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April 21, 2016     Beverly Hills Weekly
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April 21, 2016

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A new fidofious beSaleSS name ~ must be filed prior to thal date. TIle fding of this statement does nct of its~ authorize the Lr~e ~n t~s state of a fic~ous b~dr~ss name in videdon of the rights of ~ under federal state, or commoe law (see Sec~on 14411, et seq., SSP), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4114/16, 4/21/16 979 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME ~T~EMT: 2016070368. The fo~owieg pecson(s) is/am doing bu~n~ ~s: BY MONIGOE 722 Amedcan~ Way. Un~ 363, Stendale, CA 91210. MON~UE ROUSSEAU. 722 Americana Way, U~ 363, C~endaJe, CA 91210, This bus~ne~s is c~r~ucted by:. an mdi~du~. Registrant has begun to transact bus~ness under the ficEtious busin~s name or names tisted here an: N/A~ ,~Ened: Monique Rcusseau, Owner Ti~s staten~,lt is filed ~ the County Crerk of Los .~nge~s County on: 03/2O/16` NOTICE - This fivt~ous name statement expwes five years from the date it was filed ~, ~n the of~ce of the cou~y clerk. A new rcti- tious bu.~ness name s~atement must be fi~d prior to that d~lte, The fil~eg of th~s statem~t does not of Rsak a~beze the use in this state of a fic~Uous t~s~ness name in v~c4a~on of the rights of another under thder~ state, or con.non taw (see Sectk~ 14411, et seq,, B&P), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4/1 4/16, 4/21/1 6 980 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS HAME STATEMENT: 2016028658. The following person(s) P/am doing busines~ as: EZ BUtLDSSS, 149OO Magnolia Blvd #5G77. Shaman Oaks, CA 91413, AVRAHAM MALY.A, 5235 Kost~ Ave #4 O4, Sheridan Oaks, CA 91411. lt~s busmass is conducted by:. an Mdi~dual, Registrant has begun to transact bu=ness under the fict~ous bes~ness name or names listed here on: WA, $~neth Avrabem Ma~k OWn~ Th~s ofof~e~t is filed with the County Clerk of Los Angdes County on: 0~04/1E. NOTICE - This ~tit~us name statement expire five years fcm the date ~ was filed on, in the offive of the county clerk. A new rct~ous I:~r~ - heSS nart~ statement n~st be filed pr~r to that date, The fil~ng of this statement does not of ~f authoeze the use in this state of a Ec~l~ous bus~n~ss na~e in ~c4a~c,~ of the rights of a~other under federaJ state, or common Jaw (see Seof~ 14411, et seq., B~), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4/1 4/16, 4/21/1 E 6Ol FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016069902, ~ f~k)~eg pe~on(s) ~ofam doing bc.sines~ as: SSTEVEZ B RAN D, SS44 T6o~as Ave, Apt 5, Panc~-ama C~y 91402` SALVADOR GADCSt-EETEVEZ, SO44 TCC~S Ave, Apt G, p~nor~'~a C~ 91402` Tits business ~s coed~.'ted ~: ~ ~',~duaL Registrant bes begun to transact bu=n~s unber the rctt~ous bus~ness name or names I~s~d bere o~: N/A. S~J~d: Sofvedor Garcm- Estevez, OWneC This st~terr, er, t ~s filed with ,e Co._~y Clerk of Los .~gofes Cour, ty oe: 0st22/16, NOT=CE . This fict~',~:,~s name star ement expired five yearn Imm the d~te ~ v,'~=~ f~d o,~. in tbe office ot th, e county de,~ A new fiveoous bu=ness name stmr,~e~t n~st be fithd pr;or to that da~. The fmeg of th~s ~ ~ not of st, off authbeze the use in five at=e of a be6oous b~,s~ness name m vk:,~."don of ~e r~ghts of another u~er federa~ state, or com,~:,. ~aw (see ~ 14411, et seq.. B&P), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/1 6 9S2 FICTITIOUS StJStNESS NAME STATEMENT; 2O166O9~. ~e foaowteg persoc{s) is/are doing besir, ass as: SWEETLIVINGLA~ 520 S Burnside Ave #91. Los Aegof~ CA 900~ KRISllNE MIRELLE TRUJILLO. 520 S Bum~de Ave #EL. Los Ar~e~s, CA ~036. TNs b~.~r.~s ~s conducted by: an Indr~duaL ~i~ ~ ~ to transect ~dness under the fivU,~c,~s business name or na.~es ~,sted here o.: WA. S~r~d: Kdakne Mbal~ Truj~lo, OwneC Th~s statema~t ~s fled w~th the County Cleth of LOS Angeks ~ty o~: 03/22/1 NOTICE - ~slt~0ous name at=ernest expires fi~ ye~s ~ ~ date ~ w~'~ed tbe omce of the county clerk. A new fivt~ous th~ness name statecraft must be fi~d i~or to ~at dat~ ~',e f~ng of th~s stat~ ~ ~ot of P=~f au~odze the use in t~s state of a fic~aous t:~s~n,ass name ~n vic~edoe of the rights ot anotber under federal state, or com~lOn taw (see ~ 14411, et seq.,B&P)~ 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4/14/1 6, 4/21/1 6 983 RCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME S'IATEM ENT: 2016O68143. ~ fogowing peters) is/are doing budness as: ABIGAIL CLEANING SERVICES, 14478 Polk S~ Sylrn~r, CA ~1342. ORLANDO LOpEZ. 14478 Pofk St, Sy;r~, CA 91342. This business is conducted by: an tndk~duaL Registrant ha~ begun to vansact bus~ness under the fiv~ous bus~ness name or names listed hem on: I, UA. Signed: Orlando Lopez. Owner This ~nt is filed w~ the County Clerk of Los Angdes County on: 03/21/1 E. NOTICE - This ~ name statement expires five years from the date ~t was filed on, m the ~ of the county clerk, A new Ec~ous b'~dnass name state- meet must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement dose not of Rseff authorize the use in ~s state of a fict~ous bUSiness name ~n v,~01at~on of the rights of another unde~-thderaJ state, or commo~ Law (see Sect~o. 14411, et sed., B&P), 3/st/1 6, 4/07/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/16 6O4 FICTITIOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2st 6O6921& The f~lo,deg person(s) ~Jam dofng ~usthess as: WOMEN'S REAL ESTATE NETWORK, 3727 W Magnolia Bird #145, B~r~k, CA 915O5, DEBORAH NAZO. 3727 W Magnolia Bird #145, Burbank, CA 915O5. This bu~ness is COnducted by: an Ind~du~. Reg~s~t has begun to transact I:~s~ness under the fic~ous bedness name or n lisled hem on: 03/02/2O1 E, S~g,~d: Deborah Razo, Owner, This statement is fled with the County Clerk of LOS Angeles ~ on: 03/~J16` NOTICE. Th~s fi~Uous name statemem expires five years fro,~ the dofe ~t was flied ~, in me offive ot the county clerk, A new fic6oous bus~ness name ~ must be feed ~ to that d~te. The t~ng of this stateme.t does not of itsdf authorize ~ use ~n ~s state of a ~t~0,=s 1)us~ness r~rre ~n ~ofat~oe of the rights of another under federal state, or cor~"~on taw (see Secao~ 14411, et seq., B&P), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4414/16,4/21/16985 FICTITIOUS SUSlNESS NAME STATEMENTI 2O16O6~74. ~ foflowmg p~s) is/am do~g besmess as: LAVANOENIA VEROE, 9455 Adeta Ave, Ad~ CA 91331. PINE~NES~AENTS, LLC. 1444 S r~:~ton A~, Los Angdes, CA 2O019, This ~smess Ls co.duc~ed by: a L~,~ted Uabaky CorPorab~. Regh;~'ant h;~s begun to tr=v, act I:..~.~ess under the fivt~ous bUS;heSS name or names 5sted hae oe: W~. S~ed: Lawrence Lee, Manage~ Ti~s ~ ~s Eled with the ~ Clerk of LOS .~ek~s County or~ 03r~J16. NOTICE - Th;s fiv~ous name state~m ex~res five yearn from the date~t w~s filed on. m ~e oface of ~ ~ ~.A n~ fiv~ous bu~nes.s r~me st at er~e.t must be f~ed p.~or to that dato. Tre I~.g of U~s statee~ent does not of ~.elf authedze tbe .s~ ~ ~s atate of a ~:a~ous business .a~e ~n vk~a~o, of tbe rights of a.oth~ under federa~ state, or ~ law (see ~ 14411, e* seq., BSP), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4/14~16, 4/21/1 6 ~ RCWDOUS BUSINESS WE STATEMEN~ 2O16O67S~. The fogo~eg pemo~s) ~am doing bu=r~=s as: XPRESS KOOUNG. 525 W Castorofa 1201, St at, dale, CA 912O3. XPRESS KOOUNG. INC. 525 W C.~o~a #2Ol, G~ndaJe, CA 912O3. O~s I:,.~n~ss is cor~ducted by: a Cor~. Re~stra.t has beg.n to t~ar~s- act besJn~ss under the f~ bus~ness name o~ r,a'nes I~ed here oe: N/~. ~gned: Z]',cr~h R~, Mar~ger. Th~s statement is filed with the County Clerk of Los A~es County oe: 03/21/1, NOTICE - Tlus Ect~c~s name stat~t ex~ ~e years from the date~t wz~ ~ed oth m the office of ~ ~ d~ A ~ ficeoo~s b~dness name statement must be fZed pnor tth that date. The ~eg of th~s staleme~ does not of Jtse;f a.tbeize the use in ~s state of a fivt~ous bus~.ess r,a~e in ~o~ofk~ of the r;ghts of another under feder~J state, or commo~ taw (see SUcSoe 14#11, et seq., B&F), st31/1 6, 4/07/IE. 4/14/I B, 4/21/16 987 FICmlOUS BUStNSSS NAME STATEMENT: 2O16O6772~ The ~lowmg person(s) PJam doing huskies as: ELECTRICS R US. 1O123 Haines Canyo~ Tuiuega. CA ElO42, KA~LDO MELLOW. 10123 Haines Ca.yon, Tujmga, CA 91 O42, ~s bes~ness is conducted by:. an Ind~du~d. P~ has begun to transact b~s~ness under the ~ business name or names listed here oe: N/A. S~gned: Kedos Mebew, Owner l~s s~ateme~t is fled ~th the CA.nty C~erk ot Los Angeles Co.nty on: 0st21/1S. NOTICE - Th~s flcttbeus r~me st~temnt e~p~s five years homthe date ~ was ~ed on,~n the office ot ~e co,~ty clerk, A ~w fivt~ous bus~ne~s name state.ant meet be filed prior to that date.The E~eg of ~s statement does not of Rsetf authorize the use in this state of a ~cti~ous bu=ness name ~n ~ofaben of the rights of a,~otber under feder~ state, or commo~ law (see Sec~on 14411, et sed., SSP), st31/16, 4/07/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/1 6 98~ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O16O67796. ~ fallowing pemo~s) is/are dc~ng busthe~s as: KENNETH VILLAGE FLOWERS & GIFT. 1040 Kenneth Rd, Unit #6, Gle.dale, CA 91202, AR6ONEH MARTIROSIAN. 303 N Jackson St, Apt #307, G~enda]e, CA 91206. TIhis buslne~s is conducted by: a~ IndivtduaJ, Registrant has b~gun to transact business ueder the fcE~ bu~ness name o ~ listed on: WA. stgned: An~ineh MadJrosiath Owne Tide statamant is filed v~ the County Ck~ of Los A,~Oa~s County c~: 03/2U16. NOTICE - This Ectifious ramie statement expires five years Irom tbe d~de it was f,~ed on, in the of;'lce ot the county oferk. A new t~-'~Joos bualnee.s name s~r~mllent must be filed p,ior to that dam- 7be ~ieg of this =taterneof d~es not of itsoff auth~nz~ `~he ~e in this st'1te ~f a ~cmi~us bJsiness r~ ~1uiofa` tion of the rights of 8nother under feds~d state, or common Jaw (see Sect/on 14411, et seq., B&P), 3/21/16, 4/07/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/16 989 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016068311. The foflowmg perseus) is/~e doing 13~ as: CUSTOM FAINTING AND DECORATING. 10247 ~ Bvd, Pac~ma. CA 91331. SERGK~ CA~. I0247 Gtenoaks B~,d, p;~co~ma. CA 91331. This b~ is coedu~ed by: an ~. Re~s~'a~t has begun to ~r, sact ~s~ss .~d~ ~'w 5c~kx~ ~u~.~ess ~ln~ or ha'ms tVaed bern ~: WA. S~ ~jo Castro, Owne: Th~s st=e~r~ ~s reed vath the County Cte~ of Los AngMes County on: 03~1n6. NOTre - "n~s ~c~- t~0us name statement expires five years from the date it was t~led o~, in 61e office of tbe county ded~. A new flct,Jous budne=s name stateme,'~t must be Meal p6or to that date. T~e I~ng of th~s st,~ema~t does not of ~se~f az~hoaze U~e ,..~e ~ ~ state of a .~-stkx~ b~ak, m~ rmrTm m V~OUZ~e ot the rights ~ ane~ber ueder ~ state, or ~ law (see ~ 14411, of seq. B&PI, st31/1 6, 4,~7/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/16 6O0 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME S TA~JA Era': 2Ol 66O8432` The fo~ p~ PJam do~ buz~ess MERIKAI SICN. 1331 N Cordova St, Apt F~ Bmbe~lk, CA stE~5. JAMIE BALL 13st N Cordova St, Apt E, Bud:~'~ CA 91 6O5. This business is coeducted by: an bldividu~l. Reg/of~ant h~=s begun to tlan~ besmess u.da" th~ fiv~:us besmes~ r, ame or ~ Ksted h~e o.: WA. S~ ,.~m~e B~, OW,~ ~,b s=e~e~t ~s fled ve~ the County Clerk of Los Angees Oounty m: 6O/21/1 E. NOllCE - "rids fiv6oous name statemeet expires five years flora the date it was Eted on, in the office of l~e county ctedc A new 5c6oous business name star ernest must be filed pri(x t o that date. The fiEeg of this statenvmt do~s not of itself ztdhor;ze ~e use in th, Ls state of a fictitk~*JS t:~;si~ name in "AOf ~tthn of ~e rights of a~(xher unber thderal s~=~te, or o~mmol Paw (see 14411, et seq., B&F), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4/14/1 6, 4/21/16 991 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEM EN~ 2016O67666. The th~lo'.~eg persee($) is/ere doing business as: 2D.K PRODUCTIONS. 3~90 Barbara stvd, Tc4uca H~Hs, Rocm Gl17, Bu~0a~k, CA 90O68. GURJOT StNGH GREWAL 3~O Ba~am st'.d, To~uca H~ls, Room G117, Burbark, CA EOO~6,1hm sus;m~.s is corrRvc~ ~ an Ind~duof. R~vant has beg,.m to tnmsact bu=ne~s und~ the 6ct~o~s b.=ness name or names Usted bere oe: N/.~,. st gned: Gudot Siegh Gm,~, Ow.e~ This statement k~ filed with th(~ County Qerk pf Los Aegeles Cou~y o~: 03~//E. NOTICE - l~s f~o~s name statement ex~ five yems ko~ th~ date ~ w~ ~ ~, in the offive of the county dedc A new Serious bu=.ess name stmeme~lt must be Eled F, ior to that date. ~ filieg of ~s statsmem doe=s not ot ~,ea autbe,ize the use in th~s st=re of a 5ot~u txranm name in ~cla- Um of the rights of anothor under feder~ state, or commo, law (see Secben 14411, et seq,, B&P), 3/st/16, 4/07/1 6, 4/14/~ 6, 4/21/1E E92 FICTI~OUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2Ol 6C~)6O5. The ~lo~eg pee=~s) P=/ars dc~eg ~ as: EA Superior SUrges, 5544 Tyler Ave, A~:ad~a, CA 91OO6. EMMANUEL VALENCIA. 5544 Tyler Ave. An;a~ CA 91006. ALM~ VALenCIA. 5544 THer Ave,/u'ca~ CA 91 6O6. Th~ ~m~s ~s co.dotted by: a Gmeral Pa~'mers~p. RegbVant bee begun to tr=lsact I~m under tbe ~us Ix~rmss .ame or u Imted here o.: N/A. ~: Emma,~ud V~enda, Partn~. This referent is filed v,ith the County CMrk of Los Arteries County o~: 03/22/16` NOTICE - 11~s fiv~ous name t~,~s,'~e~t e~ r~ y~a-~ from tt~ d=e ~t was fled o~ ~n the offive of the county ded~ A new fivt~ous I:'Jdneu name stofemeet mat be t~d prior to Etat date- T~e fi~g of this stofeme~t does nof of itsoff autlxxh~ the use ~n th~ m of a flo~ b~ name in V.da- tk~ ot tbe rlghts of anomer ueder federof stste, or comm0~ law (me SK,~Oe 14#11, of seql ~, 3/st/1 6, 4/07/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/1 6 2O~ FICTIT~OI~i BUStNSSS NAME STATi~qT: 2016068250. The fofivwmg person(s) is/an~ doV, g b~ a HOPE 4 TIEk~NTS. 1196O Nbers St #21, VM, ey V~,'ege, CA 91 6O7. CORY L BRGOKSHL~F- 11S~I9 AIbers St #21, WMy ~lage CA~I 6oT:g~s budness is c~du(~ed b,/ae I.dr,~d: R~MVmt bee begun to bmsact b=si- ~ under Ste fic~ous ~ r~me ~ r, ar~ ~d h=~ on: NSt. S~m~ Co~ BmokMt~m. Owne~ ~ st~tema~t ;s fled akth the Oomty st.='k of b~ k~;s/,es or~ 03/21/1 S. NOTICE - Th~s Ect~ous name statmer~ e~t~r,e yea~ from the d=e~t was~ed o~.~n ~e o~ce of the cou~y ckn. A new~- hess na~e sCzta~ent must be fil~d prkx to that date. Tbe Ming of INS mtemmt does not of ~tself m Ste usa ~n tr~s state of a EcEffo~s thakn~m name ~, ~ of 1he dgsts of mother under th~eral state, or m la,~ (see ~ 14#11, ~ seq., B&P), 3/st/16, 4R7/1 6, ayt4/16, 4/2UTE 6O4 ~ BUStNESS NAME SIA~EAEN"E 2O16O726O6, The folow;ng p~) Wm doing budr~ss as: PBZA MAN ENEADENA 16. 1306 E Colorado stvd, Pasabe.~ CA ~116O. ELVINA MORABUO4POOR. 1O214 ~ Ave, IJoft 26, Tt~mga CA st 042.1;Ss Sus~ne~ is cor, duofed by: an Mdakduof. Re~nof has be- gtm to ~sact business ueber the fic~k~us Ix, s~ne=~ r,=ne or names Ik~ h~e on: N/A. S~ned: ENma MO~, Owing. 1NS statemeet is Eled with tbe County Cl~k of Los Angeles County oe: 03/24/~6. NOTICE - Tofs fivt~ous n~,l~e statem~t e.qx~es fiv~ ~mn from the date ~t w~s fl~ed on, the office of the cour*ty ck,'l~ A new ~t~ous bedness r,an~e statemmt mu=t be Ned prk~ to that date, TI~ ~eg of ~s st~be-rem does not of imdf aofho~ze the use in this m of a rct~.~JS bus~ r~,,,,e in ~(~oe of tbe dgsts of ~',~her u~.Jer federal state, or c~nmo, law (s(m Sec~o~ 14411, et seq., B~U=), 3.'31/16, 4/27/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/1 E 96O FICTI'nOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016071387. ~le fo~owlng person(s) is/am do~nE tmsiness as~ AUTOMOTIVE MASTERS. ALm3MO~VE MASTER, THE AUIOMOTNE MASTERS, THE AUTOMOTNE MASTER. MASTERS AUTOMOTNE. THE MASTER AUTOMOTIVE THE MASTERS AUTOMOTIVE 1280 E W~nut St, Pasadena, CA 911O6. EDWIN DARGHI, 1280 E W=~nut St, Pasa~ CA 911O6. This busmen is conducted by: an ledk~dual. Regis~zant has begun to t~nsaof I~ under the ficsti~s I:~dness name or nantes I~ed here oo: N/A. S~ed: Eden Ba~ghi, Ow~ex. "~s statement is flied w~th the County CMrk of Los Aegebs County m: 03/23/16. NO'riCE - TI~S fivt~ous name stofeme~lt =p~res five yea~ from the date ~t was Eled o~. in the ofr~e of the ccunty cleric. A new fictftk)us be=~ name ofatement r~t be flied Prior to that date, The filing ot ~s s~ateme,lt dose not of ~tseo au~or~ze the use in ~s m of a fiof~tious tx~ne~s ~ame ~n ~ola~ce of tbe dgsts of ano~er uede~ f~4era] state, or commoe law (see Sectio. 14411, et seq., B&~, 3/31/1 6, 4~7/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/1 E 2O6 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O16O68522. The folk~v~g pe~) ~ do~ ~ as: HNR CARE BY ALBOS. 26226 Y= A~z~a Canyo~ ~ oN~0asa=, CA Sl 6O2. ALEXIS BUNCY. 2S226 ~ Ar=~a C.,W/O. ~ CaJa;~sas, CA ~12O~. This busi.ess is coeducted b~r a~ ~:d',~ddal. R~ ha= beEu,~ to transact I~ness under tbe I~stk>us Ix~;~e~s name or r, am~s r.~ed h~'a or~ N/A. S~/~'b Bem~ O~w.~r. ~is stetenlent ~s f~ed t,~ the County Clerk of Los Aeg=~s Co=~y o.: 0a,'21/1 S. NOTICE - Ti~s rx~- Suus nz~-ne ofofemeof ~0ires five ytmrs Imm the dste it was fled oe, in Ele ol~ce of the d~A new C RC~US BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016071501. ~le fogowlng pe~o~(s) is/are dcieg ~ as: PASSION FRAMES. PAESIONFRAM ES.COM. 4460 I.Jbbit Ave, Enofno, CA 91436. UNCA SW/~N. 446O Ube;t Ave, E.~o, CA El43& "l;~s bed~ ~s coeducted by: an Individual Regis~,a~t has beg.e t o ~ansact budnes~ under the fict~th~'JS busk~es~ name or n='~es t~ed bern ~: N/A. S~gned: Unda 3w~r/~an, O,~nec Th~s statement is I~ed w~th tbe County Q~rk of Los .~r, gdes Cc~r, ty oe: 03/23/1E. NOTICE - "eNs fivstJous name ~tmr.~nt ~ five yearn from the date ~t w~s fi~d on, in tbe offive of tbe county c~edc A new fCt~- tk*,.s busk~ss name statement must be f, ed prkx to U~at dat~. l~te fi,eg of th~s stataoeet does ~t of ~elf au~or;ze the use ~n th~s state of a 5c~0us busnsss name in ~a~on of the rights of al~other und~ feds~'a; s~ate, or cornmo~ ~aw (see ~ 14411, et seq., B&P), 3~3V16, 4/07/16, 4/14/16, 4/21/1 E ~ RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016071119. The f c~ ow.rus I~ ,ane or r~ames asted here o~: W/~ Si~ec~ Siew Ler, g To0~=an. Ovme~ Tits statmmt is fled with tbe County C~rk of LOS .~.~ofes Cour~ =,: 6O/25/16` NOTICE - 1WE bet=Ooas na~ e,~=ms five ye.~rs ko,'a the date ~t ~,as ~ed oe. ~n the omce of the o0unty c~d~. A ~ fiv~kxs Ix*=mes= na~e mt~m~t must be;led prior to that date. The IEmg Of th~s mtement does not of ~,~f mthorm~ the use t. th~s state of a Ik:st~ous Ix, deess na~e m ~ of ~e rights of mo~er u~d~ ledera stae, or commot~ ~ (see Sec~on 14411, et seoo B&P), 3/st/1 6, 4/07~ 6, 4/14/16, 4/21/16 1004 F~S StJSINF.S.~ NAME S'StTEMENT: 2OlS06~124. "rile fo~rlg persons) is/are doing b~lsir:~ss TAN SPA EAC]AL AND MAS.~AGE. 2O09 Sepu/veda stvd, Miss, on H~S, CA 91045. PHIANGCHA] RUIZ. 6OO4 Se~ stud. Ur~ 114, Norlh Ha~ CA 91343. l~s txrdmss ~s conducted b~ an Ind.aduaL Re~ has begun th ~msact bu=ness under the ;~c6oous bes~ness name or names 5steal bern oe: N/.~- S~gt~th Phk=-,;d~ R~z. Ownec ~'ds stat~l~t ~s EMd with the Coun;y Clerk of Los Angofes County ~: 03t21/1 6` NOTICE - ~is flct~ous name stamme.t e~q~res fi',e yeas from tbe date ~t w~s fled oe, in the offive of the county ck)~k, A new fivt~ous budn~ na.~e st~temsm must be flied p,io~ to th= date, The ~n9 of th~s state~'~t does not of ~.salf autbe.ze the use in this s~ate of a fict~o,~s bedness ~me ~n v~ofatJon of tbe rights of anoth~ under feder~ st=re, or comn~l law (see SUC0C~ 14411, et seq,, B&P), 3/31/16, 4/07/16, 4/14~6, 4/21/1E 16OG FICTmOUS BUStNESS NAME STATEMENT: 2Ol 6O6S383. ~e ~lo~eg perks) ~am dofeg I~sJr~ss as: PROFESSIONAL WINDOW TINTING. 8stE Gaynor A~. North H41S. CA 91343, VICTOR HUGO NAVA RODARTF_ 8st 6 Gaynor Ave. Nor th HH~ CA 91343, Th~s bu.'aness ~s cor, ducted by: an IndP,~k~u;~, Regh;~'ant has begue to transact bus~mss under the fict~ous I:~r~s~ r.arr~ or names I~ed h~e o WA. S~gneth ',r'~r ~ ~ Rcdarte, Owne~. l~s m is filed w~h the County CMrk of Los/u~gdes Coumy oe: 03/21/1 6` NOTICE - This ficeoous name atmment exp~es ~ year= from tbe d=e ~t w~s fiMd o,t, m the office of I;~e county dedc A new fict~:*,s bu=~ r.m~ stat~a~t n.,~st be filed pno~ to that ~ate, The filing of t~s statement ~ not of ~#~ au~-~,~-~e tbe .s~ in ~ st=e of a bet~ous W name ~n vkYaEon of the ,~9~= of another .,',d~ fed~al state, o~ c~mmon law (see .SeC~