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April 25, 2002     Beverly Hills Weekly
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April 25, 2002

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er under tedaral, alete, or comrade taw (see 8e~n 14400. m m. IS & p Code). Pul~shed: 4/11/02, 4/10/02, 4425/02. 5/2/02. BHW-2563 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STA~N7 02.0814340 The following persml(s) is/ere do~ business as:AEGIS GROUP INTERNA* TtONAL, $1t0 Le Rode Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041. BOBBY E. ROBIBON, 1005 ~Mer Dr. Frszk~" Park, CA 03225. JERRY F. OZETA, 8110 La Rode Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90041. The business is onoducmd by: A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP. The rl~rlnt orrrosnced 1o traosaof I~Jsiness udder the t(1tous businaas name or names ~ on: 3Fal/02. Signed: BetYoy E. Robison. CJen'y Ozete, This statement is 5iod w~ the County Clerk of LOS Ange~s ounty on: AprM 5, 2002. NOTICE--Thls ~clfilous mune statement eR~lms Ih~ ~dner~ trom the date it was P.ed In the Ofl~e of the county clerk. A new flditinus ass name s~tement must be filed before thm twos The ~ Of thle stale- meat does not of #sat/outhortze the tree in lf~ state of f, chtioos business name in vtoisflon of the dgMs of another under hderll, state. Or common law (see Section 14400, el sad,, B & P Code), Published: 4/11/02, 4/18/02.4/25402. 5/2/02. BHW-2564 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAM~ STA'fEM~Wr 02-0814341 The foftewh~ person(s) is/are doing business as: VENICE ART AND DEBIGN, 249 Wlndwa~l Ave. Venk;e, CA (102111. JAMES SC~RTZMAN, 249 WWKIWerd Ave. Venice. CA 00291. KAREN MAX~LL 240 Wmdwerd Ave, VeAK~. CA 90201. The I~lalnese is OiXldUoted by: HUSBAND AN{) ~FE, Ti'm regts~ant commenced to transact bosmeas under the ~ business name Or males listed on: 4/1/02. Signed: J~ Schwadzman, Kamn Maxwell This statement is filed with the County Clerk of LosAngeles County On: Al~d 5, 2002, NOTICE---TI'dS fk:titinus name statement exp#es five years firom the date 11 was 5k~l m the oflios of the county cterk, A new f~w,~, b~k-~as name statement mesa he flisd before thet time. The fl~ng of this stetemeof does ~ of itself euthmlzo the uSe in this state of a fictitious business name in ~oMlflo~ of the rights of enother under federal, stale, Or common law (see Seofis~ 14400, et seq,, B & P Code), Pul~shed: 4/11/02. 4/16/02, 4/25492, 5/2JO2, BH'W -2565 STATEMENT OF ABANDOMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS NAME 02-071;8436 The following person(a) has(has, e) eblmdoned the uSe of 1he ~sio~ bosmeas nares; COASTAL COMPOSITES. 1033 Youngdete St. San Gabriel CA 91775. The itchheos bt~sinass name mtemld to st0ove was ~ed on 5/2/99 in the County of LOS Angeles Od0thal Fete NO. 99+1000854 8RE'I'r TAHAJIAN, 11033 i~lom~l te St. Sen Gabdel, CA I)1775, The busmess is oonducled by Ira: AN AL Stoned: B~etl Tlthaj+an. This sletement is Ned w~h the County Clerk of LOS A~S CounCy on Apnt 3. 2002 PubMshed: 4/11/02, 4/18/02, 4/26/O2. ~'Z~2 BHW-2aM 14400, et esq.. B & P COde). Publishad: 4/11/02. 4/'18/02.4/25/02.5/2/02 BHW -2570 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0823447 The Iolowing pemon(a) t~ere dom~ business as: FAM'4.Y CARE ~DLUTION; FAMILY CARE SOLUTIONS INC., 1352 Gtlml St. Santa Monlce, CA 90405. iMMEDIATE CARE INC., 3224 COdnth Ave. LOS Angeles, CA0~088. The ~- rm~s is co,(bided by: A CORPORATION The reg~trant ~ not yet be0~m to trunSl~ bosine~ under the fictitious buS,~'Iess name or names isled herein ~: Malta Pas Santos. This stMemenl is filed with the Couofy Cisrk of LOS Angetas County on: AM 8, 2002, NOTICE---Th~ flclitioos name statement al~otras five yeMe from the dlte el was ~led in the olk~ Of the county c;~ed(. A new f~oos business name stofement must be flied before thai time The ill- tag of this alalemunt does not of bed aofherise the uSe in INS stale nt a ft~- buus business nm in ~oisUon of the dghts of another under tederel, stale, or corr,~on ~ (m Sestinn 14400, et seq, S & P Code). Publlshed: 4;11/02. 4/18)02, 4/25/02, 5/2/02. BHW-2577 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0823445 The following I=es0~(s) is/am doing busim~ss as: CHILDSPEAK. 101)40 VWshire Blvd. #1000. Los Angeles, CA 110024. STEFANE LEE CANTER, 1 Midvlle Ave~ #312. Los Angeles, CA 90024. The business is conducted by: AN iNDIVIDUAL. The msistrent has not yet beg~ to thlmJ;ast business under the flntltioos b~ine~ name Or names listed herein, Stgeed; Stoflmis Cante~ This stelemeof is filed With the County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: April 8, 2002. NOTICE--I~s flchflo~a nm stetoment expires ~ years h'orn the date it was filed in the ~ of the county CWrk. A new fK~RIOus business name statement must be filed hefom thai time. The fliin0 of this statement does not ot ~>efl luthorlze the use in this state of a ~litJous business name in vioisliou of the rights of another under federal, state, or ce~ is~ (See St~clion 14400, bl seq,, E & P Code). publishe~: 4/11/02, 4/11/02, 4,'25/02, 5/2/02. BHW-2575 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0823449 The foflow~ perscn(s) is/are doing businoss aS: LAKE SHORE HOMES INC; LAKE SHORE HOMES; LAKE HOME. 3224 Cminth Av~. LOS Angeles. CA ~0088. LAKE SHORE HOMES INC, 1963 Oekwoud Station COuff. Las Vegas, NV 09012. The business is condosted by: A CORPORATION. The rngiStmnt 4/18/02, 4/25/02. 5/'2/02. BHW-2588 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-080131~ The folk~wthg bemon(s) is/am doin9 business as: CERAMIC AZTECA, 0747 ;mpedll Hwy, r2. Downey, CA 90242. GUADALUPE MORELOS; 8747 Irnpertel Hwy. ~. Downey. CA 90242. The business is conducted by: AN INDI- V~JAL Tam registrant has not yet begun to trans~l business under the r, dt- feeds basineas neme Or names listed herein. Signed: Guedalupe Moreins This elate fnent is ~ with the COunty Cterk of Los Ar~eteS Co~nty Of'l: Apnt 4, 2002. NOTICE--Thle fictitiOuS name stMement explms five yea from the date (1 was filed in the office of the county cMrk A new 8CUriouS bu~eos name statement must be flied before thai time, The filing of this statement does ~ of itaelf euthorlze the use in this slate Of 8 fiCtitiOuS business name in viotaaon of the ~S of another under te~eral, stale, Or corr~m~ law (see ~ 14400, el seq, B & P Code) PubF~shed: 4/11/02, 4/18/02, 4/25/02.5/'2/02 BHW-2589 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0813875 The fodow~ person(a) is/ere doe0 tmsiness as: DARE GEV'4.S SPORTS ~FJ~R; BUTTER JEANS; BUTTER BEAUTY, 425 N, Alver~lo St. #10~, LOS Angeles, CA 90026. JILL ANN VALENTIN, 425 N ANeredo St, #106, Los AnSetas, CA 90028, The business is conducted by; AN INDIVIDUAL The reg- istrant has not yetHbeguun tO transact business under the flct~inus busthess narr~ Or names listed h~min. S~od: J~Ann Va~ntin This statement is filed with the County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: April S, 2002 NOTICE--This f~itious neme statement expees five yel~ ~ the date (1 was filed in the office of the county dark. A new fictitious business name statement must he filed before that time, The ~ng of this ststemeof does not of itself iotbu~ze the use in this state Of a flcl(1ious business name in vindafion of the ~ights of anoth- er under federal, state, Or common taW (see Section 14400, et ser;+ B & P Code), Put~.d: 4/11/02, 4/1~02, 4/25/02. 5/2/02. BUW-2590 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0814143 The foliow~g person(s) is/ere doing business as: MAI VIDEO & CLEANERS, 1295 E Anaheim St Long Beach, CA 90813. THI~N CHI NGUYEN, 4072 W 138TH St. Havdhome,CA 90250 SOPHAN ONG, 4072 W 136TH St Hawlhome. CA 90250. The business is conductnd by: A GENERAL pART- NERSHIP. The ~gtstram o~mmenced lo tmnse~t business under the fi~(1ious NOTICE--This itclitioos name statement expires five, filed in the ~ of the COunty (:Jerk. A n~ fiCtitious business rmme must be Ned betem thai time. The filing of this statement does outhodze the usa in thiS stale of a ~tifiOUS business name in vinhlUon of Ihe rights Of imofher u~ler tederst, state, or common law (see Sea,ion t4400, a( soq,, B & P Code). Pub~h~: 4/11/02. 4/16/02, 4/25/02. 5/2/02 BHW-2800 : FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0815865 The foitowin0 person(s) is/ere doing business as: '~LLARTA FINANCE 0 REALTY; SONORA REALTY. 9900 Lakewond Blvd. CALVIN StLVESTER ASHLEY JR., 8355 V~eofS Ave, it2, Panoreml Cit 91402. The business is co~lu~nd by: AN ed on: 4/1/02. Signed: Cel~'~ S1 ~y ~' ~ ~M~ County Clerk of LOS Angeles County on: April 5, 2002. NOTICE--This name sttheme~ expires five years from the data it was filed in the Ofre oflftl county clerk. A new ~tflioos business name alalemmlt must he ~ed befo~ time. The filing of this statement does not of Itself authorize the use in this state of a 5c~ous basiness name I~ v~a~on of the d stale, or ~ law (see St~ofion 14400, el seq., S 4/18/02. 4/25)02, 5/2/02, ,J9)02 . BHW-2601 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-01115909 The IO~ pemon(s) ~a~ doing business as: ANGEL'S TRANSPORT, 9249 E. Avenue. Q-10. Litherock. CA 93,543. ; 9240 E Avenue. Q*10. Litt~'ock. CA 93543. The business ,s COndUcted by: VIDUAL The registrant commenced to transact business under the itcteIoul business n~ne Or names listed on: 4~/02. S~9osd: Algal G~rda. This ment is flied w~h the County Clerk Of Los AJ~etes County on:, NOTICE--This Ik:tfilous name statement expns 11~ flied in the Office Of the county clerk. A new fictitious business name ststenle~ muat he flied before thai ~m~. The fli~ of ~is statement does not of authorize the use in this slats of a fictitious business name in vinisflon Of the rights of Imofher under tederth, stale, or common isw {see Section 14400, id seq, B & P Code) P~blish~: 4/10~02, 4/25/02, 5~J02, 5/9/02, BHW -2602 has P~4 ynt ~ tO trlmsect bus~eas under the fictitious business name or business name Or names listed on: 4/2/02 Signed: Sophen Ot~, Thisn Chi FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0816552 namea iSled herein.Stg~m" ed: Meda Paz Santos, presiderd. Lake ShOre HOmes N0uyen. This statement is filed w(1h the County Cis~k of LoS AnSetas County The ~ person(s) is/ere doing h~lthess as: METRO FINANCIAL, 500 mc, TI~ statement isled w~h the County Ck~k of Los AngUs County on: on: AIX~ 5, ~0021 NOTICE--This ACtfilOUs name stinement e~q#nas five yearn Chedal Dr. City Of Commerce, CA 90040. NICHOLAS GRIEGO. 3108 Aprit 8. 2002. NOTICE--This itclfilous name stalemlmt expires five years trom kom ~e date 11 was filed ir~ the olrlce o f the county cterk. A ne.w lint(1inus buin. ShetwoA:l. Athlrr~ora. CA 91001 The buathess is conducted by: AN INDWIO- the data 11 was filed in the o1ce of the cotmty cterk A new flat.Bus LXL~nr-,S r,w',~ name statement must be fiend before thai time The ittthO Of thle stitement UAL The reglstlrllnt has not yst begun to tmnsecl buslneas under the finteious name statemest ntusi he filed before thet hrrm, The flli~+lg of this alalement doas dose not of itself eothOdZ~ the uae in thls stale of a Ik:litinus b,Jsiness mime in business nerrle Or names listed herein ~Q~d: Nkthotes G~O. This SNItlP not Ofitsetf inthenze the use in this state Of a flctitloos bussiess name tn ~ ~of~on of the ~shts nt mlnthm" under tedemL state, Or ~mmon isw (see meat is filed ~ the County Clerk of LOS Angetes County on: Ap~ 5, 2002. STATEMP'NTOFABANDOMENTOFUSEOFFICTITIOUS NAME02.08015Ot t~on Of the riffs, Of another under isderel slate, Or common I~w (see Seclion Setinn 14400. et seq., O & P Code) Published: 4111/02, 4/18/02, 4/2.~02, NOTICE--ThL-+,fCUtious natllestetarr~nt exptresflve years from the dste it waS Tna k)aowlng persorl(s) has(hive) abandoned the uss Of the flct(1ious business 14400, st seq.. B & p Code). Published: 4/11/02, 4/1~,~02.4/25/02, 5/2/02 BHW 5/2/02 BHW-2591 ffmd in the o~ce of the county dark. A new (1ctitious business name stalemonl name; ACCESS UNLIMITED MAGAZINE, 15971 S. Piuma Ave. Cemtos, CA -2579 n~st be filed before that lime, The fling of this statement does not of itself 9070~. ~ ~cl(1io~ bu~inm nlmle referred to above was filed on 1/25402 in FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0814150 8uthoc~e the use in this stale of a fictitious business name in ~iotation of abe the County of LOS Angeles. C~ginst Flis No. 02-0199875, OSMONID BUEN+ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0823450 Th~ IO~,OWing person(s) is/are doing business as: RJ CONSTRUCTION SER- nghts of another under federal, stale, or common law (See Section 14400, et DIA. 21124 Baltic Ave. Lea9 Beech, CA g0810. EOWARD ENG, 3112 S. Mm The following person(s) is/am do~g business as: SNAAK ENTERPRISES, VICES, 4159 Garden Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039 ROBERT JOHN WRIGHT, s~q,1 S & P Code), Published: 4/10/02, 4/25/02, 5/2/92, 5Rb~2 BHW -2603 St, #70, ~ Aria, CA 02707 The ~ Is conducted by an: A GENER- 7660 Beverly Stvd 11404 LOS Angeles, CA 90036. ARI KLARISTENFELD, 4159 Gmden Av~ Los An0elas, CA 90039. CECILIA V~qiGHT. 4159 Garden AL PARTNERSHIP. S~1: Osmond Buendia. This statement is ~ed with the 7~80 Beverly ~M:l. #404. Los Angek~s, CA 90036 The business is conducted Ave. LOS Angeles, CA 90039, The business is conducted by: HUSBAND AND FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0816538 County Ctark of Los ~ County on Ap~ 4, 2002. Published: 4/11/02, by: AN INDIVIOUAL. The registrant has not ye~ begun to transact business V~FE The registrant ~nced to trxnsact t~.,~siness under U',e tie,reBus t:~- The thtiowing person(s) is/ere doing busthess as: 1STORIMMIGRATION SER- 4/18/02, 4/25/02, S/2/029HW-2567 under the fictitious business name m" names ~tnd herein Signed: An ness name or names Sated on: 4/5/02 Signed: Robed J. V~tght. Ce~a Wnght VICES; ONE STOP IMMIGRATION COUNSELORS, 8803 Wh~isr Blvd. pio Kisristenteid This statement is filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles This statement is filed w#h the County Clerk of LOS Angetas County on: Ap~ 5, Rivere, CA 90660. JESSE ESPARZA, 850 W Sonora Ave La Habra. CA STATEMENT OF ABANDOMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS NAME 02-0801523 County on: Ap~ 8. 2002 NOTICE---This fictemos name statement exl~res f~e 2002. NOTICE--This flditious name statement expires five years from the dale 90631. EDUARDO ALVARADO, 9509 Cerron De Pico RNera, CA 908~0 The The following person(s) has(have) abm,~onad the use of 1he f~ioos business name; GOLDEN KEY CONSULTING SERVICES, 7940 E GMvey Ave #202 Resented, CA 91770. Tm~ flCt(1ious business name mtermd to above was f~d on 6/20/01 in the County of Los Angeles O~mal File No, 01.10~9318, M~SONG YUAN, 508 Eve;~Ht Ave, ~ MoNerey park, CA 91755, PENG LI. P O. ~0~ 3113 ~ha~R~e, CA 91803 The bus~ess is conducted by an: A GEN- ERAL PARTNERSt41P S~ned: Mu~o~g Yuen, Pang Li. This statement is flied with the Co~ty ~ O! LOS AnSek~ County on April 4. 2002 Published: 4/11/02, 4/111/02, 4/25/02, 5/2/02~HW-2568 STATEMENT OF ABANDOMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS NAME 02-0802038 The teitowin9 pemo~(s) ImS(h~ve) abandoned the use Of the fictitious business ~; ALEX GELATORRE. 14250 Judd St AdetS, CA 91331 The fiditious business name referred to above was ~Je(I MI 5/15/01 In the County ol LOS Angeles. Or~l~ File No 01-~32889 ALEX DELATORRE. 14250 Judd St. Ar~e. C091331. The businessi- conducted by an:AN INDIVIDUAL Signed: Alex DalMom}. This stalerm~d iS fit~d with the C~nt'/Cterk of Los Ansetes CO~ On A~ 4~ ~2 ~: 4/11/02. 4/18/02. 4/26/02. 5/2/02 BH'4~ --2589 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0823440 Th~ ~1~ perso~(s~ is/ere dof~g bus~mss aS: S3"AR BUCKS FUNDING. 5302 Cofnerc~ in. 1t10 VVoo~qend Hi~s, CA 91364 JERRY HOLLY~NOOD. 5302 C~nercio Ln #10 Woodte~l Hills. CA01~H~4 The business is conduct- ed by: AN ]NDNICdJAL. The registrant haS not yel begun to tran.slct business under the fintRious business name or names listed herein. Signed: Jerry HO(1yWO04 Th~ statament Is filed with the County Clerk Of LOS A~getes County on: ~ 8. 2002. NOTICE--This ~ name stmment e-R~s five ye~n's from tt~ ~ it was ~d in 1he o~r~ Of the (~~nty cJed~ A new Editious bus~ neas name statement must be fiioo before ~ tmae The filing Of thiS stal~ does not Of itsetl authorize the use in this stale Of a flctitioos th.,~thess rmme in Of 1he rlgtes of another under federal, stale, or common law (see Section 14400, at seq., 8 & P Code) Published: 4/11/02, 4/18/02. 4/25/02. 5/2/02 BHW-2570 years from the date # was filed in the olrce Of the county clerk A new fictitious business name statement musl he ~ before that time The fit~ of this state- ment 0oes no1 ol (1ash authorize the use in this stale of i ficlthous business name in v~atlon of Ibe tights of another under tedersi, state, or common law (~ee Sect~n 14400. nt seq. S & P Co~e) Published 4/11/02.4/18/02, 4/25}02. 5/2/02 BHVV -2580 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0550480 The fotinwi~ pem~n(s) iS/are doing business aS: W~LSHIRE WIRELESS, 6380 V~rs Stvd #107 LOS Angeles, CA 90049 RONALD F ANURAN, 1755 Crestheven V~y. Pomona, CA 91766. The busittass iS conducted by: AN INDI- VIOUAL, The ~StmN has not yet begun to transect business under the r~+- tious bu~ name or names listed herein. ~0ned: Ronsid E Anuran This statement is ~ed with the County Clerk of LOS Ar~ County on: March 7, 2002 NOTICE--This fictitious name stalemest exp#as five yelr~ from the dale it was itisd in the o#ine of the county ciodt, A new ficblmos bus~ess nml"m state- ment must be flied ~efore thai time. The ~tng of this stetameof does not of itseff authorize the use in this state Of a rlitious busmess name in v~lation of the ~htS Of ~W~th~" U~ ~taret, state, or corm'nor) law (see Seclion 14400, el seq, B & P C(x~). Published: 4/11/02. 4/18/02. 4/25/02, 5/2/02 SHW-2581 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0645115 The folowthg person(s) i~'are doing business as: GETTY JEtM~LS. ~853 PorlOis De. Beverly HitIs. CA 110210. ELLEN SUE BALLON, 1~53 Podois Dr ~v~f'~ H~1 CA 90210. The business is co~du~nd by: AN INDIVIDUAL. The mgialrunt has ont yet t~guf~ to transecl business under the gOitinus business name Or ~ ~ her'l~J1. ~lle~: Efli~l ~ Bstion. This stalenl~.nt is i~in~ with the Cotmty Cterk of Los A~getes County on: Ma+'ch 18, 200~ NOTICE-- Th~ ~ name alatom~nt e~p/~ras five yest~ from lhe dale it was ~ed in lhe office of the c~mty cterk. A new ~ bt~ness name statement mu~ he feted before thet fln'm The filatg Of lh~ statement does n~ of ~ff e~hortse the use in this stale of a ~ business name in stofst~ of the rights Of unoth- er under te~. Mate, or common law (see Section 14400, el seq., B & P Code) Published: 4/11/02.4/18/02, 4/25/02, 5/2/02 BHVV-2582 FICTIT~:)US BUSINEss NAME STATEMENT 02.0823441 The fofiowmg persen(s) is/are doing business as: SHINING BRIGHT, 10210 Ralhbum Ave. #2 Nodhn~ge. CA 91325. ANOREW UDVARNOKt. 10216 RntNoum Ave, 112 Northi~e. CA 9132.5 The bos~neSS is cor~unted by: AN INDIVIDUAL, The registrant commenced to transacl business trader the itch" liDOS ~inass name or nlmeS ~stnd on: 3/02. Si~: Andrew Udvamoiti TI~ alalement is itisd with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on: Ap~I 8. 2002. NOTICE---TI~s h(~(1, name statement extras five years from the data it was filed in the Ofrme of the county cted(. A new ~dinous business name stalermml must he ~ed betem that lime The filing Of this statement does not of itseH ou~tlo~ze the use in this stale of a fiotitmus business name in vtotatio~ ol the rinds of armt~ under federal, store, or common law (see Sectiun 14400. et Osq. B & P Code). Published 4/11/02. 4/1~2, 4/25/02, 5/2/02. BHW-2871 F~.TtTIOUS g;US'INESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0823442 The following paean(s) is/are domg busthess as: M & M ENTERPRISES; PRE- MtER BANKARD SERVICES. 2950 E FtemmSo Rd Las V~gas, NV 80121. MIT GROUP INC. 2950 E F~ Rd Las Vegas, CA 89.121 The business iS Cmlduded by: A CORPORATION The registrant has no~ ~/e( begun ~o ~rarm- act business under the fiCtelOUS business name Or nemas ksted hereto ,~red: Madort McKm~f, CEO. MIT Group, In(: This alale;l~nt is filed with the County C~ Of LOS Angetas County on: Ap~ 8. 2002, NOTICE--The I~#~JS nm statamerd ex~res ~/e yem.~ from the tilde ~ Was filed m the Office of the coun- ty clerk, A new ~:t(1~s bos,.r.eas name statement must be htad belore thai tmle. The filthg of Ibis aletement does no( of Pisell |ofhonze the use in this st~e of a fict~ioOS business name in WO~IIO~ of the rights of another u~der federal, stale, or common law (see Section 14400, el seq.. B P Code) Pub~shed: 4/11/02. 4/16/02. 4/25/02, 5/7./02. BHtN ~-2572 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0823443 The ~itOWm9 pe~,~'~[S) ~e~e do~0 t~tness as: VISITING ANGELS, 19065 Bras~e Dr North., CA 91326 SHIRLEEN CHANDRA, 1~0~5 Brastlia Dr. 91~6 .~a' CA 91326. ~G CHANORA. 10068 Btasitm ~1 ~, business is conducted by: A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP. The reg- tstram hal on~ yet begun to transect business under the ficl(1ious business name or names listed harem. ~wrsd: Sixteen Chandre. Subhl~ Chendra This et~t is ll~ with ~ coumy clerk of LosAng~es COunty on: April 8. 2002. NOTICE--Th~ EClI~ name statement exp~es five years from the date it was fil~l M the Of Ee Of I~m O~ty Cta~. A new EStsiOUS b:~lWmse nm steten-mof must be filed before thd~ tth~ The ~ nt ~ stetemlnt doee not Of Itsetf Outhorize the use th I~ stale of e fi~itmus business name in ~lmn Of the dghfil, ef enother Oncter feStaL state, or common law (ose Se~+on 14400, bl ssq. O & P Code). Pub~S~ed: 4/11/02. 4110/02, 4/2~02. 5/2/02 BHW--2573 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0~9,~4~0 The 104inwin0 peiT,0n(S) is/Me doin~ business as: OUAUTY SERVICE AND T)RES, 10218 SepuNed~ Blvd. Mission H~S, C091345. GARY BLACKFORD, 20008 ~ Way. ~ 1 C~i Pa~, CA 91306 HUGO LIEONEL MEDINA, i~5 W~it ~ N+ H~O~1 CA 111601 The business is conducted by: CO- PARTNERS The registrant has not yet beam to tmosact busmass under the fictaious bur~l~ ss nMne o~ l~nes t~ted hl~rk ~,~: Gary BtaCkte~, HUgO Medina This statement is ~ed with lhe County Clerk olLOSAngeiss County on: March 22. 2002 NOTICE--This flctaious name statement expires. ~ yes~ from the date it was flied in the of Fme of ~ county cterk A new fictitious busi- ness name statement must be filed before that fit, as. The film0 Of this statement ~OOS not et itseit authoize the use in thIs state of a flCtitinUS business name in wofation OI the rights OI leather under federal, state. 0t" cormnon law (see Section 14400. st seq.. B P Code). PuUlished: 4/11/02. 4,'10/02. 4/25~02. 5/2/O2 BHW -2583 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMNT 02-0788477 The fOlOV~ng person(s) i~ere doing business as:ACTION HOUSE CLEANING, 11418 ~e C1 El Monte, C091732. LETICIA CARCIA. 11419 Medina C-J. El Monte, CA 91732 The business is COnduCted by: AN INDIVIDUAL. The rag+ istr~lt has ~ yet besun Io traf~act buSlless under the p~litioUS business name or nemas listed hemm Signed: Letlc~a Garcm This statement is Ned with the County Clerk Of LOS A~geiss County O~: Apnt 3, 2002 NOTICE--This hcti- hous name ststermmt e~3kes 5re years 5"ore Ihe dale 11 waS ~ in the of, ca of the county clerk. A new rK~(1inus business name ststement must be filed belore that time The rl~ of this stalee~ does not of #serf aofhoftze the use in this stale of a hctaious business name m ~iohltion of the ngnts of anofber under" lederet, state, Of r~mmon taw (see ~clin~ 14400. et seq,, B & P Code), Pul~ched: 4/11/02, 4/18/02, 4/26/02, S/2JO2, ~-NV -2584 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0788800 The IO~Wmg person(s) is/are do~] buSmass as: THE ITS. GROUP, 1518 Highland Ave Duatte. CA 91010 ERIC KESTLER. 5112 Haittex Rd. Tern~e City, CA 91780 The business is cotlductnd by: AN INDIVIDUAL The registrant ~mme~ced 10 transact business under the rICMioUS busie.ess name of names listed on: 4/3402. Signed: Ed Kastler This alalement is filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on: 01~ 3, 2002. NOTICE--This ff+1~, name statement expires F~e yearn from the date it wu filed in the oline Of the cotm- ty Ck~k. A ~ itct(1inus busthesS name stllement musl he N~d before urea time The Ifil~g Of this stalemenl does nst Of itself aofherise the use th this st ale of, f~(1ioos bosine .... ~ ~bun of the ngMs of --her onder federel, stale, o~ con!It'+on law (see Secli~t 14400, al seq.. B & P Code)at~ Put~lhhed: 4/11/02, 4/18/02. 4/25)02, 5/2/02 BHW-2585 FIOTITIOUS ~USINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0823444 The falk)wlng persOn(s) is/are doing busmeas as: HYPNOTIC POSI~ DODAT- ECH. 926 Uml St 8ud~nk. C091505 DOUGLAS J CAVALMERE. 976 Lima St ~, CA glS05 TED FRY. 10707 New Harm, Sun Valley. CA 91352. CHAD WILKERSON, 9247 Cedar St, Belffiower, CA 90706. The ~s is C~vd~ed by: A LIMITED PARTNiCRSHIP The re~llrent has nof yal begun to vlmml bosmess under INI f,~mJs business nm or names lialed hemm S~: Oouglas Ceve)t~m, Chad ~lisersun, Ted Fry, David HOrriso~ This ste~ment is ~ed wl~ the COUOfy Clerk of Los An0etes C, ount y on: Ap~ 8, 2002 NOTICE--This ~titto~s ~ statement exp~es ~ yase~ lr0m the date it was filed in the OitK:e of the COtmty cted~ A new 9Ct(1ISOS blJsinese neme easement musl he f~d before that l~no. The ~ of this statement does ~ of auth~qza the use in thIs stale of a ficti~mos I~,,S came in vis~hon Of the rignta of Inoflter under tederfil, state. Or commo~ taw (see Seclion 14400. at ~1 , B & P C ~ ' PubliShed: 4/11/02, 4/18/02, 4/25402. 5/2/02. SHW -2574 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT O2-0823445 The foffow~ person(s) is/Me doing inkiness as: MANDARIN GARDEN CHI- NESE RESTAURANT, 9040-ATopa~08 Canyon ~ Chstswoflh, C001311 J & H 129, INC, 23800 H~lisnd SL Vibst Hi#s, CA 91307. The buam is con- th~ded by: A CORPORATION The re~alrent has not yet b~gun to ttlmsm:l business under the f~CI(1IOMS trUSineSS name Or names li~d ~mS ~ : Jung C. Wang, PreSident. J & H 120. Inc Th~ statement is itkrd w~h the Cmmty Cterk Of LOS/~ISS, CO'.mty on: kp~ 8. 2002. NOTICE--]711s ~ld~ nlltn~ al~ertmof e~oWas five yeMe from the dete (1 was ltisl in the office Of ~ Coun- ty ~,erk. A new flntalOus bu~SS name St~ must he flied betOre thai thee. The ~ of this ststemeof does net of ~ iofhenze the use m this slate of e itcMmus business name in violalinn of the rig, s of Ino~ under tederal, stete. Or conmlo~ law (see ,Section 14400, el seq. B & P Code) Pubeshed: 4/11/02, 4/1~02, 4/25/02, 5/2JO2 I~HW-2575 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02.0823448 The ~oitowi~ person(s) ~am d~ bus+~ess as: JR W~NDOW CLEANING SERVICE. 7t02 JorOIm Ave Canoge Park, CA 91303. JOSHUA BRYCE BU'rrs; 7102 Jordan Ave. Ce~oga Pro. CA 91303 The business is o0,1~k~r~ ed by: AN INDIVIDUAL. The reg~rent has nol yel begun to trenslot buSineas FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 02-0789408 The tefli~m~g persml(s) is/ere doing busmeas as: LACHE INTERNATIONAL, 22700 Hatteras St V~od~Id H~. CA 91367 LACHE ~NTERNATIONAL. 22700 Hedoras 81 W~dlmld Ht~, CA 913~7+ The business is conducted by: A CORPORATIO~ The registr=nt t~os ont yst hegon to treosaof ~inest under the P.chtioos business nm Or names Itethd hemm~. Signed: Kavina Chen & Guitl~mo Losos,.d)e. P,n~tent and ~ ~. Leche Int~ This stalemem is flteO with the Coonty Ctark Of LOs Angeisa County un: Al~dl 3. 2002. NO]'ICE--This fidNmos name al~nt eq)Was f~e years fibre the date it was ~ed in the off~e of the Osu~y c~nt. A ~ flcU_ious b~ess name st~em~nt be filed hefore thst ~nto. The fl~ of ~ ~nt does not of itself authorize the use in th~ stale of a flcMmos busmeas name is violation of the ngnts of another under ~dotst, stale, Or common law (see Seclinn 14400, el ~ . . O & P C~) 1P~: 4/11/02, 4/16/O2, M25/0~, S/2/02 BHW -2586 FICTITIOUS BUSINESE NAME STATEMENT 02-0769417 The fO~ pemon(s) te/m do~0 lousiness as: SOUTH SAY TRADING, 11260 O~rhm~ A~. 110B Cntwr City. CA 90230 MICHAEL VINCENT KELLY. 11280 OvedJ~ AVe. #19EI. C~ City. CA 90230. The business is conduofod by: AN INOWIOUAL, The re0islrlN commenced to transact buin- rtase ~ the f~(1im~ business name or names listod on: 4/~/02. Stgeed: M~ ;