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April 21, 2016     Beverly Hills Weekly
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April 21, 2016

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mcTmo.~ e.u~uEs$ NAME STA~MEhrr: '~01 eoTs2eo. The folm,,~ pem, cr~ ~dm eem9 tx,~re~ ~ BCSS ~ I~'~. ~. 433 N G~l~en Ddve, 3u~e E~O, Beady IJll~ CA 90210. ATOM COP~OP~T~N. 'TI 1 S. Ga~mn St, 5u~e 4, Camon GIy. NV 8~701. This Ixtskms is conducted t~ A Corporato~ Re~ ~ be0un to 'bansa~ b,~eine~ unda'lhe fic~ous txedne~ r,a~e or names isled here on. 01.~1/2016. ~ned: ~ Urq~co, Predde~ "i1~ m m filed "~e~ ~e County Clerk of LOS kn~lee Ccudy on: 0~/2&~ 6. NOTICE - TI~ ru:~us name $te~ent e~0e~m rwe y~rs from Ule date i~ "~s reed en. k~ Ule office of the ceenty ~ A nw rwae, ous bu~,nass name s~nent mere ~ reed pdor to thee date. ~e r~g o( tl~s s~menent does no~ o~ #self auU~c~ce the use in U~ sta~ o~ a ~ous m na~e i~ ".,k~m~on o( Uu dghts e~ ~ under feder~ ~ate, or cerumen law (see Seg~on 14,111. et se~, B&P}, 4/07~ 6. 4tl 4/le. 4/21~ 6, ,I/2&q S 1~ FICTITIOUS BUSIHE.% NAME STA'~'~41E~kri': ~0160"/'~,~'/9. ~ folowing pee-~on(s) i~w doing bu~ne~ a~ SU~ h%~RPORATED ~. 433 N Ca~ DI~ S~ 600, Beverly Hi~ CA 90210. ATOM C~ORATON. 711 ~ Cam0n S~ Sure 4, C~on Ch~ NV 8~70~. l~s bus~s ~ conducted b~ A co~. R~ has begun to zrama~ m under U~e r~ous bu~n~ name e~ nan~ Z~ed hem ore 01101t201~ 8~ FL U~ Pm~d~ Tn~ s~em~nt m reed vath Ule Coumy C~k o4 Los kn~ Couray ore 03/2~1~ NOTRE - l~s fic~ou~ nine U m flw yl~ fmrn U)e da~ # vtas fled on, m the cd~ o~ the c~ ~ A new 6c~o~ b~ne~ nm~ s~me~ U be f~d p~x ~ ~ dat~ The fi~ng e# U~S st~ement doe~ r~ ~ ~s~f aug~ze ~le use m thin state o# a flC~ous busies ~ in viola~on of 1he rights of ano~er under feder~ st~e, or comm~ law (see Section 14411, et seq. B&~, 4/07/1~ 4/14~6~ 4/21/1~ 4/28~161049 F1ClITIOU~ BUSINESS NAME STAI1E~E~qT: 20~607~27B. The foloW~ peson(s) i~am dora9 bu~ ~ PREMIUM FREE V~ I~ #1. 433 N Camden Drive, Suite B~O, Beverly ~1~. GA 90210. ATOM OORFORATIO~ 711 S. Car~n S~ Su~ 4. Camon C~y, hN e~701. 11u bu~ness ~ oe~Uucmd ~. A Corp~z~n. Reg~Zrant ha~ begun to ~r,~ct W under U~e r~ce~ bumqe~ r~me e~ ! ~s~d here or~ 01ml/2016..~;~e~ I~. t.~klk:O, Pree~e "n~ ~'eme~ ~ fled vath u-,e Cou~ aerk of L~ Angeles County o~ 03,"~ B. NOTICE - "fi~ fk:~o~ n~ze ~,n~nt m Eve year~ fr~'n ttle c~t~ ~ ~ Iiled on, in the ofr~e of the coumy clerk. A new fic'd~us bu~m~ rmme statement mu~ be filed prior to ~ date.'n~e filing of ties U doe~ not of #sdf au~e~'tze the use in thi~ rote ~ a ~ busine~ nm~ in vida~ of the dgh~ oi' moZher und~ feder, e m, or m law (see Sece~ 14411, et ~q. B&P), 4/07/~ ~, 4/14/16, 4/zl/16, 4/28/161050 F1GTn'IOUS BX~INF.SS NA~E STATE~EHE 2O16O74142. "me lolo~n9 pem~) hdam deme bus~ne~ a~ CONSCIOUS GHIROPRk~TIG ING. 5300 Santa ~ B~d t~04, I.~ Ange~ CA 80029. KATRIKH Q4ff~OPRAg11C INC. 5300 Sar~z Monk:a B/vd 1304, Los Angee~ CA 90029. Thin m is conducted by: A Ceperatio~ Reg~a'ant h~ begun to W Ix~t~ u~der 1he 6ctl6o~ buzine~ name or nam~ Ksled here o~ 0~1/2016. S~ned: Dm~ ~, Fleside~ "lt~ szmmmt ~ riled ~ 1he C~nty C~k OH.~ An~es Cou~ o~: 0~,2e/le. NOllCE - 11~ flce~ous n~n~ torment ~ ~e ye~s from e~e d~e it w~ IZed en, k~ 1he om~ o~ the county c~rk. A new rceeou~ Ix,~iee~ name stmment rn~t be lied prior to ~ date. the 1i~g o~lh~ mtement c~u r~ot o~ ~ aL~or~ze the m i~ ~ state of = F~,s ~ name in "~on of Ule dgtm af ano~er under fed~al state, or cemmon law (~,ee 8ecEon 14411, et ~q., B&P), J07/1B, 4/14/16, 4,"Zl/16, 4/28~ 6105t F~ BUSI~ I~E STATEMS~T: 2016074140. The folo4~g pelzo~z) ~/m doing bl~ m RAPID MO'ANG COMPANY. ~03 Boaz St, Lo~ Angd~ CA 9~ 1. LA MOVING CENTRE INC. ~03 Boaz ~ Los An~ CA 90011. TI~ Ix~n~ ~ cor~ucted ~ A ~ Regi~aam hu begun to W busk~z und~ the r~m bc~ess name or A ~ed hem or~ Wk. S~n~ j Yu~mhev, Pre~e~ Th~ sta~mem b f~d w~h Ule County Qerk ~f Lo~ ~es County o~ 03~2~1 ~ NO~lCE - 11~ 6c~ouz name mZel~nl e~ms fl.e yearn fmrn the d~e # wa~ r~ed on, m the e~ce e ~ county de~ A r~w r~ou~ busil~ na~ mm~nt mu~ ~ fled p~ to ~la~ d~ The firing c~ Ul~ m does r~ o~ ~ aueo~ the m m th~ s~ o4 a fic6~ous ~ne~ nar~ ~ v~a~on c~ the r~ o~ mother unde~ k~r~ m. cr m ~zw (zee Sec~on 14411, ~ sect, B&P~ ~7~ 4~4~1~ 4/E1~ ~ 4/2~ 610~ F:cTmo~s BU~NESS NAME STAT~AF~T: ~Z01e078~4& The folowing pen~s) ~are d~ng bu~e~ a~ LEAC~ PIZZA R~RLOR. 12~31 Gl~ B~d, Sy~, CA 91342. DAI~EL LUCIO. 16~ In~ St, Gr~ I~ CA 91344. Th~ bustn~ ~ conducted b~ m In~r.~du~. Re~s~za~ has begun to tramact bu~n~s und~ th~ r~ouI bu~s~ r~m~ e~ nam~ ~ted here orc N/~ Sk~ Da~d Lu~ Owne~. 1~ ~ ~ f~d ~ e~ Cour~y C~e~k of LO~ An~ County on: 03/31~L NOTRE - 111~ fiestas name W~le~ m five ~m f~ Ul~ e~e ~ ~r~ ~d o~ m Ule omoe c~ t~ coun~ d~ A r~w flc~ou~ ~ name ~ernent rn~ be f~d pdor ~ ~ d~ The fing o#Uis s~ten~ do~ not o~ ~f autho~ ~ m m ~ m ~ a fio~ou~ Ix~in~ namein ~da~on of e~e righ~ o~ ane~er under federal state. ~ m law (see Sec~ 14411, e~ ~o~ B&P), 4/07~ e5 4/14~1~ 4/E1~6, 4e2~16 I~a3 ~ BU~g4ES~ KedvlE STATEMENT: 201 ~78~79. Tho fe4Jowk~ pemtm(s) i~a~e d~k~ b~mine~m ets: COMF~cTnWE PERC-ORMA/(CE SCCU11ON~ 5241 Colodr~ ~ Un# 404, Agoura :-Bs. C~ 91301.2e600 Agoura Rd. SU~ 10~-42~ Ca~aba~ CA 9130~ P~qFOR~ANCE MAVE~K LL~ ~241 C~ ~ Un~404, Agoura ~ris. CA 91301. Thi~ m~ conducted b~. a Lim#ed Liabi~ Co~ Rel~=mnt haz ioegun to tran~ m ur~ ~e Ec~al bum~ n~ne or name~ ~t~d he~ o~ 12~O~ Sk~ne~ TenoUly A~ F~xkr~ l~s W i~ filed ~th the County C~k of I~ An~ County ore 0~/~1/1 ~ NOI~CE - Th~ fict~us name ~mmnt m fr~ ye~ horn ule dm ~ m f~d on. m the o~c~ c~ th~ county dmlc A w r~l ~ name ~r~ m~ be r~ed pdor to UI~ d~e. The r~ c~ ul~ ~te~ doe~ no~ o~ ~f mmom ule m m thin stm o# a r~ous breeds r~e m ~da~ e~ the dghts ~ ~ und~ fede~ m or commo~ ~w (see Sec~ 14411, ~ ~, B&P~ 4~07~ 6. 4~14/16, 4/Eln~ 4/2~161054 FICTrlIO~S B~dNES~ NAME S'~TEMENT: 201e0744~. ZI'~ fo~v,ing pen~ ~are de,~n9 Ixnme~ a~ TI~MAh'T SCRB3~ING FOFI LES.S. 6445 Sep.lved~ BI.~ Soite 300, V~ N~s, CA 91411. AFARTMB~IT OWNEI~ A3SOCIATION OF ~IA, INC. 644~ ,~o~1~da ~ Su#e ~, "~ N~I, CA 91411. Thin m is conduct~ t~ a ~ Regi~n~ has begin to ~ ~.x~e~ under ~e fic~ou~ tx,~- n~ name or rlam~ Ested h~m on: N/A. ,~,gned: Wayne Boddn, ~ This mterl~ is r~ed w~1 t~le Gour~y Glw'k ~ Lo~ AnOdes Gounty on: 0~"~8/16. NOTCE - Th~ flct~u~ name ~ta~ement expn~ ,rwe ~ from the c~l~ it waI filed o~ In lhe ollk~ of the county c~rk. A new E~XlS IXlSiness name slatml)e,~ U ~ filed p~er to tha~ crate. The ~ing o~ s11s e~teme~ dou not o~ itu~ aueletlze U~ u=~ in thi~ state ~ a ~ b~,~us nine kl '.~Ol~,~on of Ule dgl'l~ o~ anoUler under federal ~m, or common !aw (see Set,on 14411, et uq., 8Z, P), 4/07t16, 4/14/16, 4,"21/16, ~6 I066 RCITnOU~ BUSINESS NAME STATE:M~T: 201607452~ ~l)e foIowmg peczon(s) ~da~ d~n9 bum a~ GL~. GLOW-NET. G~ NE'E 13119 Mira Ma~ D~, Sy(mar, CA 91342. PO Box 9219~4, Sy~, CA ~13~ EUGB4~ C~TMAITA~L 13119 M~a Mar Dr. S~, CA 9134~ 1~s bu~m ~ co~cted by: an Incrwidual. Regi~mt has begun to nra~t ~ under the fir~ous Ix~nmm nm~ or nam~ limd h~ on: 03~ 5/201~ S~lle~ Euge~ Gatrn~ (>~m~. 111~ W m fi~ed W~l the County Q~k o~ Lo~ /~ge~s County o~c 03/2~ NONCE - ~ fic~x~ nan~ W e~ five ~1 fr0m gle date # was f~d on, ~ Ul~ oe~ c~ ule coune/d~ A n~ 6ce6ous busk~ name sm~n~ rmm b~ f~d pr~ to Ula~ c~ 1he trig c~ Sl~ m doe~ n~ ~ ~f auUlo~ the u~ m ~s ~ c~ a fic~ous bu~n~ ~ m ~k~n o# ~le dghtl o~ mc~w un~ fed~ st~ or common ~aw (see Sec~on 14411, et sect, B&~, RCTmC~ BUS~ESS NAME STATEMENT: 201607471& 111e fo~ p~ ~m dem9 bu~e~ ~ THE SOOAL FARLO~ 12e~ v~eam h, Sago C~ C~ ~1eO4. OZLE~ DALC~. 1 ~70 Corlm S~ V~ Wla~ CA 91607. 11~ bu~ess is conducted b~ an ~d~aL ~ has begun to ba~ac~ b~ness under Ule 6c~m~ busk~s name er nan~ ~ed h~ or~ N/~ S~ Oz~ ~ Ow~. ITis m ~ filed w~l Ul~ County C~k c~ Los An~ Comty or~ 03e~1~ NOI~E - 111m r~t~s n~ne stmment m fi~ ye~s f~n the dm # wal ~ed on. ~ Ule o~lce o# ~ county ck~k. A r~w fic~us bm~le~ name mtement U be fi~d prbr to ~d da~ The 6~ e~ U~s staten~ does net ~ ~eff authe~ ~ ~ ~ ~ m o~ a E~oul ~ name ~ ~o~ c~ ule r~ o# another un~ fed~ stat~ o~ comnon ~,~ (see Sec~n 14411, ~ eeq., B&P~ 4/07~ 6. 4~14~1 ~ 4/E1~6, 4/2~6 1~7 FICTITIOUS BU84NESS NAME STAT~ ~IT: 201 ~7~647. The fOIIowi~ ~s) irdale d~19 bu~ a~ ADPA. 15525 Oe~onshim St, M~on Hllb, CA 91345. FA~ TAL~MI. 5524 Stamtouly Ave~ Shemlal O~, CA 91401.11u bumss ~s oondu~ted b~ an ~dr~ Re~ has begun to tra~t budr~ ur~ CW the r~ous bum~ nan~ O~ u Emd hem OrC 01/01/I~ ~e~ Faran~z T~r~, OMW. ~s m~m~t ~s f~ed ~th the Ceu.ty C~k of Los Ang~ C~,mty or~ 0~29/16. NOTCE - ~n~ f~eus ~r~ mm~ent m f~ ym fromthe d~t~ ~ was ~ed or~ ~n ~ o~ c4t~e county c~ A r~ fx~s ~- ne~ name stau~nt must be flk~ pdor Io that d~ ~1~e fi~n9 of t~ sta~nt d~s not of ~f ~ the use ~n t~s state of a rlc~ous buskin name ~, Vm~on of the r~hts ~ anc~ under federa ~ ~ common law ~)e Section 14411, et seo~, B&P). 4R7/~ S, 4/14~I S, 4/21/16, 4/28~16 1058 F1GTnlOUS BUSlNT~ NAME STATEMENT: 201~07724~ T'ne fo~ p~ ~d~ doing bu~n~ ~ CANDIED COTrO(~S. I~ LOnle St. Panoranla G~/, CA 9140~ LI~I[~EY ANN SANDERS. 15~9 ~ ~ Pw~orama Cit~ G~ 9140~. TI~ Ix~inus ~ ten.scUd by: an ~n~'Ac~uaL Re,~is~ant has begun to ~mact m under ZI~ fic~ou~ m r~e or R l~ted m on" 01/01/15. ,~. Li~ Ann Smder~ 0,~mer, "11~ m is 61~d v.~ lhe Courtly Qe~k of Los Angek~ County on: 0~'~/16. NOTRE - "fl~is 6~- E,~us name m~n1~nt m five yem flora Um date ~t 1,~s filed e~, in um omoe of ~i,1~ county c~rk. A m ~ buek',,e~ name m mu~ be reed prk~r to that dam. The IZmg m'~l~s mte, T~r~ does not ~ ~ authorize Ule ule ~ UI~ ~ta~e ~ a 6celkx~ Ix~nes~ w in "~kx~,zUcn of Ule ~lhts of anoU~ under f~ szate, or oom'aon ~ra (m Sec~ 14411, e~ seq., B&~ 4/0~;16, 4/~4/16, 4/21~16, ~ 61~ RCITIIOUS BL~INESS NAME STATEMB4T: 201EO7~g& "n~ fo~o,ing perJoq(s) i~al~ doing busk1~ as; Ih~CRI BED MICROSYSTEMS. 123 N Jackson St, 5~Ie #A, C.~md~ CA 912~. SUL'~I N.AM T~PU. 715 N k~u~ St, #B, ~nd~e, CA S1206. This U i~ conduct~i by: an ~. Re~ has beam to W bu~nam cw~r Ule Ec~ocs ~ nm~ or naTe~ E~d here on: WA. S~ne~ Su#an Abrn TT~u, O~w. ~s W ~s r~d ~th the County Cle~ of Los Ange~ County ore 03t31/~ ~ NOTK;E - Thb E~- ~o~s name statmnt m fl~e year~ horn the dm # wm fibd on, m ~,e ofilce ofs~e county ck~ A ~ fict~Ix~nm nm mmnent must hefted prkxto ~ dat~ The r~ o~s st~em~ does not ~ ~ au~odze u~e um m ~s s~ o~ a Ec~ous bumm mine in ~a~n of the dghts of ano~ unde~ f~d m, o~ ~,mon law {m Se~ 14411, ~t ~q~ B~ 4/07/16, 4t14/16, 4/21/I S, 4t2S/161~ FIG~T~O(.~ BUSINESS tg~AE S1ATE~4T: 20t60759'ZI. "rile follo,#~ peraon(s) Edm d~llg bum ~ Mon',xos~ CA el ~. TNS bu~ze~ i~ cenduc~i by: a Corpora~on. Regtsirant has beam to trama~ bu~ne~ under 61e nct~us buene~ ,Ine o~ nem~ ~te~ hem on: W.,C S~gned: Malco M~ Vice Pms~er~ 11~ U ~ 1Zeal wah the Gounty Ctw~k oHa~ Angd~ Gounty o~c 03/'~16. NOI~E - 11~ fic~ous ~ mtement eq~ls rive yeens from the ~ tz w~ lied o~ in ~ o~lce o~ the ccur~ derk. A new riotous ~- m r~n~ U must be 1Zeal p~x ~o IhaZ c~ The IZm9 of th~ ~ateme~ does n~X of V~lf a~elonze I1e u~e ~ tl~ Ware o~ e E~lk~,s m name i~ eo~e~n of 1he r~g~s o~ another under fed~ sure, or m law (see S~:~n 14411, e~ seq., B~I~), 4/07/1B, 4/14St 6, 4,'E1/16, 4/2~/16 1~ FIGTmou5 8U~NE~ NAM E STATEMENT: 201~74672. 111e f~lo~ng per=on,~ is/~ ~ I~J~l~S ~ ~ C~RF- Ig416 Andlwood St, Resecb, CA 913~5. MA. CARLA DELEON. 19416 Arc~ St, Resed CA 91335. Th~ U ~s cond~d W. an ~uaL Re~sa'ant has begin to ~act budnm und~ the fi~ous b~m~m name or nares Emd hem or< WA. S~ MA. Cala De~o~ O*n~. 1;~s stat~ b fikd w~ ~e Cou.ty C~ of Lo~ Ar~ Count/o.: 0~t~1~ NONCE - Th~ riotous ~ m m r~e ym ~m the d~ ~ w~s f~ed or~ m the o~ of me coure/c~c A r~ f~ous budm~ u statmnt must bel~d pr~o ~at d~ l~e Ring o~s mmT~nt does not of ~f authodze the use m ~ ~te o~ a fic~us tx~ess nane ~ ~da~an of t~e dghts o~ ano~ un~ f~ st~e~ or c~m~ law {see S~on 14411, et ~q~ B&P}. 4/07/16, 4/'14/16, 4/2VIS, 4~16 I062 RCTnffiUS 8~INESS NAME S~,I"B~ENT: 201607r33~ 1tin f~ persons) is/m doing busin~ a NE(T LEV~ GRO. NEXT LEVEL GROW. 380~ MUm~ ~. Los An~ CA 9006& G~-G OOUG~ C/t0~X~- 3802 MI~,~ ~ Los Ange~ C.A 90~ "~s bum~ ~s condu~ b~ m ~V~L R~ ~as begun to intact m un~ the ferrous m nane ~ nan~ ~ h~-e ore N/A. 51grad: MA. Cada ~eleon, O~e This m is fi~d ~ tl~ County Cl~k e~ Los An~ Comfy on: 0~o/I~. ~OE - ~1~s Ec~ous nane s~nt ex~ fr~ years f~0m ~e da~ # ms ~d o~ mtke r~- ~ce ~ the ~m~/d~Ic A r~ Ec~a~us budms na~ mtm~ must be l~d p~ to that c~ The ~ c~ ~ W dols not of ~s~f au~ the m m thb s~e of a fic~ous Ix~nm nm m ~ta~on c~ e ~Bhts ~ ano~ .n~ fed~ m~ or ~-amon la* {s~e S~on 14411. et seq., B~ 4/07/I S, 4~I~ 4/21/16. 4/2~61~3 RCT/TIOUS BUSI~ES~ NAME Sl~11~IE~n~ ~01 ~7S481. "n~ fdlo~ing per~ is/am doing busim~ a STE~ I~PaU~E AG~Y. 5~3 C~lo A~ ~y GI~ CA Sl/~1. RC~.~ S'TEB~ ~3 Co~lo Ave. ~hy G~n. CA 91401.1his budmsis conduced b~. m Ind-.~ud. R~ hm begun to trama~ bl~nm under ~ E~us bumm nm or rims k~d hm ~n: N/A. S~ Resala SI#mm. Omer lhb m is l~d MI~ the Courtly Clerk e~ Los Ar~ Comly ore 03ra/1 s. ~OTCE - 1T~s Ec~i~us rmm m m~yeas horn ~ date it II~d o~, ~ of ~ c~ dedc A ~ ~ ~ n~s name stamllmt inust be lled lodor to E~at ~al~ l~elI~ of "~is st~emmt do~ ~t c~ itss~ ~ the uie m ~s ~ale of a ream txmm name m ~on of ~ d~ e~ ano6w .n~r fed~"a ~ ~ ommm b,~ (~e Se~on 14411, et seq~ B&P). 4/07/I S. ~I ~J1~, 4t21~lS, 4t~ S I ~4 Page 12 Beverly Hills Weekly dg~ of another u~4er f~den~ sta~ o~ oommon la~ (u~ Sec~on 14411. (< seo.~ B&P), ~#07/1S. 4/14/1~ 4/21/16, 4t28/16 I065 RCT~ BU~NESS NAME STATEMENT: E01807~ The folow~ pem0n(s) Edam doing business as~ MK CONS~ & DESIGN. 1128.~ Ave #1, G~ndale, CA 91201. MELVIS KH~. 1128/dame~a /,.~ #1, ~, CA 9120~. "n~ ~lk~e~ ~ conducted by: m Ind~du~. R~,~xant has begun to W ~,~ne~ um~ the r~oui m nine or ! B~d he~ on: PUA. ~ Me~s ~d~mn, O,m~. "n~ statment ~ f~led v~ U,e County Cl~k o~ L~ Angdes County o~ 03t29~6. NONCE. Th~ ~ct~m r,m~ Ita~rnent m five ~ar~ ~om th~ date it ~,s filed on, m I~e onlce of the oounty ck~. A m ~ m name U U ~ filed p~o~ to tha d~e. The f~ng of ~ m does not of ~ ~ nze ~e u~ ~1~ ~tIte of a P, ct~kx~ W nm~ m v~da~n of tl~ r~gl~ of ac~J~, ~ ~ ~ ~ common law (s~e ~ 14411, ~ Nq., B&P), 4RTn6, 4~1/all 6, 4/21n6, 4/28~ 81066 ~ BUSINESS NAME STATEME~IT; 201 ~074~25. Tr~ foaow~ penl4~l(~ i~'m dang busiless ~ GI~ 22~01 V~YoJCa Bird, Sure 10~, Woodland ~EI~, CA ~1364. GILI~N DAM~CO. 5830 R~ed~ EYed #105, Ta~n~ CA 9135~ Thin bu~i~! ~ conducted b~ m ~dual. P,e~i~aant ~ ~ to nnsact laus~',~ under ~e Ect~o~ Ix~ne~ nam~ or nanm rm~d berlin: W/c S~gned~ G~E~n ~mk:o, O~m~ lh~ U is flied v,#h ~ County Ck~ of Lo~ Angde~ C~ o~c 03/28/16. NO~ - ~ ~ ~0.~ nam~ m~ent m fe,~ yws f~om It~e date ~t v~s flied on, in I~e offioe of tl~ coanty ~ A ~ fict~ous bus~us name s~an~nt mu be filed prior to that ct~t~ ~e fling ol ~/~ mta-n~t dou no~ of itself authod~ the m in ~t~b ~m o~ a Ect~ous budm~ narne in ~ of 6~e rig~ of anoth~ un~r fec~'~ rote, ~x common k~ (Ne Sec~n 14411, e~ ~ao~, B&P), ,u07t16, 4/14/16, 4/21/16, 4/28/161~ ~ BUSINE,.~ NAME STATEMB~T: 2016~0037. 111e folo~W~ p~son~) i~dam de,rig I~ a CASA TOWTt~G AND "~AEkSFORT. 3111 I~', Los Angek~k CA 900~5. ED~DO RAMIREZ. 3111 Embe4 ~ LOS Ang~ CA 900e& "i~ budne~ i~ conducted by: an ~dr,~ual. Re~slrmt has begun to 'ca=act Ix~ne~ unde E~e ~~ouI Ix~k~e~ nan~ or nam~ r~t~ hm on: N/A. S~d: ~ R~T~n~ O~ner. "~k~ W is reed "#t,~ the County Ct~'k o~ Lo~ Angdes County o~ 04/01/16. NOTCE - Tl~s ~ nane m e~ws fi~,e yea~ fnxn tl~ c~t~ it w~ lied on, in E~e office of the oounty clerk. A new fictitieus bume~ ha'he Itmment mu~ I~ file~ p~x to that date.'n~ fl~ng of tl~ mten~nt does not ~ ~ ~ rlz~ tl~ u~in this m~ of i flct~ I:,um~ n~r~ ~n vk~a~n'of the dghts ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ m ~v ~,~e SK~on 14411, et ~q., B~, 4m7/1 S, 4/14/16. 4,'21/1 S, 4,78~6 10S~ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATI~IIg~T: 201607'~4~5, The fo~o~ng p~'son(~ i~are doing bu~nus a NUMISMATIC ART GROUR 565 w Sto~ St 1203, G~mkde, CA 91~'L ARAM MA~AN. 56~ W Sto~ St, #203, G~,nd~e, CA 91202. Thi~ bud~ is conducted 17~ an k~idu~ Regis~ant I~s begun to ~ budo~ unde~ ~ W nm~ r.- u I~ed ~ o~ N//C S~ed: Aram M~na~art a~ O,~n~-. TI~$ U ~ feed w~th the County Qe~k of Lo~ Angek~ Cou~ on: C4/01/1 S. NO~E - ~ ~ name mtm mfi.,e yur~ Irom tl~ dm # ws filed o~ in ~ ofrce olive oounty ded