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April 21, 2016     Beverly Hills Weekly
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April 21, 2016

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CA 91~1 Curmt Rle #: 20~6052872 Dat~: 03m4/16 "f~,s tx~,,ess was co~ucted by: a Gene~ Pa~ PUI~ 4f14/16, 4/E1/16, 4/28/1615/0r/161118 RCTIT1OUS ~ NAME STATEMENT: 20160~76~ The ~ pennons) hdare doklg bulziness as~ AC'S CONCRETE PUMPING. 18656 Delight St. ~ ~ CA 91351. JEFFREY AC AGUIRRE. 18656 DgF.~ht ~ Sm~ Ctad~ CA 91351. Th~s bushle~ ~ conducted by: an I~r#.du~. ~ has begin to ~nsact business under thefic~6o~ I~ss name or names I~ted h~e o~ 01/01/2013. S~ Je~ AC Ar~, Owner This mte~t ~ f~d w~th the Coonty C~erk o~ Los .~ Cour~y on: 03~2/2011. NOT~.E - 71~s fic~,~us r~ene statercQnt exmres fi'~ yearn ~ ~e date it was fik)d on, in 1he office of ~ ~ ~ A rmw fictmo~ U rmme i~ctemwlt U be I~d p~x to mat du~ The Nk19 o~ Uls st~em~t ~ not of ~z~f m the .se ~n U~ m of a fict~o~ tx,~lless na~e in v~atk~ of the ~11~ o( ~ under federa~ state, or m law (~ Se~on 14411, et seq., B&P), 4~4/16, 4/21J16, 4/28/1~ ~61119 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016650763. The fc4ov~ng pe~a~n(s) hu'an~ doing b~ a ARTOGA JW. 1317 N San Fmnando ~v~. #118 ~ CA 91504. ARIUR OGANESO~ 1317 N Sa~ .~ B~d. #118 Ez~r~ CA 91504. Xl~s I:,ume~ i~ concocted by: an Ind~.~. Re~ has begun to b'amact bu~ss u.der U~e fic~eo.s ~ name ~ na~es ~=ted he~ o~ 0~J01/201S. S~/~tur O~msm, Own~ T~s s~emenz ~s filed v,~l the County Oerk of Los .~ County or~ 03/0Z,2011. NOTIOE - 11~s fic~o~ r~ne W m ~ y~axs f~m me da~ ~t was filed or~ ~n u~e ogflce c# ~e c~ d~rk. A new flct~,~s buskins name st~temnt be ~qed pd~or to Ulat da~. "nm fi~ng of th~ ~ does not o~ ~zs~f auUlo~e ~he use k~ tl~ ~taze of a ficeeo~ busk~ss n~ k~ v~ae~l of ale r~ ~ ~ und~ fede~ s~e, or COrllmOn law (see Sectk~ 14411, ~ sec~ BAP), 4/14/16, 4/21/16, 4t28~ 6, ~611~ F~;I~TIOUS. BUSINESS NAME STATEMi3~iT: 2O18O43626. The f~lk~ving persons) is/are do~g business as: ANDY'S REST~RANT. 5342 ~ne4mld Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91601. MARTHA RO#d ERO. 11014 Otsego S~ #106 Nor~ I-k~ywood, CA 91e01. Th~ bu~r,ess ~s conducted by: a~ Ind~kJu~. Reg~znt ~ ~ ~ t~nm~t bus~n~s under ~he ~ctW, ous bu~ne~ name ~r names ~sted here on: W& 8~ne~ Ma,~a Remind, Owner. "n~s sta~mer.t ~s 6led w~ the Comty Ck~k of Los ~ge~es Coumy o~: 0~24/'Z016. NOI1CE - 71~s fice~o.s nar~ statement ~ r~e yga~ from Ihe d~e ~t w~s fil~d ~n, m Ihe omoe of ele county ~ A new Ik:t~us b~ne~ nane mt~l~lt mu~ be f~ed pd, or to U~at date. the ling of eu mmrnent doe~ not of ~elf a~ the use ~n th~ sta~e of a P, ctfl~o~ buz~e~ name ~n ,~0~zUon of the dghts of ~ under fede~ s~ate, or common law (see Sectk~ 14411, et ~q., B~, 4~4/16, 4/21/16, 4/28,q ~ ~ 611~ FICTITIOUS BU~NESS HAM E STA11~: 2016~b-/6~Z The f~lowin9 pemon~ is/are doing husk'ms ~ EXCELL CAR WASH. 4622 La Mk-ada Ave. #1 Los Angele~ CA 90~. BERTA LICIA CAMPBELL MELENDEZ. 46~ La Mirad~ .~e. #1 Los .~ CA 9~9. 11~ I~simss is co.ductecl by: an b~ivid.~. Re~ has begin to u-ansa~ bmme~ under Zhe 6c~kx~ Ix~ne~ nm~ or names hte~ hem on; W~. S~ Berta Lk~ Ca~ Mdende~ Ovme "n~ staten~m i~ fiiecl with ~,e County Cl~tk rA Lm .~ County o~: 03~9/2016. NOTRE - T~.s fict~6o~ flame ~r~ expos ~e years ~ the daze # was ~ ~, ~ ~ office of the county ded~ A n~v fl~ous ~ name statement m~t be filed ~dor to Ulat date. rile ~d~ of ~s star.lent doe~ not of ~s~f authodze the zme ~n th~s state of a 6c~ous bus~'~m nama in vk~ ~ th~ dght~ of another under feder~ ~e, or oommon h~v (see Sect~114411, ~ s~., B&P~ 4/14/16, ~ 4/2e.~ 6, 5/05/161122 F]c~'nous BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: '2016056416. ~ following tiers;on(s) is/~e doing ~ a~ U.S.A.S. 6724 Simp~on Ave. NorU1 Hol~/wX~dl CA 9160~ A~ .~RIB~KYAN. 6724 S~o$on Av~ ~ Holl~, CA 91 ~. "n~ bu~e~ ~ co~docted t~ an ~zdr.~,al. Re~ h~s begun t~ ~ I~ neu under ~'~e 6c~ous busme~ name or nam~ hted he~ o~ N/A. ~/uma~ Sar~ Ow't~. ZI~ staZme~ ~ 6Zed v~h 1he Coonty C~k of Los .~ County o~ 03/~r'~16. NOTICE - "nv~ fic6tk~s ~ sU~emmt exp~esfive ysars from the d~e Jt w~ flied ~e o~:e of ele cOUrlty c~rk. A ~ ~ ~ r,e~ name s~ment must be 6led p~r ~ mat date. "the fi~ o( 8~,s statema~ does not of ~ au~or~ze the u~ ~n Ul~s rote of a fic~ous b~m~e~ ~rne ~n V,o~6on of ~e dghts of anomer under fedm~ sx~te, ~ c~on law (s~ Sec~on 14411, et Nq., 8AP~ 4/14,q6, 4,'21 ~16, 4v2e~ 6, 5/~/161123 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 20160~415. I;le f~ pe~ ~da~ do~9 I:~,~ss ~,s: CHAKRA BALANCING SIUD~O. 4298 Lankershim B1~t. Noru1 He~y~, CA 91601. BRDGET ADAMS. 4298 Lankershim ~,cL North HO~, CA 91601. "n~ bu~z~ ~s conducted b~: an Ino~duaL Reg~n~t ~ beg.n to tn~sact bus~ ~der the fictY,~o~ bus~'le~ x~ne or r, ames ~ed h~ o~: W~. ~ ~ Adams, Own~ 11~ suzt~t is fik)d w~ the Co~'~zy Q~k of Los .~ Co.nty on: 03,~;201 ~L NO'tlCE - 11~s fic~k)us n~ statem~ exp~ 6re yearn fro~ zh~te ~t was f~d o~ ~n me office ~ ~ ~ ~ A rmw fict~1~m I~o~ess nm~ st~ema~t mu~ be ~ed pr~ to mat da~. ~e ITmg of gls s~nent does not o~ ~.e~ authodze me ~e ~n th~s s~Ze of a fl~ous busme~ n~ne ~n vk~on of Ule r~hls of ~ under fede~ sU~. or comr~ law (see Sec~ 144111 e~ seo~, B~I 4,q 4~ 6, 4/21/16. 4V28~ 6, ~611~ FIClmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEM~rT: 2016~14. The follov~ng ~ ~s/are ~ I~ a~ ~LL VALLEY ~ 23T~ ',~ Ca~ #203 Ne*h~l, CA 91~1. RYAN ~ 23738 '~z Can~ #2~ Ne,,dl~. C~ 91~1. Thin Ix~ness is oonducted b~ an IndW, d~L P,~ h~ begun to b'amact ~ u~der me fi~'Uous bus~ness n~ne or names tinted here o~ NU~- S~ Ryan C~hou~ Ovmr l"r~ ~e- merit ~s 6led v,~th the Co.~y Clerk c~ Los Ax~ County on: 03/08r2016. NOI1CE - 11~ flcU'~os ~ ~ rn~t e~o~s fl.,e ye~s~or~ the d~e ~ ws reed ~n,~n the dr~e o( ~le county c~erk.A new fic~ ~ name sudemem most be faed poor to ~at date. The fZk19 of e~ E does not of ~tseff autho~ze ~ u~ k~ tl~ sure of a ficU~c~s bu~r~ss r.~ ~n vk~k~ of the d~ o# anoU~er under fede~ ~ ~ ~ law (s~ Sectmn 14411, et seq., B&~ 4/14/16, 4/21/16, 4/28/16. 5~5~161125 FIC~'flOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016~944. The fol~wk~g pem:~s) ~./~re do~g busk~ess HOLLYWOOD SUPER MART. 6213 Franklin Ave. Lo~ Angdes. CA ~28. LARA HARB. 6213 R'~'~,n A~. ~ /~ CA 9002~ lhm business ~s co~ducWJ b~ ~ ~dr~du~ Re~s~n~t has be~n to ~m~ct m und~ me flct~0us budness na~e o~ n Imt~d hm or~ N//~ S~ned: Lara Ha~, Owns. Them ~s r~d ~ the County Cl~k of t.os ~nge~es County or~ 0~,~V2016. ~OTtCE - "~s fict~ous nar~ ~ e~0~s five y~ar~ fm~n me ~te ~ ~r~s fZed o~. m the omce o( ~ county d~k. A r~ 6c~ous ~ ~ stmment m,~ be f~d p~x to that d~e. 1~el~ng o(t~s ~mn~n~ does not of ~sd( the .se ~ ~ st~e o( a fx~a~s bu~ness .ane m V,o~a~on o~ th~ dghts o( moth~ und~ bd~d sta~ or common bw (me Sec~on 144111 ~ se~., E&P), 4/14~16, 4~21/16. 4/28~S, S~05~ 6112S F~CTmOUS BUS~NESS NAME STAIT=ME~T: 201S~4794. The fallowing pe~or~) ~/as do~g b.s~ess a~ G~YGROOMROBER~C~M. 42S2 Sm.yd~oe A~ ~ ~ CA 91423. ROBERT EARL BL~CKMON. 42S2 Smny~ope A~e. St~m.a~ Oa~ CA 914Z3. Th~ m ;s c~r.~cted by: a~ ~. R~ hm begun to W bu~m~ under the flexors m r,m~ ~ names P,s~d h~re o~ 10tO,J2014. S~gn~; Rob~ ~1 ~, O*~rr ~S m~t iS fi~d w;th ~e Cowry Cl~k of Los County o.: 03R7/2016. k~I~CE - "C~s fict~ous nama state~xmt e~s f~e yearn flora the date ~ was fik~ o~, ~ me of~e of the cour~y de~k. A r~w flct~=us b~ nm~ stat~ ~ r~d peo~ ~o ~ da~ 11~ fmng of t~s m~ment does not of ~sdf authorize the use ~ th~ st~e ~ a fictions bud.e~ .ame ~ ~ ~ of t~ dghts of anoth~ ug~r federa s~te, ~ commo~ ~lw (see Sec~ 14411, ~t s~q~ 8~), 4//~ 4/21/16,4/28/16, 5/05/161127 F~na C-~anan 14634 S. ~ AW Comlxon, CA g~21 Ca~ Nombec TS0190~ Mamh 04, 2016 SUPI~.IOR COJRT OF CALIFORN~, COUN~ OF LOS ~'GELES 200 W~t Co~wto. 81~i. Compton, CA ~20 PET1TION OF: ~mb~dy ORDER TO SHOW CAUS~ FOR CFLANGE OF NMdE TO ALL INTERESTED PERSON,S: pe~nen K~ Cama~o for a ~c~ee dlmging names as fdk~s: Present nam~ Km~edy Cruz Guzrnen 2. THE COURT ORDEP.S U~t ~1 persons m k~ Zhm m~ter maz appear thls courz a~ ~ ~ ~[,cazed b~k~v to show came. ff any, why Ule pe~ for ch~ge ol rmme should not be 9~ted. NOTRE OF HF.A~NG Date~ App~19,2016 T~m~8.'~am Dept:~ 3.A oo~y o( U1~ Order to Show Cause sh~ be pul~rz~d at I~st ome eaoh t k~r k~ur m ~ ixkx to e~e date ~ f~r ~ on e~ p~,ion in ~e ~ W o( ge~r~l ci,u~0n, ~ m ~ count~ Bewly Hi~ Wee~y. D~te~ Msr~h 04, 2016 8~ned: ~an S. C~my. J~ of the S~dor Courz P.t~bd~ed: 4/14,q 6, 4/21/16, 4/28~16, SmSt161128 FIC'nTIous BUSINESS NAME STATEMEN~ 2016~o41 g6. The fo~owlng penmn(s) i~'are doing bUSil)eSs a ON POller DELIVERfES. 3401 B:iso~ St, Los Angeles, CA 9~. BORITE PAK. 3401 I~son S~. Los Angeles, CA 90063. ~s bu~rms ~s cor@JCt~ by: an/.d~au~. ~ h~ b~g*m to ~mact business und~ the fictt~om b.~m~ name or names ~ h~e o~ N/~. S~ Bodte P~k. O,m~ Tins s~w~nt ~s fled w~th the ~ Ct~k of Los A~gdes County or~ 0'07/201 ~. NOTICE - 11~ fi~ous r, ame statm'~m m flw y~rs fro~ th~ date # ~as f~d on, m tke offce of the courdy dwl~ A m fic~us tx,d~ name ~ must be Bed p~x to th~ da~ 11~ f~ of this mm~nt does r~x ~ ~sdf mth~dze ~e use m ~ ~ ~ a fic~o~ ~s~ nm~ m V, da~n c( the r~ ~ moth~ und~ kdm~ I~, or m k~ {see Sec~on 14411, et ~q., ~m), 4/14/lS. 4t21/16, 4/2~q6. ~ 61129 FIC~S BUSINESS NAM E STAT~AE3~T: 2016~ ~le followlng penmn(s) i~'an* do~ng bu~ness a~ HOLLYWOCO TALI~ COllECT; I1[ PHASE TALB4T. 10~ 9ud~ Blvd. North ~ CA 91601. KENDAU. A CU~tLETr; TERRY FO6TER 26710 ~abet, a Pl~y #102 Sal~ Clar~ C~ 91 ~1.'n~ ~ ~ by: a C-enera Parl~ Regisuant has beg~ to ~ busk~ under ~e fic~s bu~ness r,a1~ or names Ik~d here o~ N/k. S~gned: Ternt Foster, Pmne~ TI~ statemeN ~s ~us busk~ ~e ~ u Wted h~e o 2011. S~ Che~ ~ Owns. TI~ s~*~nt is filed w~ me County C~wk o~ Los ~g#es Comty o~ 03/0~201~ NOTRE. T~ flcmk).s na.e ~=emer~ e~es rr, e ye~s kom me dam # m Ned op. m the office of the county c~ed~ A ~ 5c~om budness name statemmt m~t be fled pd~x to th~ d~ ~:)e fling o~ ~b state.w~t does not o~ Rs~ amhorb~ the use ~ thb m of e fic~o.s m r~me m ~ ~ the r~hts of moth~ und~ f~,em s~t~ or common law (see ~ 14411, et s~. B~ 4/14~ ~ 4/21/1 ~ 4t2PJl 5~5t16113~ . RCI~(~.S BU~NESS NAME STATEME~I": 20";6~6~02. the f~Jowing p~n{s) ~1~ d~ng business ~ 2 ~HE V~U~. 217Sl ~ E~L #~3 Wooded FJ~ CA 913S,L ~1 ION: 2012090100~ h~(~ OF D~RTS, LLC. 21781 ~ 8t~L #6m woodlmd ! C~ ~1364. "~s b~n*~ ~s con~ted b~ a ~Jra~d L~iy ~ S~nt hm be~n to ~sac~ W ..d~ ~he ~ b~l~S ~ame ~ w ~s~d r,~ or~ W~. Signed: Edn Ham~ Man~. ~lVs s~nt is II~d ~ the Coumy CI~( o( Los ~ Cour~ the o~fice o( t~e County ~'k. A new Ik:~6o~ business name U M be I~d pdor to that ~ ~ ~ o( m~ W does r,~ o( ~sdf aulhor~ the .se ~. ~s rote o( a 5ct~o~ ~ name m ~ ~n of the r~hts o~ morner .nd~ bdm~ m, or common ~w (.ee Sect~ 14411, et ~q., BZJ=~ 4~14/16, 4/21/16, 4/28~1~ 5m~16 1136 F~TmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016~56903. "nle foHo,w;g person(s) is/are doing busi~,~,s as: GRE~4Ln- 13. 2815 Mar;la~ta~ Beach Bl~d. C.~ CA 90249. N #ON: G3873489. GREI~IIJT 13 DELrvERY SER~CES. 2m 5 Manl~Jm 8~dl B~d. Gaden CA ~249. 11~ m ~s conducted I~. a Coq0Q'~or~ Re~s~t has begun to vamact b.sme~ und~ ~e fic~tk)us W mm~e or nam~ ~md twe or~ N/A. Si~ed: S~w~e Stant. CEO. ~is W ~ filed ~ t~ County Cterk of LOS ~ County or~ 03/09t201~ ~O11CE - l~s fic~ous name stat~mnt ~les f~e y~rs from ~ dire # ! Ned o~ m the olfl~ o~ me cour~ ~ A rw* 6c~ou~ b.m~s nan~ statment m~t be Ned p~r to 6~at ~ 11~ ~ of m~s s~m~-a do~ n~ o( k~f m the use ~ ~ state o( a fic~ous ~,ms name ~n ~a6on o~ ~e dghts ohnoth~ ..d~ federal sta~ o~ corn~ ~ {see S~~on 14411, ~t seq., B&P).,Vl 4/16, 4/21~ ~ 4~8/16. S/0S~ 61137 FICITTK3US BUSINESS NAME STAllEMENT: 20160~. 111e f~loqMn9 pemor@) i~'am doing b~ ~s~ PAWS & CLAWS VETER~ARY HOSPI~L 2~10 Ve~ura B~L STE A Wood~nd H~s, CA ~1364./d eON: C3736144. MO~LE VErERe4ARY SURG~AL SERVK;ES. 2~10 ~ntum B~d. STE A Woodland H~ CA 91364. lh~ busm= b cu~uct~d b~ a Corpora~ Re~ has begun to tnm~ b~mess under the fic- tions ~ name ~ u ~ted hem o W~ ~ Rk~do Gaec~ CEO. ~ ~is f~ed w~l the Comfy Qerk o~ Lo~ Ar~ County on: 03i09/20t $. NOllCE - This t~tilto~ came W m five years born the date # wm Ned on, ~ me o~ce ~ ~e COLm~ ded~ A r~w flc~ou= W name ~ement must be f~d pdor to emt dat~ The f~ ~ th~ mtemmt do~ n~ ~ es~f au~odze me u=e ~ ~ m ~ = fic~ous b~me~ name m vk~a~m CA ~e r~ o( ano~ ruder fed~n~ =m~, or comm~ ~ (see Se~on 14411, e~ ~, B~ ~14~ e~ 4~21n ~ 4/28~ ~0e/161138 F~TmOUS BL~NESS NAME STATEMEN~ 2~1~ ~e ~k~ p~s) eVam doing bu~m~ a= MESA W~TH M~G~MB4T. 20300 ~itura BI~K~ #125 Woodla~l Hil~ CA 91364. SANDY MESA. 2~300 ',~mxa k #125 ~ i CA 91364. "n~ m ~ conducted by: an In