly
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April 25, 2002

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i FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0901525 HaYes, 6735 Clyt)oucn A~e. #140. N Ho~, CA 01606 The business is con- who declares true. in fom~tK)n which he knows to be false is guilty of a c~me) The to,owing person(s) is/are doing business as: WALKER GROUP c O~SUK~: The fefiowmg person(s) W/am doing business as: BUNGALOW ART 1909 Shel duded by: AN INDW1DUAL Registrant has not yet beQun to transeot business Is/ASHISH CHOPRA, AJITA PATEL & SAN JAY PATEL ING, 7312 S, Pidumng Ave, 116. ~hitleer. CA 90602. MATTHEW O WAL Ave. Vonine. CA 90291, ROEqN MEIB 1909 Shel Ave, Venice, CA 90291, KELLY under the flc/Icious busineess rmme or names listed harem. Signed: Stolle Hayes, LA070584 BEVERLY HILLS WEEKLY 25 APR 02, 09, 16 MAY 2002 F-2879 7312 S. Pickeneg Ave, ~. Whetter, CA 90602, The busineas Is cooducted by~. FULLER 17455 Hattecas St. Enono. CA 91310, The businass is concluded by: This ststemeet is filed with the Couoty Clerk of Los Angstes County on: AI~ 16, INDIVIDUAL Regisfr;ml has Oat ~t bugun to traeseel busioees under the CO-PARTNERS Registmot has nat ynt begun to transact business u4-,der the flo- 2002. NOTICE--Tfes rtfiious name atatemenl expires five years from the date fi FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0774854 cious business name or namas Iletod heroin Signed: Matthew D V~Mkar=T~h~.. tx:x)us business name or names listed herein. Signed: Robin Mete, Ke Fuller Th~stotomen~isfiledwi(htheCotmtyCferkofLosAngatesCountyon:~117, wasfItedmthe~ce~ftheonuofyderk~AnewfmCtItinusbusinessnamestatemeatronsthe~fedbef~ethatfime~The ' ofthlestatementdoasnotolltSeffaulho- Thefotiowmgperson(s) is/amdomgbusinassas:MARTIN'SLtMOUSINESER* slalarnan~isflladwiththeCountyC+~ofLosAngeiosCountyon:Awit17,~. 2002, NOTICE--This flclitious name statomeote Hx~oires frye yem's from the date It dze the use m this atate of a I~tl~fi~b~lnass name in violation of ~he fights of V1CES: EXECUTIVE LIMOUSINE SERVICES: MARTIN EXECUTIVE LIMOU- NOTICE--This ~otilious name statement e)a~ms ~ yea~ from the date fi was SINE SERVICES, 16246 Napa St Nodh Hils, CA 91343. MARTSN G. AGUIRRE. fifed in the office of the coonty deck. A new ~s buskleas name statemenl an'~tpetpe was ~ed in the office of the counly dark A new 8clitious business name statdment another onde fedend, stats, or common law (see Seotion 14400, at seq..B & p 16246 Napa St. N~ Hins, CA 91343. The business is conducted by: AN INDMD- be filed he fore that time. The filing of Ibis statement doas nat of iseff autho4~e m4n~ be Ned betore that time The itM o f this statemeot does not Of itself autho. Code). Put.shed: 4/25,/02, 5/2/02, 5/g~2, 5/16/02, BHW -2867 r~e the use in this slate of a itctiho~sng~siness name in v~ation of the dghts of UAL Reg=stmot has not ye~ begun to transact business under the flcticfeus bu~ use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the fights of a~4har nessr!ameornamestistedhereinSigned:MaKenGAgurne. This statement is under federal, state, or common law (see SedJon 14400, et seq. B & P codd). another under federal, stale, or ~ law (see Section 14400, el seq., B & P FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0888890 ~ with the County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: Apdl 2. 2002 NOTICE--This Published: 4/25/02, 5/'2/02, 5/9/02. 5/16/02. BI-NV -2893 ot the coun~ ~ A new ficti~oss business name stotemeot must be filed betom FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-O903964 SH FICTITIOUS B~JSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0901526 SON RODRIGUEZ, 14030 Mystic St. ~, CA 90604. The business is con- that time,The.fllthgofthis statement does not ofitsel(aothodzethe use in this state The folowing person(s) is/are doing business as: JESSIES SATELLITE DI The feitowfeg iperson(s) is/are doing business as: HEALTH AND BOOY duotedby:ANiNDiVIDUAL't31emglat~1n4comme,ncedtotrlmsactbusitnassundef of flntit*ous business name in vintotion ofthe dg~ts Of another under federat, 4431AkmlmAve, LosAngek~.CA~0041. DOUGLASLECKEROUINT/UqiLLA. RESTOP.ATION CENTER, 11909 Sttathem St Noah Hol~vood, CA 91605. JILL the flctioious business rmme or natn~ listed on: 4/16/02 Sigued: ~ette Rachel slate, Or common lew (see Section 14400. et seq, B & P Code) Published: 4431Afemni Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90041. The busthess is co~xtuled by: AN INOI- ~ COLENAN. 11909 Stmthem St. Nodh Hollywood, CA 91605. The husk Ste'.~naon Rodd~uez. Th~ ntateene~ is INKI with the Coonty Die~ of Los Angeles 4Q5/02, 5/2J02.5/9/02, 5/16/02. St-rw .-2880 VIDUAL Registrmlt has not yet bagman to trartsad besthess trader Ule flctisios OeSS is cor~'ucted by: AN INOIVIDUAL Re~ has no( yat begun to traesad Couofy on: Awil 16, 2002~ NOTICE--lille Ik:t~oes rmme statement e~ Itve busme,s narrm or namas I~led hemfe. Signed: Douglas QoinUmla. TNS s _~1~___ bustoess under the 11dike:lees business name o names listed hemal. Signed: JIl~ yam kern the data It was 8lad fe the oltk:~e of the coonty ded~. A new k~fioes FICTrrious BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0901476 ment le faod with the County Cto~ Of Lea Angeles Counly on: Ap~9 17. 20o-~. S~'zar'.ne Colanas. Thle statement is lied with the Corm(y Cferk Of Los An0stes ~ name statement must be fitod bofon~ that time. The ofthis statemeof Count~ o~: Alatl 17, 2002. NOTICE---Thla k:ll~ous nm statement expires ~ d'oes not of fiasff aofhorize the Ose In this st;ife of a Ikditat,as ~s.~ nm io v{o. Tbe feltwing Pei~n(s) is/are ding business as: FABIAN QUINTERO' 15450 NOTICE--Thle k:klious name statement ex~!ras ~ yews fro~.l the dlde It v~ls Rayen St. Nodh Htls, CA 91343. F AND M MAINTANANCE SBRVICE. 15450 rded in the oitlce of the couofy de~, A new Ik:J~lfeus business r, ame state,menl mum yelr~ from the date it was I~at in the Of~na Of thl county cferk. A naw flctitiou~ bull. lation of the d~ of another urKl~r federst, st~e. Or c~'~on law (see Seodon Rayen St North Hils, CA 91343. The 10usinas.s is onnduoted by: AN INIOfVIOUAL be Bed he fern that tk'ae. Th~ ffi{t'1g Of thle st~enlarll does no1 of Itself eethod~e Iha OessnarlYaslatarm~mustbeflatdbefemthatfene.'Thefilk~ofthtsstatement 1~.atseq. B&PCode).PurbWned:4J25/02.5/2/02.5/9/02.5/16AD2BHW Registrant has not yet begun to traeseet business onde~ the ~ busthesa use io this atate of a itdJUo~s bosioess name in V~ohaton Of the rights of ar, OlfeK dlees net Of itself iuthodze the ese in thle state of a flat fiJous businas~ name in Me. name or names P, sted heroin. Signed: Fabian Quiofem. Tilis statemeflt is fifed wBh under federal, state, or common law (see Seotfen 14400, at seq.. B & p Code). latton Of the hgh~_ Of asoftm" under fedend, atm'e, or on~ law (see Seotkm the Coumy Cled~ of LOS Angefes Couofy on: Apdl 17 2002. NOTIC E--This fell- PubJshed: 4/25R)2, 5~2/02. ~. 5/I B/02. BHW -2B94 124485~. at seq.. B & P Code). Pub~shed: 4/25/02..~/2/02, 5/9/02, 5/16/02. BI"NV FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATIEMENT 02-0~89621 t~ous name statement exp~es fr~e l!.esm th)m the date fi was ~led in the Office of The folowtog pmson{s) iluism do~ng bustoe~s as: WINKFELD'S, 42103 50th St I!10 county _.dark. A new ItcUtines bumass name statement mesa be Itled before I~mt FICTFrious BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT 0Q-0~03997 West Quartz HI, CA 9350~. JAN~ JONES ~NKFIELD. 14679 Mesa Dr. tine. The ffifeg of this slatemenl does not Of itself aothodze the use in thls state of The felk)wthg p~m(xl(s) +s/am dothg besmass as: CREST DEVELOPMENT FIOTITIOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT 02.-0901527 Vfeton41e, CA92392. Thebusimmiscocduntedby~ANINDIVioUAL Theregs. aficlBiousbuatness namein ~ofthehghtsofanotherunder fedeml, atate, ~P~)~~RE~cST MARTGAGE SERVICES; CREST-PROPERTY MANAGE- The following petaon(s) Is/are doing b,dsiness as: SELECTAUTO GLASS, STAR treat commenced to trans~ot besimms under the flclk:ioes business name or or o0nmon law (see Se~inn 14400. at seq.. B & P Code). Published: 4/2.5/02, , 2049 CemtuW Pant East. #1100. Lea An~, CA 90067. MARSHALL AUTO Gt..ASS, 16410 CheLme/odh St. Grlmeda HW4, CA 91344. EFREN PEREZ namas Itaed on: 4/16/02. Stg~ned: Janla Jooes W~dlatd. TI~S statemecd ts fded 5r2/02, 5P~/02. 5/16/02. BHW -2881 CNdPBELL, 2049 CentuP/Park East. #1100. Lea Angatas, CA 90067. The bUSt'._. 16410 Chatwof~ St. Glmoda HIS, CA 91344. The bosinass le cooducted by: AN with the ~ Cled~ of Les hagatas Couofy on: AWl 16, 2002. NOTICE--This peep is conduotod by: AN INDIVIOUAL The reglalmnl onmmencod to tmese~ INDIVIDUAL. Registrant Ires not yat began to tnlnsed I:~mdness under the Itot~. floBious nem~ statome~ e)~m~s f/ve ~em from the d~to it was Iliad in the olre FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-o901470 MabU~le~ under the ~dicious business name or nemas isled on: 4/1/02 Stgoed: daub bustneas name Or namas isled hendn. S~gned: Ethm Perez. This staterrmN of the couofy cla~. A new itOll~o~s bt~rmes rmme atMemeof must he filed befere The tolowin9 pemon(s) +am doing 0usiness as: jENNIFER PLACE PARI'NER. all Canll0t]atl. Thla stntemeet is Bed with ihe Couofy Died~ of Lea Ange_Ms- is ,flle