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April 21, 2016     Beverly Hills Weekly
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April 21, 2016

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Over. "g~ ~atecn~ is fled "~h Ele Gcxzety Clerk o( I.~ Anple= County on: 04~1PJ'~16. NOTICE - ~ fiot~ous nm~ statement e=pkel I~e yem Imm the date I'c wa= filed on, ~n the otTce o( the ~ ~, A new fic~ous ~ name ~ement nmt be f~ed pr~r to that dm, "hie N=ng of ut~ mten~nt doas not of ~eff authoriza the uee in tli state o~ a flc~tiou= bueine=l name in vldation of the ~h= ~ ~ under federa ~ate, or common 'aw (r, ee Sectk~ 14411, et ~4q., SSP), 4/21/16. 4/28Sl 6, 5.'~ 6, ~1~ 61 ~ FICTEOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMBsT: 2016O882O2. ~e folowmg p~llc~(s) kdzm doing business Is: PACIFIC U~NDSC~ & CON~ COMPANY. 11350 E Averme INN L.~Jerock. CA ~543. CHR~STt~ ME~DOZ~ 11350 E Argue #R4 UtUaock, CA ~ JESUS AGUIRRE. 1135O E Avenue #PA LJtuemck CA 9354~ INOCENGO AGUIRRE. 11350 E A~ #R4 UtUaod~ CA 9354~/i~ b~ne= m oon- ducted by: a ~ F~ Re~ h~ beam to b'amact bu~oe= under the IL-'~ous I=u~;~,J= name or names hted h=~ 0 W/~ S~ CI~S~ M~d~ ~ Pare~ Th~ ~t~m~t ~s filed w~h the COU~ Clak of LO~/a~eles County o 04/12/201S. NOTlCE - Thi~ fic6'~o~ nar~ stateme~ expires ~ year~ frmn the date ~ w~s filed o~, k~ Ule ofi~e of the county clerk. A n~v ficU~x~ m name statemmt rr~t be fi~e4 pc~r to that d~. The Nm9 o( U~ ~t do~ not of ~ m ~le w m ~ ~ ~ a fict~ bulmess na~ kl vkC~on of th~ dgh~ o( mod~ u~d~ h~de~ rote1 or comm~ law (~e Sec~o~ 14411, et seq., B&P~ 4/21/16, 4/28/16, S/O5/1 ~ 5/1 ~/161258 FIC~ BUSINSSS NAME STATEMENT: 20180SS204, The fo#ov~ penm~s) is/are dd~g budmss ~ LA HVAC SERVICF.& 539 N L~ A~. Un~ E (~nd~ CA 910& A~EN SSAL~N. 538 N Lo~ Ave. Unit E C-~e~d~ CA ~1~. TI~s be=hess ~ ooockcted b~ an k~%~du~. Re~ ha~ be~n to ~m~a~ buskl~ undar the fic~t~us b~nes~ nal~ ~ ! ~d he~ or~ in s/200~ sk~ Arm~ ~ C~n~ Th~ st=ernst s fi~d wa~ ~e Comty C~k o~ LO~ A~ County o 04/12/201~ NOTRE - 11~s fict~ous ~ statement e~p~es 6re ~rs fn~n U~ d~ ~ waz f~d O~lie ~ ot~oe ~ g~ county ded~ A new 6ct~kx~ bu=- n~s name staernent mu~ be f~d prk~ to gla~ d~ 11~e Rm9 o( ~ mte~t do~ hoe ~ ~sd~ a~hodze the u~e m th~ s~a~ ~f a ~o~ous W name m vk~a~on of ~ dghts of a~oth~ under feder~ ~ or m ~w (see Beckon 14411, ~ M~, B&P~, 4/21~ ~ 4t28/16, 5~0~16, ~12~16 1259 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016~10. "111o ~ pe~o~} is/are do~g business as: RELIABLE TRANSPORT SERVICE. 7757 V'm Bud0an~ CA 91504. EDGAR MANUKIAN. 7757 Y'm Solemn B~oa~ CA 91504. 11~s b~e= ~= co~dgcted b~ ~ I~d~du~. R~ has bngun ~ ~ loudness under Ihe ~ I~dne~ n=l~e or name= Ibted hm o~ N/A. Si~md: Edgar Mandda~ Ownec Th~ statemem is rded wi~ the C.~nty ~erk of Los An~ o 04/12/201~ NO~E - ~ ~ nal~e stakw,~ e~res five ye~ horn the date # wu filed c~, ~ the offi~ of the courdy d, ark.A ~ ~ b~r~s name statement mu=t be f~ed pdor to that dine. The fi~ng o~ thai statement does ~ ~ ~ ~ dze the use ~ th~ state of a fict~tkx~tx~k~m nar~ in vk=~on of the d~ts o( moth~ under f~ ~,~ commo~ law (see Sect~ 14411, et seq., SSP), 4/21/16, 4/28/16, 5/05/16, 5/12/16 1~ FICTI~IOU~ BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016088662. "nte foIJow~g ~rsc~(s) ~/am d~ng b(~ness as: BRLAN'S CLEANERS. 18845 Sheml~ Wsy St~ E ReMd~ CA 91335. NDA GP, AM/~O. 18845 Sheml~ Way St~ E Reded#, CA ~133~; LYDIA GARCU~ 26~2S Cedw Gro~ CL E~ Juan C.~, CA S267S. T~S bud- M~ ~ conducted b~ a Gene~ patn~ R~ h~ b~un to tran~ct U under the fict~Uou= bud~ name or u thCed h~e or~ 11/20t201G. Sk~:/dda Gr~ Owr~/P~. lh~ stat~em ~ filed ~ the Coumy Q~k of L~ ~ County o~: 04/12/201 ~ k~ncE - 11is fic~ous name ~eme~t e~ fi~e yea~ from the date # wa= fl~d o~, ~ U~e oh~e o~ ~e comty ~d~ A n~v ficUt~s ~ ~ W r~ be Ned ~dor to 6~at dat~ Th~ng of U~ mteme~t do~ ~ot of ~f aumodze the ~se m ~ s~ate ~ a f~ou~ bume= name m vk~Uon o( th. dght= of amch~ ~r fe0~ =U~. ~ co~mo~ ~aw {see Sec~o~ 14411, et seo~, 8&P), 4/21n6, 4/284 6, 5/G~16. ~ 2n 61261 RClII1OU~ ~ NAME STATEMENT: 201S0eS~ The f~ pe~) ~Jare do~ bu~less a SPR TER~NE TRANSPORTATION; NI~HINOME ~ SERVtCE. 800 E ~ndsor Rd. #7 Glendale, CA 91205. Q~'OCOLA~ JANE LJMBO MACAF~ 800 E W~nd~or SS. 17 Gle,~c~,e, CA 912SS. Thh; b,,~ness ~ conduced by: an Inci~dual. R~ I~,s bngun to W bus~ess under the exiguous b,.mness name or r,~me~ I~ted here on: N/A. Skied: C~ J~n* Umbo kk, capa~al, Ovmer. "nl~ stazement ~; fi~d v,~l ule Ceurdy Oerk o# Los Ange~ County or,: 04/1 ~16. NOTIGE - '~ rl~l~us name stat,m~nt e.,T,res five years f~,m Ihe c~te it was fi~d o~1 m U~e oK*ce of tl~ ooun~y derk. A new ~ busk~u name statement nl~st be 6led I~Or tolh~ dat*. The EI~9 o( ~1~ sbden~r~t de~ not o( r,~elf aUUlOdZe U'~e use m ~ ~ ~ a fic~J~m tx~nes~ name ~n ",,k~mn of Ule dghts o~ moth~ ur, der feder~ st~e, or comrn~l law (s~e .S~c~e,1 14411, et seq., B&~, 4/21/16, 4ra8/16, S/0S/I 6, S~2/1612~2 RCTITIOUS BU~INE~ NAME STATEMENT: 2016~Z The fo0owlng perso~(~ is/al~ dok~ bu~ne~ a MAJES~C SUITE& 360 S B~ AvL #3L L~ Arlgek~ CA 90036. 0OMONIQUE FAT~ 3~ S Bumdde A~ ~3L L~/u~gd~ CA m. 11~ budne~ ~ ce~Sucted br an Ir~f~Su~. Re~ has be~n to transact b~r~s und~ the flct~kx~ ~Bkle~ name or n ~ted here o WA. S~md: D~ p~, Own~ 11ds ~t~nw~t ~ led w~h the County Cl~k o( L~ ~ County o 04/13/2016. NO~ . Th~ fict~ou= name W ex~ f~ y~-~ horn the d~te ~ wa~ fled o~ ~n the of~ce of ~ ~ ~ A new fi~ous bu~e~ nanle ~te~t rnu~t be fhd prior to ~hat d~e. 11~e filklg ~ th~ statmle~ does not o~ ~f aulhodze the u~ ~ thb ~te of a f~J~o~ budn~s ~me m ~d~o~ o~ ~e ~ ~ ~ under feder~ =t~te~ or commo~ law (m Ssct~ 14411, et seq., SSP), 4t21n6, 4/2~ 6, 5RStTE, 5/12/161263 FICT~X)US BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201~. ~ fo~owlg pelops) is/are doing ~ as: IOff}NSU DJEHun. 3~16 IN O&'( SL BUlt=al~k, CA 91505. LOR~N BARRETE 3616 W Oak St. Bwba,lk, CA ~150~ Thm b~ne~ ts ~xlucted i~. ~ kldk~d~. Re,strait h= bngu~ to tra~a~t b~r~ und~ ~e ~ ~u~ b~ne~ r~le or nam~ U~t~d h~ o~: N//~ Skied: Lor~ Bam~ Ow~r. 11~s ~ ~ f~ed w~th Ihe County Cl=t o( Lo~ ~ Co~ o~: 04/13/2016. NOTICE - lWs fict~ous na~e staten:e~ e~*r~ ~ ye~s h~m th. date ~ w= fi~d oo, ~ the off~ of the count-/cle~ A r~w r~o~s bu~oess na~e statement must be filed prior to that rim. The fir~g o~ thb mtem~t do~ not of P,s~f m the gse m ~ ~ ~ a fi~ous busk~a~ nm~ k~ vk~at~ of the dght~ of m~h= und~ federa stm, o~ comm~ ~w (s~ ~ 14411, e ~, B&P), 4/21/16, 4/'2~ S, 5/05~6, BU ~ 61~S4 RCTIT~ BU~NE~ NAME STATIE~ 20180~. The folowing person(s) ~Jae do~g b~ a CLAS~ ~flT~RIOR 0E~GN. ~05 E Ml4e ~ #3 C-~, CA 91~. ANNA ABRAHAMYAN. 805 E Mapb ~. #3 Giembie, CA 91205. Thi~ 10~m~m~ is co~J~cted b~ an Indwtdu~ Fle~ has bngun I~ trama~ m under tng 6ca~ou~ W name ~ name~ ~ted here o~ In 1/2611. S~ AmaAbr~ O~m~. Th~ W ~ f~d vHth ~e Coumy Ck~k o# Lo~ Ar~ Coor~ ore 04~13/201~ k~.E - l~s fl~ous name s~t ~ 6re ye~z from ~ d~e # ! reed o~ m th~ offio~ o~ the comty c~ed~ A new fi#~ou~ bu=- ne~ m mtme~ U be Red p~or to glat da~. ~ 6ring o# gl~ st~al~m~ does no* o~ ~ea m the m kn edz stm o# a 6ct~~ ~kml nalne m vk~on ( the ~hts c~ another und~ fed~ ~at~ ~ cor~non ~w (m Sec~o~ 14411, *t Nq., B&P}, 4t2~ P~ 4/2~1~ S/0~V~ ~12/1612S~ ~S BUSINSSS NAME STATEM~*~rr: 201608~ The follo~ng pe~on(s) is/a~ doing bu~ as: USARM ENIA TRAVEL 1B830 Co~ ~ Tarzll~ CA gl 3~. A~ SHAH~AN. 18~30 Co~ S. Ta~=~'t~ CA 91356. ~ ~ ~ oor, ductng ~ m tndh~uaL Ss~a'ant has begun to ~nm~ct Ix,~ness under ~ flct~x~ bu='~e~ r, an~ or nam~ I~ted h~m on: 1/06/Z011, S~ Annen ~ Ot, m~. "n~ state- ra*nt ~ f~d ~d~ the County Clerk o~ LO~ An~ Cour~ ~e: 04/13,'2016. NOT~.E - T~s ~ ~ rn~t ex~re= fl~ year= from the d=e ft wm t~ed on, in the office of ~he county c~,k. A~ ~ ~ nm~ statenmet mu~ be ~ed pdor to U~t dm. The f~ of tt~e =~ment do~ he, Of ~s~f ~ ~ ~ in tl~ rote of a flc'~ou~ brim. eae~ ~n ~a~on of the r~ of anoCt~ und~ federaJ st~e, or ~ law (aee ~ 14411, et Nq,, B&PJ, 4/21n S, 4/~/16, 5/05~6, 5/12/161266 F~rl"rlous EUSSNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2011~37. ~le follOW~lg person(s) is/~ do~g budr~s as: ALEGRO LOUNGE & BAR. 4~ N Brand BUd, Gl~lda~e. CA 912O3. SERZHIK YENOKYAN. 423 N Bra~d INvd. Gkmd~, CA 91~. TI~ budrm= ~= conducted b~ an Ing~klu~. P~G~ss~nt h~s begun to ~msact budnes~ under the fic~Uou= b~ne= ham or nam~ I~ted he~ o~: N/~. Skied: Sem~ Y~, Ow~ ~s ~ m~t ~ fi~d ~Sth ~ County CSed of Lo~ A~ Coanty o~: C~13/201~ NO/1CE - T~s ~ nm ~ me~t exp~ r~ yee~ ~ th~ d~t~ ~ ! rded o~, ~ the office o~ the co~dy d,a~ A n~ fic~ous ~ name i~eme~t rr~t be fil*d p~x to th= dat~ 111e1~ o~ 6is st#tenet does not ofits~ a~hodze ~ ~ kl th~ ~te of a fic~ou= bume~ m ~n V, ok[Uon of ~e dghts o( anoU~r u~der ~ st~ or m taw (=ee S~cUo~ ~4411, ~t uq. B&P). IN21/16, 4/2~ 6, S/0~16, 5/1 ~J161267 FICTITIOUS ~USINESS NAME STA~: 2016090~9. l~e fdlo~ pen~s) i~'~e doing i0u~m~ mr STAR FURNITURE RER~ 172~ Dm Av~ #8~ He~pad~ CA 923~. HOVHAN~IES MATNISHYAN. 172SS Dm~n Av~ 1~9 H~ CA g~'~. lh~ txm== is ~edu~d by: an ~htduaL Re~ ha= bngun to tramact m und~ Ihe fic~ou= bu~ne~ n~ae ~x n ~d hen3 en: N/& S~: Ho~hann~ M~, O~r~, 'n~ =t~m~t ~= ffad ~ U:e County C~rk o( t.~ .~ County en: 04/13/2016. co~ c4~k. A r,~ fio~ou~ bu=n~ nm~e ~mment mu= be N~d tmor to U~t d=w "n~e fitng o( th~ ~: S~'MU~C GROUR 13~0 W~ A~. ~ Lo~ A~k CA 9~019. JOC~ 8~klAMA. 1380 wa~ A~ #S Los/~ CA ~01g. lW= bm~ ~= ~nduct~d br m kldWS~L Reg.-am h== be~n to blwact b~dm~ und~ Ute f