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February 11, 2016     Beverly Hills Weekly
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February 11, 2016

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~mmd in tt~ county. B=~'ly Hi~ Waeldy DBto: ,~ 1,2016 Signed: B~ S. Cu~, Jndge of the Superior Court Pub~ 2/04/16. 2/11116 2/18/16.2./25/16341 ~ AnledOr sits 26246 E~ AVe. Lodabu CA 20717 Case ~ YS027205 , Novemher 20. 201S SUFRN~ COUNT OF CALIFORNIA. COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES TORRANCE SUPERIOR COUNT 825 Ma~e Ave. T~. CA 2050~ PSTrnOR OF: Grackl/unador seas ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO ALL INTEBSSTEO PER$ONE:: ~one~. Grack~a Amedo~ Bids for a decree cdanglng names as fc41ows: PnJu~t name: AKA Grace Bias: AKA GraCe Bkas Amado~, Grace Biss Rey~ AKA Grace Bl=s Gan:B: AKA Grace B. Go~cab ANA ~ Genova Anador Bk~ Prope~cl name Gnml hmedor Bas 2. THE COUNT ORDERO thet a~ m .nknsted in ~s matt~ ~ a~0ear hetom thid court at Ule heanng kdcated peJow to show cause. If any. wby the person tot chanpe of rams ~ not be grmt~L NOTICE OF HEARIRO CO~: Man~ 11.2ore Trrne: 8:3~ am D~CM ~oo~c 3SO 3.A cogy of INA 0vsar to SSOW Cause shea PE J at kmt orce each week for four m woatu pdo~ to ~ datD set for headng o~ the peWdon m the folotw~ r,m~spaper of ganer~ c~rc~edon, printed i~ this county, Be~rly HiUs Weeldy. Dat=: ~20. 201B Sigr, edc Steven R. Van ~. Judpe of the Sngedor Coud ~ 2/04/16. 2/11/1& 2/1BU E. 2/20~6 342 FICTmOUs B~INESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016003774. ~ ~ person(s) P/are doing ~.~neas u: THE CURLETT GROUP, KENDALL ALEXANORtA ENTERT/ONMEN'E 7727 Lankersidm Blvd. #13~ ~orth H~/ood, CA 9166. KENDALL CURLETT. 7727 Lankerr,~m Blvd. #138 North HatF~vood. CA El66& This b~nesa is conducted b~ an Indh~u~L Registrant has begun to transa~ bu=ness under ~ ~Pdaus tx~aness name or neme= listed here on: N/A S~ed: Kend~l Cude~. Owne~ This star ement is fiidd ~h the County Clerk of Los Angeles County oe: 1/07/16. NOTICE - This ficthid~ name sta~ment exp~n~ five yosrs from the dat~ ~ was Eked on, ~ the ~ of the county cisr~ A new fiv~idus bus=hess m mten'ent must pe send ador to thet date. The ~n~ of this statoment dces rot of ~se~ authonze the u~ ~ th~s state of a fivt~ous t:udnes~ name ~n v~fot~n of the ngMs of another under foder~ sta~. orcommonlaw{m seq., B&P),2/04~& ~Jll/1& 2~1~1& 2/25~E343 R~ BUSINES~ NAME STATEMENT: 2016024~1. ~ folfowfog pea, on(s) ~'~ne dom~ bUSP ~ JUNGUE ~ PRODUCNCNE. 23777 M~hehend H~/1138 ~ CA 91202. AOUtLES W~N/~ TE~N ECTOFL 23777 ~ h~ #138 ~ CA S120~_ Th~ pe~ne~= is conducted by: a G~n=~ P='mend~p. P~ hes bngun t o tramaof U under th~ ficO~ous burners name o~ natal= r~ted here o~c W~. S~ A~ Mngan~ Parth~. Thin statam=~ ~s I~ed ~ the County Ck~ of LO~ An~eS County ore 2/01/1e. NOTICE - Tid~ ~ofthou= r~mo mtem~t exp~ five years f~m the ~ # m f~f o~ ~n the ofree of the county dedc A new f, ct~dous he.heSS r~ ~tatement mu=t be E~d t~id~ to thet dot~ The ~ng of Ut= m do~ not of he~f authedze the usa ~ th~ ~ ~ a fiet~eu~ Im=m=~ name ~ V~Eadon of the nght~ of atmth~ under fodex~ ~dat~ or commo~ idw (m Sec20~ 14411. at ~ B&F~, 2/O4~ & 2/11~ E. 2/18/1& 2t20~6 344 FICTmO4JS BUSINESIS NAME NTATEMENT: 2016~3580. The folk>wing pe~on(s) i~'a~e doing ~smeas a=: MC MOBILE DET/OUNG. 1 2009 Victory sivd. #140 V~n Nuy& CA 91401. CARLOS MORALSS. 12009 Vetor/k #140 Van Noys, CA 91401. "rr~s Ix~ate=~ is condocted by: an I~ Rng~'ant has hegun fo I ~ under the fict~ous bu~ness name or n~nes Ibted hem c~: N/A. ,~: COdoS Mor~ Ownec Tr~ ~ is Efod v,~h the County Cfoth of Los AnEsios County on: lt29/IE. 31~CB o Thb fivBt~s n=~e at~oment ex~ree five yean~ horn the date ~t was Eisd on id the of~ce of ~ county deriv. A n,~'~ rmt~us bu~Sr, e,~s name mment must pe fried pridr to that dam. Else filing of UEs s=lment doe= not of Bs~f au~onze the u~e ~n th~ atato of a flctt, txe ~ name m ~(m~a~on of ~ ~h~s of another undo- f~d~at ~,at~. or common law (m S~dan 14411. et seq., B&P), 2,~4/16. 2/11/16, 2/1Pd16, 2/O5/1B 34O ~ ~INBB~ NAME NTATEMENT: 201602102& Thw folfo~dl'~g p~.~on(s) is/a~0 do~n~ busimms a LLSIE ~PA & Vr=U.NESS STUIXO. 53Z W Sun,or E~d. Los Ange~e CA 20027. RAFAELA SSCOBAR. 530~ W 8umot B'.d. LOS An~ CA 20027. THIS b~dee~s b corductod by: an I~ Rng=~ant hes bngun to ~'~aof W undar U~ ~ bwC~ name o~ n ~sted h~e on: N//c S-~pe~t R~am Eoba~ O~me~ Tide mtoment is ~ed ~th ~ County Cl~k of LO= Ar~ C~ on: 1/'Z7/1 & k~3TICE - 11is ~ct~ous name atatom=nt m ~ yar= from the do~ B wa~ rded o~ m ~ o~e of ~ comty doric A m EcBtkx~ m nam~ ~at=~t must he f~d prior to that date. THe ~mg of thb W doos nof of ~ au~odao the u=e ~n thin m of = Sot~x~ ~ r~une ~n vk~adon ~ U~ rights of ano~ under fed=~ rote. or common a=w (~ saedon 14#11, ~ ~, B&P), 2/04/1 E, 2/11/16, 2/lea16. 2/25~6 34e ~ BUSINESS NAMB STATEMENT: 20162010~4. The fo&:~,ving person(s) is/a~e doing ous,~,e=ss al: A.R.K HOUBE CLEAMNE. 21725 l.anark ~. #26 Anel~ CA 91201. AniA CANEN RIVER~ MANIA SSTHER ANEVAL~ GLORIA MANANA ANRLtZ~. 21725 Lanark St #SI~ Bmoge Ped~. CA 91 204. Th~ m m conduof~d by: a Cor~nd Pwtn~s~p, R~ hes hepen to mmsa~ bus~'~ und~ the Sc~dous budvesa namo or namos Ib~d h~l~ ce: N/~. S~ned: AVa Oa~m Rbem, Padn~. ~s atat~nent is ~id ~ the Comfy Ct~k of Los Anpek~ Coumy ~: 1/27/16` NOEICE - Tt~ tic,thus name ~tatsment ~ fr,~ y~ from the date ~t wa~ rt~d o~ ~ the Of B~e of the county lerk. A m flc~,ous bu~n~ name slamm~e~ muat he ~d ~or to that da~, 7he rsing of th~ itat~meet does not of ~Ef authom.e th~ mid th~ stm of a Sct~otB m name ~ vk~at~o~ of the debts of another md~ fed~ m~, o~coramo~(sNsar~on1441Ti at m, BaP},2J20/1E,2/I1/IB, 2/18,'16 2/25/1E 347 RcImous BI~NE~ NAME STATEMENT: 201 ~102~ The fohe~g pen~(s) P/a~ doing ~ a~c Ik~O//~',ON COk~qsTE & PUMF~6. 2020 Lau~ Crayon BM/ul~ CA 91 201. RORAR~O BE ~IS L~Y~ ~ La~ Ca~ B~ P~ CA 91~1, TI~ ~ is c~uct~ b~ an Ir~d~ Rng~m hes ~ ~o tmmact m undor INO ~us m ~me o~ nam~ ~d m oa~ ~0~ S:~m~ RO~ De J~ L~ C~ T~s mt~em is I~ wsi1 the Coumy C~k of Lol ~ Coumy or~ 1/27/1E. NOTIBE - TI~ rct~ r~me s~te~ ex~es ~ y~ f~ the dot~ ~ m g~d o~, ~ ~ o~ of IM comfy ~d~ A r~ ~o~ m name ~ta~ r~t do at0d pdor to B~ ~. ~e 20rig of ~ I~ent do~ not of ~f a~ed~ the use ~n ~fo m of a ~ ~o~s t~u~ in ~o~ of ~he nght~ of mo~ und~ fod~ stat~ o~ ccmmon id~ (m S~n 14411, ~ s~, B&~, ~/16, 2/11/1& ?J18~6, 2d~ S 348 BUS20SSS NAMS STATEMEN~ 2016~10~- The ~ pen~(s) P/m doing b~- r~ a OWL SENgOR CAR~ 901E B~oa Bvd. 2087 Nodt~d~ CA g132~ MEHNA~ NAWABL 201E B~OI~ F~ No~hdd~ CA 91~ Th~ Ixm~ is conducted by:. an ~l~u~ Rng~m hes ber~m ~o t~ bu~ mr ~e fi~o~ ~ n~ w n rmed hem o~ NIA. S~ned: Med0m Nowab~, O~.'Rd~ mid fried v~l~ the Co~ Cidrk of Lo~ Angles County o~ 1r27/1E, NO'~E - "~ rcti~ r~ atl~0~ ex~r~ ~ ~ from the date ~ ~ Ekat o~ m the of~ of e comty d~ A now ~ ~a~ name ~at~m~ mint be sind p~ to that dote. The ffilng ol B~ W do~ not of ~ m t~ ule id rids ~e of a r~ou~ sasin~ namo ~ v~ of b d~l~ of mo~ msar k~ m, o~ m Mw (~ ~o~ 14411, et ~., B~m), ~/1 & 2/1t/1& ~J1~16, 2/'~B 349 RC'RIROU~ BUSINF~ NAME NTATI~MENT: 2016016448. The folowing poeso~(s) P/a~e doklg btw/mss as: TSI~ TRA~ 14431 '41~Jm B:vd. #535 ShOmlan C~k~ CA 91423. EMZAR TE~NTERADZ~. 1443t Wmura ~ ~ St~,1~n O~, CA 91423. "n~ hedvess is conducted b,f an IndW, doid. R~l~mt ~ he0un to W m under the Bct~ous m name or u Ibted he~ o~ 01/1E4201e. S~ E,ffiat Tsontlmda~, Om~ Tida m is Bed w~h ~e County C~k of LOs Anf~iss C~ o 1/22/16. NOTIC~ - "nda ~.~ous namo atat~r, em exp~m~ r~e yeatt f,~om th~ dot* B i hd o~ fo Ule offee of t~le cour4y ided~ A r~ EddUous sas~ na~e m~t must he fried pNor to mlt date TI~ ~,ng of ~K~ m do~s not of Es~f au~odze the ~ ~n fly= state of a ~ doul m name in V, dav~on of the dght~ of another ur~or fod~at stm, or commo~ Mw (m Sec~ 14411, et S~l., B~, 2/04/16, 2/11/1 B, 2/I~tI 6, 2f2Sn E 3~0 RCTITHX~ BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2O16O16447. TI~ ~ p~son(s) P/are do~g m =B: LOTDC 5404 Whhe~ AV~. #179 Va#ey W.s(le, CA 91607. NUGZAN ARUTIRO~ 54O4 Wnheet AV~. #179 Va#ey W~ CA #1 607. This ~ is coeducted b~c a~ iddk~duid. Re~t ~ hepen to tmmaof Et~m~l undar ~ Ectffiou~ ~ na~e or R l~led here on: 01/I 0/2016` signed: t~ ,~u~o~, CEO."Own~. TI'~ W is fried wBh the COU~ Ck~'k of LOS An~ Courdy o~: 1~e. NOTIC~ - T?,~ fet~o~ name ataternant ex~ f~ y~ar~ from the date ~t was fried o~ id the o~ o~ b courdy chef. A ~ f~ous bus~e~ name mtement mu~t he fiisd g~or to thet dote. Tho f~ o~ Bhe U do~l no~ of ~,atf authodzo the t~e ~n ~,'~ m of a 6ct~ous txmne~ non~ ~ ~obsan of the rk~ of anoB~r undo" feder~ sta~, or commo~ idw (m ~ 14411, at soq., B&P), 2/0~/16, ~J11/1& 2/18/1& ~2~1S 35~ RCTITIO~ BU~20~S NAM~ STATEMIEtT: 2016012S30. The f~ng per~s) i~an~ do~ bu~ ~i~ 20~210 LO(~NSMTiH. 601E Cedton Wa~ #6 Lol .heg~s, CA 200~e. GAL BEN-ARi, 2016 Cedtoo '/Pay #~ La~ An~ CA ~ 11~s bu, dmm ~ m b~ av ~ R~ h~l bngun to nn~ act bul~,iss und~ ~ Bc~oul bulk~ms nam~ o namos l~tKl he~ on: 2014. $~ Gat Ben-An, Omw. Tide m b fiMd wit~ ~ County Cid~k ~ Lo~/~geb~ County o~: 1/19/16` NOTICE - ItNs ~ ~ W m five yu~ fmmlh~ dine B m fifod on. id the Olfive of the cot~ty ckw~ A m r~dau~ n Mine ~ mu~ he flfod p~x to ~at'dat~. THe E~ng of ~ W doos nol ~ ~ m the u~e ~ ~ ~t~ of a fivt~ous bu~w~s m,m~ ~n v~oon of ~ rights ~ ano~w md~ f~d~M atate, or ~ law ,~ sact~n 14411, et ~, ~&P~ 2/04tie, 2t11/1E, ?JIS/t 6, ~2f#1S 352 R~ B~INESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016017263. The ~ petlon(s) it/are doing business as: FUSION MOTOR COMPANY, 2O835 NoedhoR St ~ CA 91311. /O#ON: 201112010120. LUCKY S MOTORS LLC. 20836 Non,heft SL Chatsv,o, th, CA 91311. This Ix, sfoess ~ ~ by: a UmSed Uai~ Dorothy. R~ has bngun to tnm,~aof buenos und~ the BcBBous busineu name ~ namo= #=~d h~e o W/C signed: Yoat Wa~ana, Manngoc This ~atement is fried with the County Cle~ of LOs AngNOe County ore 1/25/Ie. NOTICE - Th~ rm~aous name ~ exam ~e yure from the date E m F~d on, fo B~ oel~e of the county ded~. A new ~cth~ou= busa'~=~ n~n~ atat~ must be flhell=d=r to thet da~. THe B~ng of th~ U doe~ not of Ex~ authodz= the u=e in th~ state ~ a r, do~mw m n~'al in ",~ffisan of th0 rights of anothar unsar ~ral ~m, or common ~ (~ee ,~ 14411, at Nq., B/Le), 2/O4/16, 2/11/1 S, 2/18/1& 2/25/1E 353 ~ Bt~H~ME STATEM~fT: 2016017131. THe Nek~ t=emon~ kd=ut doing bu=nms a=: CELEBRn'uNrn' STUOIO~L 14431 Ventura BE/d. #320 She~lin Oek=k CA #1 42e. C B.EBRrRJ NTTY Sel.lOlO~ ffilC. 14431V~BUnl Iffi~d. ~G0 Sllem~an O~V~s, CA 91423. Tit~ bustle1= is condoctod by: = Coqaem~ Re0iatrmt I~= begun t~ tramact bu=k'~eas undar lho ferrous W name o n lidtod he=e on: N/A. $~md: CEflo~l W. ~ sineto~ ~ ~ Inc, 11~ s~,atement is I~d ~h B~ Coun~ Olwk of b~ An~fos t~ o=c lt20/16. NOTICE - THid Eeeliot~ name =tat~,mt m Ibe yeer= from b date it ~=ae ~/=d oe, ~n tho of 20~ of the county dm~. A ne~ Bcl~ou~ ~ mn~ m mu~ sa fried peo Io ~at dm~. The ~g of th~ m doe~ not of ~,~f m ~ m ffi S~ m of a ~ I:~ name in vk~hen of tpe ri~ of anoth='under ~ m, o~ m lv~ (~e S~Bon 14#11, ol ~q., B&P~, 2R4/t6, 2/11/16, 2/18/1E, 2t25/1 B 3~4 ~ BU~I~ NASImlH STA~: 201601 ~ 30. ~ fi~Eo~id,B per.eel(@ P/~mm c~'of~B peatr~m~ mc EEL "I~AIDE. 2~ MusioEand De #206 Wondland IsiEk CA 9t 204. VADIM V/~S.STLIBV;, MAKSIM KASP.A~ 2~ql I/~l~lmd O ~OS Wondland H~ CA S13FA. Th~ pe~ne~ ~ conduoa~d W. a G~ml I~. R=~t has pegun to m~m.act bu~n~= under the fl~ou~ bu~ed=~ nan~ or m IM~d he~ era= N/A. 8ignod: '~adm Va=dsav, ~ TH~ ~ b Med ~dth ~ PAunty Oed~ ol Los AnBm= O~ e~c lt2si1e. NOTICE - Tlda EeE~ou= name I~lmoof m I~e ~ flora th= dot~ B m I~d era. M the oBOe of the county che4~ A m ~ bu~n=~ reme m nt~t he I~d ~=r to ~=t dal~ Th= ~ng ~ th~ ==t=mmt ~ not of k~f U U~ m ~ Bd= m~ ~ a red.u= m mid ~don of ~h~ dgh= of mo~ und~ led~ mt~ or orm~on hey (=~ SaeNOn 14411, ~ I=KI~ B&I~, ~/dl& 2/11/1& ?J1 ~Vl & ~'~alB 3SS RC11110~ BU$1&~S~ NAME ~: 201 201644e. The f~ Rm=Or,(s) is/m do~ ~ I M AMTO C~NTI~. 14~1Clkld SL Vii1Nult& CA 9t 411. ~ kUkl~Of,.i~lAN ~ 14631 C~'~1 St Vm Nu~, CA 9'141 t. lt/= b~m~= i= ==~da=~d b~,, m Ind#.'idu=L Regi=~m#1~u Sa- FAro to tmr, l~=t m undo tpe Ik;S=~= bu=~l== name or u ~ he~ ~ W~. S~od; Al~d I/~ng=w~n ~ O~K "rt~ mid B=I ~h ~ Coumt cl=t of L==/~ Comly ore 1/27Jl& NOnOE. TH~ IetK~u= m m m ~ ~ Imm th= dine B m si=d on. th k ~1=o 4 S~ M ded~ A m i~dou= W m m mint sa si~f ~do~ to BU sa~. The fill ~ Ik~ I&Mlmlet m ~ d 2odd auther~ h m fo INS m ~ i ~~mul m mmo fo Vdlsae ~ tsa d01da ol IreSw unsa~ fedm~ ~all, ~ m lIB ~ ~k~on 14#11, IA I~k. B~ ~sa/1~. ~JIl/l& :VIMB. ~/=S/1B m STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME R~e No. 2O15222248 Date Tieed: 08/2S/2015 Name of Easiness: STU~O GIRASOLE. 5350 Strohm Ave. #1E North Hollywoco CA 91601 Rng~temd Ownelt VARDAN ABDULYAN. 5350 S~ohm Ave. #18 Norbh HoEyv,~oo. CA 91601, Current File #: 2oi 601645O Date: 1/2~J2016 Pu~lshnd: 2/04/16. 2/11116. 2/18/16 2/'25/16 357 FICT~OUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016016451. The foBowing person(s) ~/m doing business as: STUDIO GIRASOLF. 535O St~ohm Ave. #1E North Hc~ly~ooa, CA 916O1, JOSEPH ABUUUAN, 53.S0 Stmhm Ave, #1E North Hobywoo~. CA 91201. This bus~ness is conducted by:, an Indlviduid. Reg~stnlnt r, as ongun to transact bus~ne~ under the ficti~ous business name or names Hsted hem on: N/A. Sighed: JOSeoh Abdul~an Owner. This statement is fried w~ the County Clerk of Los Anpe~es County on: 1/22,1 E, NOTICE - This Ectidous name statement exoiras five years tn~n the date it was filed on. ~n the office of the county clerk. A new fictitious hesir~ss name statement must be fil~ odor to that date. The ~llng of this statement does not of itself authorize the us= in this stata of a ~ctltidu$ bu~ness name in vidis~n of the ~hts of another under federal state, or common my ,see sact~on 14411, at sec, B&P), 2,O4,'1B. 2/11/IE. 2/18/16` 2/25/16 358 RCTfflOUS BUSIN~SB NAME STATEMENT: 2016014889. The following pereonIsi lUam oolng ouslness =s: R AND G VALLEY TRUCKING. 13O53 Lome St. NOrth HC4~wooo. CA 91605. HENRY RUIZ. 13053 Lorne St- North HoEywoo CA 91605. T~S business is conducted by: ~n Individual, Registrant nas hegun to tra~a~ct b~noss urger the fict~ous business name or nsmes listed hero on: N/~. Signea: Henry RL=z, ~ Th~ s~ is filed with the County Ck~rk of LO~ A~eids County on: 1/21/16. ROTICE - This Ectidous name statement expires five years from the date it was fiidc on. i~ the office of the courtty cidd~- A new ficat fous busir~ss narcs star emeflt must pe fiidd ~ridr to that dale. The fili~g of this statement does not of ~ author~ t~ use in this state of a riot didus bu~nesa name in violation of the ngthsof anot~under fe~atabuor ~law~seesaction 14411. at seo.. B&R 2/04416. 2/11/16. 2/18/16.2/25/16359 FICTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016014888. The folidw~ng person(s) is/~te rJolng business as: NK BESIGN, 6545 Fulton Ave, #2O7 Van Nuys, CA 914O1. NAINA KEHEYAN. E54E Fulton Ave. #207 Van Nuys, CA 914O1, Thin bu=4ress is conducted by: an Individual. Registrant has begun to ~lsact business under the fictitidus business name or names IlStee here on: N/A. Signed: Na~ Keheyan, Owne~ THis statement is fried w~ the County C4erk of LOS An~e~ County on: 1/21/16. NOTICE - This fic~idu~ name atathmant expires five years from tpe date It wa~ Bind or, n the office of the county clerk. A new business name statement must t~ filed ~or to that date, The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fi~ou~ bu~ness name in vidlat~on of the ngnls of another under federal state, or common law [see sact~n 14411, at sea,, B&I~, 2/04/IE, 2/11/16, 2/18,'16.2/25/16360 RCTIEIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 2016011573. The following person(=) Is/am doing business as: VIRGINIA MAID SER~CE 1OO5O 8eoul',eda B~CL #310 Mission Hilb. CA 91345, LUCILA DARCIA DE SO~ 1O20O Sepuiveda Bird. #310 Mk~,on HiU~ CA E1345. This bu~n~s is oeduoted by: an I~. Rng~mant has hegun to transact buttress under the fl~ bu~nee~ r, sme or names ,steal hem o N/A. S~'led: LOdLe Ga,'cfo CO Som~ Ownec THIS mtement is fend wBh the Coumy Clerk at LOS Ang~ County m: 1/1 5/1e. NOTICE - Tids ~ name ~tatwnont exc4ms ~l years from h date it wu fend or, ~n the omce of the county dedc A ne~ hetBfous bu~ name mtem~ must be rf~d edor to e~at dato. The midg of Uzid s~m~nt does not of ~atf authorize the u~e kl th~ m~ ~ a Ecti~x~ ~ name id viataBon of the rights of artoUter undar fedorsi state, or ccmmo~ law isee ~14#11 et~eo~ssl~.2/o4tlE.?J11/l& 2/18tie Z,'20/1B201 RCT]TIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT; 2016011574, The folidv~ng person(s) isforo d~ng business z DANIELLEIS GLA37 KOSHER MEAT. 17L~3 Vanow~ St. Van Nu,f~ CA 914O6. NION: ~. N.Y.D.R. ~NWSTMENTE, INC. 20e2 ~Idnson Ave. North Ho~ CA 916O6. This bu~nees is con- dact~d by: a Co~orathx~. R~g~nmt ~ bng~n to ~ulsact Ousmoa~ under the flcat~o~ bu~ n~ or nam~ listed here o~ N/~. Signed: Oz M~zra~, President, N:~D.R. Investments, I[i. Th~ statement is Eisd w~th the County Clerk of LOS AV~ County on: 1/I 5/1E, NOTICE - Tr~s fictitious name mtemant exp~ five yearn from the dato B was Eisd on, in the ~a of the cour~y cisrk. A n~w fic~tious bu~neas name ~tatemem r~t be fried prior to that date. The E,ng of this atateme:it does not of ~teidf ~uthenze the u=e ~n thls state of a Ect~fous bu~nas~ name In vidkaton of the dght~ of another under federal state, o common law [~ Sectkm 14411, ~ seq., BaP~, 2/da~6, 2/11/16, 2/18/1E. 2/2S/I E 36E FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: EOf 6010291. The folidwing person(s) P/are doing business as: KB(E'S FASHION JEWELRY, 1465O ~ St. #J14 ~rna CitY, CA 914O5, NADER IBNAHIM. 7~'rt [.a=aJae Ave. Northddge. CA 913~6` This bu~ne, z~ is co~ by: an IndMduel. Regiszram nab bngun to ~ Ix,~o~.s under tpe ~tVtkx~ bus~ess name or n I~sted here oa: N/A. signeth NEdo~ I~ Ownec This statw~zertt is rdad wBh the County Cisrk of LOS Anpeids Count~ o,~: 1/1 4/IE. ROTICE - Th~ ~ name statement exp~es five yearl from the dato E v,~u= fdnd on. id the of Ece of the ~:~xxity c~d~. A new ficUtk~u~ m n=me statement must pe fried p~or to thet date. The filing of ~ mtemont doe= not of itsMf autherize the use in It, s rote of a EEEous hesk~s n~lle ~n ",tola0on of the r~hte of ar~the~ undor fndend st~e, or common law (~ee Sectkm 14411, ~ see, B&P), 2,'04/1 E. 2/11/1e. 2/18/1& 2/'~dl 6 363 RCTTTIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: 201 20091 20. The following ~s) is/am d~ng business a MARTHA'S CLEANING SERVICES. 7410 Woodman Ave. ~Y207 va~ Nuy=, CA 91405. MANTHA pEREZ NAMIREZ. 7#10 Woodman Ave. #207 Van ~uys, CA 914~& TI~ bn is conducted by: an I~ Rng~Vant ha= bngun to tta,v, act burners undor the Ect~= buidne~.~ name or nanles list ed here on: 01/01/2014. Sk~,ed: Martha Psrez PU~rI~ Owner. This ztatoment is flfod wBh the county CNtk of LOs Anpek~ County ee: 1/13/1E. NONCE - This ~ rmme atatement expi~4= five years Imm the date ~t wa~ fried o~. id the of Eco of U~ cou~y Clerk. A naw ficEBous bu~nu~ r.zrne statornem m~ he ~d pdo~ to that date. The (iliag of this statement doel not of B~Ef aathorize the use id B'~s idate of a fict~ tfou= bu=k~ rl~rne id vkdadon of the r~ghte of another under fndwal atat~, or common law (see SecEon 14#11, e~ ~q., B&P), 2/04/1& 2/11/1B, 2/18/1 E, 2/25/1 e 204 RCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME BTATEM ENT: 2016009235. The following pent.on(s) is/am doing business a FOROJ P/ON~NG & HANDYMAN SERVICES. 14922 Friar St. Van NUy& CA 91411. RONALD PORCh; FAUSllNO ROROJ: LUIS ROROJ. 14~